West Godavari District is carved out of Old Godavari District and as the Western Delta of the River Godavari it was appropriately named as West Godavari with Head Quarters at Eluru and bounded on the North by Khammam District on the South by Krishna District and the Bay of Bengal on the East by the River Godavari and on the West by Krishna District. The West Godavari District was formed in the year 1925. It lies between 16° 15' and 17° 30' of the Northern latitude and 80° 55' of the Eastern longitude. It was divided into three natural regions (i.e,) Delta, Upland and Agency areas. It has an area of 7742 SqKm. It has four Revenue Divisions namely Eluru, Kovvuru, Jangareddigudem and Narasapuram having 16,12,6 and 12 No of Revenue Mandals respectively.

The district lies in the River basins of Godavari, Yerra calva, Thammileru Gunderu, Ramileru and Kolleru. The district comprises of 48 mandals out of which 19 mandals upland and 29 delta mandals (including semidelta)

1. Geographical Features
Population : 39, 95,742
Mandals : 48 Nos.
Literacy Rate : 74.30 %
Classification of geographical area Area (in Hectares) % of Total Area
Total geographical area 8,50,665 --
Forest 1,32,902 15.63
Cultivable area 4,55,225 64.75
Barren and un-cultivable land 40,896 4.76
Land put to non agricultural use 1,20,558 14.17
Sown area 4,17,156 49.03
Net Irrigated area(Khariff + Rabi) 3,62,313 48.10
Normal average rainfall 1040 mm --

Godavari is the important river flowing in this District. This river borders the entire eastern boundary of the District. At Vijjeswaram, the river breaks into two branches namely, the Gowtami Godavari (Eastern Branch) and Vasista Godavari (Western Branch) and flows towards the South of the District before emptying into the Bay of Bengal near Antarvedi.The other Minor rivers which feed the Irrigation tanks in the upland areas are Thammileru, Yerracalva, Byneru, Kovvadacalva, Jalleru and Gunderu.

Drainage Basins:
S.No Drains Vasista Basin Upputeru Basin Kolleru Basin Total No. of Drains Total Length in Km
1 Major Drains 2 10 9 21 409
2 Medium Drains 11 35 13 59 351
3 Minor Drains 85 374 120 579 1513
S.NoName of ProjectAyacut Contemplated in HectaresIP created in HectsBalance IP to be created in Hects
 a)Completed Projects   
 a. Godavari Western Delta(S.A.C.B)214473--
 b. Krishna Delta (Krishna Barrage)23663--
-a) Thammileru reservoir Project1718--
 a) Jalleru Reservoir1700--
 b) Minor Irrigation Tanks (1404 Nos)43350--
 c) Open Head channels (23 Nos)3230--
 d) Check Dams (66 Nos)1507--
 e) Anicuts (4 Nos)490--
 f) L I Schemes (28 Nos)16425--
 GRAND TOTAL :306556--
 B)Ongoing Projects   
1Tadipudi Lift Irrigation Scheme83,61062,13821,472
2Polavaram Irrigation Project Right main canal40,500040,500
3Chintalapudi Lift Irrigation Scheme80,939080,939
4Pattisam Lift Irrigation Scheme000
5Weir Channel Under GWD9090909
6Extension of Sheshavatharam Channel8090809
 Total :2,06,76762,1381,44,629
1K K Yerra calva Reservoir Project9,9966,0703,926
 -do - Extension of LMC1,21401,214
 -do - L I Scheme on RMC2,69402,694
2Kovvada calva Reservoir Project7,1766,0701,106
 Total :21,08012,1408,940
1Pogonda reservoir Project1,61901,619
2APSIDC L.I.Schemes (4 No.s)6,35706,357
 Total :7,97607,976
 GRAND TOTAL :2,35,82374,2781,61,545
 a)Formation of New Tanks11 Nos460 Hect-
 b)Check dams10 Nos154 Hect-
 c)L.I. Scheme10 Nos4481 Hect-
 Total31 Nos5095 Hect
Major Irrigation (Completed)
1)Godavari Western Delta Under Sir Arthur Cotton Barraiage, Dowlaiswaram
Salient Features
1Off take Point :Vijjeswaram Head sluice
2No. of Main Canals:11 Nos.
3Total Length of Main canals:357 Km
4Length of distributory net work:2020 Km
5.(a)Ayacut (Including Fish Tanks):5,29,962 Acres
b)Fish Tanks:69,962 Acres
c)Net Ayacut:4,60,000 Acres
6No. of Mandals Benefited :29 delta Mandals
7No. of Crops:2 Nos. (Khariff and Rabi)
8Water utilization per year:Nearly 100 TMC for both the crops
9Drainage basins:3 Nos.
 a)Major Drains: 21 Nos. Length 409 Km
 b)Medium Drains:59 Nos. Length 351 Km
 c)Minor Drains:579 Nos. Length 1513 Km
10Project Committee:1 No.
11Distributory Committee:20 Nos.
12W.U.A.s:131 Nos.
2)Krishna Delta
( Part Of Krishna Barrage On Krishna River At Vijayawada)
Salient Features :
Ayacut in West Godavari District : 58471 Acres
Mandals benefited : Eluru 27251 Ac,Pedapadu 25720 Ac,Denduluru 5500 Ac
Barrage Details :
Total Ayacut : 13.09 Lakh Ac
Gross Storage : 3.071 TMC
Live Storage : 2.30 TMC
Maximum flood Storage : 10.61 Lakh Cusecs
Barrage Discharge : 10600 Cusecs
Crops : Both Khariff and Rabi
3)Polavaram Irrigation Project
Preamble :

The head works of Polavaram Irrigation Project is proposed at about 34 km up streem of Kovvuru - Rajahmundry rail cum road bridge on river Godavari at Ramaiah peta village, Polavaram Mandal, West Godavari district.

Salient Features :
Location: Near Ramaiah peta(V) Polavaram(M),W.G.Dist
Full reservoir Level : +150 Ft (+45.72 M)
Gross Storage : 194.6 TMC
Live storage : 75.2 TMC
Dead storage : 119.4 TMC
Catchment Area : 3,06,643 Sq KM
Designed flood discharge :36 laksh cusecs
Possible Maximum flood: 50 Lakhs Cusecs
No of Mandals benefitted : 48 No.s
Habitation under submergence :370 Nos
Revenue Villages under submergence:222 Nos
Population affected : 1, 91,460 Nos
Total Land affected (Non-Forest): 1, 05,560 Acres
Forest land : 8,483 Acres
Deemed Forest : 638 Acres
Length of Right main canal: 177.00 KM
Length of Left main canal : 181.50 KM
Budget provision for the year 2015-16: Rs. 1032.00 Crs
Cumulative Expenditure up to 5/2015:Rs. 5479.54 Crs
Ongoing Major Irrigation
1)Chintalapudi Lift Irrigation Scheme
Salient Features :
Name of the Scheme: Chintalapudi Lift Irrigation Scheme.
Cost of the Project: Rs.1701.00 Crores G.O.Ms.No.240 dt:24.10.2008
Location of Pump Houses: 
1st Stage:@ Km.26.500 of AGRB Near Tadipudi.
2nd Stage:@ Kovvurupadu.
3rd Stage:@ Jalleru Reservoir.
Static Head:  
1st Stage:29.300 M
2nd Stage:86.396 M
3rd Stage:27.039 M
Power Required:111 MW.
Discharge required:56.00 cumecs
Ayacut proposed:2.00 lakh Acres.
No. of villages benefited:220
Pressure Main  
1st Stage:4 Rows of MS Pipes of 3.00 m ø
2nd Stage:4 Rows of MS Pipes of 3.00 m ø
3rd Stage:2 Rows of MS Pipes of 3.00 m ø
Length of Pressure Main  
1st Stage:3.00 Kms
2nd Stage:3.00 Kms
3rd Stage:1.40 Kms.
Length of Main Canal  
Package - 1:Km.0.00 to Km.36.00
Package - 2:Km.36.00 to Km.68.00.
Canal section  
Bed width:24 Mt.
FSD:3.2 M.
Length of Leading Channel :13.20 Kms.
Reservoir capacity:8 TMC.
Mandal wise benefited: 16 Nos in West Godavari
Budget provision for the year 2015-16 : Rs. 22.0300 Crs
Cumulative Expenditure up to 5/2015 : Rs. 357.5400 Crs
2)Tadipudi Lift Irrigation Scheme
Preamble :

The Government of Andhra Pradesh have accorded Administrative Approval for Rs. 23,740 lakhs. The scheme is contemplated to provide irrigation facilities to 14 mandals of West Godavari district. The scheme also provides drinking water facilities to 5.40 lakh population enroute the canal system. The lifting of water is proposed on Godavari at km 26.2 of Akhanda Godavari right bank.

Salient Features:-
Location : On River Godavari near Tadipudi (V) Tallapudi (M),W.G.Dist
Ayacut : 2, 06,600Acres
No of Villages affected : 135 No.s
No of Mandals benefited : 14 No.s
Water Utilisation : 14.470TMC
Crops : Khariff Only
Drinking water : 5.40 Lakh population enroute the canal
Power required : 28 M.W
Discharge : 1396 Cusecs
Static load : 30.03 M
Pumps : Vertical turbine pumps
Capacity : 24,000 H.P (8No.s 3000 HP each)
Ayacut Created : 14500 Acres
Length of Pressure main : 2.59 KM (1635 mm Pipes of 12 rows)
Length of main canal : 80.45 KM
Length of distributories : 675 KM
Budget provision for the year 2015-16 : Rs. 70.0000 Crs
Cumulative Expenditure up to 5/2015 : Rs. 484.5000 Crs
3)Pattisam Lift Irrigation Scheme
Salient Features:-
Location : On River Godavari near Pattisam (V) Polavaram (M), W.G.Dist
Total discharge : 240 Cumecs (8500cusecs)
Minimum water Level : +14.00 m
Delivery level : + 42.50 m
Types of pumps : Vertical Turbine Pumps
No of pumps : 24 Nos
Discharge of each pump : 10Cumecs (354 Cusecs)
Pressure main : 12 Rows of 3.2 mts Dia
Length of pressure main : 3.925 Km
Capacity of each pump : 5300 H.P (3.95MW)
Capacity of each Motor : 6300HP(4.70MW)
Total power required : 113MW
Administrative approval : G.O.Ms.No. 1, Dt: 01.01.2015 for Rs.1300.00 Crores Scheme.
Cost of the scheme : Rs.1299.900Crores
Executing Agency : M/s Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd
Benefits : (i) Get early benefits of Polavaram Project under Right Main Canal. (ii) Balance Irrigation Potential of 1.20lakh Acres in Krishna and West Godavari Districts will be provided with water early (iii) Facilitates in raising early seed beds in Krishna Delta and stabilize

1) Get early benefits of Polavaram Project under Right Main Canal.
2) Balance Irrigation Potential of 1.20lakh Acres in Krishna and West Godavari Districts will be provided with water early.
3) Facilitates in raising early seed beds in Krishna Delta and stabilizes the Krishna Delta ayacut.
4) Meets drinking water and Industrial water needs in the command areas.
5) The Krishna water thus saved in Krishna Delta due to augmentation from river Godavari can be retained in Srisailam Reservoir.
6) The water so retained in Srisailam Reservoir can be utilized for the surplus water based Projects of Rayalaseema i.e., HNSS, GNSS, Telugu Ganga and the Irrigation, drinking water and industrial water needs of the Rayalaseema Region can be met.
7) Proposed to lift 8500 Cusecs of water from River Godavari near Pattisam village. Deliver into Polavaram Right Main Canal at about Km 1.50.
8) It is proposed to transfer about 80 TMC of Godavari water during flood season to River Krishna.

Medium Irrigation(Completed)
1)Thammileru Reservoir Project (Completed)
Salient Features:
Location : The Scheme is constructed across Thammileru river near Errampalli village of Chintalapudi Mandal which is 10 Kms away from Chintalapudi.
Ayacut : 9169 Acres (Khariff only) (4244 Acres W.G District) (4925 Acres Krishna District)
Mandals benefited : Chintalapudi, Lingapalem of W.G District, Chatrai of Krishna District
FRL : 355 Ft
Capacity : 3 TMC
Dependable Net Yield : 2700 Mcft
Water allocation
I) Irrigation : 1210 Mcft
II) Drinking : 0.1 TMC
Maximum flood discharge : 26000 Cusecs
No.of villages partially submerged : 3 No.s
Dead Storage : 0.300 TMC
MDDL : 324.72 Ft
Present Stage : Completed
Villages Benefited : Talarpalli,Errumpalli,Edavalli,Kalyanapadu, T.C.R.Palem in West Godavari District, Polavaram, Chatrai, Tummagudem, Marlapalem , Monkollu and Krishna District
Canals Left Main Canal Monkollu Canal Right Main Canal
Length 10.185 Kms 3.38 Kms 6.508 Kms
Ayacut 4244 Acres 1095 Acres 3830 Acres
Cropping Pattern Paddy Paddy Paddy
2)Vijayarai Anicut
With Right Sluice
With left Sluice
Vijayarai Anicut
Preamble :

To divert water from self catchment area of Thammileru below the Thammileru Reservoir Project and also to ensure proper distribution of water left down from the Reservoir was constructed an anicut across Thammileru near Vijayarai (3857 Acres) in West Godavari District +3864 Acres in Krishna District) with distribution system to stabilize the existing ayacut of 10,721 Acres under Minor irrigation.

Salient Features:-
Location : The Anicut across Thammileru river near Vijayarai(V) Pedavegi(M) in West Godavari District.
Ayacut : 10,721 Acres (Stabilized ayacut is under existing minor Irrigation Sources)
Mandals benefited : Pedavegi
Water allocation : 214.810 Cusecs
Length of the Anicut : 76 Meters
Maximum flood discharge : 26900 Cusecs
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan 0.2000 Crs.
Present Stage : Completed
Left Canal 11.32 Km77 Cusecs3857 Acres (West Godavari District)
Right Canal 11.45 Km138 Cusecs6864 Acres ( Krishna District)
3. Karatam Krishna Murthy Yerra Calva Reservoir Project (Ongoing)
Preamble :

The Yerracalva Reservoir project constructed across Yerra calva near Konguvarigudem village in Jangareddygudem mandal to provide irrigation facilities to an extent of 24,700 Acres with an additional ayacut of 9660 Ac thus a total of 34,360 Ac in 22 Villages through Right and Left main canals.

Salient Features:-
FRL : 83.050 Mts
Storage Capacity : 4.428 TMC
Irrigation Level : 79.00 Mts
Irrigation Storage : 2.806 TMC
Crest Level : 78.50 Mts
Dead Storage : 0.377 TMC
Sill level : 76.00 Mts
Flood storage : 1.345 TMC
Crops : Khariff only
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan 1.5000 Crs.
Details of Canals and Ayacut
Sl No. Name of Canal Length in Km Ayacut in Acres Districts
1. Right Main Canal 45.90 19700 West Godavari
2. Left Main Canal 7.59 5000 West Godavari

There is 1 Project Committee, 5 WUAs formed and are functioning


Lift irrigation scheme was constructed on Giramma tank ie. Km 11.280 on right main canal at East Eadavalli village of Kamavarapukota mandal, West Godavari district to provide irrigation facilities to 6656 acres as additional ayacut in Kamavarapukota and Dwarakathirumala Mandals. The pump house was constructed, tenders for the balance work is called and the works are in progress . The required land is about 30 Acres.


AThe left main canal proposed to extend to provide irrigation facilities to an extent of 3000 acres as additional ayacut in Jangareddigudem mandal. Tenders for the balance works are called and the works in progress. Land required is 17.07 Acres. At present the water is supplying only 15000 acres under this project against localized ayacut of 24700 acres.

4. Kovvadacalva Reservoir Project (Ongoing)
Preamble :

The Project Constructed across Kovvada calva near L.N.D peta of Polavaram Mandal. The scheme also contemplates drinking water facility to 15 Villages enroute the canal benefiting a population of 35,000.

Salient Features:-
Location : LND Peta (V) in Polavaram (M) of W.G. District
Longitude : 81° 30' 36'' N
Latitude : 17° 12' 00'' N
Dependable yield (75%) : 28.00 M. Cum (989 M.Cft.)
Upper utilization : 1.13 M. Cum (40 M.Cft)
Required Demand : 25.93 M. Cum (916 M. Cft)
Live Storage : 0.408 TMC
Max. Flood discharge : 630.30 Cumec (22,259 cusecs)
F R L : 90.50 M (296.93 Feet)
Crops : Khariff only
Max discharge in the canals :
i) Left Canal : 5.50 Km , 0.72 Cumecs (25.42 Cusecs) (Ayacut 7249 Acres)
ii) Right canal : 10.037 Km, 1.761 Cumecs (62.19Cusecs) (Ayacut 10490 Acres)
Length of Earth Dam (Excluding Spillway portion) : 1630 M (5347.77 ft)
Max,. Height : 22.04 M (72.31 ft)
Length of spillway : 35.5 M (116.47 ft) with 3 Nos. radial gates of size 10 m X 6 m
Catchment Area : 111.37 Sq.Km
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : 0.7000 Crs.
Cumulative Expenditure up to 5/2015 : Rs. 64.90 Crs
Minor Irrigation(Completed)
1)Gubbala Mangammathalli Jalleru Reservoir Project(Completed)

Jalleru Reservoir Scheme is a Minor Irrigation Scheme Constructed across Jalleru in Aliveru(V)Tribal area of Buttaigudem Mandal of West Godavari District.

FRL : +217.80 M
Gross Storage Capacity : 540 Mcft
Ayacut : 4,200 Acres (ID)
Mandals benefited : Buttaigudem
Dependable Net Yield : 591 Mcft
Water allocation : 378 Mcft
Maximum flood discharge : 12,300 Cusecs
Canals : 1 Main Canal
Length : 6.09 Km
Discharge : 58 Cusecs
Cropping Pattern (Rabi Only) : Tobaco, Chillies, I.D. Crops
Villages benefited : Doramamidi, Buttaigudem

Due to construction of above Project (i) Yeraigudem (ii) Aliveru Villages were submerged. About 100 families of the above villages were rehabilitated at Doramamidi Village.

Minor Irrigation(Ongoing)
1)Pogonda Reservoir Scheme
LOCATION: Chintalagudem(V),Buttaigudem(M),W.G.dist
Catchment area: 37 Sq Miles
Latitude: 17° 14' 50'' N
Longititude: 17° 14' 50'' E
Capacity: 227.38 Mcft
FRL : +157.00
TBL : +159.40
Length of Earthen bund: 2.10 Km
Length of Surplus Weir : 305 Mts.
Maximum Discharge through Surplus Weir : 20,000C/S
LMC Villages benefited : 7 No.s
RMC Villages benefited : 9 No.s
Lengh in KM Ayacut in AcresDischarged RequiredDischarge DesignedBed width (Mts)FSD(Mts)
Minor Irrigation Tanks (Above 100 Acres)
S.No.Name of tankName of the VillageName of the MandalAyacut in Acres
1Barrinkalakunta tank ChallapalliDenduluru100
2Venkataramanna tankJogannapalemDenduluru100
3burugugaddavari kunta tank PolavaramPolavaram100
4Panthulakoneru tankNarsannapalemDwaraka Thirumala100
5Injerlamma tank ( Narasimhudu gattu) BhogoluLingapalem101
6Gollakunta tank VenkammapalemChintalapudi102
7Vemanna kunta tank NarasannapalemLingapalem102
8Kotha tank ChodimellaEluru102
9Ratnalakunta tank MadakamvarigudemJeelugumilli102
10Raju tank ParimpudiKoyyalagudem102
11Regunta tank DharmajigudemLingapalem103
12Musalayya tank NarasimhapuramDenduluru103
13Venkanna tank KovvurupaduGopalapuram104
14Voota calva tank RajanagaramButtaigudem104
15Vadapu tankVenkataramannagudemTadepalligudem105
16Veeramma TankMarellamudiNallajerla106
17Kamayamma tank PattisamPolavaram107
18Chandramma TankTadicherlaKamavarapukota107
19Nuthulakunta tankNarayanapuramDwaraka Thirumala108
20Komati tankTadicherlaKamavarapukota108
21Golladi Kunta TankGolladikuntaDwaraka Thirumala108
22Kambalavari TankPrakasaraopalemNallajerla108
23Mangalakara tankDuddepudiBhimadolu108
24Medappa TankChintalapudiChintalapudi108
25Mysannagudem tank MysannagudemJangareddigudem110
26Balanka tank RampalemGopalapuram110
27Nagari tank BhillimilliKoyyalagudem110
28Allicalva MachulavarigudemButtaigudem110
30Nandhi Bhavani TankKaikaramUnguturu110
31Vakillamma TankGopalapuramDwaraka Thirumala111
32Chinna tank SeetharamanagaramButtaigudem112
33Chandravani Kunta TankPragadavaramChintalapudi113
34Reddikunta TankAmberapetBhimadolu113
35Vishnusagar tankChintalapudiChintalapudi114
36Gummadikunta tank VempuduPedapadu114
37Pedda tankRajavaramKoyyalagudem 114
38Kotha tank KothapalliLingapalem115
39Ravanappakudividi TankHukumpetaGopalapuram116
40Bolu CheruvuVedantapuramKoyyalagudem 117
41Pedda TankSatthala (A.Gokavaram)Dwaraka Thirumala117
42Talla TankKomarepalliDenduluru117
43Venkatesetti tank ParimpudiGopalapuram118
44Pillikunta tank ChallapalliDenduluru119
45Kotha TankNarayanapuramDwaraka Thirumala120
46Balamma cheruvuAppanaveeduPedapadu120
47Juvvikunta TankSriramavaramDenduluru121
48Chaviti tankVijayaraiPedavegi123
49Nutikunta tank ParimpudiKoyyalagudem125
50Sitaiahkattu tank KannapuramKoyyalagudem126
51Kurividi TankMadinaraopalemDenduluru126
52Bogamdanikunta tank KothagudemDenduluru127
53Ura cheruvuNadipalliPedavegi127
54Chowdari tank DippakayalapaduKoyyalagudem128
55Singasamudram TankTirumalampalemDwaraka Thirumala128
56Gopikunta tank GalayagudemDenduluru129
57Talla tank BusarajupalliButtaigudem129
58Dondabathula TankParimpudiGopalapuram130
60Akullamallavari tankJaganadhapuramTadepalligudem130
61Nallakunta tankNarayanapuramDwaraka Thirumala130
62Kondaiah tank KovvurupaduGopalapuram130
63JonnalavaguPalakunta Buttaigudem131
64Perumallakunta tank MuthannaveeduPedavegi131
65Erra tankEndapalliChintalapudi132
66Bapaiah tank RangapuramLingapalem133
67Kadiapu TankArugolanuTadepalligudem133
68Nagula tank KothagudemDenduluru133
69Kotha TankKaikaramUnguturu134
70Narasimhasagaram tank TirumaladeveipetaT. Narasapuram135
71Jammi tankNarayanapuramDwaraka Thirumala135
72Bhimaiahkunta tank T.GokavaramPedavegi136
73Subbaiah tank VegiwadaPedavegi137
74Thimmanakunta tank GangannagudemDenduluru137
75Yerra TankK.NagavaramButtaigudem138
76Palakunta tankKothagudemDenduluru139
77Gollalavani tankTirumalampalemDwaraka Thirumala140
78Yerra tankPolasanipalliBhimadolu140
79Lothuvagu tank BuruguwadaButtaigudem141
81Mangaiah tank GuddigudemGopalapuram144
82Gubbalagunta TankButtaigudemButtaigudem144
83Ponnuvarikuruvidi tank PattisamPolavaram144
84Annappa tankRajavaramKoyyalagudem 145
85Kotharaju tank NandigudemGopalapuram145
86Kotha tankKallacheruvuKamavarapukota146
87Lakshmudu TankChandramma colonyJeelugumilli146
88Yerra tankDharmajigudemLingapalem147
89Pedda TankGopinadhapatnamUnguturu147
90Chakirevupadu tank K. GokavaramLingapalem148
91Kanakamma tankYadavoluDevarapalli148
92Tanalakunta tank Tanalakunta Polavaram149
93Thummi tank NandigudemGopalapuram150
94Parikala Calva TankDibbagudemJeelugumilli151
95Krishnapuram TankKrishnapuramDwaraka Thirumala152
96Veerabhadruni TankElamilliUnguturu152
97Yerra tank VedantapuramKoyyalagudem154
99Surasamudram tankMattamgudemLingapalem155
100Deepa tank JogannapalemDenduluru155
101Voti tank KorumamidiNidadavolu156
102Tallagunta tankGuntapalliKamavarapukota158
103Papi tank NandigudemGopalapuram159
104Nalla Yerra TankNallajerlaNallajerla159
105Chinna tank KoppakaPedavegi159
106Jogaiah tank KancherlagudemGopalapuram163
107Chintala tank PattempalemJangareddigudem163
108Appalaraju tank AppalarajugudemT. Narasapuram164
109Bagula tank Vemulapalli Lingapalem164
110Pedda Tank TadepalliTadepalligudem165
111Govindarajula tank VinjaramPolavaram166
112Jagannaikula tankK.S. RamavaramKamavarapukota169
113Sreeramula kattu tank KetavaramJangareddigudem170
114Chepala Calva TankAnkannagudemJeelugumilli172
115Vadiselavari tank KannapuramKoyyalagudem172
116Mallamma TankArugolanuTadepalligudem172
117Narasanna TankTirumalapalemJangareddigudem173
118Rayudu tank KorumamidiNidadavolu173
119Kotha tank KothagudemDenduluru174
120Talla tankAyyapparajugudemLingapalem174
121Yerra tank SanigudemDenduluru174
122Panakala tank SingayagudemDevarapalli 177
123Pedda TankA. GokavaramUnguturu178
124Akkasagaram tank RaghavapuramChintalapudi179
125Rachappa tankDharmajigudemLingapalem180
126Kancharadevara tank SanigudemDenduluru182
127Ramachandruni tank RavikampaduKamavarapukota182
128Venkayyamma TankPattisamPolavaram182
129Pedda TankTelikicherlaNallajerla182
130Patruni TankPothavaramNallajerla182
131Pedda Venkanna tank AppannaveeduPedapadu184
132Yerra tank KokkirapaduPedapadu184
133Khandrika tankKuchimpudiPedavegi184
134Gadala tank PattisamPolavaram186
135Kotamma tankArugolanuTadepalligudem187
136Thimmavadapu TankJaganadhapuramTadepalligudem187
137Pedda tank PragadavaramChintalapudi188
138Kotha TankDuddepudiBhimadolu190
139Pedda TankTangellamudiEluru192
140Aswararaopeta vagu Tank I & IIJeelugummilliJeelugumilli195
141Bendadi tankSivapuramChintalapudi196
142Vedanna tank GutalaPolavaram198
143Babukhan tank NaguladevipaduDenduluru201
144Venkatadri tankTimmapuramDwaraka Thirumala202
145pedda TankVegavaramDenduluru202
146Dharmarayudu tank MalakacherlaDenduluru203
147Yerra tankAmberapetBhimadolu205
148Ravula tank KoppakaPedavegi206
149Pedda tank BadaralaLingapalem206
150Pothuraju tankRaghavapuramChintalapudi207
151Pedda tank PachanagaramLingapalem207
152Pattamma tankNatchuguntaUnguturu210
153Anakalamma CheruvuKondraproluTadepalligudem211
154Khandrika tankK.S. RamavaramKamavarapukota212
155Kamaraju tankKonijerlaLingapalem218
156Somasamudram tank DenduluruDenduluru220
157Edula and Nandikunta tankKalrayanagudemLingapalem222
158Nandikunta tankVegiwadaPedavegi222
159Nallamadu TankYellamilliUnguturu223
160Ura tank SingagudemLingapalem224
161Tamara tank TirumalapalemJangareddigudem228
162Pedda TankKadakatlaTadepalligudem234
163Pedda tank BhogoluLingapalem234
164Ura tankMattamgudemLingapalem236
165Ankala tank ParimpudiKoyyalagudem 239
166Andanala tank KrishnampalemJangareddigudem240
167Devalla tankKetavaramJangareddigudem243
168Perareddi tank KannapuramKoyyalagudem244
169Uta calva tank Palakunta Buttaigudem250
170Venkataraju tank KoppakaPedavegi251
171Venkateswarlu tank KetavaramJangareddigudem252
172Papa tank GutalaPolavaram256
173Velagallamma TankKuchimpudiPedavegi256
174Kamini tank KalaparruPedapadu260
175Kallepalli tank AssannagudemLingapalem263
176Lothuvagu tank GowrampetaButtaigudem270
178Dondapadu tank ChodimellaEluru277
179Pedda tank NimmalagudemJangareddigudem279
180Rayudu tank ChodimellaEluru279
181Raju tank AmmapalemJangareddigudem282
182Ura tankKonijerlaLingapalem285
183Challayamma tank PattisemPolavaram286
184Venkamma tank RaghavapuramChintalapudi286
185Veeraju TankHukumpetaGopalapuram287
186Mondi kunta tankSivapuramChintalapudi287
187Chintala tank KothagudemDenduluru289
188Desalavarikattu tank LashmudugudemButtaigudem296
189Narappa TankTirumalampalemDwarakaThirumala297
190Kodicalva RachuruButtaigudem300
191Gokinepalli tank GokinepalliPedavegi303
192Kopulakunta tank ChintalapudiChintalapudi311
193Sayamma tankYerraguntapalliChintalapudi312
194Nallakunta tank KoppakaPedavegi312
195Gandi TankYernagudemDevarapalli314
196Pedda tankPothunuruChintalapudi314
197Yerra tank SriramavaramDenduluru320
198Bangaru Cheruvu TankMerrakagudemButtaigudem321
199Malamettavagu tank MerakagudemButtaigudem321
200Rajugattu tankGutalaPolavaram323
201Kotha tank KokkirapaduPedapadu325
202Tamara tank DenduluruDenduluru326
203Gangolu tank GangoluGopalapuram340
204Ura tank JeelugumilliJeelugumilli340
205Ganapathigattu tank GutalaPolavaram378
207Mallasamudram tank DharmajigudemLingapalem378
208Panakala tank AkkampetaJangareddigudem380
209Hussainkhan tank KoppakaPedavegi382
210Mavillamma tank EpuruPedapadu391
211Venkatraopalem TankVeerammapalemTadepalligudem394
212Pedda tank SanigudemDenduluru394
213Burruguvagu tank PragadavaramChintalapudi395
214Ura tankGanijerlaChintalapudi400
215Kadiapu TankKunchanapalliTadepalligudem400
216Bolalla tank KoyyalagudemGopalapuram409
217Chinna Pedda TankA.PolavaramJangareddigudem411
218Madhavarapu tank SettivarigudemChintalapudi412
219Bangarappa tank GopalapuramJeelugumilli418
220Kondasamudram tank YerraguntapalliChintalapudi423
221Arusu tank DoramamidiButtaigudem440
222Panakala tankKanthampalermChintalapudi442
223Kamaraju tank PinakadimiPedavegi452
224Vangoor tank VangoorPedavegi461
225Bhimudu tank ParimpudiKoyyalagudem 475
226Pedda tankT.C.R.PalemLingapalem475
227Sambasivuni tankTaduvaiJangareddigudem481
228Gopanna tank TadimallaNidadavolu494
229Narasimhasagar tank MallayagudemChintalapudi497
230Kotha tank BhimoluGopalapuram520
231Sitamma Ava TankPothavaramNallajerla549
232Pedda tank BapirajugudemPedavegi608
233Hukumpeta tankSaripalliKoyyalagudem610
234Kothikunta TankMadhavaramTadepalligudem610
235Nadigattu tank MallayagudemChintalapudi613
236Kotha TankJaganadhapuramTadepalligudem660
237Dunnapothulakattgu tankKetavaramJangareddigudem662
238PuntaR. GanapavaramButtaigudem702
239Jammi tankMakkinavarigudemT.Narsapuram709
240Pedda tank K. GokavaramLingapalem757
241Pedda tank ChintalapudiChintalapudi760
242Burugukunta karra tank Saripalli Koyyalagudem766
243Pedda tankBhimoluGopalapuram770
244Kanujulabandham tank MallayagudemChintalapudi801
245Kalyanarayudu tank YerraguntapalliChintalapudi816
246Lingasamudram tank EndapalliChintalapudi964
247Pedda tank DuggiralaPedavegi980
248Pedda tank KoppakaPedavegi1054
249Ava tank TyazampudiDevarapalli1134
250Venkatadri tankRaghavapuramChintalapudi1154
251Pedda tank VatluruPedapadu1192
252Maribandam tankSivapuramChintalapudi1211
253Kannasamudram tank MunduruPedavegi1231
254Akkamma Rangapuram tank ButtaigudemButtaigudem1671
255Ava tankTadimallaNidadavolu1799
256Kothuru tank PolavaramPolavaram2000
257Patha tank ( Nandamuru Vijayasagar)T. NarasapuramT. Narasapuram2226
258Mutyalamma cheruvuUta SamudramChintalapudi100
259Chuttu KuntaDuggiralaPedavegi135
Grand Total74616
Tanks Below 100 Ac 1144 Nos Ayacut 32501 Acres
List Of Commissioned L.I.Schemes:( Under APSIDC)
Sl. No.Name of the SchemeMandalAyacut (Ac)
8RavikampaduKamavarapu Kota100
9Maganti Varalakshmi Ravindranadh Chowdary L.I.SchemeDenduluru1448
  Total Acres40558
  (Or) Total Hectors16425
1) List Of Ongoing L.I.Schemes: ( Under APSIDC)
Sl.NoName of the SchemeMandalStabilized Ayacut in Acres
ii) Administrative approval awaited
a) Rayakuduru I : 810 Acres
b) Rayakuduru II : 390 Acres
iii) Hydrological Clearance received
1)Gurugumilli I Buttaigudem(M) 6844 Acres
2)Gurugumilli II
3) Pattisam LIS Polavaram(M)
4) Bangarammpeta
iv) Hydrological Clearance to be received
1)Bopanapalli 3029 Acres
Ground Water Department Ground Water Scenario in West Godavari District.
Important Activities

⇒ Investigations for selection of well sites Wells for Irrigation (SCSP, TSP, WALTA etc.,) and Drinking Water.

⇒Environmental clearances like Sand Mining, Industries etc.,

⇒Estimation of Ground Water Resources.

⇒Drilling of Exploratory-cum-Production wells.

⇒Monitoring of water levels & Quality through network Observation wells & Piezometers.

⇒Implementation of APWALTA-Registration of Rigs.

Ground Water Profile:
A) General Information :
Natural Geographical Divisions: Upland (53% ),Delta (47%)
Predominant Hydrogeological Formations : Alluvium (47%),Sandstones(35%),Hard Rocks (18%)
No. of Ground Water Structures in the District (as per 4th MI Census) : 57,158
B) Ground Water Monitoring Network :
Sl.No.Type of NetworkNo. of stationsFreqeuncy of Observation
1General Observation Wells556 times in a year
2APERP Wells (Delta)236 times in a year
3Hydrology Project Piezometers6812 times in a year
4APERP Piezometers (Delta)312 times in a year
5Stream Flow Check Points812 times in a year
C) Ground Water Potential in the District :
Dynamic Ground Water Resources(GEC-2010-11) Fresh waterPoor Quality
Ground Water availability (Ha.m)152303140936
Ground Water utilization (Ha.m)53996509
Ground Water balance (Ha.m)98307140427
Stage of Ground Water Development (%)350
D) Ground Water Control and Regulation (GEC-2010-11) :
No. of Ground Water Basins43
Over Exploited (> 100%)00
Critical ( >90 to <100%)00
Semi-Critical ( >70% to <90%)00
Safe (< 70%)4348
No. of Notified OE Villages in the DistrictNIL
E) Depth to Water Levels During April, 2015 in the District:
 LocationWL (in m) bgl LocationWL (in m) bgl
Region wise
UplandButtayagudem(V) & &(M) 4.91Koyyalagudem II (V) & (M)  71.03
DeltaPalakoderu(V)/ (M) 0.79Palacollu(V) & (M) 13.37
F) Water Level Fluctuation in the District:
ItemAverage depth to water levels (in m)Seasonal Fluctuation (in m)Annual Fluctuation (in m)
 Apr,14May, 14Apr ,15Rise/FallRise/Fall
Region wise
District 16.6315.9818.27-2.29-1.64