Kurnool district with a Population of 40.47 Lakhs lies between latitude 14°-54' North to 16°-11' and longitude 76°-56' East to 78°-25' East. 58.60% of Kurnool District lies in Krishna basin and 41.40% in Pennar Basin. This district is bounded by Tungabhadra and Krishna Rivers and Mahaboob Nagar District in North, Kadapa and Ananthapur Districts on South, Karnataka State on West and Prakasham District in the East. The main rivers flowing in the district are (1) Tungabhadra River which is a tributary to Krishna River (2) Hundri, a tributary to Tungabhadra (3) Kundu River is a major tributary to River Penna.

Kurnool is city and the headquarters of Kurnool district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is also known as the Gateway to Rayalaseema. Kurnool served as the state capital of Andhra (not Andhra Pradesh) from 1 October 1953 to 31 October 1956. As of 2011 census, it is the fifth most populous city, with a population of 424,920.


The name Kurnool is derived from "Kandanavolu", "the city known as Kandenapalli" or "the city of Kandena". Kandena is a Telugu word; it means grease. The city was also called the city of Skanda or Kumaraswamy (the chief God of Wars)


Little was known about Kurnool Town before the 11th century. The earliest knowledge of this settlement dates from the 11th century. It has developed as transit place on the southern banks of the river Tungabhadra and was commonly known as 'Kandenavolu'. It was a greasing place for the carts which used to transport stone for the construction of temples at Alampur from which the name 'Kandenavolu' was derived. It was ruled by Cholas and later by Kakatiya kings in the 12th and 13th centuries. Later on it became an independent part of the country under Jagirdars. Late it came under the influence of Vijayanagar kings and it was during the 16th century that Achyuta Raya built the Kurnool Fort. During the 17th century it was ruled by Gopal Raja. Abdul Wahab conquered king Gopal Raja and ruled over the country for 16 years. The town came under the influence of Moghal emperor Aurangazeb in 1686. Later the town was ruled by Nawabs from Dawood Khan to Gulam Rasool Khan (1823). In 1839 the British Government took over control. In 1858 it was made over to a Collector under the General regulations. The British rule continued till 1947 during which period, Kurnool town was a part of the Madras presidency. After separation of the 11 districts of Andhra from the composite of Madras state in 1953, Kurnool became the state Headquarters on 1 October 1953.

The Telugu speaking areas of erstwhile Hyderabad State were merged with Andhra Pradesh. The state of Andhra Pradesh came into existence in November 1956, and its state capital was shifted from Kurnool to Hyderabad.

Political administration:

It is the headquarters of the mandal, the revenue division and the district of the same name. From 1 October 1953 to 31 October 1956, Kurnool was also the state capital of Andhra State (not Andhra Pradesh), which was carved out of Madras State in 1953. Tangutoori Prakasam Pantulu was the chief minister of Andhra State during this period. The present day district court buildings were used by the State Assembly.

Geography and climate:

Kurnool is located at 15.8333°N 78.05°E. It has an average elevation of 273 metres (898 feet).

Kurnool lies on the banks of the Tungabhadra River. The Hundri and Neeva rivers also flow through the city. The K.C. Canal (Kurnool-Cuddapah) was built by the Dutch for transportation, but later used for irrigation.

The climate is tropical with temperatures ranging from 26°C (78.8°F) to 46°C (114.8°F) in the summer and 12 °C (53.6 °F) to 31° C (87.8 °F) in the winter. The average annual rainfall is about 705 millimeters (28 in).

Details Of Kurnool District
The geographical features of the District are as follows.
S.No Classification of geographical area. Area in Acres
1 Total geographical area 43,63,292
2 Forest 8,41,793
3 Cultivable area 29,85,418
4 Barren and un-cultivable land 3,14,590
5 Land put to non agricultural use 3,50,279
6 Sown area 24,20,129
7 Irrigated area 7,66,441
8 Normal Average Rain fall 670 MM
9 Un cultivated waste 1,16,878
10 Permanent pastures 8,839
11 Tree crops,grams 4586
12 Other fallows 2520
13 Current fallows 3,03,678
14 Total 19,43,163
15 Under canals 4,56,759
16 Under tanks 51,265
17 APSIDC 43,583
18 Ground water 2,75,484
19 River flows 1,18,709
20 Under rain fed 1,18,709
21 Total water available 150.929 TMC
A surface water 100.889 TMC
B Ground water 48.64 TMC
22 Water Utilised (2014-15) 83.416 TMC
Water Availability from Geographical Area of Kurnool District and its Utilisation
Kurnool district geographical area 17,65,800 hectares
Quantum of rain water received 417.809 TMC
Evaporation losses(41%) 171.301 TMC
Ground water recharge(9%) 37.603 TMC
Conversion to soil moisture(10%) 41.780 TMC
Surface runoff (40%) 167.123 TMC
Water stored in existing mi tanks 10.000 TMC
Water stored in dwma schemes 2.000 TMC
Existing check dams 1.320 TMC
Check dams in forest 0.500 TMC
Total 13.820 TMC
Water requirement for 2015-16
Irrigation surface flows & APSIDC for Khariff 56.096 TMC
Irrigation surface flows for Rabi 19.775 TMC
Municipal area 5.860 TMC
Rural area 6.000 TMC
Industrial 3.870 TMC
Ground Water 17.850 TMC
Total 109.431 TMC
Details Of Irrigation Projects
S.No Projects Nos Ayacut in Acres
A Completed Projects
I Major Irrigation Projects - 3 Nos
a. Kurnool- Cuddapah Canal (K.C.Canal) 1 1,84,209
b.Tunghabhadra Low Level Canal (TBP LLC) 1 1,51,134
c. Alaganuru Balancing Reservoir (ABR) 1 Stabilizes ayacut under K.C.Canal
d.Aluru Branch Canal (Tunga Bhadra Project High Level Canal) 1 14,255
e.Guntakal Branch Canal(Tunga Bhadra Project High Level Canal ) 1 499
Total 5 3,50,097
II Medium Irrigation Projects -2 Nos
a. Sanjeevaiah Sagar Project (Gajuladinnen Project) 1 25,270
b.Varadaraja Swamy Gudi Project (VRSP) 1 12,092
Total 2 37,362
B On going Projects :
I Major Irrigation
a. NTR Telugu Ganga Project (TGP) 1 1,14,500
b. Srisailam Right Bank Canal (SRBC) 1 1,55,638
c.Hundri Niva Sujala Sravanthi Irrigation Project(HNSS) 1 80,000
d. Kurnool, YSR Kadapa Canal Modernization 1
e. Guru Raghavebndra Project (GRP) New ayacut (Stabilisation of Ayacut 29,724) 1
f. Galeru Nagari Sujala Sravanthi Irrigation Project 1
Total 7 3,51,922
II Medium Irrigation Nil Nil
Index Map of Irrigation Projects
Water Resources And Development Of Ayacut In Kurnool District
Name of the project Contemplated Ayacut Irrigated Ayacut Gap Ayacut Water Allocated/Available Water Recieved/Utilized Balance Water Unavaliable Remarks
TBPLLC 151134 66600 84534 24/ Assured 15.623 8.377
KCC 184209 174739 12470 20/Assured 18 2 Total Allocation for KCC is 31.90 TMC,20TMC for Kurnool , 11.90 for Cuddapah
SRBC 155638 87500 68138 16/Assured 10.95 5.05 Total Allocation for SRBC is 19 TMC,16TMC for Kurnool , 3 for Cuddapah
GRP 3320 3320/Assured 0 7.01 0.5 6.51 For the ayacut of LLC 66420 acres water is supplementinfrom GRP.3320 acres is new ayacut.
TGP 114500 95000/Assured 19500 14 10 4 Total Allocation for TGP is 29 TMC for Kurnool District 14TMC
ABC 14255 3000 11255 1.4 0.3
HNSS 80000 13000 67000 6/Flood Water 5 1 Allocated HNSS is 40TMC Flood Water ,6 TMC for Kurnool District,5 TMC utilised for filling of MI Tanks and Reservoirs in Kurnool District
GDP 25270 9600 15670 2/Assured 0.8 1.2
SivaBhasyam 12092 7000 5092 0.389/Assured 0.265 0.124
Minor Irrigation 80175 51265 28910 8 5.5 2.5
APSIDC 63232 43583 18999 3.49 2.618 0.872
Ground Water - 275484 - 48.64 13.86 34.78
Total 883825 830191 329218 150.929 83.416 67.513

1. Kurnool - Cuddapah Canal (KC CANAL)

The K.C.Canal Canal is 130 years old major irrigation system which takes off from right flank of Anicut constructed across Tungabhadra River near Sunkesula Village in Kurnool Dist. This canal runs for a total length of 306 Km i.e. from Sunkesula Anicut up to 235 Km in Kurnool District and the remaining length of 71 Km in Cuddapah District. As per K.W.D.T. award this system is entitled for a quantity of 39.90 TMC of water which is inclusive of 10 TMC T.B river assistance from Tungabhadra Dam. The cropping pattern under this system is as follows:-

S.No. Name of Dist. Registered Pattern ( Acres) Total (acres)
1 Kurnool District 12,966 6,317 81,193 73,151 1,73,627
2 Kadapa District - 3,327 71,585 17,089 92,001
  Total 12,966 9,644 1,52,778 90,240 2,65,628
Salient Features
Location : The Sunkesula Barrage across River Tungabhadra is located near Sunkesula village in Kurnool Mandal & District of Andhra Pradesh 30 Kms from Kurnool town.
Ayacut : 2,65,628 Acres
(Kurnool district - 1,73,627 Cuddapah District - 92,001)
Khariff : 1,00,476 Acres
Rabi : 73,151 Acres
Villages Benefitted : 259 Nos
Mandals Benefitted :
Kurnool District : Kurnool, Kallur, Nandikotkur, Pagidyal, Jupadu bunglow, Pamulapadu, Velugodu, Gadivemula, Bandi Atmakur, Mahanandi, Nandyal, Gospadu, Sirivella, Rudravaram, Allagadda, Chagalamarri, Dornipadu, Uyyalawada, Koilakuntla.
Water Allocation : 10.000 TMC as per Prorata entitlement for total abstraction of 212.000 TMC of TB Dam 29.90 TMC as TB River Assistance.
Length : 234.640 Km in Kurnool District (305.60 Km is Total Length)
Discharge : 3850 Cusecs
Ayacut In Acres : 2,65,628 Acres ( Kurnool district - 1,73,627 Cuddapah District - 92,001)
Khariff : 1,00,476 Acres
Rabi : 73,151 Acres
Cropping Pattern : Khariff: Sugar Cane, Paddy.
Rabi: Sugar cane, Wet, ID.
Kurnool - Cuddapah Canal (KC Canal)
IP CREATED 155208 acres
2. Tungabhadra Project Low Level Canal (TBP LLC)

The Tunga Bhadra Project Low Level Canal (TBP LLC) system is an integral part of Tunga Bhadra Project constructed during 1953-57 with its head works located in Karnataka State. This project is to serve an ayacut of 1.51 lakh acres in Kurnool district. The TBP LLC from Km 250 to 324 and Kurnool branch canal of 48 Km in length are under the control of the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Salient Features
Location : The TBPLLC takes off from TB Dam on right side.
Ayacut : 1,51,134 Acres (43,519 acres in Khariff & 1,07,615 acres in Rabi).
Mandals Benefitted : Halaharvi, Holagunda, Adoni, Kowthalam, Kosigi, Manthralayam, Peddakadubur, Yemmiganur, Nandavaram, Gonegandla, Krishnagiri, C-Belagal, Kodumur, Gudur, Kallur, Kurnool.
Dependable Net Yield : 24.00 TMC
Water Allocation : 24.000 TMC as per Prorata entitlement for total abstraction of 212.000 TMC of TB Dam
Length : 74 Km. (250Km length in Karnataka and 74 Km in A.P)
Discharge : 724 c/s at AP Border (1778 Cusecs at the starting point)
Ayacut In Acres : 1,51,134 Acres ( 43,519 acres in Khariff & 1,07,615 acres in Rabi).
Cropping Pattern : Khariff: Paddy, ID.
Rabi: ID
Villages Benefited : 194 Villages
Present Stage : Completed
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan - 5.0300 Crs. Non-Plan - 0.1015 Crs.
Hydraulic Particulars of TBPLLC
Sl.NoChainageBed widthFSDVelocity M/secBed fall Discharge in CusecsRemarks
1Km. 0.000 to Km. 131.00021.952.590.841 in 105601178Karnataka State
2Km. 131.000 to Km. 250.58017.012.290.751 in 105601117Inter stateTBP Sub-Division No-1, Adoni.
3Km. 250.580 to Km. 272.35014.321.980.681 in 10560725Km. 250.580 A.P Cradle site
4Km. 272.350 to Km.292.200 9.851.860.681 in 10560477TBP Sub-Division No-2, Adoni.
5Km. 292.200 to Km. 324.0009.751.860.681 in 10560439TBP Sub-Division No-3,Yemmiganur.
6Km. 0.000 KBC to Km.48.000 KBC3.361.370.371 in 4000230TBP Sub-Division No-4,Kodumur.
Tungabhadra Low Level Canal
Mandals benefited 16 mandals
Village benefited 194 villages
Discharge designed at ap border ( Km 250.580) 725 cusecs
Financial status
Modernization works total cost Rs 179 cr
Amount spent up to 5/2015 Rs 116.00 cr
Balance amount required Rs 63.00 cr
3. Alaganur Balancing Reservoir (ABR)

The K.C. Canal System is a 130 years old system constructed during 1863 to 1870. Improvements were carried-out to K.C. Canal during 1953-65 to serve an ayacut of 1.845 lakhs acres in Kurnool District and 0.935 lakhs acres in Cuddapah District.

Due to erratic rain fall in the catchments area and due to inconsistency in water supply from Tungabhadra Dam, storage of Water supply is felt more essential especially when there is continuous dry spell. The supplies in the K.C. Canal dwindle in the Rabi Season and at times during the Khariff Seasons also due to meager inflows in Tungabhadra River at Sunkesula anicut with the result the ayacut situated at tail end especially in Cuddapah District is suffering a lot.

At present since there are no Balancing Reservoirs along the K.C.Canal to store water, it was felt desirable to have a balancing reservoir where there is a possibility of storing the available Water during the rainy season and for augmentation of the flows during lean period for crops of K.C. Canal ayacut. After detailed investigation, it is proposed to construct a balancing reservoir near Alaganur (village) in Kurnool District with a storage capacity of 2.965 TMC Ft. to overcome the above difficulties in water management and stabilization of K.C. Canal ayacut below Rajoli Anicut.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh in G.O.Ms.No.327 I & CAD Dt. 25-11-1985 accorded part administrative approval for Rs.3.06 crores for commencing the works of Alaganur Balancing Reservoir.

Land Acquisition :

Land acquired for Alaganur Balancing Reservoir is 3585 acres and for inlet channel is 462 acres.

Components of the Scheme:

a) Earthen Bund for a length of 7.50 Km ie., from Km 0/16 to 7/50 of Alaganur Balancing Reservoir.

b) Surplus regulator cum Head sluice at Km 2.44 of Alaganur Balancing Reservoir Bund.

c) Diversion road from Rollapadu ( village) to Gadivemula village ie., from Km 0/0 to 8/745.

d) Inlet channel from 119.65 Km to Balancing Reservoir.

The Alaganur balancing Reservoir was constructed under KCC Modernization Project with an estimated cost of Rs 5390 Lakhs with JBIC assistance under ICB-04 Package and completed in the year 2004. The component works like formation earthen bund, construction of surplus weir, construction of river sluice including erection of gates are completed and water is also started storing of since 2005. It consists of 10 No's of surplus vertical gates with sill level of +263.00m and two numbers of sluices. The Inlet channel was constructed under KCC Modernization Project with an estimated cost of Rs 1589 Lakhs with JBIC assistance under ICB-03 Package and completed in the year 2002. The salient features of reservoir are as follows.

Salient Features
1. Catchment Area : 65.94 SQKm
2. MFD : 442 Cumecs
3. FRL/MFL : +265.00 M
4. Live storage : 2.965 TMC
5. TBL : +269.00 M
6. Length of the bund : 7500 M
7. Maximum height of Bund : 22.00 M
8. Top width of bund : 6.00 M
9. Side slopes : 2˝ :1 :2 :1 on U/s & D/s
10. Fore shore submersion : 3358 Acres
11. Global Coordinates: :
Latitude : 15°41'54"
Longitude : 78°31'45"
1. Structure : Concrete and masonry
2. MFD : 442 Cum or 15600 C/s
3. Type & No of gates : Vertical lift 10 No's
4. Crest level : +263.00 M
1. Discharge : 11.32 Cumecs (400C/s)
2. Type & No of gates : Vertical 1 No
3. Size of Vent : 2.5 x 2.0 M
4. Sill level : 248.50 M
5. FSD : 2.00 M
1. Discharge : 0.142 Cumecs
2. No of Vents & Size : 1 No 1.00 x 1.20 M
3. Sill level of sluice : 259.10 M
Stabilization of existing K.C.Canal Aycut below Rajoli ayacut :
Khariff : 73409 Acres Rabi : 17089 Acres D.W : 3380 Acres

The major source of feeding this reservoir is K.C.C through an exclusive channel (inlet channel) excavated from Right bank of K.C. Canal at its Km 119.50 for a length of 19.14 Km. The K.C. Canal water which is taken at Km 0/0 of K.C.C i.e. Sunkesula Barrage (from Tungabhadra River) When ever found excess due to rains in command area or less demands for the ayacut can be diverted to this Reservoir. The water so stored in the reservoir will have to be used for the K.C. Canal ayacut situated below Rajoli Anicut i.e. .beyond Km 234.56 of KCC i.e. in Kadapa District during peak times.

Salient Features
Location : This project has been constructed near Alaganur village Midthur mandal of Kurnool District.
Source : This reservoir is fed with KC Canal water during rainy season through Inlet channel taking of at Km 119.650 of KC Canal.
Ayacut : Stabilises ayacut in Cuddapah District under KC Canal.
MDDL : 248.50 ft.
Gross Storage : 2.965 TMC
FRL : 869.42 ft.
Maximum Flood Discharge : 442 cumecs (1560 c/s)
Present Stage : Completed
4. Aluru Branch Canal

The Alur Branch Canal takes off at tail end of Guntakal Branch Canal Km 59.400. The ayacut localized is to an extent of 14,255 acres in the Chippagiri, Alur and Halaharvi Mandals of Kurnool District. The Alur Branch Canal with 19 distributaries runs for a lengh of 39.680 Kms. The entitlement for this canal is 2.37 TMC of water at TB Dam for Khariff crops.

Salient Features
Location : The Aluru Branch Canal takes off from Guntakal Branch canal at Km 59.400 of TBP HLC at Km 181.136 near Nimbagal village Uravakonda Mandal, Anantapur District.
Length : 39.68 Km
Ayacut : 14,255 Acres (wet: 7860, ID: 6395)
Design Discharge : 270 Cusses
No. of Distributaries : 19 Nos.
Entitlement out of 32.50 TMC for TBP.HLC. Stage-II : 2.37 TMC.
No. of WUAS : 6 Nos.Chippagiri,Deganhal,Chitagunta,Ramadurgam,Hathibelgal,Hardagiri.
Distributory committee : 1 No. D.C. Alur Branch Canal.
Bed width : 7.70 M to 1.80 M
FSD : 1.50 M to 1.00 M
Side slope : 1:1.5
Rigidity constant : 0.0225
Surface fall : 1 in 6300 to 1 in 3500
Velocity : 0.56 M/Sec. To 0.47 M/Sec
Discharge : 270 cusses to 40 cusses
Chippagiri Deepcut (11.5 Mt) : Km 12.000 to 13.000
Present Stage : Completed
5. Guntakal Branch Canal

The T.B.P.H.L.C. Scheme is intended to serve Irrigation needs of 2.94 Lakhs acres spread over in Anantapuramu,Kurnool and Kadapa District utilizing 32.50 TMC ft of Tungabhadra water allocated under KWDT award and Pennar inflows of 7.88 TMCft. In order to achieve partial benefits, the scheme has been taken up in two stages ie., TBP.HLC.stage-1 and TBP.HLC.Stage-II. This scheme contemplates Irrigation facilities in Ananthauramu, Kadapa and Kurnool Districts.

The Guntakal Branch Canal is one of the competent of the TBP.HLC.Stage-II. The GBC Division is in charge of Guntakal Branch Canal and it's two branches viz Alur Branch Canal and Gooty Sub-Branch Canal including distributaries under the above canals. The Guntakal Branch Canal and Gooty Sub-Branch Canals situated in Ananthapuramu and Alur Branch Canal in Kurnool District. This canals Contemplates Irrigation facilities shows as follows.

S.NoName of the canalLocalized Ayacut in Acres
1Guntakal Branch Canal10456.005345.0015801.00
2Gooty Sub-Branch Canal-16271.0016271.00
3Alur Branch Canal7861.006394.0014255.00
Salient Features
Length of the canal : 59.400 Km
Localized Ayacut : 15801 Acres
Design Discharge : 654 Cusecs
No of Distributaries : 26 Nos
Entilement out of 32.50 TMC for TBP.HLC. Stage-II : 6.890 TMC
No. of W.U.A.s : Nos .(1) Palthuru (2) Havaligi (3) Donekal (4)Gadekal (5) Poliki
Distributory Committees : 1No D.C. ( Guntakal Branch Canal)
Bed width : 11.28 Mts to 7.31 Mts
F.S.D. : 2.59 Mts to 1.70 Mts
Coefficient of Rugasity : 0.0225
Surface fall : 1/10000 to 1/2500
Velocity : 0.6 M/Sec to 1.44 M/sec
Deep cut : 15.400 Km to 19.500 Km
1. Sanjeevaiah Sagar Proejct (Gajuladinne Project)

The Gajuladinne Project (GDP) renamed as Sanjeevaiah Sagar, is a Medium Irrigation Project constructed across Hundri, a tributary to Tungabhadra in Krishna basin near Gajuladinne village in Gonegandla Mandal of Kurnool District. The location of the scheme corresponds to longitude 77°37'20"E and Latitude 15°41'48"N. The Hundri takes its origin in Pathikonda hills and travels 130 Kms before it joins Tungabhadra. The flow in the river is dry except during monsoon. The water allocated for the GDP as per KWDT award is 2.000 TMCft.

The GDP provides irrigation facility to 24,372 acres of ID crops in Rabi. The project serves 21 villages in four mandals of Kurnool District viz., Gonegandla (9 nos), Kodumur (5 nos), Krishnagiri (6 nos), and Devanakonda (1no.). The WUA Project committee is formed with 2 WUAs in LMC and 10WUAs in RMC.

The project was taken up for execution during 1971 and completed by 1987 at a cost of Rs 263 lakh. The project is constructed with a storage capacity of 4.50 TMCft at FRL of + 377.000 M.

Catchment area: 1,274 Sq. Kms (492 Sq. Miles)
Estimated maximum flood discharge: 80,000 cusec
Observed maximum flood discharge during 9/1996: 1,25,000 cusec
Yield at 75% dependability: 3.525 TMC
Proposed water utilisation: 4.250 TMC
Mean annual rainfall in the watershed: 546.60 mm
Maximum annual rainfall in the watershed:: 939.30 mm
Minimum annual rainfall in the watershed: 240.10 mm
Full reservoir level: 377.000 M
Maximum water level: 378.000 M
Top of bund level:379.500 M
Spill way crest level: 371.000 M
Deepest river bed level: 363.000 M
Minimum draw down level: 367.200 M
Water spread area at FRL: 27.050 Sq. Kms
Water spread area at MWL:31.970 Sq. Kms
Gross storage at FRL: 4.500 TMC
Gross storage at MWL: 5.250 TMC
Live storage at FRL: 4.050 TMC
Spillway crest level: 0.800 TMC
MDDL: 0.200 TMC
Length of bund: 4.313 Km (Left 1366 m, Right 2947 m)
Maximum height: 9.50 m
Top width: 5.00 m
Top level:+379.500 m
Side slopes U/S : 2.5:1
D/S:: 2:1
Length : 87.00 m
Maximum height:18.3 m
Top of shutters level: +378.350 m
Hoist platform level: +382.000 m
No. and type of gates: 6 nos. Vertical
Size of gates: 12.00 m x 7.35 m
Name of the Canal Sill level of sluice length in Km Localized ayacut in acres
Right side canal +367.200 m 36.0 20,790
Left side canal +367.500 m 25.0 3,582

Note on Modernization Work:

Name of Work: Modernization of Sanjeevaiah Sagar (Gajuladinne) Medium Irrigation Project in Kurnool District under JICA Programme

Estimate Cost: Rs. 4631 Lakhs vide CE(I) No. 2/2010-11 dt: 10.06.2010

Agreement Cost: Rs. 43,19,23,482/- SE/IC/KNL Agt. No. 12/2011-12 dt:22.07.2011

Suppl Agt. Cost: Rs. 41,77,15,454/- vide work slip 1 approved by Engineer-in-Chief, Medium Irrigation, Hyderabad

Agency: M/S Harvins Construction (P) Limited, Hyderabad

Over All Financial Progress: Progress up to LS XX( August 2013) and part bill is 93%


Only Revetment work, strengthening of bank and surrounding concrete for LMC head sluice intake well completed. The remaining civil works like grove concrete for spillway gates etc., of head works yet to be started.

The spillway gates are in pathetic condition. Mechanical works could not be taken up as water is being stored in the reservoir for drinking purpose in the summer season as per the District Collector orders and inflow from subsequent rains in the monsoon season.


Lining Completed up to 27.650 Km of RMC as proposed in the approved work slip 1 with some left over reaches in between which are not in the scope of the work. However the joint treatment for canal construction and expansion joints is not tackled so far.CC guide walls completed as proposed in the approved work slip 1

Structures 70% of the structures completed and the remaining are under progress as proposed in the approved work slip 1. For all OTs shuttering arrangements to be provided.Sectioning of the canal from 27.650 to 36.000 Km is yet to be taken up


Lining Completed up to 17.300 Km of LMC as proposed in the approved work slip 1.However the joint treatment for canal construction and expansion joints is not tackled so far.

Structures 80% of the structures completed and the remaining are under progress as proposed in the approved work slip 1. For all OTs shuttering arrangements to be provided Sectioning of the canal from 17.300 to 26.000 Km is yet to be taken up

Salient Features
Location : This project is constructed across the Hundri River near Gajuladinne village in Gonegandla mandal of Kurnool District.
Ayacut : 25,270 Acres in Rabi
Mandals Benefited : Gonegandla, Kodumur, Krishnagiri and Devanakonda
Utilisation : 926 mcft( Average for last 5 years : 2350 mcft)
Water Allocation : 2 TMC (As per KWDT)
Storage Capacities : Gross:4500 mcft; Live : 4050 mcft; Dead : 450 mcft
Maximum Flood Discharge : 80,000 Cusecs
MDDL : 367.20 ft
Water allocation (drinking) : 45 TMC
Canals Right Side Canal Left Side Canal
Length : 36 Km 26.5 Km
Discharge : 440 c/s 160 c/s
Ayacut : 21,783 3,705
Cropping Pattern : I.D. I.D.
Villages Benefited : 21 villages
Present Stage : Completed
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan - 0.2000 Crs.
2. Siva Bhasyam Sagar Project (Formely Varadaraja Swamy Gudi Project (VRSP))

Sivabhashyam Sagar Project ( Formerly known as Varadaraja Swamy Gudi Project ) is a Medium Irrigation Project constructed across Munimadugula Vagu which is a hill stream which takes its origin in the Srisailam hill ranges of Nallamala forest . It joins Bhavanasi River which in turn is a tributary of Krishna river. The dam site at Kottalachervu village about 18 Kms North of Atmakur town in Kurnool District.

There was one rain gauge station situated in the catchment area at Pecheruvu village in the Nallamala forest maintained by Forest department. The catchment is influenced by this rain gauge station

The rain gauge station has not been in operation from the year 1969 onwards. The latest rain fall particulars of Atmakur rain gauge station from 1967-68 onwards are adopted.

This project is envisaged to provide irrigation facilities to 10298 acres of new dry ayacut in addition to the stabilization of 2922 acres of wet ayacut under the existing 8 system tanks in kharif in 9 villages of draught effected Atmakur and Kothapalle mandals of Kurnool District. However actual ayacut under project is revised as 12092 acres (Including stabilization of 2944 acres under M.I.Tanks).

A reservoir is formed by construction of dam across Munimadugula vagu at Bandamadugu having a gross storage of 389 Mcft with an FRL of + 370.000mts.

A pick up anicut was constructed across the same stream, 3.9 Km on down stream of the Dam. Water from the reservoir will therefore be released through river sluices and it will be picked up lower down at the pick up anicut and regulated in to the canals taking off on either side of the anicut to irrigate the ayacut proposed.

160 Hectares has been acquired of forest land in the foreshore area of project and 160 Hectares of Government land is also given to the forest department towards afforestation to the Divisional Forest Officer, Atmakur.

Pecheruvu village has bee shifted from the wild life sanctuary to a new location to Kottalacheruvu village. To the Villagers have provided suitable housing and other facilities such as drinking water, School, Health unit etc. at the cost of Project.

The project was started in the year 1985 and completed during the year 2000. The project is designed for Kharif season only

Hydraulic Particulars Of Veerapuram Branch Canal Under S B S P ( 9. 22 Km )
Sl NoDescriptionReach I (Km 0.00 to Km 0.63)Reach II (Km 0.63 to Km 4.23)Reach III (Km 4.23 to Km 6.72)Reach IV (Km 6.72 to Km 8.16)Reach V (Km 8.16 to Km 9.221)
1Discharge in cumecs1.701.3861.1340.890.534
2Bed Width in Mts2.802.602.602.201.70
3F.S.D in Mts0.900.800.750.700.55
4Bed fall 1 in25002500250020001500
5Velocity in M/Sec0.6380.5950.5180.5440.533
6Side slopes0.5:1 0.5:1 0.5:1 0.5:1 0.5:1
7Free board in Mts0.600.600.600.600.60
8Ayacut in acres Wet
TotalWet709.1 I.D5795.85

Hydraulic Particulars Of Left Main Canal UnderS B S P( 1.15 Km )
S.NoDescriptionReach I (Km 0.00 to Km 1.15)
1Discharge in cumecs0.80
2Bed Width in Mts1.61
3F.S.D in Mts0.60
4Bed fall 1 in2500
5Velocity in M/Sec0.466
6Side slopes0.5:1
7Free board in Mts0.60
8Ayacut in acres Wet152.5
Salient Features
Location : constructed across Munimadugula vagu a tributary to Bavanasi in Krishna basin near Kurukunda village in Atmakur(M),Kurnool (Dt) and dedicated to the nation in the year 2012.
Ayacut : 12,092 Acres
Mandals Benefited : Atmakur and Kothapalli
Storage capacities : Gross: 0.39 TMC
Live Storage : 0.36TMC
Dead Storage : 0.28TMC
FRL : 370 ft
MDDL : 352.80 ft.
Maximum Flood Discharge : 40,000 Cusecs
Cropping Pattern : Wet, ID
Villages Benefitted : 9 villages
Present Stage : Completed.
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan - 0.4010 Crs.
Canals Right Side CANAL Left Side CANAL
Length : 5.26 Km 1.15 Km
Discharge : 175 c/s 160 c/s
Ayacut : 12,554acres 667.92acres
Cropping Pattern : Wet I.D.
Pothireddy Padu Head Regulator - SRMC - SRBC - GNSS - TGP SYSTEM:-

Since the times Sir Arthur Cotton, proposals were formulated to provide water of Krishna River to Rayalaseema for drinking and irrigation to eradicate drought and famine. Taking note of the acute distress and suffering which the people of the area have been under going for centuries, Government of Andhra Pradesh have decided to implement long term measures to provide permanent relief to the people of Rayalaseema by formulating the schemes Telugu Ganga Project, SRBC, GNSS Project etc. in this direction. The feasibility of the schemes was studied by the Experts Committee headed by Sri J. Raja Rao and detailed report on availability of water was well documented in respect of the above schemes.

The Government have decided to take up the irrigation projects under Jalayagnam and complete them immediately. The brief salient features of the projects are as follows.

1. Srisailam Right Branch Canal :-

It is contemplated to utilize 19 TMC of assured water from Srisailam reservoir through Pothireddy Padu Head Regulator and to irrigate an ayacut of 160,000 acres in Kurnool district and 30,000 acres in Kadapa district by excavating Srisailam Right Branch Canal for a length of 199 Kms and forming two balancing reservoirs namely Gorakallu Balancing Reservoir and Owk balancing reservoir.

2. Telugu Ganga Project

It is contemplated to create irrigation potential to an extent of 2.91 Lakh acres out of which 1.14 lakh acres in Kurnool district and 1.77 lakh acres in Kadapa district. The total water requirement for irrigation is about 29 TMC to be drawn from surplus flood water. Besides that 15 TMC of assured water is to be supplied to Chennai city as per KWDT award.

3. Galeru Nagari Sujala Sravanthi

The project is formulated to provide irrigation water to an extent of 2.60 lakh acres, out of which 1.55 lakh acres in Kadapa district and 1.035 lakh acres in Chittoor district and 1500 acres in Nellore district besides supply of drinking water to 20 lakh populations living in enroute villages and towns. The total water requirement for irrigation and drinking water supply is about 38 TMC to be drawn from surplus flows of River Krishna from Srisailam reservoir.

4. Drinking water supplementation to Anantapur District

The drought prone areas of Anantapur district are not getting their share of assured water supply from T.B. Dam through H.L.C. System due to the siltation of the reservoir. Hence as per the decision taken in the all party meeting it is proposed to utilize waters of River Krishna drawn through Pothi Reddy Padu Head Regulator.

Based on the availability of flood water of River Krishna, the projects TGP and GNSS are formulated for utilization to create irrigation potential besides supply of drinking water to the enroute villages and Chennai city. The project SRBC was taken up on utilization of 75% dependable water of River Krishna. These assured waters are proposed to be drawn from

Water Requirements

The water requirements for the various proposed schemes under the system through Pothireddypadu Head Regulators are as follows.

Telugu Ganga Project : 29TMC
Srisailam Right Branch canal : 19TMC
Galeru Nagari Sujala Sravanthi : 38 TMC
Madras Water supply Scheme : 15 TMC
Diversion to HLC : 10 TMC
Drinking water and Losses : 3 TMC
Total : 114TMC
Basis For The Design Consideration

The above design of canals and tunnels are worked out duly considering the inflows into Srisailam reservoir for the last 39 years and various options discussed below

1. No. of flood days :-

The Number of flood days based on 22 years data ( from 1984-85 to 2005-06) are arrived as 38 days at 75% dependability of surplus waters of River Krishna at Srisailam Reservoir. Since the data considered mostly pertain to the period prior to the construction of Alamatti Dam, the proposed flood days of 30 is on the conservative side.

2. Availability of flood water in River Krishna at Srisailam Dam

After studying the data of 39 years ( from 1967-68 to 2005-06 ) it is observed that the availability of flood water after meeting the demands under all the schemes upstream of Srisailam is 76.10 TMC at 75% dependability. Hence the required 114 TMC of water can safely be drawn during 30 flood days at Srisailam reservoir presuming the same quantities of inflows at Srisailam even after construction of Alamatti dam.

Discharge Requied

The discharge required through Pothireddypadu Head Regulator

= 114 X 1000 X 1000000 / 30 X 24 X 60 X 60

= 43981 Cusecs.

Say 44,000 Cusecs

The Government of Andhra Pradesh have accorded permission vide G.O. Ms. No. 3 dt 4.1.2006 for drawl of 44000 cusecs from NSRSP through Pothireddypadu Head Regulator to meet the Irrigation, drinking water requirements in drought prone districts of Kurnool, Kadapa, Chittoor and Nellore and supplementation to the existing K.C. Canal System besides providing drinking water supply to Chennai City.

Accordingly the present report is prepared to bring forth and substantiate the designs of carrying capacities of various components involved under the system and development of further schemes to utilize the said quantum of water up to Pennar basin and beyond.

1.Telugu Ganga Project

Telugu Ganga Project is an inter-state Project formulated to irrigate 5.75 lakh acres in drought prone areas of Rayalaseema and uplands of Nellore District in Andhra Pradesh by utilising 29 TMC of Krishna flood flows and 30 TMC of Pennar flood flows. Further with a view to provide drinking water to the Chennai city, the three Krishna basin states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra have agreed to spare 5 TMC each from their respective shares of Krishna waters totaling to 15 TMC to meet the requirements. The scheme consists of 408 Km. long canal from Srisailam Reservoir to Andhra Pradesh - Tamil Nadu border with the following four balancing reservoirs.

(1) Velugodu Balancing Reservoir.

(2) S.P.V.B.Reservoir.

(3) Somasila Reservoir.

(4) Kandaleru Reservoir.

The total ayacut in Kurnool district is 1.145 lakh acres.

Salient Features
Location at Designed discharge Cusecs Section (B.WX FSD Mts) Bed Fall Side slopes CBL Mts FSL Mts TBL Mts
Additional approach Channel : 32850 72X12.19 1/150000 1:1 256.030 269.220
Head Regulator (Pothireddy padu : 32850
Tail channel : 32850 23X11.89 1/12000 1:1 256.030 267.920
SRMC : 44000 40X11.89 1/12000 1:1 256.030 267.920
Banakacharla Regulator to VBR(link channel ) : 11150 15.85X11.89 1/15000 1/2: 1 253.890 265.78 266.78
Velugodu Reservoir(Head Regulator) : 5000
TGP Main canal : 5000 16x4.00 1/3931 1.5 :1 244.000 248.000 250.000

Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan - 42.6200 Crs

Present Stage : Ongoing

2.Velugodu Balancing Reservoir
Sailent Features
Latitude : 15° 48' ™00''ť
Longitude : 78° 34' 30''
Basin : pennar Basin
Sub-basin : Kundu basin
Catchment area : 218.40 Sq.Km
Flood discharge of Galeru : 1231.80 Cum/sec
Length of dam : 11.64 Km
Max. height of dam : 28.00 M
Top width of dam : 6.00M
F.R.L. : +264.700
M.W.L. : +264.700
a) Max.draw down level : +264.700
b) TBL : +268.000
Storage capacity at FRL/MWL : 16.95 TMC
Storage capacity at crest level of spillway (+259.700) : 9.531 TMc
Live storage at FRL : 16.323 TMC
Dead storage at sill level (+244.00) : 0.046 TMC
Free board : 3.30 M
Submersible area in forest : 3156.00 Hec
Submersible area in Patta : 47.35 Hec.
MANDALS BENEFITTED : Velugodu, Bandi Atmakur, Mahanandi, Sirivella, Rudravaram, Allagadda, Chagalamarri.
Components & Status
Additional Approach Channel And Additional Head Regulator at Pothireddypadus: - As the carrying capacity of SRMC is not sufficient to meet the requirements of T.G.P., S.R.B.C. G.N.S.S. and K.C.Canal an additional regulator, additional approach channel and widening of S.R.M.C. are proposed to meet additional requirement of water for above projects.
Canal from Pothireddypadu to Banakacherla Cross Regulator [SRMC]: A canal of 16.805 Km. length from Pothireddypadu regulator to Banakacherla cross regulator is excavated cutting across Mittakandala ridge between Krishna and Pennar basins. To accommodate the additional discharge required for Telugu Ganga Project, G.N.S.S., SRBC and K.C.Canal, this canal was proposed to be widened and the widening work is in progress.
Escape Channel :The Escape channel of 3.5 Km. length consists of three reaches and one structure (SLB at Km. 1.15), is completed.
Link Canal :--This canal from Banakacherla cross regulator to Velugodu Balancing Reservoir is of a length of about 7.83 Km. with a discharge of 11,500 Cusecs and the excavation of canal is completed.
Velugodu Balacing Reservoir :--The formation of earth bund is almost completed upto the T.B.L. i.e. 268.000 M. The spillway is completed upto the crest level i.e. 259.70M. The gates to the spillway are erected.
T.G.P. Main Canal From V.B.R. to 96.130 Km :-- The Telugu Ganga Project Main canal takes off from the left flank of Velugodu Balancing Reservoir skirting the Nallamala hill ranges and enters Kadapa district at Km. 98.26 and falls into Subsidiary Reservoir-I, at Km. 108.569. The total length of Main canal 96.130 Km. is completed.
Irrigation canals Under V.B.R. :--
This consists of distributory system under T.G.P. Main canal to create an irrigation potential of 1,14,500 acres in Kurnool district.The ayacut contemplated in this circle is 1.145 lakh acres.
3. Srisailam Right Bank Canal (SRBC)

The KWDT in 1973 has allocated 800 TMC (75% dependable flows) of Krishna waters to AP State. Under this award, the state is entitled to make any adjustments and re-allocations within the allotment made specially to the state and also entitled to utilize 11 TMC of regenerated water as its share to irrigate 1,90,000 Acres of Nandyal, Banaganapalli, Koilkuntla Taluks of Kurnool Dist. and Jammalmadugu taluk of Kadapa District. The source of water to the scheme is river Krishna tapped from foreshore of Srisailam reservoir ( Now named as N.S.R.S.Project ). Water will be drawn from reservoir through Pothidreddy padu head regulator with an approach channel of 3.40 Kms long inside the reservoir and from the head regulator the Sri Sailam Right main canal is aligned cutting across the Mittakandala ridge up to Banakacherla village to enter the Kundu sub-valley. At Banakacherla, a cross regulator complex is constructed and from this point the main canal i.e.,SRMC branches into three canals. The right side canal taking off to feed SRBC scheme with a capacity of 5,000 Cusecs, left canal taking off to feed the TGP and the middle escape channel to feed K.C.Canal. Thus SRBC starts from Banakacherla cross regulator complex and runs for a length of 198.00 Km and joins in pennar river duly filling two balancing reservoirs one at Goralkallu village and another at owk village. The length of canal in Kurnool district is 141 Km.

This S.R.B.C Scheme was formulated to irrigate an Ayacut of 1,90,000 Acres to benefit the chronic drought prone areas in 82 villages of Nandyal, Panyam, Banaganapalli, Owk, Koilakuntla, Vuyyalwada and sanjamala mandals of Kurnool district (1,57,422 Acres ) and 18 villages of Jammalamadugu mandal of Kadapa district (32,578 Acres).

4. Narasimharaya Sagar Project (Gorakallu Balancing Reservoir):-

Construction of Sri Narasimharaya Sagar (Gorakallu Balancing Reservoir) with a live storage of 10.29 TMC (FRL +261 M) was taken up to feed and store Krishna flood waters. The reservoir is intended to supply water during Non-flood season. The cost of the project is Rs.528.00crores. The works were entrusted to M/s SABIR-SEW&PRASAD (JV), Hyderabad ion EPC system. The agreement value of the work is Rs.448.20 Crores. 92% of the work (Rs.412.30 Crs) is completed. The balance work is in progress from this reservoir the GNSS Flood Flow Canal again takes off with 20,000 c/s discharge to feed Gandikota Reservoir.

Present status of the work:

Adhoc Extension of Time was granted to the agency for the completion of the work by 9/2015. The balance works are in progress as per schedule. The Krishna flood waters will be stored in forthcoming season and water will be let out to GNSS Flood Flow Canal.

Salient Features
Gross storage @F.R.L : 12.44TMC
Live Storage Capacity : 10.29 TMC
Dead Storage Capacity : 2.15 TMC
T.B.L : +265.60 m
T.B.L.C Fault Zone : +265.60 m
T.B.L : +267.00 m
F.R.L : +261.00 m
M.D.D.L : +235.342 m
Catchment Area : 77.70 Sq. Km
Discharge From Self Catchment : 848 Cumecs
Deepest Bed Level : +220.00 m
Water spread Area @ F.R.L : 15.10 Sq.Km
Total length of the Dam : 3626 m
Comprising of non Overflow concrete/Colgrout : 1721 m
Earth Dam(Zonal Section) : 3626 m
5. Owk Reservoir:-

The OWK reservoir complex comprises of three reservoirs Paleru, Gollaleru and Thimmaraju. Paleru and Thimmaraju are the old tanks having an ayacut of 269 Ha and 399 Ha respectively. These old tanks were interlinked with cross bund called Gollaleru dam with a spillway, forming Owk reservoir complex. Three sluices were existing one in Paleru and two in Thimmaraju to serve the ayacut. The sill level of Paleru old sluice was +198.620 and that of the Thimmaraju sluices were +208.110 and +207.700 left and right side sluices respectively.

Owk Reservoir:

Three earth dams comprising of Paleru, Gollaleru and Thimmaraju form the Owk Reservoir complex, a balancing reservoir in SRBC & GNSS systems. Previously the Paleru and Thimmaraju earth dams are the tanks feeding water to Owk village ayacut of approximately 600 acres and 2000 acres respectively


Stage I of Owk reservoir was taken up as part of the SRBC Scheme under APIII World Bank aided programme to raise the bund level to +224.00 M and to impound water to a level of 220.00 M with a capacity of 1.91 TMC to feed water to SRBC ayacut from Blocks 12 to 21 for an ayacut of around 80,000 acres. The work was taken up and completed.


Stage II programme was taken up as part of GNSS system raising the level of the Owk Reservoir complex to +231.00 M to impound water up to +227.00 M level with a capacity of 4.148 TMC and the work completed.

Forest Clearance:

Proposals for forest clearance under stage-II for 72.54 Ha were submitted to Govt.of India vide Lr No.8907/Forest-I/2008 dated 28.9.2008. But again Lr. was received from DFO, Kurnool to resubmit the proposals as the previously submitted proposals were missing. The proposals were again resubmitted to DFO, Kurnool vide T.O. Lr.No.EE/SRBC/Owk/122M dated 19.4.2012. Due to Non Acquisition of Forest Land, water cannot be impounded upto FRL 227.00.

The present water level in the reservoir is +216.300 and stored of water is 0.975 TMC.

The ayacut contemplated under Owk Reservoir Complex is 76,867 Acres. Out of this 47,608 Acres of ayacut was created. Works are in progress to create an ayacut of 29,265 Acres under 3 EPC packages.

Salient Features
Location at Designed discharge Cusecs Section (B.WX FSD Mts) Bed Fall Side slopes CBL Mts FSL Mts TBL Mts
Banakacharla Regulator 5000 6.10X 11.89 1/15000 1/2:1 253.900 267.790
Gorakallu reservoir 5000 6.10X 11.89 1/15000 1/2:1 249.292 261.180 263.182
Owk Tunnel 1500 5.50 mt dia 1/1700 -- 223.606 228.165
At Km 141.0 1000 7.60X 3.00 1/12000 11/2:1 213.019 216.00 218.019
The Storage Capacities Of The Reservoirs:
Reservoir F.R.L./T.B.L Mts. Gross Storage In Tmc Live Storage In Tmc Status
Gorakallu + 261.000 / + 265.000 12.44 10.29 Under Progress
Owk Stage-I + 220.000 / + 224.000 1.859 0.842 Completed
Owk Stage-II + 227.000 / 231.000 4.148 3.131 Completed
Irrigation potential:
Total Ayacut proposed under this Scheme is : 1, 84,838 acres
Ayacut created so far : 1, 53,936 acres
Ayacut Benefitted In Kurnool District : 1, 53,936 acres
Ayacut under progress in Kurnool district : 1703 acres
Present Stage : Ongoing
6.Handri Neeva Sujala Sravanthi Irrigation Project:-

This project is contemplated to utilise 40 tmc of floodwater of river Krishna near Malyala village Nandikotkur Mandal of Kurnool District from the foreshore of Srisailam Reservoir by lift and gravity to provide irrigation facilities to an extent of 6.025 lakh acres Kharif ID,(in Kurnool 80,000 acres) and also Drinking water facility for about 33 lakh people in drought prone districts of Rayalaseema viz., Kurnool, Anantapur, Kadapa and Chittoor.

The canal runs for a length of 562 Kms in all the four districts put together 8 nos of reservoirs are proposed in the scheme vide 1. Krishnagiri 2. Pathikonda in Kurnool district, 3. Jeedipalli 4. Gollapalli 5. Marala 6. Cherlapalli in Anantapur district, 7. Sreenivasa puram 8. Adavi palli in Chittoor district. 9 nos of lifts are provided on the main canal and 20 nos on branch canals. In order to arrive at early benefits, the scheme has been taken up in phased manner. The 1st phase consists of 216 Km length of main canal, 8 nos lifts in main canal, 3 nos of reservoirs and 1 branch canal. The phase II consists of main canal for a length of 339Km , 5 nos of reservoirs, 1 lift and 3 nos of branch canals. Government has accorded administrative approval for both the phases and the work is in progress in phase I.

Salient Features
Source Of Water & Utilisation : Lifting of 40 TMC of water from foreshore of Sri sailam reservoir near Malyala (v), Nandi Kotkur (M), Kurnool district.
Longitude : 78°-15E
Latitude : 15°-53E
Length of canal in Kurnool Dt : 144 Km
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan - 212.0000 Crs.
Reservoirs in Kurnool District under HNSS:-
1. Krishanagiri Reservoir :-

The Handri Neeva Sujala Sravanthi envisages drawl of 40 TMC of flood water of Krishna river from the fore shore of Srisailam Reservoir in 120 flood days during the period from August to November to Provide irrigation facilities to an extent of 6, 02,500 acres in the district of Kurnool, Ananthapur, Chitoor, and Kadapa besides providing drinking water facilities to a population of 33 Lakhs lying in 81 mandals enroute the canal.

The water is proposed to be drawn through an approach an approach channels for a length of 3.40 Km from the foreshore of Srisailam Reservoir near Maliyala village Nandikotkur Mandal of Kurnool District. The waters are drawn through lift cum gravity canal for a total length of 565 Km, nine numbers of lifts are involved in the main canal. Four numbers of tunnels are proposed along the canal covering a total length 11.05 Km. five Balancing reservoirs are proposed along the main canal for a total capacity of 3.81 TMC and three more balancing reservoirs are proposed along three branch canals for a total capacity 4.60 TMC.

In view of the large magnitude of the project and in order to derive early benefits it is provided to take up this scheme in a phased manner. The Government of Andhra Pradesh have accorded administrative approval for an amount of Rs. 1305 crores for phase-I works of the Handri Neeva Sujala Sravanthi Scheme Vide G.O.Ms.No. 73, Dt. 24-07-2004.


The phase - I of HNSS Project contemplates drawl of 14 TMC flood waters from the foreshores of Srisailam Reservoir near Maliyala Village in Nandikotkur Mandal of Kurnool District and Conveys through HNSS Main Canal upto Km 216.300. it proposes to provide Irrigation to the extent of 1,98,000 acres in Kurnool and Ananthapur District.

Components of the Phase - I of HNSS Scheme are the follows.

1. Excavation of Approach channel from Km (-) 3.400 to Km 0.000 of HNSS Main canal.

2. Excavation of Main Canal from Km 0.000 to Km 216.300.

3. Construction of CM & CD Works.

4. Formation of Three Reservoirs Viz.,

a. Krishnagiri Reservoir @ Km 76.650 of HNSS Main Canal.

b. Pattikonda Reservoir @ Km 108.570 of HNSS Canal.

c. Jidipalli Reservoir @ Km 216.300 of HNSS Main Canal.

5. Excavation peruru branch canal which takes off from Jidipalli reservoir for a length of 6.00 Km i.e., 0.000 to Km 6.000 Km.

6. A) Formation of Distributory system to provide irrigation facilities for an ayacut of 1,98,000 acres under main canal upto 216.000 Km and reservoirs.

B) Formation of Distributory system under peruru branch canal for providing irrigation facilities to an extent of 80,600 acres.

7. Construction of Pump houses, pumping mains and installation of required number of pumps and motors at eight lift points.

The Phase - I Civil works are divided in to fourteens numbers if packages. The civil and electrical works including installation of pumps and motors related to lifts will be taken separately. The present package is from Km. 64.000 to 76.325/77.000 Km - Package - 26A.

The Package - 26A work is entrusted to M/s RK Infra Corp.Pvt.Ltd. Hyderabad vide Superintending Engineer's Agt. No.7SE/HNSS-1/KNL/2011-12, Dt: 17-02-2012 of Superintending Engineer,HNSS Circle No.1, Kurnool. The Estimate is Sanctioned by Chief Engineer (P) vide Chief Engineer (Projects), Ananthapur CER. No. 18 CE/2011-12 Dt: 09-02-2012 for Rs. 20.98 Crores.

The Work is Broadly Divided into following Sub Head

1. Balance Earth Work excavation of Main Canal from Km 64.000 to Km 76.325 / Km 77.000

2. Balance Construction of CM &CD Works of Main Canal.

3. Balance Formation of Krishnagiri Reservoir

4. Balance Distributor System

Salient Features of HNSS Main Canal
Required Discharge (in cumecs) : 109.025
Bed Level at Start / End (in Mtrs) : 333.200 / 365.591
F.S.L at Start / End (in Mtrs) : 337.900 / 370.291
Bed Width (in Mtrs) : 11
F.S.D (in Mtrs) : 4.7
Side Slopes : 0.5:1/1:1/1.5:1
Bed Fall : 1 in 4200/1 in 6000/1 in 8000
Value of n : 0.018
Velocity (Mtrs / Sec) : 1.300 to 1.500
Free Board (in Mtrs) : 0.900
Salient Features of Krishnagiri Reservoir
Storage Capacity of Reservoir:4.55 M Cum (0.16 TMC)
Total Length of the Bund (in Mtrs):2660
Maximum Height of the Bound (in Mtrs):9.600
Top width of Bound (in Mtrs):6.000
T.B.L (in Mtrs):372.900
Sill Level for Both L/S & R/S Sluices.:365.100
Discharge & Ayacut of L/S Sluices:0.222 Cumecs ( 650 Acres )
Discharge & Ayacut of R/S Sluices:1.408 Cumecs ( 4450 Acres )
2) Pathikonda reservoir

Irrigation Potential:

Ayacut proposed in the following mandals of Kurnool District is 80,000 Acres 1. Nandikotkur, 2. Midthur, 3. Kurnool 4. Kalluru 5. Orvakal, 6. Veldurthi, 7. Krishnagiri 8. Devanakonda, 9. pathidonda, 10. Apsari


1. Excavation of canal from 0.0 to 143 Km in Kurnool Dt.

2. Pathikonda Reservoir

3. Krishnagiri Reservoir.

Present Status

The trial run completed successfully.

Salient Features of HNSS Main Canal
Hydraulic Particulars:-
Ayacut : 61,400 acres
FRL : 450.600
MWL : 451.500
TBL : 453.600
Length of bund : 3.80 Km
Max higher of bund : 17.0 m
Capacity of reservoir : 1.12 TMC
Sill level of sluice : 443.700
Top width of bund : 6.0 mts
Side slopes : 2:1
Length of canals : Left: 9.96 Km Right: 16.0 Kms
3. K.C.Canal Modernization Project

K.C. Canal modernization project with a cost of Rs. 1107.00 crore was taken up with the loan assistance from Japanese Bank of International Co-operation (JBIC), Japan with the objective of stabilisation of existing ayacut of 2.65 lakh acres in Kurnool and Kadapa districts by rehabilitation, improvements and modernization of existing 130 year old irrigation system.

Irrigation Potential : Stabilisation of KC Canal ayacut (i.e., 2,65,628 Acres)


Construction of barrage replacing existing old anicut at Sunkesula with a storage capacity of 1.2 tmc Hydel Power Generation of 2 MW at Tungabhadra Barrage Construction of Alaganur Balancing Reservoir (ABR) with a storage capacity of 3.0 tmc Stabilizing the gap ayacut of 87,220 acres in the tail end areas. Lining 265 Km of main canal and 825 Km of distributary system. Formation of ayacut roads and demonstration of On- Farm Development (OFD).Providing drinking and industrial water supply to 250 villages en route Approach channel taking off @Km 119.6 of KCC feeding ABR

Salient Features
Intake Location : Tungabhadra Barrage at Sunkesula around 30 Km from Kurnool town.
Estimate cost : Rs. 1107 crores.
Expenditure incurred : Rs. 840.43 Crores
Length of Canal : 305.60 Km .
Name of Reservoir Govt.Land in acresPrivate land in acresTotal in acresLand acquired in acresBalance in acres
Tungabhadra Barrage:88.191068.241156.431156.43nil
Alaganur Balancing Reservoir:936264935853585nil

Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan - 4.9060 Crs. Non-Plan - 5.9832 Crs.

Present Stage: Ongoing


The Kurnool-Cuddapah Canal is a river diversion system having a Command in an extent of about 1,06,000 hectares is situated Kurnool and Cuddapah districts and with its main head works built during the years 1863-1970 across the river Tungabhadra near Sunkesula (village) in Kurnool District. The replacement of 130 years old existing Sunkesula Anicut was taken up by constructing a Tungabhadra Barrage just down stream side of it with a storage capacity of 1.20 TMC. The works are taken up with A.P.State Funds in 1992 and progressed to some extent. The balance works are taken up with J.B.I.C. loan assistance envisages of two packages ie., Civil & Mechanical works viz., ICB-01 & ICB-02.

The Project is envisaged to storage the 1.200 TMC of water and stabilse the existing ayacut under K.C.Canal System and also to supply drinking water to Kurnool town and also production of 2 megawatts electricity.

Salient Features
River : Tungabhadra
Nearest town : Kurnool ( 25 Kms )
Full Reservoir Capacity : 958.00 ft.
Storage Capacity : 1.2 TM Cft.
MDDL : 288.50 ft.
Ayacut : 2, 65,628 Acres.
Design Flood discharge : 5, 25,000 cusecs
Type & Nos. of gates : Radial - 30
Dimensions of gates : 18.00 M x 7.00 M
Crest level : + 285.000
Total length : 633 M
Design Flood discharge : 33,000 cusecs
Type & Nos. of gates : Vertical - 4
Dimensions of gates : 10.00 M x 3.50 M
Sill elevation : + 284.500
Earthen Dam length : 1167 M
Flood Dam length : 3265 M
Design intake discharge : 3850 cusecs
Type & Nos. of gates : Vertical - 4
Dimensions of gates : 8.50 M x 2.50 M
Sill elevation : + 285.700
5. Guru Raghavendra Project (GRP)

Due to siltation of Tungabhadra Dam only 18.50 TMC of water is coming against 24 TMC of allocation to Andhra Pradesh State under TBP LLC. Hence only 1.00 Lakh Acres of ayacut at upper reaches is getting water and 50,000 Acres. (40,000 Acres I.D. + 10,000 Acres Wet) at tail end ayacut is suffering due to shortage of 5.50 TMC.

Hence Guru Raghavendra Project was formulated vide G.O.Ms.No. 36, Dt: 23.03.1999 with a cost of Rs. 136.35 Crores to lift 5.373 TMC of water by means of several individual L.I. Schemes and M.I. Schemes all along Tungabhadra River for the stabilization of 50,000 Acres (10,000 Acres Wet and 40,000 Acres I.D.) comprising of Mantralayam, Yemmiganur, Nandavaram, Kosigi and Peddakadabur Mandals in Yemmiganur Constituency & C.Belgal, Guduru, Kodumur and Kallur Mandals in Kodumur Constituency, starting from down stream of Rajolibanda Diversion Scheme and upto Sunkesula Barrage. Out of 12 schemes (1 M.I. Scheme + 11 L.I. Schemes) Guru Raghavendra Project Circle is dealt with 8 schemes (1 M.I. + 7 L.I. Schemes) belonging to Yemmiganur constituency and APSIDC is dealt with 4 L.I. Schemes pertaining to Kodumur constituency.

Salient Features
Intake Location : All along the R/S bank of TB River.
Estimate cost : 12901.46 lakh
Mandals benefited : Mantralayam, Yemmiganur,Nandavaram, Kosigi, Peddakadaburu,C-belagal, Guduru, Kodumur, and Kallur.
Irrigation potential : Total ayacut contemplated under this project is 50,000 Acres (Stabilisation of TBPLLC ayacut).
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan 12.0000 Crs.
5). Components:
I.MUGALADODDI LIFT IRRIGATION SCHEME:The Scheme is located down stream of Rajolibanda Diversion Scheme right side of Tungabhadra River for lifting 1.552 Cumecs of water from Tungabhadra River for supplementation of gap ayacut of 3793 acres at a cost of Rs. 1091 lakhs under T.B.P. LLC system.
II. SOGANURU LIFT IRRIGATION SCHEME: The scheme is located on the right side of Tungabhadra River lifting 1.91Cumecs of water from Tungabhadra River to supply gap ayacut of 4648Acres at a cost of Rs. 1864 lakhs.
III. PULACHINTA LIFT IRRIGATION SCHEME: The scheme envisages lifting of 1.75 Cumecs of water from Tungabhdra River to supply gap ayacut of 4400 Acres at a cost of Rs.1550 lakhs.
IV. CHILAKALADONA LIFT IRRIGATION SCHEME: The scheme envisages lifting of 1.56 Cumecs of water from Tungabhadra River to supply gap ayacut of 4087 acres at a cost of Rs. 1227 lakhs.
V. SUGURU MINOR IRRIGATION SCHEME: The scheme is envisages to utilize 195Mcft (0.195TMC) of natural yield of Suguru Vagu to supply 2925 Acres. (Gap ayacut 2125 Acres and 800 Acres new ayacut).The total cost of scheme is Rs. 649.43 Lakhs.
VI. DUDDI LIFT IRRIGATION SCHEME: The scheme envisages lifting of 0.255 TMC of water from Tungabhadra River to supplement 3000 Acres, gap ayacut.
VII. MADHAVARAM LIFT IRRIGATION SCHEME: The scheme envisages lifting of 0.380 TMC of water from Tungabhadra River to supplement 4211Acres gap ayacut.
VIII. BASALADODDI LIFT IRRIGATION SCHEME: The scheme envisages lifting of 0.556 TMC of water from Tungabhadra River to supplement 6450 Acres, gap ayacut. The total cost of Scheme is Rs. 65.21 crores.
IX.Pulikanuma Lift Irrigation Scheme: The scheme envisages to stabilize 26,400 Acres of LLC ayacut. Reservoir capacity 3 TMC.
X. Krishnadoddi Lift Irrigation scheme:. to stabilize 4892 acres of LLC Ayacut (taken up by IDC and will be handed over to Irrigation Dept.)
XI. Chintamanpalli Lift Irrigation Scheme: to stabilize 1826 acres of LLC Ayacut (taken up by IDC and will be handed over to Irrigation Department)
XII. Munagala Lift irrigation scheme: to stabilize 4365 acres of LLC Ayacut (taken up by IDC and will be handed over to irrigation Department)
XIII. Remata Lift Irrigation scheme: to stabilize 4997 acres of LLC Ayacut (taken up by IDC and will be handed over to Irrigation Department)
Lift Irrigation Schemes 9 No's
Allocated Water 7.01 TMC
Localized Ayacut 69740 acres
IP Created 18766 acres
Balance to be Created 50974 acres
Mandals Benefited 9 Mandals in Kurnool District
Villages Benefited 50 Villages in Kurnool District
Financial Status
Modernization Works Total Cost Rs 508.35 Cr
Amount Spent Upto 5/2015 Rs 398.99 Cr
Balance Amount Required Rs 173.17 Cr

The Scheme contemplates lifting 2 TMC of water from Velugodu Balancing Reservoir in 4 months at the rate of 200 cusecs to Siddapuram tank to create an Irrigation potential of 21300 acres in 12 villages of Atmakur Mandal.

Govt. accorded Administrative approval for Rs. 89.72 crores vide G.O.Ms.No. 109, dt. 26.04.2007.

Main Components:

i) Regrading Galeru River in foreshore of Velugodu Balancing Reservoir.

ii) Construction of two pump houses for stage I & II.

iii) Laying two rows of pipe line of 1.4m dia. each for a length of 7.9Kms.

iv) Improvements to Siddapuram tank.

v) Construction of Distributory net work for 21300 acres.

Completion Date : 30-6-2015

Stage I - 29.5 Meters
Stage II - 44.5 Meters
Total 74.0 Meters
Stage I - 2.8 MW
Stage II - 3.2 MW
Total 6.0 MW

Expenditure (as on 30-04-2015): Rs.45.77 Crores.


62.52% of works completed and the agency has come not forward for completion of the balance work. Hence, Final notice under clause 61 of P.S to APDSS was issued to the agency by Superintending Engineer, TGP, Nandyal vide Lr. No: 323M , Dt: 30-4-2015.

Bottle Necks Involved:

The pipe line is to be laid in the restricted width of 9.10Mts in Reserve Forest. The EPC agency is laying 1 row of pipe line and refilling up the excavated quantity. Then executing the 2nd row of pipe line by dumping excavated soils on the previously laid pressure main which involves delay in progress of work.

The working area is in reserve forest and in the vicinity of 10Km distance from Srisailam- Nagarjuna Sagar Tiger Reserve due to this, the forest authorities not permitted to carry out blasting/Control blasting, where excavation is needed. The EPC agency excavating with hydraulic rock braker for laying of pressure main, excavation of pump houses etc., which involves delay in progress of work.

The work site is located 8 Km in deep Reserve Forest Land which is wild life protected zone. As per the forest authorities it is informed not to work from 5 PM to 6 AM in the wild life zone, because movement of vehicle machinery and men disturb the movement of wild animals in the protected zone and restricted zone.

The skilled labour, operators, welders and labour are reluctant to work in remote reserve forest with the fear of prevailing ill health conditions and lack of amenities.

Pulikanuma Lift irrigation scheme:-

Pulikanuma LI Scheme is proposed to supplement the flows in TBP LLC System by forming a Balancing Reservoir for 1.232 Capacity near Pulikanuma(V) Peddakadubur(M) of Kurnool(dt.) by lifting water from Tungabhadra River. It is intended to stabilize the gap ayacut of about 40,000 Acres in Rabi and 10,000 Acres in Khariff in the tail ends of LLC Distributaries. It consists of two stages.

Pulikanuma L.I.Scheme is proposed to utilize the balance 1.232 TMC of water for the gap ayacut of 26,400 Acres.

The Govt. of A.P. had accorded Administrative Approval for Rs.261.19 Crores for Pulikanuma L.I.Scheme The work is in progress.The expenditure incurred so far is Rs. 154.091 crores. The work is proposed to be completed by June 2012.

Pulikanuma L.I.Scheme is proposed to utilize the balance 1.232 TMC of water for the gap ayacut of 26,400 Acres.

The Govt. of A.P. had accorded Administrative Approval for Rs.261.19 Crores for Pulikanuma L.I.Scheme The work is in progress.The expenditure incurred so far is Rs. 154.091 crores.

Reservoir NameCapacity (T.M.C.)No. of villages fully submergedNo. of villages partially submergedNo. of villages coming D/s of Dam declared under R&RTotal No. of villages coming under R&R

This lift Scheme is proposed to stabilize the K.C.C Ayacut in the upper reach Km 0/0 to Km 150/0 during lean flows in Thungabhadra River. The Scheme is envisaged to lift 5 TMC of water in a period of 60 days in needy days from the foreshore of Srisailam reservoir to K.C.canal through approach channel to supply irrigated water to fields to an extent of 32000 acres under K.C Canal.

Estimate Amount : Rs.75.26 Crores
Agency : M/s MEIL-MAYTAS-WPIL(JV), Hyderabad.
Value of work : Rs.75.216 crores
K.C.Canal Lift Scheme comprises
No. of Structures : 3 Nos of structures, 3 Nos of Cross Regulators
Ayacut : Existing K.C.Canal Ayacut

The above works are likely to be completed by July 2016.

K.C.C Lift Irrigation Scheme (MUCHUMARRI LIFT):-

Name of work:

Investigation design construction of three Nos of pump houses near Muchummari village and about Km 60.00 and Km 40.00 of KC Canal including design manufacture, supply, delivery of pumps and motors, pressure main including all civil, mechanical and electrical allied works including power supply arrangements to pump houses at Km 60.00 and Km 40.00 of KC Canal including construction of three Nos of regulators across KC Canal etc, complete and maintenance of the system for 15 year as per parameters mentioned in the bid schedule.

Details of Approved Hydaulic Particulars
S.No Description At Km 81.80 ( Muchumarri Village) At Km 58.665 (Allur Village) At Km 39.325 (Padidempadu Village)
1 Bed Fall 1 in 18526 1 in 14080 1 in 13200
2Side Slopes1.5:1.01.5:1.01.5:1.0
3Velocity (m/sec)0.8960.90580.943
4Value of 'N'0.0180.0180.018
5 Discharge required Units in Cumecs / Cusecs 104.797 /3701.430 106.998 /3779.1694 107.234 /3787.5049
6 Discharge designed Units in Cumecs / Cusecs 104.78 / 3700.8296 107.000 /3779.24 107.29 /3789.4828
7 Free Board 1.5 M /4.9213 Ft 1.5 M / 4.9213 Ft 1.5 M / 4.9213 Ft
8 Bed Width 32.61 M /106.9882 Ft 28.65 M /93.9961 Ft 27.43 M /89.9934 Ft
9 Full Supply Depth ( F.S.D ) 3.4512 M /11.3228 Ft 3.4866 M /11.4390 Ft 3.483 M /11.4272 Ft
10 Top Bund Level ( T.B.L ) Canal Bank Level 283.123 M /928.881 Ft 284.565 M /933.6122 Ft 286.62 M /940.3544 Ft
11 Full Supply Level ( F.S.L ) 282.223 M /925.9285 Ft 283.665 M /930.6595 Ft 285.12 M /935.4331 Ft
12 Canal Bed Level ( C.B.L ) 278.772 M /914.6063 Ft 280.178 M /919.2192 Ft 281.637 M /924.0059 Ft

Details of Motors, Pumps & Hydraulic Particulars of Mechanical Package - 2 ( PS - 0 @ Muchumarri Village)
S.No Description Details
1 No of Vertical Turbine ( VT ) Pumps 12
2 No of Motors,HT-High Tension/LT-Low Tension 12 ( HT )
3 Capacity of each Motor ( Units in Mega Watts ) 3.7
4 Total Power Required ( Units in Mega Watts ) 42
5 No of delivery pipes 12
6 Discharge of each VT (Vertical Turbine) pump Units in Cumecs / Cusecs 9.083 / 320.81
7 Total Discharge Units in Cumecs / Cusecs 12x9.083=108 / 3850
8 Height of Lift Static Head / Dynamic Head 28.933 M / 94.9245 Ft
30.3 M / 99.4095 Ft
9 Diameter of delivery pipe 3 M / 9.84252 Ft
10 Motor Floor Level 274.55 M / 900.755 Ft
11 Delivery Level 272.35 M / 893.53 Ft
12 Pump Floor Level ( P.F.L ) 270.55 M / 887.6313 Ft
13 Minimum Draw Water Level 243.417 M / 798.6122 Ft
14 Sump Floor Level (S.F.L ) 236.59 M / 776.2139 Ft

DETAILS AT INTAKE ie., Details of Approach channel at Forebay end
S.No Description Details
1 Minimum Water Level in sump reqd 243.417 M / 798.6122 Ft
2 Intake level in reservoir ie., start of approach channel 240 M / 787.4016 Ft
3 Level at end of approach channel 238.966 M / 784.0092 Ft
4 Sump Bed Level in pump House 236.64 M / 776.3779 Ft

DETIALS AT OFFTAKE ie., Details of Link channel near Delivery cistern
S.No Description Details
1 Bed Width 9.4 M / 30.8398 Ft
2 FSD 4.7 M /15.4199 Ft
3 Canal Bed Level at start 265.05 M / 869.5866 Ft
4 FSL at start 269.75 M / 885.0065 Ft
K.C.Canal Lift Irrigation Scheme [ Lift Particulars, Hydraulic Particulars of K.C.Canal ]

Details of Motors, Pumps & Hydraulic Particulars
S.No Description Main Pump House PS - 0 (Near Muchumarri Village) Sub Pump House at Km 58.665 (Near Allur Village) Sub Pump House at Km 39.325 (Near Padidempadu Village)
1 No of Pumps & Motors 4 2 2
2 Capacity of each HTMotor (MW ) 4 - -
3 Total Power Required (MW ) 14.97 0.35 0.35
4 No of delivery pipes 2 2 2
5 Discharge of each VT pump 7 Cumecs /247.24 Cusecs 2.75 Cumecs /97.1 Cusecs 2.75 Cumecs /97.1 Cusecs
6 Total Discharge 28 Cumecs /988.96 Cusecs 5.5 Cumecs /194.26 Cusecs 5.5 Cumecs /194.26 Cusecs
7 Height of Lift 37 M /121.3911 Ft 5 M /16.4042 Ft 5 M /16.4042 Ft
8 Diameter of delivery pipe 3 M /9.8425 Ft 1.1 M /3.6089 Ft 1.1 M /3.6089 Ft
9 Delivery Level 282.223 M /925.9285 Ft M /Ft 287.157 M /942.1162 Ft
10 Pump Floor Level ( P.F.L ) 270.55 M /887.6313 Ft 284.562 M /933.6024 Ft 286.02 M /938.3859 Ft
11 Minimum Draw Water Level 243.417 M /798.6122 Ft M /Ft 282.606 M /927.1851 Ft
12 Sump Floor Level (S.F.L ) 236.59 M /776.2139 Ft 277.90 M /911.7454 Ft 279.356 M /916.5223 Ft

The Kundu river, which is considered to be the third largest river in this region, carries nearly 1,90,000 cusecs of discharge during flood season. During flood season every year, this river is creating havoc inundating numerous villages enroute. This has become a regular phenomenon during rainy season every year.

To avoid this damage, to be useful as flood control and to supplement the KC Canal ayacut of 84,686 acres downstream in reach IV and V of KC Canal, two reservoirs were proposed across Kundu River near Joladaraasi (v) near Koilakuntla in Kurnool Dist and near Rajoli in Kadapa Dist with a storage capacity of 0.80 TMC and 2.95 TMC respectively.

The Government has accorded administrative approval for the same vide G.O.M.s No: 244 dated 23.12.2008 for Rs.407.06 Crores

Rajoli Reservoir Vs Proddatur water supply Scheme:

: During the period of sanctioning the administrative approval to the avove reservoirs , the Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation proposed a diversion scheme on Kundu river named as "Proddatur water supply Scheme" just upstream side of above Rajoli reservoir for supplying drinking water to Proddutur town, which is causing conflict between the above two schemes on Kundu river. The Principal Secretary conducted a meeting on 8-4-2011 and called for information from the Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation and Chief Engineer (Projects), Irrigation, Kurnool and the issue is under finalization at Government.

As discussed in the meeting on 25-01-2011 the Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation and Chief Engineer(P), Kurnool in Central Designs Organization, it is proposed to construct the Rajoli Reservoir at the location 75 meters u/s of the existing Rajoli anicut and to provide a sluice in the reservoir for supplying water to "Proddatur water supply Scheme" and to modify the drinking waters scheme accordingly to the draw water from Rajoli Reservoir. The same was informed to Chief Engineer (Minor) to take suitable action in this regard.

In view of the above, there is delay in the taking up of the Joladaraasi and Rajoli Reservoirs

Estimates for Revised Administrative Approval:

The Civil drawings for estimate purpose were approved by the Chief Engineer, Central Designs Organisation, Hyderabad for both Joladaraasi and Rajoli Reservoirs. Based on drawings and tentative mechanical drawings furnished by the private consultants, recast estimate was prepared with SSR 2010-11 and the cost of both reservoirs works out to Rs.533.47 Crores and the same was submitted to Govt. for revised Administrative Approval. Out of which, the cost of Rajoli reservoir is Rs.337.399 crores and that of Joladarasi reservoir is Rs.196.08 crores.

Salient features
1 Length of Right side bund : 3.23.Km
2 Length of Left side bund : 6.97.Km
3 Length of Spillway (Gated) : 260m.
4 Storage capacity : 0.80 TMC
5 Land acquisition involved : 1992 Acres.
6 No of proposed villages likely to be submerged : 1 No

The process of preparation of LP schedules for Joladarasi Reservoir is under process.

Rajoli Reservoir:

1 Length of Right side bund : 7.21 .Km
2 Length of Left side bund : 7.60.Km
3 Catchment area at proposed site : 2020 Sq.milies
4 Max flood discharge : 4842.19 cumecs
5 Storage capacity : 2.95 TMC
6 Length of Spillway (Gated) : 269m.
7 Land Acquisition : 9938 Acres
8 No.of proposed villages likely to be submerged : 6 Nos
9 No.of villages likely to be protected : 3 Nos

The Superintending Engineer submitted an estimate for preparation of LP Schedules for Rajoli Reservoir for Rs.57.00 Lakhs which is under process.


The Bachavatt Commission has allocated 39.90 TMC as river flows to K.C Canal. In that 8.00TMC Water was provided to SRBC dully modernizing the KC Canal system.Remaining 31.00 TMC ,10.00 TMC of water from T. B. Dam river assistance and remaining 21.90 TMC was from river flows.By allocating river flows the Bachavatt commission Commission has suggested to construct reservoirs for 75% dependability of water and also emphasized to construct to carry over reservoirs at the head reach of the project. Accordingly Gundrevula reservoir was proposed.The Government has given administrative approval for Rs.54.95 lakhs for preparation of DPR by conducting survey and investigation work of formation of a reservoir across the river Tungabhadra on the U/s side of Sunkesula barrage with a storage capacity of 15-20 TMC vide GO Ms No. 100 I&CAD Dept Dt 01-11-2013. The work was entrusted to M/s ARVEE Associates, Hyderabad by inviting tenders. The work is under progress. Almost 95% of the work is completed. Due to water flows in the river, Survey work progress was effected. Thus the work of drilling of bore holes which is to be done on both left and right side banks of the river portion for foundation designs was held up. Reports were received from Irrigation field staff that the Revenue authorities and Villagers of Telangana State are objecting for completing the balance survey work.

The work is taken up in the combined State (i.e. AP and Telangana) and in order to complete the above work in full shape and to submit the DPR, the remaining work of drilling bore holes is very much essential. The Project is very useful for both the A.P. and Telangana States and without Joint participation for construction of reservoir is essential.

The submergence of areas and villages in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states are as follows:

Storage (TMC) Area to be Submerged (in Hactares) Villages to be Submerged (nos)
Kurnool (R/S) Mahabubnagar (L/S) River Portion Total Full Partial Total
20.15 4464 2371 2525 9360 R/s: 7nos. L/s: 3 nos. R/s: 4 nos.L/s: 2nos. R/s: 11nos.L/s: 5nos.

Villages under Full Submergence:

Kurnool Dist: Sangala, Kotha Sangala, Timmanadoddi, Chintamanapalli, Rayachoti, Gurazala, Nagaladinne.

Mahabubnagar Dist: Pedda Dhanvada, Veni Somapuram, Kesawaram

Villages under Partial Submergence:

Kurnool Dist: Cheruvupalli, Chamalaguduru, Peddakottala, Johrapuram

Mahabubnagar Dist: Kutukunuru, Kisannagar.

will give This project full assurance to the ayacut of KC canal of 2,65,628 acres in Kurnool and Kadapa districts in Khariff and Rabi seasons and also Fulfill the Drinking needs of Kurnool city and adjoining villages all along KC Canal.


The Gajuladinne Project subsequently renamed as Sanjeevaiah Sagar, is a Medium Irrigation Project constructed across Hundri River, a tributary to Tungabhadra River in Krishna Basin near Gajuladinne village in Gonegandla Mandal of Kurnool District. The Hundri River takes its origin in Pathikonda hills and travels 130 Km before it joins Tungabhadra. The flow in the river is dry except for five months during monsoon. The water allocated for the reservoir as per KWDT award is 56.62 Cum (1.99TMC).The Project is completed for providing irrigation facility to an ayacut of 32,000 acres (12,875 Ha) for I.D., but localized for 24,372 acres I D with Kharif Protection in the years of drought. The project serves 21 villages in four mandals of Kurnool District Viz. Gonegandla mandal (9 villages), Kodumur mandal (5 villages), Krishnagiri mandal (6 villages) and Devanakonda mandal (one village).The original proposals of the project were cleared by CWC in letter No.10 (1)/21/66 I & P dated 14.12.1966.

There is no other suitable site on river Handri for construction of another reservoir. The capacity was made as large as possible to utilize the water potential in full. The construction work was commenced in the month of Feb-1970 and completed in the month of Mar-1978.

Out of the total contemplated ayacut of 24,372 acres, the maximum development of ayacut under the above project is 17,200 acres only during 1996-97 and there is a wide variation in the Irrigation Potential created and Potential utilized due to less flows in to the reservoir than average proposed inflow, evaporation & seepage losses and due to silting of reservoir.


The APERL, Hyderabad have conducted the Hydrographic Surveys of Gajuladinne Reservoir during Feb-2010 and gave their analysis as follows:


The Original capacity at FRL +377.00 M in 1978 as reported to be 127.43107M.Cum. The present capacity at this elevation is worked out to be 100.1927 M.Cum in Feb 2010. Thus the loss in capacity comes to 27.2383 M.Cum. The percentage of loss as compared to the original capacity comes to 21.374%. The annual loss comes to 0.8511 M.Cum which works out to 0.66% with reference to the original capacity.

The loss in capacity is further analyzed as follows.

Original Capacity above Sill+367.20 : 121.201 M.Cum
Present Capacity above Sill +367.20 (Feb-2010) : 100.1927 M.Cum
Percentage loss : 17.33%
Loss in live capacity : 21.0023 M.Cum
Original Capacity below Sill +367.20 : 6.230 M.Cum
Present Capacity below Sill +367.00 : 0.00 M.Cum
Loss in in dead storage : 6.23 M.Cum
Percentage Loss (dead storage) : 100%

Considering the free catchment area 1274.00 Sq.Km the rate of deposition works out to up to Feb-2010 i.e. 6.68 Ha.M/100 Sq.Km/year. Log Log graph was plotted for reservoir Depth V/s Capacity and according to Borland and Millon standard classification, the Gajuladinne project can be grouped under hill type.

From the surveys it is observed that the entire dead storage has been silted up. It is further observed that the rate of sedimentation is on higher side i.e.6.68 Ha.M/100 Sq.Km / year. The Hydrographic surveys were conducted during Feb-2010, the capacity of the Hydrographic Surveys at FRL +377 is worked out to 100.1927 M.Cum and loss in the capacity is worked out to 27.2383 M.Cum. The annual loss in 32 years comes to 0.8511 M.Cum and the rate of siltation is 6.68 Ha.m/100 Sq.Km/Year. Now the total storage silted up is 27.23 M.Cum say 0.96 TMC.


From the above reasons and to safeguard the interest of Ayacutdars of Gajuladinne project system, Hon'€™ble MLA Sri.B.V.Jaya Nageswara Reddy, Yemmiganur Assembly Constituency, Govt of A.P requested the irrigation authorities for lifting of 0.96 TMC of water from Tungabhadra River near Gurujala(V), Nandavaram (M), to Gajuladinne Project, as the storage capacity of Gajuladinne Project reservoir decreased by 0.96 TMC as per APERL report. Accordingly now the present L.I.Scheme proposed to utilize 0.96 TMC of water from T.B.River to serve the stabilization of Gap Ayacut 26,000 Acres.


The Global Co-ordinates of the present Lift Point site are as follows:

S.I. Sheet : 57 E/13
Longitude : 77° - 35' - 33"
Latitude : 15° - 54' - 31"

The head works of the lift irrigation scheme site is situated about 0.50 Km D/S of Guruzala village in Nandavaram Mandal Kurnool district. The site can be approached from Kurnool town on R.oad (Kurnool - Mantralayam) with a distance of 55 Kms. The nearest Railway Station is Kurnool Town and nearest Airport


Due to immeasurable drought in Western parts of Kurnool district, it is proposed to construct two reservoirs to store water from Hagari river through lift irrigation near Gulyam Village to provide drinking needs to 10,74,000 population, cattle and providing irrigation facilities to nearly 80,000 acres new ayacut to prevent migration of poor people to other areas for their livelihood for approving the above scheme by Government.

The details of availability of water in K-9 basin is worked out in three proposals for the proposed scheme for getting Hydrological clearance from Hydrology Department in the same manner water availability details are also work out to clear inter state problem and the cost of the scheme is worked out to Rs 630 Crores, the details of land acquisition , execution of works are also covered. An estimate is prepared for investigation and preparing the detailed estimate for the above scheme has been submitted for Rs. 4.1 Crores.

Government in their letter No. ENC(I)/DCE-1/OTHLC/AEE8/HC/Vol.II/2014, dt. 01.03.2014 has informed that the affect on Lower Riparian Rights has not been discussed on Srisailam and below and also the allocated water has already been committed and exhausted longback.

In this connection, it is submitted that , the river Hagari (Vedavathi) comes under K-9 basin . Total yield of Hagari river is 87.80 as per Krishna Godavari commission report.

Allocated water for Karnataka 38.07 TMC + A.P. 12.47 TMC ie., Total 50.54 TMC as per KWDT - 1.

The total yield of Hagari River is 87.80 TMC allocated water 50.54 TMC = 37.26 the above balance water is available in K9 Basin as to be provide Out of this left over water 8.0 TMC has to be got allocated to present Lift Scheme. To get allocation of water this scheme has to be investigated and DPR has to be prepared.To accord administrative approval for Investigation and DPR the C.E(P),Kurnool has submitted proposals for Rs.4.17Crores.The Hon,ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has assured

On 15/08/2014 on Independence Speeh at Kurnool.The same was also recommended by the District Collecter,Kurnool to the C.M Office and Principal Secretary to the Government. The administrative proposal is awaited.

V) 4 TMC of water is allocated by the Brijesh Kumar Tribunal for Right Side Canal at RDS on TB River.

It is a boom to Western parts of the Kurnool District. With this sheme new ayacut of about 40,000 acres can be developed and every year thousands of families are migrating to other places for livelihood which can be avoided. Department has requested the Government to permit preparation of DPR and Investigation Work. The Government has to instruct for the preparation of RDS Right Side Canal investigation and DPR preparation to the agencies.

VI).Check Dam across Tungabhadra River near Raghavendra Mutt of Kurnool Town:

Govt. have Administratively Approved the work for Rs.6489.61 Lakhs vide G.O.Ms.No.56, dt.18-06-2013 and the Technical Sanction was also given by the Superintending Engineer, Irrigation Circle, Kurnool for the Preliminary (Survey Investigation) work for Rs.29,27,000/- vide CR No.5/2013-14 dt.12-07-2013. The tenders were called for and the works was entrusted to Ideal Survey, Hyderabad and the preparation of DPR is under submission to department.


Minor Irrigation works Sector is divided into two divisions viz., 1. M.I.W Division (West), Kurnool and 2. M.I.W Division (East) , Nandyal , having Jurisdiction is covering 54 Mandals in 13 Assembly Constituencies with an ayacut of 62,301.43 Acres under 157 Minor Irrigation sources, 479 Nos. of tanks (below 100 Acres of ayacut) handed over from Panchayat Raj Department to Minor works Division, Nandyal & Kurnool having an ayacut of 17,925.23 acres.


58.60% of Kurnool District lies in Krishna basin and 41.40% in Pennar Basin. (1) Tungabhadra River which is a tributary to Krishna River (2) Hundri, a tributary to Tungabhadra (3) Kundu is a major tributary to River Penna.

Completed Schemes: - There are 634 No of Minor Irrigation sources in the District with a contemplated irrigation potential of 80,226.66 Acres.

S.No Description No of Sources Ayacut in Acres
1 Tanks of > 100 acres 155 62.301.43
2 Tanks of < 100 acres 479 17,925.23
Total 634 80,226.66

Contemplated Schemes (Minor)

Check Dam across Tungabhadra River near Raghavendra Mutt of Kurnool Town:

Govt. have Administratively Approved the work for Rs.6489.61 Lakhs vide G.O.Ms.No.56, dt.18-06-2013 and the Technical Santiion was also given by the Superintending Engineer, Irrigation Circle, Kurnool for the Preliminary (Survey Investigation) work for Rs.29,27,000/- vide CR No.5/2013-14 dt.12-07-2013. The tenders were called for and the works was entrusted to Ideal Survey, Hyderabad and the preparation of DPR is under submission to department.


Minor Irrigation works Sector is divided into two divisions viz., 1. M.I.W Division (West), Kurnool and 2. M.I.W Division (East) , Nandyal , having Jurisdiction is covering 54 Mandals in 13 Assembly Constituencies with an ayacut of 62,301.43 Acres under 157 Minor Irrigation sources, 479 Nos. of tanks (below 100 Acres of ayacut) handed over from Panchayat Raj Department to Minor works Division, Nandyal & Kurnool having an ayacut of 17,925.23 acres.


58.60% of Kurnool District lies in Krishna basin and 41.40% in Pennar Basin. (1) Tungabhadra River which is a tributary to Krishna River (2) Hundri, a tributary to Tungabhadra (3) Kundu is a major tributary to River Penna.

Completed Schemes: - There are 634 No of Minor Irrigation sources in the District with a contemplated irrigation potential of 80,226.66 Acres.

M.I Division, Nandyal
Sl No Mandal Name of the Tank Total Ayacut in acres
1 Bandi Atmakur Brahmana cheruvu of Narayanapuram (V) 390.00
2 Kotha cheruvu of Narayanapuram (V) 189.45
3 Thummala cheruvu of Narayanapuram (V) 537.00
4 Chandanapu cheruvu of Santhajuturu (V) 484.48
5 Yerra cheruvu of PeddaDevelapuram (V) 359.00
6 Nemallakunta of G.C.Palem (V) 209.00
7 Kotha cheruvu of Lingapuram (V) 293.00
8 Patha cheruvu of Lingapuram (V) 333.00
9 Chinnacheruvu of Bandi Atmakur (V) 256.00
10 Amudala cheruvu of Ramapuram (V) 269.00
11 Prema cheruvu of Kadamala kalva (V) 232.00
12 A.Koduru anicut of A.Koduru (V) 400.00
12 Nos. SubTotal: 3951.93
13 Mahanadi Intivani cheruvu of Thammadapalli (V) 133.00
14 Mahanandi spring channel of Thimmapuram (V) 296.00
15 Pollakunta cheruvu of Puttupallai (V) 126.00
16 Pedda & Chinna tank of Basavapuram (V) 448.41
17 Ankireddy tank of Gajulapalli (V) 567.00
18 Byrappa tank of Gopavaram (V) 322.00
6 Nos. SubTotal: 1892.41
19 Nandyal Chinna cheruvu of Ayyaluru (V) 167.00
20 Pedda Cheruvu of Ayyaluru (V) 219.91
21 Mitnala tank of Mitnaa (V) 210.00
3 Nos. SubTotal: 596.91
22 Panyam Urumundari Cheruvu of Panyam (V) 327.75
23 Kondajuturu tank of Kondajuturu (V) 208.08
24 Kollimagula reservoir of Panyam(V) 200.00
25 Pedda cheruvu of Alamuru (V) 172.59
26 Vadagandla tank of Chilakala (V) 127.38
27 M.I.tank a/c Vathulavagu near Bhupanapadu(V) 450.19
6 Nos. SubTotal: 1485.99
28 Banaganapalli Ramatheertham tank of Ramatheertham (V) 271.81
29 Jwalapuram tank of Jwalapuram (V) 329.87
30 Kypa tank of Kypa (V) 176.00
31 Pasupula tank of Pasupula (V) 160.62
32 Akkajamma tank of Cheruvupalli (V) 126.62
33 Yanakandla tank of Yanakandla (V) 177.91
34 Spring channel of I.Kothapalli (V) 300.00
35 Maddiletiswamy spring channel of Rangapuram(V) 100.00
36 Zurreru Project Reservoir, Banaganapalli (M) 1514.00
9 Nos. SubTotal: 3156.83
37 Owk Kothavani cheruvu of Sangapatnam (V) 126.00
38 Deekshthula tank of Kunukuntla (V) 156.46
39 Hythakhan tank of Uppalapadu (V) 100.98
40 Balikuntla kalva of Mettupalli (V) 135.98
41 Vemulapadu tank of Vemulapadu (V) 100.98
42 Bugganala kalva of Cherlopalli (V) 126.00
43 Palaru Reservoir of Owk (V) 665.00
7 Nos. SubTotal: 1411.40
44 Kolimigundla Thimmanayunipeta tank of Thimmanayunipeta (V) 722.00
45 Big tank of Hanumanthagundam (V) 400.00
46 Small tank of Hanumanthagundam(V) 300.00
47 Dayyala cheruvu of Abdulla puram (V) 200.00
48 Saddalavenganna tank Kolimigundla (V) 340.00
5 Nos. SubTotal: 1962.00
49 Sanjamala Nossam big tank of Nossam (V) 161.00
50 Ramabhadruni palli tank Ramabhadrunipalli (V) 750.34
51 Muthyalavagu near Mukkamalla (V) 600.00
52 Gondravagu near Kanala (V) 300.00
53 Hotramandinne anicut of Hotramandinne (V) 173.21
54 Akkampalli tank of Akkampalli (V) 200.00
6 Nos. SubTotal: 2184.55
55 Uyyalawada Rupanagudi tank of Rupanagudi (V) 241.00
56 Thudumula dinne tank of Thudumuladinne (V) 100.00
2 Nos. SubTotal: 341.00
57 Gadivemula Maddileru near Manchalakatta (V) 2066.70
58 Anicut a/c kundu near Gadigarevula (V) 625.00
2 Nos. SubTotal: 2691.70
59 Sirivella Gangav aram tank of Gangavaram (V) 103.28
60 Rangaraju cheruvu of Boyalakuntla (V) 956.00
61 Nagula cheruvu of Sirivella (V) 232.00
62 Isukapalli thuvva cheruvu of Chennuru (V) 126.00
4 Nos. SubTotal: 1417.28
63 Allagadda Thurupu cheruvu of Yadawada (V) 148.00
64 Bhavanasi & Utlavagu near Ahobilam (V) 4000.00
65 Vakkileru anicut near Kotakandukuru (V) 2600.00
3 Nos. SubTotal: 6748.00
66 Rudravaram Peddaraju cheruvu of Rudravaram (V) 269.33
67 Rallavagu near Chandaluru (V) 210.00
68 Chinnaraju cheruvu of Kondamayapalli (V) 287.00
69 B.Nagireddypalli tank of Peruru (V) 282.00
70 Kotha cheruvu of Chinnakambaluru (V) 198.00
71 Katamma cheruvu of Chinnakambaluru (V) 156.00
72 Peddacheruvu of Yellavathula (V) 104.00
73 Rangareddy tank of Rudravaram (V) 100.00
74 Kesavaraju cheruvu of Peddakambaluru (V) 114.00
75 Machenenipalli Big tank of Yarragudidinne (V) 103.78
76 Machenenipalli small tank of Yarragudidinne (V) 155.67
77 Chintala tank of T.Lingamdinne (V) 148.00
78 Venganam palli tank of Vengana palli (V) 100.00
79 Cheelaboyala tank of Alamuru (V) 173.00
80 Beeravolu tank of Beeravolu (V) 109.00
81 Yerracheruvu of Mukundapuram (V) 170.00
16 Nos. SubTotal: 2679.78
82 Chagalamarri Muthyalapadu tank of Muthyalapadu (V) 529.00
83 Danthalavanipenta tank of Danthalavanipenta (V) 900.00
84 Chintala cheruvu of Chinthala cheruvu (V) 200.00
85 Bugganala spring channel of Chagalamarri (V) 101.00
4 Nos. SubTotal: 1730.00
86 Atmakur Padmaraju vagu near Indireswaram (V) 854.96
87 Machaveerappa tank of Indireswaram (V) 407.71
88 Chinna & Pedda mallamma tank of Vadlaramapuram(V) 533.79
89 Machaveerappa tank of Kurukunda (V) 899.44
90 Karivena tank of Karivena (V) 200.10
91 Asuvagu near Amalapuram (V) 107.98
92 Gosaikatta tank of Bairluty (V) 190.00
7 Nos. SubTotal: 3193.98
93 Velugodu Veerasamudram tank of Boyarevula (V) 119.59
94 Ramasamudram tank of Velugodu (V) 539.66
95 Edula tank of Velugodu (V) 115.39
96 Chowtimallamma tank of Mothukuru (V) 418.09
4 Nos. SubTotal: 1192.73
97 Kothapalli Bandivaripalem tank of Guvvalakuntla (V) 291.57
98 Byrappa tank of Guvvalakuntla (V) 232.27
99 Kanikala tank of Kothapalli (V) 593.00
100 Erla tank of Sivapuram (V) 140.84
101 Mallamma tank of M.Lingapuram (V) 108.72
102 Mondikatta tank (New) 192.74
6 Nos. SubTotal: 1559.14
103 Jupadu Bunglow Parumanchal tank of Parumanchala (V) 1500.00
104 Thangadancha tank of Thangadancha (V) 220.00
105 Mandlem tank (New tank) 700.00
106 Veerapuram tank of (New tank)Parumanchala (V) 110.00
4 Nos. SubTotal: 2530.00
107 Miduthuru Kundu river near Jalakanuru (V) 2800.00
108 Pochavagu near Khajipeta (V) 229.80
109 Talamudipi M.I Tank of Talamudipi (V) 297.00
3 Nos. SubTotal: 3326.80
GRAND TOTAL 109 Nos. & Total Ayacut 44052.43
Sl.No.Name of the P.CName of Distributory CommitteeName of WUAAyacut in Acres
1KCC Project1-Kurnool1 -G.Singavaram2637
33- Murava Konda2670
7 2- Velpanur7- Vempenta3217
99- Vanala4026
1010- Korrapoluru2516
1117- Velpanur2491
123 - Velpanur11- Velpanur3088
184 -NANDYAL18-Bandi Atmakur2684
1919-A Koduru3385
255- SIRIVELLA25-Kanala2953
31KCC Project6-Gospadu31-Gospadu3259
4040- Gumparamanudinne3718
448- Allagadda44-Dornipadu3418
4949-Pedda Yemmanur2948
5151-Kotta Kandukur3890
529-Peddamudiyum52-Pedda yemmanur3194
5353-Pedda Bodanam3350
59KCC Project10-DUVVUR59-Yedamadaka3573
6511-PRODDUTUR65-Tangutur 2975
7112-MYDUKUR71-Somapuram 2828
7713 -MYDUKUR77-Mydukur 2680
7979- K.Sunkesula3850
8214 -KADAPA82-Chennur2695
Sl. No Project Committee Distributory Committee Name of the WUA Localised Ayacut (Khariff) Localised Ayacut (Rabi) Total Ayacut
1 Project Committee - 1 DC-1 WUA 1 - J.Hosalli 1509.97 2556.98 4066.95
WUA 2 - Balluru 169.39 1565.17 1734.56
WUA 3 - Holagunda -1 379.96 1206.99 1586.95
WUA 4 - Holagunda -2 397.15 835.12 1232.27
WUA 5 - Gajjehalli 416.57 1182.3 1598.87
WUA 6 - Peddaharivanam 879.65 1794.214 2673.864
WUA 7 - Santhekudur 1064 1885.87 2949.87
WUA 8 - Rouduru 1303.31 2407.67 3710.98
2 DC-2 WUA 9 - Badinehalu 527.14 1797.56 2324.7
WUA 10 - Kowthalam -1 945.09 2603.28 3548.37
WUA 11 - Kowthalam -2 323.16 979.5 1302.66
WUA 12 - Sulekeri 1200.16 3297.42 4497.58
WUA 13 - Kumbalnuru 686.26 1584.59 2270.85
WUA 14 - Halvi 1042.19 2794.34 3836.53
3 DC-3 WUA 15 - Kamandoddi 714.83 1815.18 2530.01
WUA 16 - Sathanur 782.82 1538.33 2321.15
WUA 17 - Jampapuram 1095.06 2572.1 3667.16
WUA 18 - Madhavaram 552.94 1926.8 2479.74
WUA 19 - Ratchumarri 693.08 1077.18 1770.26
4 DC-4 WUA 20 - Peddakadubur -1 393.47 765.58 1159.05
WUA 21 - Peddakadubur -2 368.76 816.45 1185.21
WUA 22 - Kambaladinne 279.62 829.44 1109.06
WUA 23 - Chinnathumbala 1003.52 1132.7 2136.22
WUA 24 - Malapalli 310.14 551.72 861.86
WUA 25 - Budur 247.76 659.52 907.28
5 DC-5 WUA 26 - H.Muruvani 964.05 2235.61 3199.66
WUA 29 - Chetnehalli 758.32 1868.45 2626.77
WUA 27 - Halaharvi 404.41 1062.06 1466.47
WUA 28 - Nandavaram 437.46 1177.64 1615.1
WUA 30 - Nadikairawadi 1033.42 2331.41 3364.83
6 DC-6 WUA 31 - Nandavaram 881.45 1776.4 2657.85
WUA 32 - Kanakaveedu 795.7 2070.3 2866
WUA 33 - Gurajala 718.02 2191.53 2909.55
WUA 34 - Yemmiganur 1015.96 429.55 1445.51
WUA 35 - Kalugotla 602.72 1414.54 2017.26
7 DC-7 WUA 37 - Mittasomapuram 681.15 2198.02 2879.17
WUA 36 - Kalugotla 618.53 1900.25 2518.78
WUA 38 - Parlapalli 378.03 1144.72 1522.75
WUA 39 - Gonengandla 304.23 991.84 1296.07
WUA 40 - Alawala 1063.04 2806.32 3869.36
WUA 41 - Peddanelatur 711.94 2078.49 2790.43
WUA 42 - C.Belagal 1064.57 1684.87 2749.44
8 DC-8 WUA 47 - Brahmanadoddi 1403.24 2980.55 4383.79
WUA 43 - Pulakurthi 1061.14 3216.98 4278.12
WUA 45 - Gorantla 859.1 1559.93 2419.03
WUA 46 - Laddagiri 610.29 1993.54 2603.83
WUA 44 - Gudur 1021.73 1865.82 2887.55
9 DC-9 WUA 48 - Polakal 502.05 1803.41 2305.46
WUA 49 - Kondapuram 747.89 2193.6 2941.49
WUA 50 - R. Khanapuram 1336.08 3982.27 5318.35
WUA 52 - G. Singavaram 674.06 1191.81 1865.87
WUA 53 - Munnugalapadu 715.41 2454.29 3169.7
10 DC-10 WUA 54 - Pyalakurthi 887.15 1769.48 2656.63
WUA 55 - K.Nagalapuram 1075.16 3255.64 4330.8
WUA 51 - Remata 982.97 2801.16 3784.13
WUA 57 - Ulchala 762.85 1580.63 2343.48
WUA 56 - Parla 645.33 2608.64 3253.97
WUA 58 - Peddapadu 515.55 2819.25 3334.8
Grand Total 43519 107615 151134
Sl No Name of the Division Name of WUA & No. Name of D.C. & No. Contemplated area under irrigation in Acres
1 SRBC Division No.2-2 Banaganapalli WUA No.21 D.C.No.4 2322.41
2 SRBC Division No.2-2 Banaganapalli WUA No.22 D.C.No.4 4000.91
3 SRBC Division No.2-2 Banaganapalli WUA No.23 D.C.No.4 3384.97
4 SRBC Division No.2-2 Banaganapalli WUA No.24 D.C.No.4 3441.64
5 SRBC Division No.2-2 Banaganapalli WUA No.25 D.C.No.4 2106.46
6 SRBC Division No.2-2 Banaganapalli WUA No.26 D.C.No.4 1915.81
7 SRBC Division No.2-1 Banaganapalli WUA No.27 D.C.No.5 3814.18
8 SRBC Division No.2-1 Banaganapalli WUA No.28 D.C.No.5 3334.14
9 SRBC Division No.2-1 Banaganapalli WUA No.29 D.C.No.5 3483.01
7 SRBC Division No.2-1 Banaganapalli WUA No.27 D.C.No.5 3814.18
10 SRBC Division No.2-1 Banaganapalli WUA No.30 D.C.No.5 2795.96
11 SRBC Division No.2-1 Banaganapalli WUA No.31 D.C.No.5 3938.10
12 SRBC Division No.2-1 Banaganapalli WUA No.32 D.C.No.5 3874.34
13 SRBC Division No.2-1 Banaganapalli WUA No.33 D.C.No.5 2878.02
14 SRBC Division No.2-2 Banaganapalli WUA No.34 D.C.No.6 4520.17
15 SRBC Division No.2-2 Banaganapalli WUA No.35 D.C.No.6 4073.11
16 SRBC Division No.2-2 Banaganapalli WUA No.36 D.C.No.6 2258.44
17 SRBC Division No.2-2 Banaganapalli WUA No.37 D.C.No.6 5805.33
18 SRBC Division No.2-2 Banaganapalli WUA No.38&39 D.C.No.7 4496.58
19 SRBC Division No.2-2 Banaganapalli WUA No.40 D.C.No.7 4590.31
20 SRBC Division No.2-2 Banaganapalli WUA No.41 D.C.No.7 4163.13
21 SRBC Division No.2-2 Banaganapalli WUA No.42 D.C.No.7 4664.00
22 SRBC Division No.2-2 Banaganapalli WUA No.43 D.C.No.7 4356.00
23 SRBC Division No.2-4 Koilakuntla WUA No.44 D.C.No.8 3203.39
24 SRBC Division No.2-4 Koilakuntla WUA No.45 D.C.No.8 2961.83
25 SRBC Division No.2-4 Koilakuntla WUA No.46 D.C.No.8 3690.82
26 SRBC Division No.2-4 Koilakuntla WUA No.47 D.C.No.8 2591.15
27 SRBC Division No.2-4 Koilakuntla WUA No.48 D.C.No.8 1849.14
28 SRBC Division No.2-4 Koilakuntla WUA No.49 D.C.No.8 2973.50
Total 97486.85
Sl. No Project Committee Name of the WUA Localised Ayacut
1 Project Committee-1 WUA 1 - H. Khairavadi 1955.79
2WUA 2 - Kodumur1797.56
3WUA 3 - Ontedudinne2293.12
4WUA 4 - Thippanur1794.76
5WUA 5 - S.Lingamdinne2022.70
6WUA 6 - Kurnur2503.71
7WUA 7 - Mudumalagurthy2302.14
8WUA 8 - Pothugallu1916.04
9WUA 9 - Mannemkunta1925.17
10WUA 10 - Gorantla2111.00
11WUA 11 - Yerragudi2395.47
12WUA 12 - Thogarachedu2417.63
Grand Total25435.09