The Population of the District is 29.66 lakhs (Census 2011). The main rivers, which flow in the District, are Pennar and Swarnamukhi. Other streams that are occasional and torrential in character are Kandaleru, Boggeru, Beeraperu, Royyalakalva, Tsallakalva, Mamidikalva, Chippaleru and Kalangi etc., All these rivers and rivulets will bedry for major part of the year and carry heavy flash floods during rainy season. The Pennar river is the most important river and it is a boon to the eastern half of the mandals in SPSR Nellore and Kavali Revenue Divisions.

Classification of geographical area Area in acres Percentage of total geographical area
Total geographical area 32,65,000 100
Forest area 6,56,967 20.09%
Cultivable area 7,39,335 22.61%
Barren and Unculturable land 3,45,397 10.56%
Land put to Non- Agriculturable use 6,46,582 19.77%
Sown area 9,24,725 28.28%
Irrigated area 5,65,585 17.27%
Normal Average Rainfall 1372mm ---
Population(in lakhs) --- 26.69%
Literacy(in lakhs) --- 15.23%
Details Of Irrigation Projects
S.No Projects Ayacut in Acres
A Completed Projects
I Major Irrigation Projects
a) Pennar Delta
i. Sangam Barrage Cum Bridge 1,50,000
ii. Nellore Barrage Cum Bridge 97,000
Total 2,47,000
II Medium Irrigation Projects
a) P.C.R Project(Gandipalm) 16,000
b) Swarnamukhi Barrage 9,022
c) Kanupur Canal System 18,862 Wet Stabilization
44,000 ID to be created
Total 87,884
B Ongoing Projects
I Major Irrigation
a) Somasila project 82,500 acres (stabilization) and 1,35,000 acres (New I.D) ayacut
b) NTR Telugu Ganga Project 2,21,810 acres. I.D and 41,470 acres wet stabilization
c) SSL Canal 78,300 acres wet stabilization and 14,000 acres
Total 5,73,080
III Minor Irrigation Nil
1. Pennar Delta

The Pennar river Canal system was established during the British Regime. The Pennar Delta system comprises of two systems viz., SangamAnicut system and SPSR Nellore Anicut system. Trough the two systems are distinctly separated by the River Pennar, the entire system is to be reconed as one, since the supplies to the both the systems are from Pennar River only. The network of Pennar River canal system are compact and studded with subsidiary tanks. Prior to the construction of the two Anicut, these tanks were filled through open channels from the river during the floods. Principal storage reservoirs are Kanigiri Reservoir and Nellore tank in Sangam Anicut system and Survepalli Reservoir in Nellore Anicut system. Besides these reservoirs, there are several tanks in both the systems. The total ayacut contemplated under Pennar Delta is 1,75,000 Acres and the extent of ayacut developed is 2,47,000 Acres. The modernization of Pennar Delta system was taken up under "Jalayagnam Programme" by theGovernment of Andhra Pradesh and the same is in progress.

Salient Feature
IP Created : 2,47,000 Acres
Components of Project : 1. Sangam Anicut and its Canal System 2. Nellore Anicut and its Canal System 3. Kanigiri Reservoir 4. Survepalli Reservoir
Mandals Benefitted : pennar delta
I. Sangam Delta : 1. Sangam, 2. Buchi, 3. Dagadarthi, 4.Kodavalur, 5. Vidavalu, 6. Kovur, 7. Allur and 8. Bogole
II. Nellore Delta : 1. Indukurpet, 2. T.P. Gudur, 3. Muthukur, 4. Venkatachalam, 5. SPSR Nellore Rural.
Water Allocation : Pennar Delta
Khariff : 19.785 TMC (From Somasila Reservoir)
Rabi : 16.330 TMC (From Somasila Reservoir)
Cropping Pattern : Khariff Wet (Paddy)
Rabi Wet (Paddy)
Population Benefited : 161 Villages & 13 Mandals
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan 11.0000 Crs.
i. Sangam Barrage Cum Bridge

Sangam anicut was constructed across Penna river during 1882-1886 contemplating to supply water to SPSR Nellore tank supply channel and Kanupur canal on right side and Duvvur canal, Kanigiri main canal and Kavali canal on left side. This anicut is the life line for the irrigation of about 3.85 lakh acres now being irrigated. The following are the details of ayacut fed with the water from Somasila reservoir.

1) Penna delta : 2.47 lakh acres
2) Kanupur canal : 0.63 lakh acres
3) Kavali canal : 0.75 lakh acres
Total : 3.85 lakh acres

Sangam anicut was constructed across Penna River during 1882-1886

During course of time thousands of acres of additlonal ayacut was brought into cultivation. It has became a regular practice to increase the water level by 0.90 mtrs., above crest level of Sangam anicut by providing sand bags of 1.20 mtrs., height over the crest for the entire length for providing commandability to the existing ayacut under Kanupur and Kavali Canals. This practice of placing the sand bags over the crest of anicut is resulting in recurring cost in lakhs of rupees for Government every year. Unless the anicut is replaced by a new one, the anicut is likely to prone for breaching due to over age (crossed 100 years).

Salient Feature
Catchment area : 50,122
Maximum flood discharge : 21240 cumecs
Flood discharge : 1382 cumecs
F.R.L.(pond level) : + 35,000 meters
U/S maximum water level 21240 cumecs : +39.460 meters
U/S MWL For 13182 cumecs : + 37.461 meters
Crest level of barrage : + 32.200 meters
Crest level of scour sluice : + 31.200 meters
Up streem side floor level : + 31.000 meters
Down streem side cistern level : + 28.970 meters
No and size of vents (Barrage) : 54 Nos. of 12.00 MtrsX2.80 Mtrs
No and size of vents (Scour Sluice) : 6 Nos.(3+3) of 12.00 MtrsX 3.80 Mtrs
Thickness of intermediate pier (Barrage) : 2.00 Mts.(under hoist bridge)
Thickness of Intermediate Pier (Barrage) : 1.20 Mts.(under road bridge)
Type of gates : Vertical Lift
Length of barrage : 846 meters
Pounding capacity : 0.450 TMC
Flood bank left side : 4.00 kms
Flood bank right side : 3.00 kms
Bund level U/S (afflux) : + 40.960 Mtrs
TBL D/ bund : + 38.250 meters
Hoist plat form level : + 43.500 meters
Road Level : + 40.960 meters
Irrigation Potential :
No. of mandals covered : 5 Nos
No. of villages covered : 72 Nos
Ayacut : 1,50,000 acres
ii. Nellore Barrage Cum Bridge

The Penna river canal system consists of the Nellore Anicut system and the Nellore tank, together with the Sangam anicut system. The oldest reservoir under the Penna is the Nellore tank which originally received its water by a channal taken off from the river in the neighbourhood of Mulumudi and which also acted as a catch channal to receive the water of the Ludums which raise near Aiyagaripalli, Podalakur etc., In 1854-55 the Madras Governement constructed the anicut at SPSR Nellore across the river to secure certain supply of water for all the tanks in the Southern delta and also sanctioned improvements to the Nellore tank. After few failures the present structure was designed by the famous Engineer Sir Arthur Cotton and was completed in 1862-63 and has stood admirably. The crest of the anicut is 9.61 feet above the bed of the river and 42.55 feet above the sea level and its length is 2,040 feet. In place of it the new structure is proposed and the salient features of the proposed structrure are as follows.

Salient Feature:
Name of river : Penna
Location : Nellore town, SPSR Nellore district
Catchment area : 51,800 sq.kms
Length of barrage in between abutments : 610 meters
Reservoir Capacity : 263.60 TMC
M.W.L. for 30865 cumecs (designed) : +21.700 M. for 10.90 lakh cusecs
Crest level of spillway : +11.300 M
Crest level of scour sluices : +10.000 M
Pond level (F.R.L.) : +14. 300 M
Spillway gates : 43nos. of size 10.00 x 3.00 meters
Scour vents : 8nos. of size 10.00 x 4.30 meters
Floor levels: U/S barrage bay / U/S scour bay : +11.300 M./ +10.000 M
apron levels: D/S barrage bay / D/S scour bay : +5.200 M./ +3.900 M
Head Regulator on R/S : one on R/S
Road level : +22.000 M
Width of carriage way : 7.50 meters
Sill level : +10.550 M
Discharge : 77.40 cumecs
No. and size of vents : 6 nos. of 3.00x2.37meters
Canal section : 22.90x3.00 meters
Irrigation potential : :
No. of villages benefited : 72 villages
Ayacut : 97,000 acres
1. P.C.R Project (Gandipalem)

Gandipalem Project is a reservoir Project constructed on Pillaperu, a tributary to river manner near Gandipalem of Udayagiri Mandal in S.P.S.R Nellore District and is located at 16 km North-West of Udayagiri with command area in Udayagiri and VarikuntapaduMandals in S.P.S.R Nellore District and sub-mergence in Udayagirimandal.

The Construction work on the project was commenced during the year 1975 and completed in 1981 at a cost of Rs.6.56 Crores. It was contemplated to irrigate an ayacut of 16,000 Acres.

Salient Feature
Catchment Area : 188 Sq. miles or 487 Km2
Capacity of Tank at FRL : 1.88 TMC
Water spread area at FRL OF reservoir : 9.25 Sq. Miles or 23.95 Sq. Km
FRL : +147.82 M
MWL : + 148.62 M
TBL : + 151.20 M
Maximum Flood discharge : 58500c/s
Length of Ogee Spillway : 60 M
Length of Bund : 388 M
Top width of Earthen Bund : 6 M
No. of Gates : 4 Nos. (Radial)
Registered Ayacut : 16000 acres
Left Canal : 11000 Acres
Right Canal : 5000 Acres
Administrative Amount : Rs.2808 Lakhs dt.29.01.2009
Agreement Amount : Rs.2434 Lakhs dt.26.03.2010
Present Stage of work : Earthwork excavation for distributaries and repairs to structures are in progress
Bottlenecks : Slow Progress of work.Reconstruction of structures are to be taken up.
Mandals Benefited : Varikuntapaud & Udayagiri
Cropping Pattern : Rabi (Wet)
Population Benefited : 17 Villages & 2 Mandals
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan-0.8903 Crs.
2. Swarnamukhi barrage

Construction of Barrage-cum-Bridge across Swarnamukhi River was taken up in 2005 under Jalayagnam Programme and completed in May 2008. Irrigation Potential Created Under this Project is 9022 Acres in Two Mandals. Due to Completion of the Barrage Cum Bridge, the Transport facility is improved between Kota and VakaduMandals.

Salient Feature
IP Created : 9022 Acres
Components of Project : 1. Barrage, 2. Road Bridge, 3.Head Regulators & 4. Canals
Mandals Benefited : Kota &Vakadu
Water Allocation : 1.150 TMC
Cropping Pattern : Khariff (Wet)
Population Benefited : 30 Villages & 2 Mandals
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan 0.0873 Crs.
3. Kanupur Canal System

The Kanupur Canal System was started in 1959. Kanupur canal scheme is a medium irrigation projects. Which is designed to draw flood water from Pennar River through head sluice located in the right side of Sangam Anicut, to stabilize 17,000 acres of wet ayacut under 85 M.I tanks in stage I and to create an irrigation potential of 44,000 Acres of ID under stage II.Against the ayacut contemplated under stage I.

Salient Feature
IP Created : 18,865 wet stabilization(Stage-I) 44,000 ID to be created (Stage-II)
Components of Project : 1. Head Sluice at Sangam Anicut across River Pennar 2. Kanupur Main Canal-Canal Feeds 13 Tanks. 3. Main Branch Channel-It has 3 Sub Branch Channels I. Kommalapudi Branch Channel II. Muddamudi Branch Channel III. Bandepalli Branch Channel 4. Distributary System (I) Thikkavarappadu Branch Channel (a) Bujabuja Nellore Branch Channel (b) Ambapuram Branch Channel (c) Kantepalli Link Canal (d) Gurivindapudi Branch Channel
Mandals Benefited : 1. Podalakur, 2. Nellore Rural, 3.Venkatachalam & 4. Manubolu
Water Allocation : 1.934 TMC for Ist phase 4.775 TMC for IInd phase
Cropping Pattern : Khariff (Wet), Rabi (ID)
Population Benefited : 32 Villages & 4 Mandals
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan-3.0000 Crs.
1. Somasila Project

Somasila Reservoir is constructed across River Pennar near Somasila, village of Ananthasagaram Mandal in SPSR Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh.

The Project envisages storage of 78.00TMC of water at F.R.L. +100.58M. The contemplated ayacut under the project is 5, 84,500 acres in SPSR Nellore and Prakasam Districts. Out of which stabilization of wet ayacut under Pennar Delta Kanupur canal system and existing tanks in up lands is 4,05,500acres and new I.D.is1, 79,000 acres. Out of the above ayacut an extent of 82,500 acres stabilization and 1,35,000 new I.D is under Somasila Project canals viz., GKNC Canal (North Feeder Channel ), south feeder channel and Kavali canal.The allocation of water for the above ayacut is 60.892 TMC. It also envisages to transmit 30.00 TMCof water to Kandaleru Reservoir under Telugu Ganga Project for irrigating 3, 00,000 Acres of I.D. ayacut in SPSR Nellore and Chittoor Districts besides 15.00 TMCof Krishna water to Chennai city for drinking water purposes. In addition to the above 2.40 TMC of water was allocated to SPSR Nellore, Kavali, Gudur and Tirupathi towns for drinking water needs.

The Andhra Pradesh State Electricity Board has sanctioned 2 x 5 M.W. Mini HydelScheme for Power Generation at Somasila Dam, SPSR Nellore District for captive utilization in G.O. M.S.No.180, dated 29.12.1994 in favour of M/s.Balaji Power Corporation Private Limited. Further the Government in G.O.Ms.No.100 I&CAD. TGP-I(2) Department, dated 9.7.1999 have issued no objection certificate to hand over the scheme to the said firm for implementing the Power Project. Accordingly the firm has executed the Mini Hydel Project including civil, electrical and mechanical works and water is being supplied to power house and project is commissioned in the year during December 2005and it is enhanced to 2 X 6 MW i.e. 12 MW. Approval accorded for an additional capacity of 11 MW and will come into operation in due course.

Salient Feature
Location of Head works :
Village : Somasila
Mandal : Ananthasagaram
District : SPSR Nellore (Foreshore area in Kadapa Dist.)
River/Tributary : Pennar River
Nearest City/ Town (including KMs.) : Nellore 90 KMs
Name of the upper stream projects : Mylavaram Dam, Cheyyeru Project and Lower Sagileru.Project (Complete).
Village benefited : 101 Nos
Mandals benefited : 15 Nos
Catchments area : 48,645
Maximum Flood discharge (observed) : 6,26,274 Cusecs, 2001year
Designed Discharge at F.R.L : 6,95,000 Cusecs
Designed Discharge at M.W.L : 7,90,000 Cusecs
Gross Capacity at FRL in TMC : 77.988 TMC
Water spread area at FRL (Sq.Km.) : 212.285
Water allocation : 60.892 TMC
Average Monsoon rainfall : 1031.76 mm
FRL/MWL : +100.58M/+101.80M
Gross storage : 77.988 TMC.
Dead Storage : 7.567 TMC
Live storage between MDDL&FRL : 70.421 TMC
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan 124.9800 Crs.
Irrigation Potential: :

The total ayacut contemplated under the Project is .4,05,500 acres wet (stabilization) and 1, 79,000 acres (New I.D) ayacut.

Component Works :
a) Earth Dam :
i) Type of dam : Zoned Earth Dam
ii)Total Length : 352 Meters
iii)Top width : 18 Meters
b) Non Over Flow Dam :
i) Type of dam : Masonry Gravity
ii) Total length : 172.53 Meters
iii) Top level : 105.15Meters
c) Spill Way :
i) Type of Spill way : Ogee Type
ii) Total Length : 236.21 Meters
iii)Crest level : 86.87 Meters
d) No.of Gates : 12 Nos.
Size of the radial gates : 15.24 x 14.17 meters
e)Maximum Designed Discharge : 6, 95,000 C/s at F.R.L.100.58 meters. 7, 90,000 C/s at M.W.L.101.80 meters
Irrigation Potential:

The total ayacut contemplated under the Project is .4,05,500 acres wet (stabilization) and 1, 79,000 acres (New I.D) ayacut.

The Mandals covered are Alluru, Bogolu, Buchi, Dagadarthi, Indukurpet, Kovur, Kodavalur,Muthukur, Nellore, Sangam, Thotapalli Gudur, Venkatachalam, Vidavalur, Podalakur, Nellore Rural, Manubolu, Jaladanki, Kaligiri, Kavali, Kaluvoy, Chejerla, Podalakur, Ananthasagaram, Atmakur, Marripadu and A.S.Peta.

2. Telugu Ganga Project

Telugu Ganga Project is an Inter-State Project formulated to irrigate 5.75 lakh acres in drought phone areas of Rayalaseema and uplands of SPSR Nellore District in Andhra Pradesh by utilizing 29TMC of Krishana flood flows and 30TMC of Pennar flood flows. Further it is also provides drinking water to Chennai City utilizing 15TMC of Krishna water with 5 TMC share of each state of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

In SPSR Nellore District the Project Provides, irrigation for 2,21,810acres. I.D and 71,519 acres west stabilization under SSLC & SB Circle, SPSR Nellore, T.G.P & G.N.S.S Circle, Tirupathi. There is also a provision of power generation of 3x3 MW at head regulator of Kandaleru Dam.


The Project is cleared from environment and forest angles. The hydrological clearance is yet to be received form the Central Government. It is approved ongoing project.

Compnent Works

i. Somasila Kandaleru Flood Flow Canal. ii.Kandaleru Reservoir. iii.Irrigation Canals under Kandaleru Reservoir.

i. Somasila Kandaleru Flood Flow Canal

The Somasila Kandaleru Flood Flow Canal starts from Somasila Reservoir taking off through Right Head Regulator and joins into Kandaleru Reservoir. It is intended to carry flood waters of Pennar River along with 15.00TMC of Krishna Water to Kandaleru Reservoir with discharging capacity, of 339.8 Cumecs (12000C/S) and having a total length of 51.25Km. The water thus carry by the SKFF canal is stored in the Kandaleru Reservoir to cater the needs of drinking water to Chennai City Tirumala, Tirupathi and Srikalahasti towns and Irrigation to an extent of 2,21,810 Acres I.D. and 71, 519 wet stablisation in SPSR Nellore and Chittoor Districts.

ii.Kandaleru Reservoir :-

The Kandaleru Reservoir was formed across the Kandaleru River near Chellatur Village in Rapur Mandal of SPSR Nellore District. The Kandaleru Reservoir is intended to impound the flood waters of River Pennar to provide irrigation facilities 3.00 lakh acres in SPSR Nellore and Chittoor Districtsand to supply 15.00 TMC of Krishana waters to Chennai City for drinking purpose.There is also a provision under lower riparian rights to stablise 10500 acres wet ayacut under Manubolu system of tanks (9Nos).

The following are the sub components of Kandaleru Reservoir. a) Main Earth Dam b) Rehabilitation and Resettlement Works. c) Approach Channel, Head Regulator, and Power Sluice and Dyke bund.

a) Main Earth Dam

The Kandaleru earthen dam is a balancing reservoir across Kandaleru River near ChellaturVillage of Rapur Mandal. The FRL/TBL of Reservoir is +85.00/+89.00M with a gross storage capacity of 68.030TMC. The length of Reservoir bund is 10.752Km. The MDDL of Reservoir is +64.00m with a dead storage of 8.42TMC. The Reservoir is provided with one high level sluice on the extreme left flank (0.990km) with +74.00m sill level to feed 20700 acres I.D under K.R. Left Canal and one low level sluice at Km.7.550 with sill level +58.00m to supply water to lower riparian ryots covering 10,500 acres wet ayacut under Manubolu system of tanks. The head regulator to SatyaSai Ganga (Kandaleru Poondi) Canal is situated in the dyke portion with +60.000m sill level is with 5 vents and 3 pen stocks.

The formation of earthen dam is completed and protection works are in progress and it is in operation since 1996.

The maximum storage capacity so far achieved is 50.65 TMC (+81.186M) on 14-12-2010.

The expenditure incurred upto 3/2015 is Rs. 332.63 Crores. The balance works are at different stages and they are programmed to be completed before 12/2015.

Kandaleru Reservoir water Impounding Capacity : 68 TMC(FRL+85.00)
Maximum water Impounded during 12/2010 : 50.65 TMC(+81.18)
Total No. of villages submerged : 22
No. of Villages for which compensation paid : 22
No. of Villages shifted to R&R Centers : 17
No. of R& R Centers proposed for 22 Villages : 27
No. of R& R Centers so for completed : 24
No. of R& R Centers in progress : 3
No. of R& R Centers to be taken up : 0
No of families affected : 5418
Expenditure incurred so far : Rs. 69.4471 Crores
iii.Irrigation Canals under Kandaleru Reservoir

The Satya Sai Ganga Canal (K.P. Canal) starts at Head Regulator (R/S) of Kandaleru Reservoir and ends into Poondi Reservoir in Tamilnadu State with 1 to 9 Branch Canals. This main canal is intended to carry 15.00 TMC drinking water to Chennai City and to Irrigate about 3.00 Lakh acres under 1 to 9 Branch Canal taking off from this canal in SPSR Nellore and Chittoor Districts. The total length of the main canal is 151.887KM up to Tamil Nadu Border. The total length of this canal is excavated and in operation since 1990. The length of the Satya Sai Ganga Canal (SSG Canal) covered under SSLC & SB Circle, SPSR Nellore is from Km.0.000 to Km.5.435/10.000 including Branch Canals 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 4, 5, 5A and K.R. Left Canal. The SSG canal from Km.5.435/10.000 to Km.151.887 including Branch Canals 6, 7A, 7B, 8A, 8B and 9 is under the control of T.G.P & G.N.S.S Circle, Tirupathi. The head discharge is 113.70 Cumecs (4000c/s). The expenditure incurred upto 3/2015 is Rs. 332.63 Crores.

The ayacut an extent of 1,32,672 acres is being held up for want of Forest clearance in SPSR Nellore & Chittoor Districts for which the Government has given clearance for the diversion of forest lands to an extent of 313.63 Ha from the forest department vide G.O. Ms No 26 dated 27.02.2015. The executive agencies have commenced the works in the acquired forest lands in 2A, 2B, 4th Branch Canals (Package 39), 5 and 5A Branch Canals (Package 40) and KR Left Canal (Package 9).


The Somasila Swarnamukhi Link Canal is proposed from Km. 12.520 of Somasila Kandaleru Flood Flow Canal and runs for a length of 100 Kms, through the drought prone areas of Rapur, Venkatagiri, Srikalahasti, ErpeduMandals and ends into Marlapaka Tank in Erpedu Mandal of Chittoor District. Originally the Government has accorded Administrative approval for Rs. 240.00 Crores vide G.O. MS. No. 58, dated 30-03-1999. The revised feasibility report has been sent to the Government for Rs. 420.00 Crores and the revised administrative approval accorded by the Government 06/2006 vide G.O. MS. No. 99, Dt 26-05-2006 for Rs. 399 Crores. The scheme is intended to provide Irrigation facilities for stabilization of 97,000 acres of wet ayacut and 26,000 acres new I.D ayacut under 316 M.I. tanks in SPSR Nellore and Chittoor Districts and also to meet the drinking water needs in the enroute Mandals. Out of this an extent of 78,300 acres wet stabilization and 14,000 acres New I.D is in SPSR Nellore District.

Providing irrigation facilities to the ayacut lying between S.K.F.F canal and S.F.C of somasila project in SPSR Nellore district

It is proposed to provide Irrigation facilities to an extent of 13800 acres New I.D and 500 acres wet stabilization under 4 M.I tanks lying in between Somasila Kandaleru Flood Flow (SKFF) canal and South Feeder Channel by providing 4 Nos. of O.T cum regulators on SKFF canal and also excavating feeder channels (4 Nos.) about 40.00 Kms. Length, covering the ayacut under 21 Villages in Kaluvoy, Chejerla and PodalakurMandals in SPSR Nellore Dt. The agreement Value of the scheme is Rs. 2436.30 Lakhs and the work is in progress and the expenditure incurred upto 3/2015 is 5.732 Crores.

Somasila High Level Lift Canal:

Somasila High Level Lift Canal Scheme is intended to divert 5.0 T.M.C. of Pennar flood waters from Somasila reservoir to provide Irrigation facilities to the upland drought prone area in Udayagiri and Atmakur Constituencies to an extent of about 90,000Acres in Marripadu, Duttaluru, Atmakuru, Vinjamuru, Udayagiri and Ananthasagaram Mandals in SPSR Nellore District besides providing 0.2 TMC for drinking water to the 58 Revenue Villages in Six mandals enroute for a projected population of 2,35,266 by 2041.The work has been awarded to M/s. MEIL-Prasad (JV), hyderabad for Phase I works for creating an I.P. of 43200 Acres and the work is in progress.

Status of Minor Irrigatiion:

In SPSR Nellore District, there are 1704 Nos Minor Irrigation Tanks with an ayacut of 267830 Acres.

1609 Minor Irrigation tanks are Rain fed. There is one crop in respect of Minor Irrigation i.e Khariff.

There are 95 Minor Irrigation tanks are feeding tanks.

20 Nos. of River Channels with an ayacut of 10975 Acres.

37 Nos. M.I other sources with an ayacut of 2607 acres.

Capacity Table of the Major Reservoirs.

Sl. No Name of Reservoir Water Level Capacity in Mcft Depth of Water Water Spread area
At Dead Storage
1 Kanigiri Reservoir 11'-0'(3.35m) 242.84 3'-0''
2 Survepalli Reservoir No dead storage
1 Kanigiri Reservoir 21.45'(6.54m) 3454.3 13.45' 24 Sq Miles
2 Survepalli Reservoir 27.72'(8.45m) 1740 12'-0'' 17.61 Sq Miles
Water Users Associations Details & Ayacut
Sl. No Name of the Irrigation System No. of PC's No. of DC's No. of WUA's Ayacut in Acres
(a) Pennar Delta 1 8 68 247000
(a) Gandipalem Project 1 0 17 16000
(b) Kanupur Canal System 1 0 19 33000
(c) Swarnamukhi Barrage Yet to be formed 9022
3 MINOR IRRIGATION 0 0 632 291544
Total 3 8 736 596566
General Abstract OF M.I. & Erstwhile P.R. TANKS Irrigation Circle, SPSR Nellore
Sl. No Mandal M.I. Tanks Erstwhile P.R. Tanks
Nos Ayacut in Acres Nos Ayacut in Acres
1 Alluru 3 1355 -- --
2 Ananthasagaram 9 5316 12 576
3 Anumasamudram Pet 16 6227 16 757
4 Atmakur 8 10241 16 650
5 Balayapalli 27 8517 62 2594
6 Buchireddypalem -- -- 3 100
7 Bogole 16 4963 11 716
8 Chejerla 8 1420 19 810
9 Chillakur 24 6222 51 2018
10 Chittamur 32 15793 68 2142
11 Dagadarthi 20 4686 9 379
12 Dakkili 28 9899 35 1135
13 D.V. Satram 53 10956 106 3063
14 Duttalur 12 2414 19 517
15 Gudur 22 6390 18 657
16 Indukurpet -- -- -- --
17 Jaladanki 23 12533 3 152
18 Kaligiri 21 5418 26 1248
19 Kaluvoya 10 2066 8 187
20 Kavali 23 12143 7 274
21 Kodavalur -- -- -- --
22 Kondapuram 21 6881 16 729
23 Kota 18 5978 27 917
24 Kovur -- -- -- --
25 Manubolu 9 10505 3 327
26 Marripadu 21 5797 30 1545
27 Muthukur -- -- -- --
28 Naidupet 32 8145 31 1628
29 Nellore Rural 13 1889 2 101
30 Ozili 28 7091 38 2273
31 Pellakur 15 3425 19 732
32 Podalakur 25 5460 33 1307
33 Rapur 14 3509 30 963
34 Sangam 5 2048 4 307
35 Seetharamapuram 6 4584 19 502
36 Sullurpet 20 5368 43 1908
37 Sydapuram 20 3659 27 1021
38 Tada 19 5793 27 817
39 T.P. Gudur -- -- -- --
40 Udayagiri 15 2504 27 684
41 Vakadu 15 4446 12 457
42 Vidavaluru -- -- -- --
43 Vinjamuru 18 4633 16 655
44 Varikuntapadu 18 2826 14 516
45 Venkatachalam 1 137 6 280
46 Venkatagiri 37 8147 66 2802
Total 725 229384 979 38446