The District is named as Krishna District after the holy River Krishna and which is situated between 15°43'-00" & 17°10'-00" Northern latitude and 80° 00'-00" & 81° 33'-00" in Eastern latitude. Krishna District lies in the Krishna River basin (45%), Budameru basin(2.67%) Thammileru Basin (3.3%) and Ramileru Basin (2.67%).The District is bordered by Khammam District on North, Bay of Bengal on South, Bay of Bengal and West Godavari District on East, and River Krishna, Guntur and Nalgonda District on West. The River Krishna which skirts the western boundary of the District provides irrigation facilities in the Krishna District.

The tributaries of Krishna river flowing in the District are Paleru and Muniyeru Rivers

The District head quarters, Machilipatanam is situated at about 66 Km from Vijayawada and is connected by Road and Rail. The District is developed agriculturally mainly due to the irrigation canals from Prakasam Barrage constructed on the river Krishna near Vijayawada.

Krishna District has considerable historic significance with places like Bandar Fort, Kondapalli Killa, Gandhi Hill. Religiously significant place include the temple of Matha Kanka Durga.

The total population of the district is 4.52 Millions with a literacy rate of 74.0 and is well advanced in the field of education. Vijayawada is the most populated and well known city of the District and it is also considered as the hub for pre University education in A.P.

Kolleru Lake is one of the India's largest island shallow fresh water lake lies partly within the District.

The depth of ground water during May 2014 is 8.74 M increasing substantial quantity of potentiality due to good rainfall during the year 2014. The net annual ground water availability in the District in non-saline areas of 37 Mandals is 75.56 TMC.

The classification of total area of the District is as follows:

S.No Classification of Geographical area Area in Acres Percentage of total Geographical area.
1 Total Geographical area 21,56,441 --
2 Forest Area 1,88,255 8.73
3 Culturable area 14,86,000 68.90
4 Barren and unculturable land 90,826 4.21
5 Land put to Non Agricultural Use 3,71,287 17.22
6 Sown area 12,61,828 58.51
7 Irrigated area 9,27,200 43.00
8 Normal Average Rainfall in mms 1417.10 ---
Sl.No Item Unit
IGeneral Information
Geographical AreaIn Sq. Kms8727
Revenue MandalsNo.50
Revenue VillagesNo.1005
Assembly ConstituenciesNo.16
Mandal ParishadsNo.49
Gram PanchayatsNo.969
Municipalities & CorporationsNo (8+1)9
 Urban wards / DivisionsNo.285
Total No. of Households(2001 Census)No.1011891
IIPopulation 2001 Census 2011 Census
% of Urban Population to total%32.0838.25
Scheduled Caste populationNo.746832-
% of SC Population to total% 17.83-
Scheduled Tribe populationNo.107611-
% of ST Population to total%2.57-
Sex ratio ( Female per 1000 Males)No.978997
Density of population (per Sq. Km)No.480519
Working populationNo.1575433-
Total LiteratesNo.25399743065669
a) Total Literacy Rate%6174
b) Men%6579
c) Women%5670
IIIRain Fall
Normal Rainfallin mms 1034.0
Actual Rainfall 2013-14in mms1226.8
IVAgricultural Statistics
1) Land Utilisation (2013-2014)
 Total Geographical Area In Hect.872700
Forest AreaIn Hect.76186
Barren and Uncultivable landIn Hect.36757
Land put to non-agriculture usesIn Hect.150258
Culturable WasteIn Hect.25694
Permanent pastures and other grazing landIn Hect.10669
Land under Misc. Tree crops and AquaIn Hect.8901
Current FallowsIn Hect.30105
Other fallow landsIn Hect.23475
Net area sown incl.aquacultureIn Hect.326959
Gross Cropped AreaIn Hect. 417754
Area sown more than onceIn Hect.90795
Net Cropped Area In Hect.326959
Gross Irrigated AreaIn Hect.417754
Net Irrigated AreaIn Hect.273210
2) Major Crops(2013-2014)
a) Paddy (K +R)In Hect.364005
b) Sugar CaneIn Hect.7728
c) GroundnutIn Hect.4234
d) CottonIn Hect.59845
3)Source Wise Area Irrigated (2013-2014)
a) Project canalsIn Hect.365525
b) TanksIn Hect.42243
c) Tube wellsIn Hect.107895
d) Dug wellsIn Hect.3927
e) Lift irrigation and OthersIn Hect.9985
VLand Holdings 2010-11 (provisional)
a) Marginal Farmers ( < 1 Hect.)No.396416
b) Small Farmers ( 1 - 2 Hect)No.97699
c) Medium Farmers ( 2 - 10 Hect)No.56769
d) Large Farmers ( > 10 Hect)No.683
 e) TotalNo.551567
VILive Stock Population
a) White CattleNo.104459
b) BuffaloesNo.919509
c) SheepNo.488657
d) GoatsNo.156043
e) PoultryNo.1971630
f) Veterinary HospitalsNo.16
g) Veterinary DispensariesNo.91
h) Rural Live Stock UnitsNo.215
 i) Total Milk production(per Annam)Lakh. MTS9.685
Total No. of SchoolsNo.4251
a) Primary SchoolsNo.2677
b) Upper Primary SchoolsNo.831
c) High SchoolsNo.743
d) Junior CollegesNo.253
e) Degree CollegesNo.37
SC HostelsNo.160
ST HostelsNo.20
BC HostelsNo.66
Anganwadi CentersNo.3816
Primary Health CentersNo.81
a) Villages ElectrifiedNo.1005
b) Villages Electrified as a % of Total%100.00
 c) Agricultural ConnectionsNo.80,063
 d) Free Agricultural Connections No.77,894
a) Villages ElectrifiedNo.1005
b) Villages Electrified as a % of Total%100.00
 c) Agricultural ConnectionsNo.80,063
 d) Free Agricultural Connections No.77,894
XCivil Supplies
a) No. of White Ration CardsNo.949534
b) No. of Pink Ration CardsNo.166580
c) No. of AAY CardsNo.70907
d) Annapurna CardsNo.712
 e) Temporary CardsNo.168360
f) Fair price shopsNo.2143
Details Of Irrigation Projects
S.No Projects Nos Ayacut in Acres
A Completed Projects
I Major Irrigation Projects
a) Krishna Eastern Delta System 1 6,79,498
b) Nagarjuna Sagar Project System (N.S.L.C.O & M CIRCLE MIRYALAGUDA) 1 94,985
II Medium Irrigation Projects
a) Muniyeru Project 1 16,427
B Ongoing Projects
I Major Irrigation
a) Polavaram Irrigation Project Right Main Canal 1 62,000
b) Taraka Rama Lift Irrigation Scheme (Stabilization of Ayacut covered under NSP and M.I Tanks and Supplementation ) 1 13,820
1. Prakasam Barrage Vijayawada, Krishna District

The existing Prakasam Barrage across River Krishna was constructed during 1954 to 1957 in place of old Ayacut just 104Ft upstream side near Vijayawada City in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh, below the confluence of the Musi, it passes through a narrow gorge and enters the plains of Coromandal coast, till at Vijayawada. The earlier anicut with its canals for irrigation and flood banks for the protection of the delta from the floods was constructed during 1852 with a coast of Rs. 2.00 crores which was designed by Sir Artur Cotton and built by Captain Charies Orr to serve an ayacut of 5.80 Lakh acres in four districts of Krishna, West Godavari, Guntur and Prakasam. The old anicut was breached during 1952 during inspection the eminent Superintending Engineer, Sri. Vepa Krishna Murthy and other staff have demised their lives. After examining all aspects in detail the present barrage was constructed during 1954-1957 with a cost of Rs. 2.278 Crores and named as Prakasam Barrage after the Great Leader and former Chief Minister Sri. Prakasm Panthulu. The Geographical Location of the Barrage Latitude is 16°-30'N and Longitude is 80°-37'E

Ayacut : Total 13,08,000 Acres in four District Viz. Krishna, West Godavari, Guntur and Prakasam , Krishna District = 6,79,498 Acres
Dependable Net Yield : 101.20 TMC
Water Allocation as per KWDT : 181.20TMC
Designed Maximum Flood Discharge : 11,90,000 Cusecs
Observed Maximum Flood Discharge : 11,10,000 Cusecs during 10/2009
Canals :
S.No Name of Canal Total Length in Km. Lakh Ayacut Acres Design Discharge
1 K.E. Main Canal 1.00 -- 10600
2 Eluru Canal 63.00 0.58 1643
3 Ryves Canal 57.70 1.75 4250
4 Polraj Canal 41.80 0.44 645
5 Campbell Canal 38.10 0.49 705
6 Bantumilli Canal 42.00 0.65 935
7 Bandar Canal 77.80 1.51 3035
8 K.E.B Canal 56.80 1.38 2050
Total 378.20 6.79
Cropping Pattern : Paddy, Sugarcane and Aquaculture
Rehabilitation : Not Applicable
Salient Features Of Prakasam Barrage
Barrage :
Constructed Year : 1957
Latitude : 16°31'N
Longitude : 80°37'E
Length of Barrage : 1232.92 M (4045.00 Ft)
Regulator : 70 Nos of 12.19 M X 3.66 M (40' X 12') each
Scouring sluices
Left Side : 6 Nos of 5.18 M X 3.66 M (17' X 12') each
Right Side : 8 Nos of 5.18 M X 3.66 M (17' X 12') each
Levels :
Floor of Regulator : + 12.21 M (+40.05 Ft)
Floor of Scour Vents : + 11.06 M (+36.30 Ft)
Sill Level of Regulator gates : + 13.73 M (+45.05 Ft)
Top of Regulator gates : + 17.39 M (+57.05 Ft)
Average River Bed Level at Regulator site : + 11.28 M (+37.00 Ft)
Bottom Level of the Floor of Sitanagaram Under sluices : + 8.53 M (+28.00 Ft)
Vijayawada Under Sluices : + 9.69 M (+31.80 Ft)
Bottom of Wells : + 4.88 M (+ 16.00 Ft)
M.F.L. of Barrage (Designed) : + 22.13 M (+72.60 Ft)
Bottom of "T" Beams : + 23.65 M (+ 77.60 Ft)
Top of Road way on Bridge : + 25.02 M (+ 82.10 Ft)
Top of Regulator Hoist Bridge : + 30.36 M (+ 99.06 Ft)
Height of Shutters : 3.66 M (+ 12-0 Ft)
Three rows of cutoff wells of size : 2.13 M X 3.81 M (7 X 12.5 Ft)

Front row of wells 4.88 M (16') deep and other 6.10 M (20') deep. Piers 2.44 M (8') thick for intermediate piers of scour vents 8 Nos of wider piers 4.27 M (14') thick with R.C.C. special staircases inside from floor level to hoist bridge level

Reservoir Area : 30.00 Sq. Km.
M.F.L. Recorded at Ayacut Barrage
M.F.L. Record on 07.10.1903 05.10.2009
Level in Front +21.50 M (+70.55 Ft) + 20.97 M (+68.78 Ft)
Level in rear + 20.73 M (+68.00 Ft) + 20.57 M (+67.50 Ft)
Maximum Discharge 33,700 Cumecs (11,90,000 C/S) 31,431 Cumecs (11,10,000 C/S)
Afflux due to interposition 0.66 M (2.16 Ft) ------
Additional Details of Dam required for the India - WRIS being jointly developed with ISRO
Name of the Project : Krishna Delta System
Name of the Barrage/ Weir/ Ayacut : Prakasam Barrage
Latitude and Longitude of Barrage/ Weir/ Ayacut : Latitude - 16° - 30'N Longitude - 80° - 37'E
Storage capacity (in Mcm) : 3.071 TMC
Basin : Krishna
Purpose : Irrigation and water supply
Year of completion : Barrage 1954-57
Length of Barrage/Weir/Ayacut : 1233 M
Design flood discharge : 11.90 Lakh Cusecs
Catchment area : 97055 Sq miles
Total annual yield in the catchment : 13.08 Lakh acres
Pond level (m) : 1233 M
Length of Barrage/Weir/Ayacut : (+) 12.21 M
Number under sluice /bays : 14 Nos
Number of Barrage/Weir/Bays : 70 Nos
Width of Under sluices/bays : 5.18 X 3.66 M
Width of Barrage/Weir/Bays : 70 Nos 12.19 x 3.66 M
Type and Number of gates : Vertical Type & 70 Nos
Size of gates : 12.19 x 3.66 M
Maximum discharge of Barrage : 33697 Cumecs
Hydraulic Particulars Of K.E. Main Canal & Head Sluice
Main canal
Ayacut : 7,42,000 Acres
Discharge at 70 Duty : 10, 600 C/S (300 Cumecs)
Bed Width : 58.00 M
Head Sluice
Existing year of construction : 1905
Sill Level : + 12.36 M
F.S.L. (Front) : 17.39 M
F.S.L. (Rear) : 16.93 M
Head F.S.L : 0.46 M
No. of Vents and Size : 6 Nos - 6.1 M X 3.35 M
Details of Lock Chamber
Lock Chamber Length : 45.72 M (150 Ft)
Width : 4.75 M (15.6 Ft)
Sill Level of Lock Chamber : 12.36 M
Prakasam Barrage
Maximum flood discharge : 11.90 Lakh Cusecs
River M.F.L. (1903) 11.90 Lakh Cusecs : + 21.50 M
River M.F.L. (2009) : + 20.97 M
U/S Sheet pile Cut off bottom (Barrage) : + 3.048 M (+ 10.00 Ft)
Bottom of Cutoff wells (Barrage) : + 4.87 M (+ 16.00)
Prakasam Barrage Road Level : + 25.02 M
N.H. Road Level : + 25.28 M
2. Nagarjuna Sagar Project System (N.S.L.C.O & M CIRCLE MIRYALAGUDA)

The multipurpose project constructed on the river Krishna is located near the then Nandigonda (Village now Hill colony) in Nalgonda District is the pride of Independent India. This is the largest and highest masonry dam in the world. About 21.25 lakh acres ayacut has been created under two Main Canals i.e. Right Main Canal (Jawahar Canal) & Left Main Canal (Lalbahadur Canal). The districts benefitted under NSP are Guntur, Prakasam, Krishna, Nalgonda, Khammam and West Godavari.

Salient features
Location : Nagarjunasagar Project across river Krishna is located near the then Nandikonda (village) (Now Hill colony) in Nalgonda district of Telangana State.The Nagarjuna Sagar Jawahar Canal takes off from Right side of the N.S. Dam and runs through Guntur and Prakasam districts.
Ayacut : Guntur district : 6,59,512 Acres
Wet : 2,43,198 Acres
Id : 4,16,314 Acres
Mandals benefited : 36 Nos in Guntur district (i.e.) Macherla, Rentachintala, Gurazala, Dachepalli, Durgi, Karampudi, Pidiguralla, Nekarikallu, Rajupalem, Machavaram, Bellamkonda, Sattenapalli, krosuru, Atchempeta, Amaravathi, Rompicherla, Narasaraopeta, Muppalla, Nadendla, Edlapadu, Tadikonda, Phirangipuram, Medikonduru, Pedakurapadu, Thulluru, Guntur, Vatticherukuru, Pedanandipadu, Prathipadu, Ipuru, Savalyapuram, Vinukonda, Bollapalli, Nuzendla, Chilakaluripet, Kakumanu.
Total Length : 203 Kms
Discharge at Head : 11,507 cusecs
Cropping Pattern ; Paddy, Cotton, Chillies, Pulses, Turmeric
Villages Benefitted : 368 Villages in Guntur district
Water Allocation : 132 TMC For Khariff is the total allocation for 11.25 lakh acres
Utilisation : 191.65 TMC (2013-14 kharif & Rabi)
Present Status : Completed
Statement Showing Major Wise Localised Ayacut and I.P Created Particulars Pertaining to Krishna District Under the Jurisdication of N.S.L.C.O & M Circle Miryalguda.
S.No Name Of Canal Length Ayacut In Acres
Wet ID Total
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 D.V.R Branch canal Km 7.00 to Km 32.50 33604 58671 92275
2 R.K Major & mukteswarapuram major -- 2701 -- 2701
Total 94,985
1. Tarakarama Lift Irrigation scheme

The Tarakarama lift Irrigation scheme in Krishna district is initially proposed to provide irrigation facilities to an extent of 56,000 acres located in 64 villages under 8 upland mandals by utilizing return water from Vijayawada Thermal power station in Budameru diversion channel. Total extent under TRLIS was restricted to 13,820 acres as construction of Polavaram Irrigation Project Right Main Canal is taken up and the balance ayacut can be covered under Polavaram Irrigation Project Right Main Canal. The extent under Left Main Canal was 9000 acres, and the ayacut under Right main canal is 4820 acres.

Left Main Canal

The length of TRLIS left main canal is 6.60 Kms. This canal runs by gravity and covers an ayacut of 3710 acres by direct OT sluices, 790 Acres by Kowluru sub lift at K.M. 2.80, 2000acres by Velagaleru Sub lift and 2500 Acres by Kotturu sub lift at Km. 6.60

Right Main Canal

The length of TRLIS Right main canal is 11.60 Kms. The excavation of canal and construction of 4 pump houses was completed up to Km. 9.40. Beyond Km. 9.40, the canal is taken up by Gaddamanugu and Cheruvumadhavaram pressure main systems. The ayacut covered under these two sub lifts is 1867 acres (1367 acres Gaddamanugu + 500 acres Cheruvu madhavaram). These works are under progress, the Gaddamanugu pressure main work was completed and Cheruvu Madhavaram sub lift work is nearing completion.

So far Rs. 23.79 Crores of expenditure incurred and water was released to an extent of 8,210 acres under left main canal and 2,953 acres under Right main canal. The balance ayacut is 2657 acres.

The balance ayacut was covered as follows.

Left Main Canal

Under Kowluru sub lift 790 acres Work is completed and now Water is being given to Kowluru tank on trial run

Right Main Canal

Under Gaddamanugu pressure main 1367 acres Work is completed
Under Cheruvu Madhavaram sub lift 500 acres Work is in nearing completion. cost of balance work is Rs. 66 Lakhs

Total balance ayacut - 2657 acres

Transplantation: Transplantation for 11,000 acres completed against 11,163 acres for which IP created.

Salient Feature:
Source of water : VTPS return water/Budameru
Total Ayacut under the scheme : 13820 Acres
a) Ayacut under Left Main Canal : 9000 Acres
b) Ayacut under Right Main Canal : 4820 Acres
c) Length of Left main canal : 6.600Kms(on gravity)
d) Length of Right main canal : 9.400Kms
e) Number of Lifts on Right Main canal : 4 Nos ( pumphouse No.1@Km 0.83Pumphouse No.2 @km 6.250, pumphouse No.3 @km 8.150 and pumphouse No.4 @km 9.400)
1st Lift @km 0.83 on RMC (Kondapalli(V)) :
a) Number of pumps : 3(working)+1(standby)of 120HP
Each pump : 19.17cusecs
Total Discharge : 57.84cusecs
b) Ayacut in between 1st lift and 2nd lift : 850 acres
c) Water released through this pumphouse during 2004 onwards :
d) IP created : 850 acres
2nd lift @Km 6.250 on RMC (Kattubadipalem(V) :
a) Number of pumps : 3(working)+1(standby)of 120HP
Each pump : 19.17cusecs
Total Discharge : 57.84cusecs
b) Ayacut in between 2nd lift and 3rd lift : 980 acres
c) Water released through this pumphouse during 2008 onwards :
d) IP created : 700 acres
3rd lift @Km 8.150 on RMC (Pinapaka(V)) :
a) Number of pumps : 2(working)+1(standby)of 120HP
Each pump : 19.17cusecs
Total Discharge : 38.56 cusecs
b) Ayacut in between 3rd lift and 4th lift : 1123 acres
c) Water released through this pumphouse during 2011 onwards :
d) IP created : 1123 acres
4th lift @Km 9.400 on RMC (Kavuluru(V)) :
a) Number of pumps : 2(working)+1(standby)of 75HP
Each pump : 15.18cusecs
Total Discharge : 30.36 cusecs
b)Ayacut under 4th lift : 1867 acres
(Gaddamanugu pressuremain : 1367 acres + Cheruvumadhavaram sublift : 500acres)
Left Main Canal : :
Length of Canal : 6.60 KM (Gravity flow)
Total Ayacut : 9,000 Acres
Direct ayacut from canal : 3710 Acres
Ayacut under Kavuluru Sub Lift : 790 Acres
Ayacut under Velagaleru Sub Lift : 2000 Acres
Ayacut under Kotturu Sub Lift : 2500 Acres
Total IP Created : 9000 Acres
2. Polavaram Irrigation Project Right Main Canal Covered Under Krishna District
Salient Feature:
Krishna River
Source of water : Godavari
Total Ayacut in Krishna District : 62,000 acres
Total Length of Canal in Krishna District : 54.235 Kms
Right Main Canal from KM 119.765 to KM 133.80
Length of Canal Section : 14.035 Kms
Percentage of work done : 25%
Right Main Canal from KM 133.800 to KM 157.875
Length of Canal Section : 22.70 Kms
Percentage of work done : 40%
Right Main Canal from KM 157.875 to KM 175.337
Length of Canal Section : 17.50 Kms
Percentage of work done : 72.78%

The Canal Envisages Diversion of 80 TMC of water to Krishna River

Statement Showing Majorwise Localised Ayacut And I.P Created Particulars Pertaining To Krishna District Under The Jurisdiction Of N.S.L.C.O & M Circle Miryalaguda.
S.No Name Of Canal Length Ayacut In Acres
Wet ID Total
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 D.V.R Branch canal Km 7.00 to Km 32.50 33604 58671 92275
2 R.K Major & mukteswarapuram major -- 2701 -- 2701
Total 94,985
1. Muniyeru Barrage

The Muniyeru River a tributary of Krishna River starts from Pakala Lake surplus weir in Warangal District. The Muniyeru River travels about 240 Kms and joins River Krishna at Eturu village of Chandariapadu Mandal. Muniyeru Ayacut was constructed near Polampalli (V) during the year 1894-1898. Latitude is 17° 05' and longitude is 80° 10' The catchment area of the river is 2357 Sq. Miles. The designed maximum flood discharge is 100000 cusecs. The observed maximum flood discharge is 240000 cusecs on 23-07-1989. The length of the anicut is 700 Mts in which the masonry structure is 169.65 Mts and the reset is Lanka and Groyne (531 Mts). The anicut was constructed at a cost of Rs.6.32 Lakhs to irrigate direct ayacut of 10500 Acres and stabilizing of 1000 Acres under Somavaram Tank. The irrigation is only on the left side as this being contour channel and runs for a length of 42.646 Kms. and finally empties into Somavaram Tank.

Subsequently the crest level of the anicut is raised by 0.50 Mts and extension channel was excavated for a length of 7.50 Km beyond 42.646 Km in the year1952 and further ayacut of 4000 Acres was brought in to cultivation. Further another 973 Acres was added, the ultimate ayacut is 16427 Acres benefiting 25 villages in 3 Mandals i.e., Vatsavai, Penuganchiprolu and Nandigama.

The anicut was out lived over 105 years and needs immediate reconstruction to avoid stress to the structure. Further the present anicut is an ungated diversion structure and the river is rapidly silting up and the storage is barely 30 M.Cft, which is not even catering to one wetting of the entire ayacut.

The minutes of the committee of Chief Engineers meeting held in the chambers of Engineer-in-Chief (IW), Jalasoudha, Errum-manzil, Hyderabad during the discussions, Muniyeru River flood on 21-09-2005 the maximum flood discharge of 349507 cusecs was observed at the present site of existing anicut. Accordingly, the Chief Engineer, Central design organization has issued the revised general layout plan Abutment and End piers drawings vide drawing No.CE/CDO/CD- /MAS/12/2007 respectively duly increasing the vents from to 15 to 17 spillway vents and retaining the two scour vents with vertical stop log gates to accommodate floods discharge of 350000 cusecs.

The Government has proposed to construct a barrage 120m D/s of existing anicut.

Salient features
Location : Barrage across Muniyeru River near Polampalli Village, Vatsavai Mandal, Krishna District
Catchment Area : 6105 Sq.Km.
Max. flood Discharge : 1.00 lack Cusec
MWL for 6853 Cumecs : +73.050 (2.42 Lakh Cusec)
MWL for 9629 Cumecs : +73.800 (3.40 Lakh Cusec)
Deepest Foundation Level : +54.000 (Tentative)
Maxi. Tail water level : +71.755(For 3.38 Lakh Cusecs)
Maxi. Tail water level : +68.750(For 1.00 Lakh Cusecs)
Type of gates : Vertical
Cistern Level : + 63.000
Thickness of Intermediate Piers : 3.00 Mts.
No. of Piers : 18 Nos.
No. of end piers : 2 Nos. (2.7 Mts. width)
Latitude : 17°-05'N
Longitude : 80°-10'E
Length of Structural Portion : 285 Mts
Length of Earth Dam : Left Side - 45mts, Right Side - 350 mts
Spillway Vents : 17 Nos.
Spillway Vent Size : 12 Mts x 4.50 Mts
Crest Level of Spill Way : + 66.500 Mts
FPL (Full Pond Level) : + 71.000 Mts
Scour Vents : 2 Nos
Scour Vent Size : 12 Mts x 5.50 Mts
Crest Level of Scour Vent : + 65.500 Mts
Top Bridge Level : + 75.600 Mts
Top of pier for Mechanical hoist equipment : 81.000 (Tentive)
TBL of Earth Dam : + 75.000 Mts
Ayacut : 16,427 Acres
Main Channel Length : Left Flank-50.10 Kms, Right Flank-Nil.
Status of APSIDC Schemes

APSIDC Vijayawada Division is functioning with Krishna District as jurisdiction with three sub divisions located at Vijayawada, Nandigama and Jaggaiahpet for implementation of Lift irrigation schemes to provide irrigation facility to the upland areas of small and marginal farmers and other weaker sections with funds provided by Government or through District Administration and handing over the schemes to beneficiaries for operation and maintenance.

I. Commissioned LI Schemes:

There are 127 Nos of LI Schemes with 94,801 Acres of Ayacut in Krishna District as on date. Out of the above, APSIDC has commissioned 98 Lift Irrigation Schemes (Rs. 162.21 Cr) to irrigate 63351 acres and the remaining 29 schemes (2.13 Cr) with ayacut of 31450 acres were taken over by APSIDC from MI Dept.

Year of Commissioning Total Schemes Ayacut in Acres Expenditure in lakhs
Up to 2009 108 70746 6069.94
2009-10 03 1775 423.20
2010-11 01 656 254.00
2011-12 02 2590 964.31
2012-13 04 3989 1632.88
2013-14 04 12717 6677.33
2014-15 up to date 05 2328 412.08
Total 127 94801 16433.74

Following is the Present Status of LI Schemes:

No. of Schemes Present status Ayacut in Acres Rabi 2015 development
79 Working 67085 16950
15 Partially working 18373 750
28 Not Working 8470 0
5 Abondoned 873 0
127 94801 17700

II. Schemes under execution:

i. State plan/ NABARD - RIDF:

There are 7 LI Schemes sanctioned for Rs 112.68 Crores to create irrigation potential of 21743 acres which are under different stages of execution.

III. New L.I. schemes proposed

S.No Description No.of Schemes Ayacut in Acres Amount Rs in Lakhs
1 DPRs for Admn. sanction submitted to Govt. 4 4092 773.00
2 HC Proposals Under process 7 13228 8818.00
3 HC Proposals to be initiated 1 5000 3000.00
Total 12 22320 12591.00

IV. Revival of LI Schemes :

Following is the Status of Revival of L.I. Schemes in Krishna District.

S.No Details of Revival No.of Schemes Est. Cost in lakhs Ayacut in Acres Remarks Present status
1 Total Schemes proposed up to 5/2015 55 2115.88 51366
2 Administrative sanction received up to 5/2015 – Annx-C1 20 956.24 26909 Work order issued for 20 LI schemes.
3 Revival estimates submitted and admn. sanction awaited Annx – C2 35 1159.64 24457 Govt. orders awaited for taking up revival
S.No Name of the Tank Name of the village Name of the Mandal Name of the Constituency Regd. Ayacut (In Acres)
a)MI Tanks (More than 100 acres ayacut)
Nuzvid Assembly Constituency
Nuzvid Mandal
1Devanna tank of Mukkollupadu MukkollupaduNuzvidNuzvid166.14
2Pedda tank of Mukkollupadu MukkollupaduNuzvidNuzvid212.41
3Kanthamma tank of Sunkollu SunkolluNuzvidNuzvid154.72
4Neeladri tank of Enamadala EnamadalaNuzvidNuzvid128.72
5Singannacodu tank of Pallerlamudi PallerlamudiNuzvidNuzvid159.68
6Yerra tank of Digavalli DigavalliNuzvidNuzvid126.28
7Gujjuvani kunta tank of Digavalli DigavalliNuzvidNuzvid130.98
8Yellaiah katta tank of Digavalli DigavalliNuzvidNuzvid160.23
9Chinna tank of Jangamgudem JangamgudemNuzvidNuzvid137.34
10Vinayaka tank of Morsapudi MorsapudiNuzvidNuzvid154.23
11Edula tank of Gollapalli GollapalliNuzvidNuzvid192.31
12Vaddi tank of Gollapalli GollapalliNuzvidNuzvid137.19
13Anjaneya Tank of Pothureddipalli PothureddipalliNuzvidNuzvid114.63
14Ura tank of Pothureddipalli PothureddipalliNuzvidNuzvid230.76
15Kotha tank of Pothureddipalli PothureddipalliNuzvidNuzvid272.99
16Ramachandruvani tank of Pothureddipalli PothureddipalliNuzvidNuzvid301.65
17Maddula tank of Tukkuluru TukkuluruNuzvidNuzvid237.75
18Pedda tank of Nuzvid NuzvidNuzvidNuzvid363.20
19Venkaiah tank of Mirjapuram MirjapuramNuzvidNuzvid329.08
20Pedda tank of Annavaram AnnavaramNuzvidNuzvid229.52
21Ravula tank of Annavaram AnnavaramNuzvidNuzvid171.06
22Kavidi tank of Annavaram AnnavaramNuzvidNuzvid141.56
23Kondamgunta tank of Annavaram AnnavaramNuzvidNuzvid164.70
Chatrai Mandal   
24Deepa tank of chatrai ChatraiChatraiNuzvid307.63
25Pedda tank of chatrai ChatraiChatraiNuzvid299.12
26Bollikunta tank of Burugugudem BurugugudemChatraiNuzvid107.81
27Subbanna tank of Burugugudem BurugugudemChatraiNuzvid119.97
28Suranna tank of Parvatha puram ParvathapuramChatraiNuzvid158.34
29Mutyalamma tank of Chinnampet ChinnampetChatraiNuzvid117.69
30Mogulla tank of Chinnampet ChinnampetChatraiNuzvid150.13
31Kotha tank of Thummagudem ThummagudemChatraiNuzvid393.73
32Pedda tank of Somavaram SomavaramChatraiNuzvid445.37
33Ankamvari tank of Chittapur ChittapurChatraiNuzvid122.80
34Ramanna tank of Chittapur ChittapurChatraiNuzvid162.09
35Ura tank of Chittapur ChittapurChatraiNuzvid104.43
36Bathula tank of Janardhanavaram JanardhanavaramChatraiNuzvid130.31
37Pinna tank of Narasimharaopalem Narasimharao palemChatraiNuzvid204.25
38Suranna tank of Chanubanda ChanubandaChatraiNuzvid150.77
39Pedda tank of Chanubanda ChanubandaChatraiNuzvid612.44
Musunuru Mandal   
40Nalla tank of Musunuru MusunuruMusunuruNuzvid369.35
41Devara tank of Musunuru MusunuruMusunuruNuzvid414.9
42Patemma tank of Yellapuram YellapuramMusunuruNuzvid266.64
43Pedda tank of katrenipadu KatrenipaduMusunuruNuzvid145.54
44Ayyanna tank of Gopavaram GopavaramMusunuruNuzvid136.04
45Akula Ramanna tank of Surepalli SurepalliMusunuruNuzvid135.88
46Ravi tank of Gullapudi GullapudiMusunuruNuzvid113.73
47Nalla tank of Gullapudi GullapudiMusunuruNuzvid316.25
48Dharma tank of Gullapudi GullapudiMusunuruNuzvid130.49
49Ura tank of Gullapudi GullapudiMusunuruNuzvid257.72
50Pedda tank of Chekkapalli ChekkapalliMusunuruNuzvid224.03
51Jillela tank of Chekkapalli ChekkapalliMusunuruNuzvid139.53
52Chilaka samudram tank of Velpucherla VelpucherlaMusunuruNuzvid117.84
53Seshupala tank of Velpucherla VelpucherlaMusunuruNuzvid374.83
54Ramalingam tank of chintalavalli ChintalavalliMusunuruNuzvid399.31
55Nagula tank of Chintalavalli ChintalavalliMusunuruNuzvid176.93
Agiripalli Mandal   
56Ura tank of AdivinekkalamAdivinekkalamAgiripalliNuzvid141.49
57Butchanna tank of Adivinekkalam AdivinekkalamAgiripalliNuzvid107.92
58Damanna tank of Vadlamanu VadlamanuAgiripalliNuzvid106.68
59Kotha tank of Edulagudem EdulagudemAgiripalliNuzvid138.25
60Guravaiah tank of Edara EdaraAgiripalliNuzvid104.99
61Alluramma tank of Boddanapalli BoddanapalliAgiripalliNuzvid239.25
62Kurividi tank of china Agiripalli China AgiripalliAgiripalliNuzvid137.84
63Pedda tank of Vattigudipadu VattigudipaduAgiripalliNuzvid124.55
64Peddappa tank of Nugondapalli NugondapalliAgiripalliNuzvid111.58
65Pangidi tank of Eadara EdaraAgiripalliNuzvid134.59
66Kotha tank of Narasingapalem NarasingapalemAgiripalliNuzvid107.24
67Chinta kunta tank of Sagguru SagguruAgiripalliNuzvid141.06
68Kotha tank of Krishnavaram .KrishnavaramAgiripalliNuzvid144.49
Nuzvid Assembly CotituencyTotal13462.95
Mylavaram Assembly Constituency
Reddigudem Mandal   
69Gangula tank of Maddula parva Maddula parvaReddigudemMylavaram118.49
70Pedda tank of Maddulaparva Maddula parvaReddigudemMylavaram261.65
71Yerra tank of Maddulaparva Maddula parvaReddigudemMylavaram180.51
72Rayudupalem tank of Kunaparaju parva Kunaparaju parvaReddigudemMylavaram204.14
73Rama tank of Kunaparaju parva Kunaparaju parvaReddigudemMylavaram318.06
74Sundaramma tank of Kunaparaju parva Kunaparaju parvaReddigudemMylavaram127.75
75Ura tank of Kunaparaju parva Kunaparaju parvaReddigudemMylavaram296.52
76Ura tank of Reddigudem ReddigudemReddigudemMylavaram143.36
77Mala vagu tank of Reddigudem ReddigudemReddigudemMylavaram237.82
78Kesavaraju tank of Reddigudem ReddigudemReddigudemMylavaram247.22
79Ura tank of Muchinapalli MuchinapalliReddigudemMylavaram143.82
80Dharma tank of Muchinapalli MuchinapalliReddigudemMylavaram180.18
81Nagasanipati tank of Obulapuram ObulapuramReddigudemMylavaram253.26
82Voti tank of Kudapa KudapaReddigudemMylavaram359.21
83Ura tank of Kudapa KudapaReddigudemMylavaram358.66
84Pedda tank of Rudravaram RudravaramReddigudemMylavaram344.28
85Ravula tank of Naguluru NaguluruReddigudemMylavaram469.45
86Peddamma tank of Burugugudem, H/o. Rangapuram BurugugudemReddigudemMylavaram166.28
87Pedda tank of Rangapuram RangapuramReddigudemMylavaram685.15
88Ravula tank of Rangapuram RangapuramReddigudemMylavaram165.11
89Jantakuntla tank of Rangapuram RangapuramReddigudemMylavaram182.70
90Narukullapadu bed dam NarukullapaduReddigudemMylavaram511.08
G.Konduru Mandal   
91Puli vagu supply chanel from CH. Madhavaram Anicut along with 2 tanks CH. MadhavaramG.KonduruMylavaram718.80
92Konayagandi tank of Duggiralapadu DuggiralapaduG.KonduruMylavaram500.40
93Grandivani tank of Ch.madhavaram CH. MadhavaramG.KonduruMylavaram160.00
94Puli vagu supply chanel from Sunnampadu Anicut with Kotha tank of Munagapadu MunagapaduG.KonduruMylavaram384.00
95Kowluru tank of Kowluru KowluruG.KonduruMylavaram638.41
96Pedda tank of CH. Nandigama CH. NanigamaG.KonduruMylavaram388.02
97Gangadevi tank of Pinapaka PinapakaG.KonduruMylavaram487.09
98Balerao tank of Velagaleru VelagaleruG.KonduruMylavaram807.68
99Bandu tank of Vellaturu VellaturuG.KonduruMylavaram312.92
100West tank of Vellaturu VellaturuG.KonduruMylavaram906.73
101Venkatapuram tank of Venkatapuram VenkatapuramG.KonduruMylavaram150.69
102Veeraiah tank of Chegireddipadu ChegireddipaduG.KonduruMylavaram138.95
103Yerra tank of Koduru KoduruG.KonduruMylavaram244.25
104East tank of Kuntamukkala KuntamukkalaG.KonduruMylavaram243.78
105West tank of Kuntamukkala KuntamukkalaG.KonduruMylavaram318.97
106Marla tank of Ch. Nandigama Ch.NandigamaG.KonduruMylavaram130.77
107Kotha tank of Narasayagudem NarasayagudemG.KonduruMylavaram439.41
Mylavaram Mandal   
108West tank of Velvadam VelvadamMylavaramMylavaram992.29
109Modugula tank of Velvadam VelvadamMylavaramMylavaram207.29
110East tank of Velvadam VelvadamMylavaramMylavaram454.82
111Mantri tank of Chandrala ChandralaMylavaramMylavaram132.21
112Nalla tank of Chandrala ChandralaMylavaramMylavaram248.5
113ura, Madhya and Chaviti tank of Tholukodu TholukoduMylavaramMylavaram267.52
114East tank of Ganapavaram GanapavaramMylavaramMylavaram507.79
115Morsumilli Reservoir MorsumilliMylavaramMylavaram1284.88
116Konda vagu tank of Pondugula PondugulaMylavaramMylavaram253.89
117Borragudem tank of Borragudem BorragudemMylavaramMylavaram226.01
118Chilukurivarigudem tank of Pulluru PulluruMylavaramMylavaram231.46
119Reddigudipati tank of Pulluru PulluruMylavaramMylavaram162.92
120Chandragudem reservoir of ChandragudemChandragudemMylavaramMylavaram818.84
121Pangidi reservoir of Pondugala PondugalaMylavaramMylavaram784.38
Ibrahimpatnam Mandal   
122Pedda tank of Z.N. Pothavaram Z.N. PothavaramIbrahimpatnamMylavaram151.02
123Yerra tank of Trilochanapuram TrilochanapuramIbrahimpatnamMylavaram102.00
124Govindappa tank of Elaprolu ElaproluIbrahimpatnamMylavaram672.85
Vijayawada Rural Mandal   
125Kothuru tank of Kothuru KothuruVijayawada Rural (M)Mylavaram218.76
126Ura tank of Jakkampudi JakkampudiVijayawada Rural (M)Mylavaram107.55
127Pydurupadu tank of Pydurupadu PydurupaduVijayawada Rural (M)Mylavaram597.01
128Burgula tank of Nunna NunnaVijayawada Rural (M)Mylavaram179.79
129Jangamvani tank of Nunna NunnaVijayawada Rural (M)Mylavaram408.87
 Mylavaram Assembly ConstituencyTotal21936.22
Tiruvuru Assembly Constituency
Vissannapet Mandal   
130Kundapalem tank of Kalagara KalagaraVissannapetTiruvuru728.90
131Ravi kunta tank of Kalagara KalagaraVissannapetTiruvuru186.41
132Nalla tank of Tatakuntla TatakuntlaVissannapetTiruvuru163.40
133Yerra tank of Tatakuntla TatakuntlaVissannapetTiruvuru138.91
134Kuppalavari tank of Korlamanda KorlamandaVissannapetTiruvuru148.26
135Pedda tank of Korlamanda KorlamandaVissannapetTiruvuru450.54
136Maremanda tank of Narasapuram NarasapuramVissannapetTiruvuru332.95
137Kanthamma tank of Narasapuram NarasapuramVissannapetTiruvuru118.60
138Yellappa tank of Narasapuram NarasapuramVissannapetTiruvuru137.93
139Ura tank of Narasapuram NarasapuramVissannapetTiruvuru201.97
140Ammagari tank of Vissannapet VissannapetVissannapetTiruvuru135.56
141Ura tank of Vissannapet VissannapetVissannapetTiruvuru253.65
142Kotha tank of Vissannapet VissannapetVissannapetTiruvuru121.95
143Budhavaram tank of Vissannapet VissannapetVissannapetTiruvuru302.72
144Bathula tank of Kondaparva KondaparvaVissannapetTiruvuru133.91
145Tummala tank of Chandrupatla ChandrupatlaVissannapetTiruvuru183.00
146Gopanna tank of Telladevarapalli TelladevarapalliVissannapetTiruvuru110.53
147Narasimhasagaram tank of Putrela PutrelaVissannapetTiruvuru278.98
148Gajula tank of Putrela PutrelaVissannapetTiruvuru592.01
149Mutyalamma tank of Putrela PutrelaVissannapetTiruvuru112.44
150Pedda tank of Vemireddipalli VemireddipalliVissannapetTiruvuru148.93
Tiruvuru Mandal   
151Pedda tank of Mallela MallelaTiruvuruTiruvuru258.30
152Pardhasaradhi sagaram tank of Mallela MallelaTiruvuruTiruvuru108.25
153Kotha tank of Kokilampadu KokilampaduTiruvuruTiruvuru102.34
154Talla tank of Kokilampadu KokilampaduTiruvuruTiruvuru137.18
155Gutta tank of Lakshmipuram LakshmipuramTiruvuruTiruvuru128.34
156Pedda tank of Akkapalem AkkapalemTiruvuruTiruvuru278.97
157Ura tank of Munukulla MunukullaTiruvuruTiruvuru571.16
158Mamilla tank of Vavilala VavilalaTiruvuruTiruvuru140.67
159Edula tank of Vavilala VavilalaTiruvuruTiruvuru146.16
160Krishnasagaram tank of Vavilala VavilalaTiruvuruTiruvuru329.42
161Ura tank of Rolupudi RolupudiTiruvuruTiruvuru838.57
162Gurrapu vagu tank of Erukapadu ErukapaduTiruvuruTiruvuru413.19
163Samudayakam tank of Chintalapadu ChintalapaduTiruvuruTiruvuru609.96
Gampalagudem Mandal   
164Ralla tank of Vinagadapa VinagadapaGampalagudemTiruvuru246.68
165Durgadevi tank of Vinagadapa VinagadapaGampalagudemTiruvuru288.58
166Nalla tank of Gampalagudem GampalagudemGampalagudemTiruvuru272.77
167Pangidi tank of Vinagadapa VinagadapaGampalagudemTiruvuru125.14
168Yerra tank of Gampalagudem GampalagudemGampalagudemTiruvuru120.06
169Nalla tank of Kanumuru KanumuruGampalagudemTiruvuru179.09
170Kasipathi tank of Kanumuru KanumuruGampalagudemTiruvuru153.56
171Mogulla vagu tank of China komera china KomeraGampalagudemTiruvuru225.45
172Ura tank of Penugolanu PenugolanuGampalagudemTiruvuru159.60
173Uta vagu tank of Sobbala SobbalaGampalagudemTiruvuru141.66
174Venagalaiah tank of Utukuru UtukuruGampalagudemTiruvuru101.42
175Ura tank of Utukuru UtukuruGampalagudemTiruvuru110.39
176Akkappa tank of Gosaveedu GosaveeduGampalagudemTiruvuru120.84
A.Konduru Mandal   
177Tummala tank of Atlapragada AtlapragadaA.KonduruTiruvuru111.02
178Yerra tank of Marepalli MarepalliA.KonduruTiruvuru115.69
179Ginnela tank of Vallampatla VallampatlaA.KonduruTiruvuru125.46
180Talla tank of Repudi RepudiA.KonduruTiruvuru124.87
181Ura tank of Repudi RepudiA.KonduruTiruvuru222.28
182Kotha tank of A.Konduru A.KonduruA.KonduruTiruvuru261.66
183Vavilala tank of Gollamandala GollamandalaA.KonduruTiruvuru191.01
184Ura tank of Gollamandala GollamandalaA.KonduruTiruvuru270.76
185Nalla tank of Vallampatla VallampatlaA.KonduruTiruvuru240.71
186Kotha tank of Ramachandrapuram RamachandrapuramA.KonduruTiruvuru207.57
187Mamilla tank of Cheemalapadu CheemalapaduA.KonduruTiruvuru184.80
188Pedda tank of Cheemalapadu CheemalapaduA.KonduruTiruvuru167.35
 Tiruvuru Assembly Constituency Total13512.48
Nandigama Assembly Constituency
Veerulapadu Mandal   
189Chintala tank of Konathalapalli .KonathalapalliVeerulapaduNandigama 110.00
190New tank across Cheviti vagu near ChowatapalliChowtapalliVeerulapaduNandigama 321.00
191Ura tank of jayanthi JayanthiVeerulapaduNandigama 227.02
192Pedda tank of Thimmapuram AlluruVeerulapaduNandigama 504.21
193M.I. tank of Dachavaram DachavaramVeerulapaduNandigama 160.92
194Ura tank of Jujjuru JujjuruVeerulapaduNandigama 141.62
Kanchikacherla Mandal   
195Pedda tank of Paritala ParitalaKanchikacherlaNandigama 1147.84
196Panta tank of Kanchikacherla KanchikacherlaKanchikacherlaNandigama 152.82
197Abbaraju kunta tank of Gottumukkala GottumukkalaKanchikacherlaNandigama 418.82
Chandarlapadu Mandal   
198Nalla tank of Bobbillapadu GudimetlaChandarlapaduNandigama 784.09
199Chintalapadu tank of chintalapadu chintalapaduChandarlapaduNandigama 237.96
 Nandigama Assembly Constituency Total4206.30
Jaggaiahpet Assembly Constituency Total
Vatsavai Mandal   
200Reddi tank of Polampalli PolampalliVatsavaiJaggaiahpet261.64
201Ura tank of KanneveeduKanneveeduVatsavaiJaggaiahpet189.36
202Ura tank of Chittela ChittelaVatsavaiJaggaiahpet186.29
203Kodanda Rama tank of Ramachandrapuram RamachandrapuramVatsavaiJaggaiahpet200.96
Penuganchiprolu Mandal   
204Rama tank of Nawabpet NawabpetPenuganchiproluJaggaiahpet176.64
205Sree Rama tank of Konakanchi KonakanchiPenuganchiproluJaggaiahpet188.24
206Pedda tank of Gandrai GandraiJaggaiahpetJaggaiahpet147.43
 Jaggaiahpet Assembly Constituency Total1350.56
Vijayawada Central Assembly Constituency
Vijayawada Rural Mandal   
207Panta tank of Kundavari Kandrika Kundavari kandrikaVijayawada Rural (M)Vijayawada Central108.27
 Vijayawada Central Assembly Constituency Total108.27
Gannavaram Assembly Constituency
Bapulapadu Mandal   
208Kotha tank of Veleru VeleruBapulapaduGannavaram 103.82
209Ura tank of Veleru VeleruBapulapaduGannavaram 317.60
210yerra tank of Veleru VeleruBapulapaduGannavaram 191.34
211Lingam tank of Veleru VeleruBapulapaduGannavaram 137.97
212Bandivani tank of Koyyuru KoyyuruBapulapaduGannavaram 129.69
213Pedda tank of Koyyuru KoyyuruBapulapaduGannavaram 231.29
214Pedda tank of medicherla medicherlaBapulapaduGannavaram 120.36
215Pedaralla kunta tank of Kodurupadu KodurupaduBapulapaduGannavaram 194.10
216Edula tank of Mallavalli mallavalliBapulapaduGannavaram 126.77
217Malligani tank of Ampapuram AmpapuramBapulapaduGannavaram 290.69
218Pedda tank of Veeravalli VeeravalliBapulapaduGannavaram 254.50
Gannavaram Mandal   
219Brahmaiah lingam tank of Chikkavaram ChikkavaramGannavaramGannavaram 1276.00
220Saggurammani tank of sagguru ( Metlapalli) MetlapalliGannavaramGannavaram 1015.78
221Kompella tank of Gollanapalli GollanapalliGannavaramGannavaram 189.47
222Vaddu tank of Bahubalendrunigudem BahubalendrunigudemGannavaramGannavaram 396.98
223Ura tank of Purushothamapatnam PurushothamapatnamGannavaramGannavaram 210.90
224Tummala tank of Tempalli TempalliGannavaramGannavaram 192.24
225Mulakalamma tank of Veerapanenigudem VeerapanenigudemGannavaramGannavaram 1225.41
226Vaddu tank of Chikkavaram ChikkavaramGannavaramGannavaram 232.71
227Marla tank of Marlapadu MarlapaduGannavaramGannavaram 218.47
228Kotha tank of Purushothamapatnam PurushothamapatnamGannavaramGannavaram 259.28
229Pedda tank of Vedurupavuluru VedurpavuluruGannavaramGannavaram 947.76
230Katredi tank of Ramachandrapuram RamachandrapuramGannavaramGannavaram 156.13
231Yerra tank of Surampalli SuramapalliGannavaramGannavaram 232.63
232Tummala tank of Surampalli SuramapalliGannavaramGannavaram 255.96
233Gangineni tank of SurampalliSuramapalliGannavaramGannavaram 240.1
234Kotha tank of KondapavuluruKondapavuluruGannavaramGannavaram 301.21
Unguturu Mandal   
235Peta tank of Atukuru AtukuruUnguturuGannavaram 144.89
   MI TOTAL64170.83
Nandigama Assembly Constituency  
Veerulapadu Mandal   
236Jayanthi channelJayanthiVeerulapaduNandigama257.07
237Alluru channelAlluruVeerulapaduNandigama146.00
Nandigama Mandal   
238Sanagapadu Supply channelSanagapaduNandigamaNandigama1024.33
Tiruvuru Assembly Constituency  
Tiruvuru Mandal   
239Rakattu Supply channelPata TiruvuruTiruvuruTiruvuru1242.31
240Kattaleru supply channelKokilampaduTiruvuruTiruvuru1611.22
241Ippala vagu anicut schemeGanugapaduTiruvuruTiruvuru1405.55
Gampalagudem Mandal   
242Gopavarapu vagu Anicut scheme VinagadapaGampalagudemTiruvuru136.85
243Pala vagu Anicut scheme TunikipaduGampalagudemTiruvuru166.00
Vissannapet Mandal   
244Regadi vagu Anicut scheme No.II of NarasapuramNarasapuramVissannapetTiruvuru112.64
245Regadivagu - I chandrupatlaChandrupatlaVissannapetTiruvuru163.82
Mylavaram Assembly Constituency  
Vijayawada Rural Mandal   
246Rayanapadu Supply channelRayanapaduVijayawada RuralMylavaram1969.24
Jaggaiahpet Assembly Constituency  
Jaggaiahpet Mandal   
247Kachavaram Supply channelKachavaramJaggaiahpetJaggaiahpet5291.29
Nuzvid Assembly Constituency   
Chatrai Mandal   
248CK padu channel system of KotapaduKotapaduChatraiNuzvid745.32
249Uppu vagu Masonry Anicut Supply channel of JanardhanavaramJanardhanavaramChatraiNuzvid494.71
Grand Total (Anicuts+Supply channels+Open head channel)14766.35
b)MI (PR) Tanks (Less than 100 acres ayacut)   
Nuzvid Assembly Constituency   
Nuzvid Mandal   
250Kanthamma tank PallerlamudiNuzvidNuzvid65.90
251Chalamaiah kuntaMeerjapuramNuzvidNuzvid58.09
252Kurividi TankYanamadalaNuzvidNuzvid65.09
253Bhima samudram TankYanamadalaNuzvidNuzvid72.30
254Regunta tankYelamandalaNuzvidNuzvid10.40
255Chinna Neeladri tankYelamandalaNuzvidNuzvid10.40
256Kotha TankDigavalliNuzvidNuzvid52.41
257Kancharla kuntaDigavalliNuzvidNuzvid61.63
258Nalla TankDigavalliNuzvidNuzvid96.52
259Chakali kunta tankDigavalliNuzvidNuzvid19.37
261Sobhanadri tankDigavalliNuzvidNuzvid46.73
262Kotha TankAnnavaramNuzvidNuzvid60.37
263Chalivendram tankAnnavaramNuzvidNuzvid32.25
264Ura TankAnnavaramNuzvidNuzvid89.03
265Ura TankVenkataya palemNuzvidNuzvid52.71
266Panthula tankVenkataya palemNuzvidNuzvid18.80
267Suraiah tankVenkataya palemNuzvidNuzvid12.06
268Krishna sagaram tankVenkataya palemNuzvidNuzvid10.21
269Gollapallivari kuntaSunkolluNuzvidNuzvid58.96
270Ralla kurividi tankSunkolluNuzvidNuzvid10.01
271Bapati kunta tankSunkolluNuzvidNuzvid14.11
272Mallaiah kuntaSunkolluNuzvidNuzvid22.91
273Chaviti kunta SunkolluNuzvidNuzvid25.35
274Dhanta gunta TankPothureddipalliNuzvidNuzvid72.94
275kattu kalvaPothureddipalliNuzvidNuzvid45.19
276Veeramma tankPothureddipalliNuzvidNuzvid40.75
277Balaji TankPothureddipalliNuzvidNuzvid87.28
278Ganigottula TankPolasanapalliNuzvidNuzvid51.82
279Rayana TankPolasanapalliNuzvidNuzvid64.96
280Kurividi TankPolasanapalliNuzvidNuzvid90.59
281Seshadri tankPolasanapalliNuzvidNuzvid12.03
282Kothula kuntaDevara guntaNuzvidNuzvid65.31
283Pedda TankDevara guntaNuzvidNuzvid73.66
284Ura TankBoravanchaNuzvidNuzvid54.29
285Hussain SagarBoravanchaNuzvidNuzvid65.11
286Shavulia TankBoravanchaNuzvidNuzvid62.29
287Chaviti kunta BoravanchaNuzvidNuzvid4.83
288Podamgunta tankBoravanchaNuzvidNuzvid38.00
289Appa Rao TankBathulavarigudemNuzvidNuzvid53.82
290Ura TankBathulavarigudemNuzvidNuzvid67.78
291Jalasamudram tankBathulavarigudemNuzvidNuzvid22.26
292Mamidi thota tankBathulavarigudemNuzvidNuzvid24.36
293Sarappa kuntaJangamgudemNuzvidNuzvid68.22
294Ramileru kalvaJangamgudemNuzvidNuzvid39.83
295Mogali CheruvuNuzvidNuzvidNuzvid91.65
296Talla tankTukkuluruNuzvidNuzvid87.75
297Kotha tankBathulavarigudemNuzvidNuzvid63.02
298Madaiah tankMarribandhamNuzvidNuzvid3.90
299Ravicherla kuntaM.N.PalemNuzvidNuzvid19.87
300Chirivella kuntaGollapalliNuzvidNuzvid23.89
301Naganna tankHanumanthulagudemNuzvidNuzvid43.42
302Kotha TankMorsapudiNuzvidNuzvid24.86
303Koneru tankTukkuluruNuzvidNuzvid30.00
304Sobbanna tankNuzvidNuzvidNuzvid7.98
305Narasinga tankNuzvidNuzvidNuzvid24.49
306Vadla katta tankNuzvidNuzvidNuzvid49.17
307Yerra tankNuzvidNuzvidNuzvid38.18
308Chaviti kunta NuzvidNuzvidNuzvid46.55
309Edula tankNuzvidNuzvidNuzvid96.41
310Kurividi TankRammannagudemNuzvidNuzvid49.94
Musunuru Mandal   
311Bapana kuntaChekkapalliMusunuruNuzvid59.87
312Kotha Badava TankChekkapalliMusunuruNuzvid57.72
313Sakalappa kuntaChekkapalliMusunuruNuzvid11.79
314Singaneedu kuntaChekkapalliMusunuruNuzvid15.74
315Rayudugari kuntaChekkapalliMusunuruNuzvid11.64
316Gummadi kuntaChekkapalliMusunuruNuzvid29.6
317Kotha tankChekkapalliMusunuruNuzvid11.07
318Gopayya TankKorlaguntaMusunuruNuzvid64.42
319Ganganamma TankKorlaguntaMusunuruNuzvid61.03
320Alivelamma tankKorlaguntaMusunuruNuzvid16.99
321Yeti KalavaVelpucherlaMusunuruNuzvid55.55
322Thagaravi KuntaVelpucherlaMusunuruNuzvid67.23
323Gadepu KuntaVelpucherlaMusunuruNuzvid69.26
324Ura tankVelpucherlaMusunuruNuzvid10.48
325Yerra & kotha tankVelpucherlaMusunuruNuzvid45.29
326Chaviti kuntaVelpucherlaMusunuruNuzvid9.86
327Venkatadri TankLopudiMusunuruNuzvid68.92
328Komati kuntaLopudiMusunuruNuzvid58.71
329Pedda TankLopudiMusunuruNuzvid86.49
330Bathulavenkaiah kuntaLopudiMusunuruNuzvid82.28
331Injerlamma TankLopudiMusunuruNuzvid80.01
332Gariki vani kuntaLopudiMusunuruNuzvid48.58
333Veeranki Venkata Chalamaiah tankLopudiMusunuruNuzvid11.61
334Pedda kurividi tankLopudiMusunuruNuzvid12.58
335Chinaa Kurividi tankLopudiMusunuruNuzvid8.03
336Velagala tankLopudiMusunuruNuzvid26.01
337Manikalavari TankGopavaramMusunuruNuzvid50.19
338Kamsalavari tankGopavaramMusunuruNuzvid42.28
339Pedda tankGopavaramMusunuruNuzvid44.4
340Kaliga tankGopavaramMusunuruNuzvid22.58
341Kannagani tankGopavaramMusunuruNuzvid32.17
342Meruguvari tankGopavaramMusunuruNuzvid25.4
343Peddapati vari tankGopavaramMusunuruNuzvid28.96
344Kotha tankGopavaramMusunuruNuzvid5.81
345Pedda tank vaguGopavaramMusunuruNuzvid6.08
346Kurividi tankGopavaramMusunuruNuzvid47.47
347Venga tankGopavaramMusunuruNuzvid45.61
348Muthanaboyana kuntaGopavaramMusunuruNuzvid45.32
349Nagarala TankMusunuruMusunuruNuzvid70.32
350Edula TankMusunuruMusunuruNuzvid61.38
351Kotha tankMusunuruMusunuruNuzvid20.41
352Bhimadevara kuntaMusunuruMusunuruNuzvid9.96
353Ravi kunta AkkireddigudemMusunuruNuzvid98.42
354Rangamma tankAkkireddigudemMusunuruNuzvid27.13
355Perantala kuntaAkkireddigudemMusunuruNuzvid40.01
356Kummari kuntaAkkireddigudemMusunuruNuzvid15.27
357Chandra KuntaKatrenipaduMusunuruNuzvid97.65
358Maddiralamma TankKatrenipaduMusunuruNuzvid90.04
359Chinna TankKatrenipaduMusunuruNuzvid88.29
360Venkatadri tankKatrenipaduMusunuruNuzvid29.75
361Mosalla kuntaKatrenipaduMusunuruNuzvid11.71
362Koneru tankKatrenipaduMusunuruNuzvid18.71
363Barrenkula kuntaKatrenipaduMusunuruNuzvid24.34
364Ramagovindhamma TankBaliveMusunuruNuzvid87.13
365Tummala tankBaliveMusunuruNuzvid37.61
366Eti kalvaBaliveMusunuruNuzvid6.89
367Ura tankChintalavalliMusunuruNuzvid41.74
368Damerlavari tankSurepalliMusunuruNuzvid15.79
369Kotha tankSurepalliMusunuruNuzvid9.96
370Morasa kuntaGullapudiMusunuruNuzvid12.48
371Chakalivari kuntaGullapudiMusunuruNuzvid15.08
372Jogiraju kuntaGullapudiMusunuruNuzvid30.69
373Chekkapalli vari tankGullapudiMusunuruNuzvid36.5
374Lakshmaiah kuntaGullapudiMusunuruNuzvid3.48
375Peda kunta ( Papa)Ramanakka petMusunuruNuzvid31.8
376Kotha tankYelllapuramMusunuruNuzvid43.96
377Pedda tankChillaboinapalliMusunuruNuzvid14.83
378Kurividi tankChillaboinapalliMusunuruNuzvid8.72
Chatrai Mandal   
379Venkatadri TankChatraiChatraiNuzvid63.83
380Dharavari kunta tankChatraiChatraiNuzvid10.58
381Teegala kunta tnakChatraiChatraiNuzvid24.98
382Pedda tank (Venkata reddi tank)ChatraiChatraiNuzvid25.06
383Dam across uppu vaguChatraiChatraiNuzvid24.39
384Mala vari tankChatraiChatraiNuzvid10.70
385Inguva vari tankChatraiChatraiNuzvid7.51
386Ura TankChatraiChatraiNuzvid11.37
387Gaggarapu CheruvuChanubandaChatraiNuzvid70.87
388Narasimha sagaram TankChanubandaChatraiNuzvid67.56
389CH. Veeraswamy TankChanubandaChatraiNuzvid94.42
390Ramireddi TankChanubandaChatraiNuzvid86.73
391Lingaraju tankChanubandaChatraiNuzvid13.99
392Chinnaiah tankChanubandaChatraiNuzvid17.25
393Yerukumal tankChanubandaChatraiNuzvid31.48
394Kotha tankChanubandaChatraiNuzvid36.60
395Bapadu cheruvuChanubandaChatraiNuzvid30.34
396Kollai kunta ( Kalivelu kunta)ChanubandaChatraiNuzvid35.90
397Ammireddi tankChanubandaChatraiNuzvid41.34
398Gollavula tank ( Gangadevi tank)ChanubandaChatraiNuzvid36.60
399Pilli kunta ParvathapuramChatraiNuzvid52.63
400Barrenkula kuntaParvathapuramChatraiNuzvid68.35
401Moglla tankParvathapuramChatraiNuzvid14.63
402Yellappa TankSomavaramChatraiNuzvid52.26
403Lakshmaiah tankSomavaramChatraiNuzvid7.71
404Loya tankSomavaramChatraiNuzvid15.25
405Komalla tankSomavaramChatraiNuzvid14.95
406Koppula tankSomavaramChatraiNuzvid23.97
407Padmanabhuni tankSomavaramChatraiNuzvid14.8
408Yerra tank ( Yengamma tank)SomavaramChatraiNuzvid3.51
409Borrankula kuntaTummagudemChatraiNuzvid23.89
410Pilli vagu check damTummagudemChatraiNuzvid4.45
411Neeladri Tank TummagudemChatraiNuzvid52.58
412Kotha cheruvu (Kattu cheruvu)PothanapalliChatraiNuzvid76.80
413Kotha tankPothanapalliChatraiNuzvid6.42
414Chilakala kunta (Cheera boina kunta)PothanapalliChatraiNuzvid6.57
415Gonela vaguPothanapalliChatraiNuzvid39.54
416Ayyanna TankKothagudemChatraiNuzvid98.67
417Abbaiah tankKothagudemChatraiNuzvid13.52
418Bajju vari Survey kunta tankKothagudemChatraiNuzvid15.12
419Papaiah tankKothagudemChatraiNuzvid22.44
420Chaviti tankKothagudemChatraiNuzvid8.57
421Kotha tank KothagudemChatraiNuzvid10.33
422Seshadri tankKothagudemChatraiNuzvid28.39
423Koviti kuntaKothagudemChatraiNuzvid5.93
424Ramaiah gari TankJanardhanavaramChatraiNuzvid77.34
425Uta samudramJanardhanavaramChatraiNuzvid18.41
426Jagadala tankJanardhanavaramChatraiNuzvid17.47
427Velagala kuntaJanardhanavaramChatraiNuzvid7.56
428Marakala kuntaJanardhanavaramChatraiNuzvid25.65
429Mogallamma tankJanardhanavaramChatraiNuzvid31.18
430Ravi kunta JanardhanavaramChatraiNuzvid27.85
431Yelamandala tankJanardhanavaramChatraiNuzvid37.31
432Yerra tank ( Alugu vagu)Arugolanu petaChatraiNuzvid24.71
433Yerra tankArugolanu petaChatraiNuzvid16.19
434Ura tankArugolanu petaChatraiNuzvid27.87
435Kitchamma kuntaArugolanu petaChatraiNuzvid39.98
436Tummala tankArugolanu petaChatraiNuzvid37.31
437Pangidi TankArugolanu petaChatraiNuzvid76.85
438Kotha tankLopudiChatraiNuzvid49.84
440Suramma sagaramMankolluChatraiNuzvid18.14
441Battu Nagaiah kuntaMankolluChatraiNuzvid37.44
442Peda koti reddi tankMankolluChatraiNuzvid12.03
444Ura kunta / Ura tankMankolluChatraiNuzvid14.41
445Pandava sagaramMankolluChatraiNuzvid36.35
446Sambhuni tank (Subba Raju kunta)KotapaduChatraiNuzvid12.53
447Adda kurividi tankKotapaduChatraiNuzvid8.52
448Bhukya vari kuntaKotapaduChatraiNuzvid44.48
449Sambhuni kunta tankKotapaduChatraiNuzvid4.45
450Mutyalamma tankKotapaduChatraiNuzvid12.36
451Edula tankKotapaduChatraiNuzvid17.03
452Sarabamma tankKotapaduChatraiNuzvid7.02
453Mangapati koneru ( Mangapeta koneru)KotapaduChatraiNuzvid4.18
454Marribandham tankKotapaduChatraiNuzvid32.12
455Buchamma and Marribandham tankKotapaduChatraiNuzvid17.74
456Yenkumalla tank (Veeramalla kunta)KotapaduChatraiNuzvid7.14
457Tanikunta tankKotapaduChatraiNuzvid13.74
458Chintala kunta tankKotapaduChatraiNuzvid44.48
459Guruswami tankKotapaduChatraiNuzvid6.38
460Maddala badava tankKotapaduChatraiNuzvid24.22
461Bhaskar tankChinnampetChatraiNuzvid9.98
462Anjaneya tankChinnampetChatraiNuzvid15
463Mahalakshmamma tankChinnampetChatraiNuzvid23.99
464Appa rao tankChinnampetChatraiNuzvid39.98
465Gandi tankChittapurChatraiNuzvid39.56
466Yerra vani kuntaChittapurChatraiNuzvid54.36
467Kammara kuntaChittapurChatraiNuzvid32.12
468Komati kuntaPolavaramChatraiNuzvid78.16
469Yerra tankPolavaramChatraiNuzvid94.07
470Jangam kuntaPolavaramChatraiNuzvid12.28
471Karanam vari kuntaPolavaramChatraiNuzvid13.54
472Barrenkula kuntaPolavaramChatraiNuzvid13.59
473Yerra cheruvuPolavaramChatraiNuzvid44.35
474Nalla regulla tankPolavaramChatraiNuzvid16.88
Total   2843.20
Agiripalli Mandal   
475Timmineeti kaluva tankMalliboinapalliAgiripalliNuzvid56.76
476Yerra tankMalliboinapalliAgiripalliNuzvid41.98
477Nallaneti kaluvaEdaraAgiripalliNuzvid71.21
478Venkanna kuntaEdaraAgiripalliNuzvid51.57
479Yerra TankEdaraAgiripalliNuzvid56.34
480Gudepu tankEdaraAgiripalliNuzvid48.93
481Kurividi tankEdaraAgiripalliNuzvid6.35
482Malikikunta tankEdaraAgiripalliNuzvid42.97
483Telugu kuntaEdaraAgiripalliNuzvid47.59
484Perantala kuntaEdaraAgiripalliNuzvid9.91
485Komati kuntaEdaraAgiripalliNuzvid28.86
486Uppara tankEdaraAgiripalliNuzvid33.58
487Edula tankEdaraAgiripalliNuzvid43.98
488Lakshmisagaram tankEdaraAgiripalliNuzvid98.86
489Velagala tankNarasingapalemAgiripalliNuzvid29.58
490Nurugulamma tankKalaturuAgiripalliNuzvid28.07
491Suraiah tankKalaturuAgiripalliNuzvid13.52
492Sobhanadri tankKalaturuAgiripalliNuzvid47.99
493Ura TankKalaturuAgiripalliNuzvid55.33
494Kurividi tankKalaturuAgiripalliNuzvid28.61
495Suramma TankKalaturuAgiripalliNuzvid90.88
496Ura tankPothavarapaduAgiripalliNuzvid8.52
497Chinnarla kuntaPothavarapaduAgiripalliNuzvid24.02
498Peddarla kuntaPothavarapaduAgiripalliNuzvid31.65
499Panthulugari tankPothavarapaduAgiripalliNuzvid21.60
500Pedda tankPothavarapaduAgiripalliNuzvid20.46
501Mangali kuntaPothavarapaduAgiripalliNuzvid21.70
502Nugondaplli Peda TankPothavarapaduAgiripalliNuzvid65.04
503Sattambula TankBoddanapalliAgiripalliNuzvid50.11
504Rekapalli TankBoddanapalliAgiripalliNuzvid88.36
505Asini kuntaBoddanapalliAgiripalliNuzvid26.39
506Pangadaiah tankBoddanapalliAgiripalliNuzvid39.98
507Supply channel of Alluramma tankBoddanapalliAgiripalliNuzvid10.01
508Nalla neeti kalvaBoddanapalliAgiripalliNuzvid21.30
509Teegala tankBoddanapalliAgiripalliNuzvid10.67
510Subbanna tankBoddanapalliAgiripalliNuzvid14.58
511kattu kalvaBoddanapalliAgiripalliNuzvid8.55
512Jammi kuntaBoddanapalliAgiripalliNuzvid47.32
513Jogiraju kuntaBoddanapalliAgiripalliNuzvid11.37
514Eedula TankSagguruAgiripalliNuzvid68.00
515Kotha tankSagguruAgiripalliNuzvid34.94
516Chalamaiah tankKrishnavaramAgiripalliNuzvid30.64
517Narasiah tankSuravaramAgiripalliNuzvid10.01
518Peta tankSuravaramAgiripalliNuzvid15.00
519Janikamma TankSuravaramAgiripalliNuzvid92.46
520Dhanekula Subbaiah tankVadlamanuAgiripalliNuzvid49.40
521Gudepu kunta tankTadepalliAgiripalliNuzvid22.86
522Ura tankTadepalliAgiripalliNuzvid39.04
523Badava tankTadepalliAgiripalliNuzvid45.39
525Ravi TankKanasanipalliAgiripalliNuzvid65.63
526Krishnasagaram tank of VattigudipaduAgiripalliNuzvid70.84
527Lingam TankVattigudipaduAgiripalliNuzvid51.77
528Narasaiah tankVattigudipaduAgiripalliNuzvid40.10
529Narasaiah tankAnanthasagaramAgiripalliNuzvid19.27
530Korlagunta tankAnanthasagaramAgiripalliNuzvid19.27
531Yerra TankNugondapalliAgiripalliNuzvid79.42
532Kotha TankG.KandrikaAgiripalliNuzvid69.73
533Patha tankG.KandrikaAgiripalliNuzvid40.71
534Pedda TankEedula gudemAgiripalliNuzvid92.42
535Kurividi tankEedula gudemAgiripalliNuzvid9.98
536Kunta tankEedula gudemAgiripalliNuzvid5.68
537Bokkisa TankPinnammareddi palliAgiripalliNuzvid94.49
538Nandi tankPinnammareddi palliAgiripalliNuzvid22.34
539Kotha tankPinnammareddi palliAgiripalliNuzvid15.00
540Challavari kuntaPinnamma reddi palliAgiripalliNuzvid65.28
541Ura TankChopparam metlaAgiripalliNuzvid36.35
542Narasaiah TankChopparam metlaAgiripalliNuzvid86.39
543Ura TankAmmavarigudemAgiripalliNuzvid88.95
544Puli charlavani tankAgiripalliAgiripalliNuzvid39.91
545Ralla tankAgiripalliAgiripalliNuzvid18.78
546Peda ravi tankAgiripalliAgiripalliNuzvid48.68
547Kurividi tankAgiripalliAgiripalliNuzvid11.76
548Kumpini vaguAgiripalliAgiripalliNuzvid32.91
549Agraharam tankMalleswaramAgiripalliNuzvid16.23
 Nuzvid Assembly Constituency Total11244.11
Jaggiahpet Assembly Constituency  
Jaggiahpet Mandal   
550Bandham TankChillakalluJaggaiahpetJaggaiahpet61.31
551Ramaraju TankMalkapuramJaggaiahpetJaggaiahpet58.61
552Patha tankPochampalliJaggaiahpetJaggaiahpet56.39
553Panta tankGowravaramJaggaiahpetJaggaiahpet72.08
554Agraharam tankK. AgraharamJaggaiahpetJaggaiahpet10.13
555Ura tankDachavaramJaggaiahpetJaggaiahpet31.58
Total   290.10
Penuganchiprolu Mandal   
556Bandham TankThotacharlaPenuganchiproluJaggaiahpet36.00
Vatsavai Mandal   
557Nalla tankDechupalemVatsavaiJaggaiahpet61.28
558Yerra tankDechupalemVatsavaiJaggaiahpet25.01
559Ramaraju TankMalkapuramVatsavaiJaggaiahpet64.25
560Golla tankLingalaVatsavaiJaggaiahpet92.91
561Ura TankDabbakapalliVatsavaiJaggaiahpet80.06
562Ura TankVatsavaiVatsavaiJaggaiahpet23.72
563Chinna TankMangolluVatsavaiJaggaiahpet22.04
564Pedda tankMangolluVatsavaiJaggaiahpet33.06
565Ramballa tankPolampalliVatsavaiJaggaiahpet45.66
566Bandham TankMakkapetaVatsavaiJaggaiahpet47.44
567Nalla tankKhambampaduVatsavaiJaggaiahpet38.55
569Ura TankGangavalliVatsavaiJaggaiahpet23.72
 Jaggiahpet Assembly Constituency913.97
Nandigama Assembly Constituency  
Veerulapadu Mandal   
570Gubbala tankNarasimharao palemVeerulapaduNandigama53.99
571Chintala vaguChowtapalliVeerulapaduNandigama68.03
572Pedda tankVellankiVeerulapaduNandigama72.15
573Chinna TankVellankiVeerulapaduNandigama30.39
574Tank No. 8RangapuramVeerulapaduNandigama78.03
Kanchikacherla Mandal   
575Ura tankPerikallapaduKanchikacherlaNandigama72.65
576Subbaraju TankGandepalliKanchikacherlaNandigama72.65
Chandarlapadu Mandal   
577Ura TankThotaravullapaduchandarlapaduNandigama59.70
578Nalla tankTurlapaduchandarlapaduNandigama84.58
579Nalla tankChandarlapaduchandarlapaduNandigama34.64
Nandigama Mandal   
580Ura TankKanchelaNandigamaNandigama63.13
581Ura TankTorragudipaduNandigamaNandigama12.16
582Nalla tankPedavaramNandigamaNandigama34.89
 Nandigama Assembly Constituency Total736.99
Mylavaram Assembly Constituency  
Reddigudem Mandal   
583Juvvi TankPata NaguluruReddigudemMylavaram71.02
584Komati kunta Pata NaguluruReddigudemMylavaram71.29
585Yerra CheruvuPata NaguluruReddigudemMylavaram55.72
586Seshaiah cheruvuPata NaguluruReddigudemMylavaram19.55
587Asanna kuntaKotha NaguluruReddigudemMylavaram19.32
588Budhavani kuntaKotha NaguluruReddigudemMylavaram48.28
589Sainna kuntaKotha NaguluruReddigudemMylavaram48.18
590Lingam kuntaReddigudemReddigudemMylavaram70.03
591Subbarayudi kuntaReddigudemReddigudemMylavaram18.90
592Battuvani kuntaReddigudemReddigudemMylavaram78.50
593Varla kuntaReddigudemReddigudemMylavaram37.29
594Pedda reddi kuntaReddigudemReddigudemMylavaram27.58
595M. Kotaiah tankReddigudemReddigudemMylavaram9.07
596Aruna kuntaReddigudemReddigudemMylavaram11.74
597Ramanna cheruvuReddigudemReddigudemMylavaram11.74
598Lacha TankMuchinapalliReddigudemMylavaram87.70
599Kotha CheruvuMuchinapalliReddigudemMylavaram61.87
600Perantala kuntaMaddulaparvaReddigudemMylavaram57.72
601Potti kuntaMaddulaparvaReddigudemMylavaram16.85
602Yerra vabni kuntaMaddulaparvaReddigudemMylavaram96.99
603Lakshmidevaramma tankMaddulaparvaReddigudemMylavaram13.64
604Gopala TankKunapurajuparvaReddigudemMylavaram65.28
605Pedda TankKunapurajuparvaReddigudemMylavaram64.02
606Timmmaneni vari cheruvuKunapurajuparvaReddigudemMylavaram11.98
607Ponnaganti vani kuntaKunapurajuparvaReddigudemMylavaram41.46
608Singavarapu kuntaKunapurajuparvaReddigudemMylavaram98.64
609Siva Ramaiah tankKudpaReddigudemMylavaram19.99
610Tandaarivani kuntaRudravramReddigudemMylavaram10.92
611Reddi kuntaRudravramReddigudemMylavaram7.71
612Mangapati tankRudravramReddigudemMylavaram19.32
613Chakali kuntaRangapuramReddigudemMylavaram67.78
614Pulla ReddiRangapuramReddigudemMylavaram50.53
615Basavaiah kuntaRangapuramReddigudemMylavaram10.80
616Kuntla cheruvuRangapuramReddigudemMylavaram40.01
617Lachi reddi kuntaRangapuramReddigudemMylavaram30.00
618Gajula cheruvuRangapuramReddigudemMylavaram40.01
619Ura tankRangapuramReddigudemMylavaram36.00
621Subbarayudi kuntaRangapuramReddigudemMylavaram36.00
622Seetharamudi kuntaRangapuramReddigudemMylavaram40.01
623Kothavani kuntaNarukullapaduReddigudemMylavaram30.59
624Yerra CheruvuNarukullapaduReddigudemMylavaram11.05
625Battuvani kuntaNarukullapaduReddigudemMylavaram19.99
626Tukkulavani kuntaNarukullapaduReddigudemMylavaram13.99
627Ura CheruvuAnna Rao petReddigudemMylavaram86.31
628Koppula tankAnna Rao petReddigudemMylavaram25.01
629pedda tankAnna Rao petReddigudemMylavaram3.51
Konduru Mandal   
630Ura TankChegireddy paduG.KonduruMylavaram72.97
631Kurividi TankKandulapadu G.KonduruMylavaram34.47
632Peda kurividi TankChevuturuG.KonduruMylavaram77.37
633Muchivani tankChevuturuG.KonduruMylavaram47.99
634Perantala tankChevuturuG.KonduruMylavaram48.31
635Tummala tankChevuturuG.KonduruMylavaram48.43
636China kurividi tankChevuturuG.KonduruMylavaram38.89
637Savarala tank AtukuruG.KonduruMylavaram91.43
638Kurividi TankAtukuruG.KonduruMylavaram15.25
639Yerra kuntaPertrampaduG.KonduruMylavaram28.00
640Ura tankGurrajupalemG.KonduruMylavaram33.93
641Ura tankKoduruG.KonduruMylavaram34.05
642Jammili kunta tankBhimavarappaduG.KonduruMylavaram44.28
643Akkula tankH. MutyalampaduG.KonduruMylavaram39.07
644Ura tankH. MutyalampaduG.KonduruMylavaram29.33
645Pata tankNarasayagudemG.KonduruMylavaram27.77
646Ura tankGanginenipalemG.KonduruMylavaram31.43
647Panta tankGanginenipalemG.KonduruMylavaram46.38
648Dharma tankGanginenipalemG.KonduruMylavaram29.92
649Sivaiah tankK.PothavaramG.KonduruMylavaram34.03
Mylavaram Mandal   
650Mutyalamma TankPulluruMylavaramMylavaram60.79
651Ura TankPulluruMylavaramMylavaram52.85
652Kapula kunta tankPulluruMylavaramMylavaram10.01
653Mangapati tankPulluruMylavaramMylavaram15.00
654Ballamma TankJanagana palliMylavaramMylavaram57.40
655Ura TankJanagana palliMylavaramMylavaram24.71
656Pedda TankPondugulaMylavaramMylavaram52.90
657Chinna TankPondugulaMylavaramMylavaram21.99
658Mallaiah kunta tankChandragudemMylavaramMylavaram7.39
659Devatala tankChandragudemMylavaramMylavaram22.91
660Buchiraju tankDasullapalemMylavaramMylavaram20.53
661Kurividi tankMorsumilliMylavaramMylavaram22.46
662Chinna TankMylavaramMylavaramMylavaram25.30
663Pedda tankMylavaramMylavaramMylavaram37.34
664Kotha bandham tankVelvadamMylavaramMylavaram10.01
665Supply channel MylavaramMylavaram34.96
666Galla tankKeerthirayanigudemMylavaramMylavaram19.00
667Narasaiah TankKeerthirayanigudemMylavaramMylavaram11.59
668Kannemarla tankKannemarlaMylavaramMylavaram13.02
669Perantala tankChandralaMylavaramMylavaram20.19
670Pullambotla tankChandralaMylavaramMylavaram32.00
671Tummala kunta tankT. GannavaramMylavaramMylavaram45.79
Vijayawada Rural Mandal   
672Venkatachelam tankK.TadepalliVijayawada ( R )Mylavaram72.67
673Buchiraju tankK. TadepalliVijayawada ( R )Mylavaram33.11
674Chinna Tank (Tunga tank)VemavaramVijayawada ( R )Mylavaram57.28
675Govindaraju TankVemavaramVijayawada ( R )Mylavaram63.21
676Yerra tankPatapaduVijayawada ( R )Mylavaram90.29
677Subbamma tankPatapaduVijayawada ( R )Mylavaram25.01
678Kukkalavani tankP. NainavaramVijayawada ( R )Mylavaram25.65
679Yerra tankP. NainavaramVijayawada ( R )Mylavaram17.22
680Ura tankP. NainavaramVijayawada ( R )Mylavaram5.31
681Pullaiah & Yerra tankNunnaVijayawada ( R )Mylavaram39.98
Ibrahimpatnam Mandal   
682Ura tankElaproluIbrahimpatnamMylavaram46.01
683Akkuvani tankKondapalliIbrahimpatnamMylavaram49.99
684Dharmasala tankKachavaramIbrahimpatnamMylavaram20.00
 Mylavaram Assembly Constituency Total3876.06
Tiruvuru Assembly Constituency  
Vissannapet Mandal   
685Mallappa TankPutrelaVissannapetTiruvuru69.98
687Ura tankPutrelaVissannapetTiruvuru40.92
688Lingamraju tankPutrelaVissannapetTiruvuru38.60
689Kotha tankPutrelaVissannapetTiruvuru32.32
690Patha tankPutrelaVissannapetTiruvuru37.07
691Golla kunta tankTatakuntlaVissannapetTiruvuru38.00
692Polaiah kuntaTatakuntlaVissannapetTiruvuru32.44
693Ammavari TankTatakuntlaVissannapetTiruvuru51.92
694Lingamma kuntaTatakuntlaVissannapetTiruvuru50.06
695Bakkanna kuntaTatakuntlaVissannapetTiruvuru49.54
696Gowrappa kuntaTatakuntlaVissannapetTiruvuru31.88
697Kotha tankTatakuntlaVissannapetTiruvuru17.47
698Muttaiah tankTatakuntlaVissannapetTiruvuru14.95
699Amma tankTatakuntlaVissannapetTiruvuru27.13
700Mangali kuntaTatakuntlaVissannapetTiruvuru81.69
701Brahmanna TankKorlamandaVissannapetTiruvuru72.47
702Tummala TankKorlamandaVissannapetTiruvuru54.19
703Narasimha sagaram TankKorlamandaVissannapetTiruvuru33.63
704Kotha tankKorlamandaVissannapetTiruvuru37.56
705Vavilala tankTelladevarapalliVissannapetTiruvuru52.63
706Talla TankTelladevarapalliVissannapetTiruvuru70.08
707Mutyalamma TankTelladevarapalliVissannapetTiruvuru40.92
708Tirtuvalavari kuntaVissannapetVissannapetTiruvuru40.09
709Marri kuntaVissannapetVissannapetTiruvuru40.90
710Buchamma tankVissannapetVissannapetTiruvuru23.47
712Koneru tankVissannapetVissannapetTiruvuru22.96
713Ananthappa kunta tankVissannapetVissannapetTiruvuru40.67
714Komati kuntaVissannapetVissannapetTiruvuru14.88
715Kamarla kuntaVissannapetVissannapetTiruvuru24.81
716Dadigam vari tankVissannapetVissannapetTiruvuru26.64
717Ingava tankKondaparvaVissannapetTiruvuru45.61
718Yerra CheruvuKondaparvaVissannapetTiruvuru60.84
719Janta kuntaKondaparvaVissannapetTiruvuru49.37
720Kotha tankKondaparvaVissannapetTiruvuru34.42
721Rama samudramKondaparvaVissannapetTiruvuru20.76
722Rama SamudramKalagaraVissannapetTiruvuru91.28
723Chandramma TankKalagaraVissannapetTiruvuru84.68
724Ravi CheruvuKalagaraVissannapetTiruvuru77.59
725Kowruvari kuntaKalagaraVissannapetTiruvuru86.26
727Appra Rayudu TankVemireddipalliVissannapetTiruvuru80.85
728Pillavani kuntaVemireddipalliVissannapetTiruvuru4.87
730Ganga samudramVemireddipalliVissannapetTiruvuru55.87
731Hanumanthuni sagaramVemireddipalliVissannapetTiruvuru60.00
732Kakarlavari kuntaChandrupatlaVissannapetTiruvuru5.93
733Seshamma tankChandrupatlaVissannapetTiruvuru44.28
734Chowdari TankChandrupatlaVissannapetTiruvuru88.46
735Edula tank KondaparvaVissannapetTiruvuru92.49
736Basavanna tankNarasapuramVissannapetTiruvuru15.07
737Kurividi TankNarasapuramVissannapetTiruvuru18.11
738Chennaiah kuntaNarasapuramVissannapetTiruvuru9.76
739Regadi vaguNarasapuramVissannapetTiruvuru21.99
740Komati kuntaNarasapuramVissannapetTiruvuru24.59
Tiruvuru Mandal   
741Golla TankRamannapalemTiruvuruTiruvuru55.40
742Barrinkala kuntaChittelaTiruvuruTiruvuru62.66
743Kotha TankPeddavaramTiruvuruTiruvuru63.38
744Padamati tankPedavaramTiruvuruTiruvuru16.98
745Gandhi tankPedavaramTiruvuruTiruvuru3.36
746Gurrapu vagu damPedavaramTiruvuruTiruvuru11.24
748Ura tankGanugapaduTiruvuruTiruvuru44.38
749Nalla vaguGanugapaduTiruvuruTiruvuru30.42
750Mukundara damGanugapaduTiruvuruTiruvuru19.00
751Gundamma durgam damGanugapaduTiruvuruTiruvuru25.08
752Ura TankGanugapaduTiruvuruTiruvuru25.08
753Pardhasaradhi sagaram tank MallelaTiruvuruTiruvuru84.21
754Vadlabathula TankMallelaTiruvuruTiruvuru59.63
755Vijaya Ramaiah TankMallelaTiruvuruTiruvuru51.92
756Parikala kuntaVavilalaTiruvuruTiruvuru30.42
757Dulla kuntaVavilalaTiruvuruTiruvuru70.05
758Tamballa vari kuntaRajupetaTiruvuruTiruvuru70.00
759Kangula tankRajupetaTiruvuruTiruvuru49.62
760Jambavathula damRajupetaTiruvuruTiruvuru24.02
761Seshaiah tankRajupetaTiruvuruTiruvuru37.73
762Jangamvari kuntaRajupetaTiruvuruTiruvuru24.02
763Yerra TankRamannapalemTiruvuruTiruvuru84.01
764Kakarla Check damRamannapalemTiruvuruTiruvuru98.84
765Vedulla vagu supply channelRamannapalemTiruvuruTiruvuru30.00
766Narasanna tankRamannapalemTiruvuruTiruvuru18.14
767Marri kuntaRamannapalemTiruvuruTiruvuru22.24
768Kotha tankRamannapalemTiruvuruTiruvuru47.00
769Komati kuntaLakshmipuramTiruvuruTiruvuru6.00
770Ankamma cheruvuLakshmipuramTiruvuruTiruvuru34.15
771Pataguttlavari tankAnjaneyapuramTiruvuruTiruvuru24.02
772Talla TankAnjaneyapuramTiruvuruTiruvuru49.27
773Kakulla damAnjaneyapuramTiruvuruTiruvuru17.99
774Ravikunta tank LakhshmipuramTiruvuruTiruvuru75.71
775Distribution dam of chinna tankAkkapalemTiruvuruTiruvuru20.21
776Ralla tankAkkapalemTiruvuruTiruvuru15.37
777Chinna tankAkkapalemTiruvuruTiruvuru49.42
778Nalla vaguRolupudiTiruvuruTiruvuru31.85
779Ura tankYerramaduTiruvuruTiruvuru35.01
780Yerra tankYerramaduTiruvuruTiruvuru31.73
781Gurrapu vagu supply channel No.1MustikuntlaTiruvuruTiruvuru44.03
782Gurrapu vagu supply channel No.2MustikuntlaTiruvuruTiruvuru14.43
783Vamakuntla Check DamVamakuntlaTiruvuruTiruvuru56.83
784Brahmana cheruvuVamakuntlaTiruvuruTiruvuru15.20
785Gangadevi kuntaVamakuntlaTiruvuruTiruvuru21.00
786Ralla vagu distribution channelVamakuntlaTiruvuruTiruvuru42.03
787Ralla vagu check damVamakuntlaTiruvuruTiruvuru40.01
788Kotha tankKokilampaduTiruvuruTiruvuru20.66
789Dharmala cheruvuMunakolluTiruvuruTiruvuru40.13
Gampalagudem Mandal   
790Ura TankLingalaGampalagudemTiruvuru68.87
791Lingala bandham tankLingalaGampalagudemTiruvuru30.00
792Yerra tankLingalaGampalagudemTiruvuru34.15
793Ura TankMeduruGampalagudemTiruvuru53.35
794Mangaiah kunta MeduruGampalagudemTiruvuru63.65
795Bommidala kuntaMeduruGampalagudemTiruvuru13.44
796Ura TankArlapaduGampalagudemTiruvuru13.02
797Lingamaneni tankPenugolanuGampalagudemTiruvuru38.00
798Pala vagu distributory channelDundiralapaduGampalagudemTiruvuru22.04
799Yerra TankUtukuruGampalagudemTiruvuru50.51
800Yerra tankUtukuruGampalagudemTiruvuru46.45
801Vaddera tankUtukuruGampalagudemTiruvuru47.02
802Ramireddi kuntaKothapalliGampalagudemTiruvuru35.16
803Punnamma kuntaKothapalliGampalagudemTiruvuru11.00
804Mogullavagu kuntaKothapalliGampalagudemTiruvuru49.52
805Marlakunta KothapalliGampalagudemTiruvuru55.03
806Chintalavari Check damChennavaramGampalagudemTiruvuru61.78
807Yerra tankChennavaramGampalagudemTiruvuru30.22
808Nemali tankNemaliGampalagudemTiruvuru45.00
809Pedda raju kuntaKomiraGampalagudemTiruvuru13.10
811Nalla tankKomiraGampalagudemTiruvuru40.01
812Vadlavani tankKomiraGampalagudemTiruvuru40.01
813Yerra TankKomiraGampalagudemTiruvuru53.32
814Kotha TankVinagadapaGampalagudemTiruvuru59.43
815Venugopalaswamy kunta VinagadapaGampalagudemTiruvuru7.34
816Sri Rama chandra sagarVinagadapaGampalagudemTiruvuru17.90
817Yerra tankVinagadapaGampalagudemTiruvuru34.15
818Pangidi tankVinagadapaGampalagudemTiruvuru36.40
819Bogamdanikunta tankMeduruGampalagudemTiruvuru82.44
820Nalla tankKonijerlaGampalagudemTiruvuru67.94
821Nalla tankKonijerlaGampalagudemTiruvuru35.90
822Papamma kunta tankGampalagudemGampalagudemTiruvuru14.23
823Madhavasagaram supply channelGullapudiGampalagudemTiruvuru21.99
824Gantla tankGullapudiGampalagudemTiruvuru42.01
825Madhavasagaram GullapudiGampalagudemTiruvuru41.96
826Yerra tankGullapudiGampalagudemTiruvuru23.47
827Ralla samudram tankGosaveeduGampalagudemTiruvuru29.78
828Akkappa tankGosaveeduGampalagudemTiruvuru37.07
A.Konduru Mandal   
829Tirupathamma tankKhambampaduA.KonduruTiruvuru88.68
830Kotha tankCheemalapaduA.KonduruTiruvuru19.55
831Regula tankCheemalapaduA.KonduruTiruvuru5.16
832Ginnikoyya tankCheemalapaduA.KonduruTiruvuru38.99
833Komati tankPolisettipaduA.KonduruTiruvuru3.29
834Cheviti TankPolisettipaduA.KonduruTiruvuru3.98
835Yerra tankPolisettipaduA.KonduruTiruvuru28.24
836Ura tankVallampatlaA.KonduruTiruvuru7.36
837Muttarasula tankVallampatlaA.KonduruTiruvuru4.6
838Sunnapuralu tankVallampatlaA.KonduruTiruvuru16.38
839Cheviti TankKoduruA.KonduruTiruvuru5.98
840Durgamma tankKoduruA.KonduruTiruvuru7.98
841Uta vagu drainKoduruA.KonduruTiruvuru19.55
842Ura tankKoduruA.KonduruTiruvuru6.35
843Uttarapu tankGollamandalaA.KonduruTiruvuru8.99
844Thurpu TankGollamandalaA.KonduruTiruvuru30.27
845Suraiah TankMadhavaramA.KonduruTiruvuru4.99
846Ura tankMadhavaramA.KonduruTiruvuru25.01
847Challaiah TankMadhavaramA.KonduruTiruvuru31.36
848Sivaraju TankMadhavaramA.KonduruTiruvuru33.09
849Cheviti TankMarepalliA.KonduruTiruvuru27.28
850Ura TankA.KonduruA.KonduruTiruvuru25.01
851Check damA.KonduruA.KonduruTiruvuru149.47
 Tiruvuru Assembly Constituency Total6344.87
Gannavaram Assembly Constituency  
Gannavaram Mandal   
852Kalavalakunta tankKothagudemGannavaramGannavaram71.31
853Yerra tankAllapuramGannavaramGannavaram54.36
854Suraiah TankVedurupavuluruGannavaramGannavaram65.43
855Dasarikunta tankVedurupavuluruGannavaramGannavaram51.77
856Patha tankVedurupavuluruGannavaramGannavaram38.33
857Perumalla kunta tankVedurupavuluruGannavaramGannavaram1.95
858Poleramma tankChinaoutapalliGannavaramGannavaram30.00
859Kotha tankSurampalliGannavaramGannavaram73.34
860Gabbilala tankSurampalliGannavaramGannavaram46.33
861Uppalapatikunta tankSurampalliGannavaramGannavaram86.98
862Dubbalakunta tankKondapavuluruGannavaramGannavaram56.96
863Ravi kunta tankKondapavuluruGannavaramGannavaram42.87
864Chinnappa tankKondapavuluruGannavaramGannavaram9.59
865Pedda tankKondapavuluruGannavaramGannavaram15.17
866Mangali kunta tankKondapavuluruGannavaramGannavaram38.75
867Chinnappa tankKondapavuluruGannavaramGannavaram0.54
868Rayana tankChikkavaramGannavaramGannavaram87.55
869Sundaraiah tankChikkavaramGannavaramGannavaram79.64
870Subbanna tankChikkavaramGannavaramGannavaram30.00
871Kotha tankChikkavaramGannavaramGannavaram42.01
872Jantakunta tankGollanapalliGannavaramGannavaram80.26
873Raavi kunta tankGollanapalliGannavaramGannavaram37.29
874Panta tankBalliparruGannavaramGannavaram79.52
876Akkaiah kunta tankPurushothamapatnamGannavaramGannavaram42.33
877Yerra tankKesarapalliGannavaramGannavaram4.99
878Akkaiah kunta tankB.B. gudemGannavaramGannavaram36.00
879Chinna tankRamachandrapuramGannavaramGannavaram20.46
Unguturu Mandal   
880Talla TankPeda-OutapalliUnguturuGannavaram90.86
881Mallepu Raju kuntaTelaproluUnguturuGannavaram80.06
882Somaiah tankPottipaduUnguturuGannavaram24.71
Bapulapadu Mandal   
883Pedda mallemma tankVeleruBapulapaduGannavaram68.00
884Singarapu Rayavani kuntaVeleruBapulapaduGannavaram83.69
885China Mallamma kuntaVeleruBapulapaduGannavaram62.02
886Mosalla kuntaVeleruBapulapaduGannavaram20.34
887Bandavari tankBapulapaduBapulapaduGannavaram18.51
888Suramma tankBapulapaduBapulapaduGannavaram56.83
889Vinayaka tankBapulapaduBapulapaduGannavaram39.54
890Ura tankBommaluruBapulapaduGannavaram46.31
891Pedagandipadu tankBommaluruBapulapaduGannavaram74.99
892Bhojanala kuntaRanganna gudemBapulapaduGannavaram58.07
893Ura tankRanganna gudemBapulapaduGannavaram56.83
894Kurividi tankRanganna gudemBapulapaduGannavaram45.00
895Mangali tankSobhanadri puramBapulapaduGannavaram54.36
896Tabeti kuntaSobhanadri puramBapulapaduGannavaram2.72
897Vatsavari tankSobhanadri puramBapulapaduGannavaram24.71
898Kotha tankMedicherlaBapulapaduGannavaram54.29
899Balusuvani tankKodurupaduBapulapaduGannavaram73.88
900Yellaiah tankKodurupaduBapulapaduGannavaram24.71
901Bheemula kuntaKodurupaduBapulapaduGannavaram29.65
902Peddi kuntaKodurupaduBapulapaduGannavaram29.65
903Chintaiah tankKodurupaduBapulapaduGannavaram34.59
904Elakkayala gandi tankKodurupaduBapulapaduGannavaram20.00
905Balaiah KuntaK. Seetharama puram(Kanumolu)BapulapaduGannavaram82.78
906Ura tankK. Seetharama puram(Kanumolu)BapulapaduGannavaram81.30
907Kolusuvani tankKothapalliBapulapaduGannavaram9.88
908Potlakayala kuntaKothapalliBapulapaduGannavaram34.59
909Ura tankKothapalliBapulapaduGannavaram49.42
910Lanjalavani tankKothapalliBapulapaduGannavaram25.00
911Ramileti VaguKoyyuruBapulapaduGannavaram89.75
912Gadipothula tank of MallavalliMallavalliBapulapaduGannavaram61.82
913Kotha tankVeeravalliBapulapaduGannavaram78.98
914Nerella tankVeeravalliBapulapaduGannavaram17.69
915Thokala tankRemalliBapulapaduGannavaram44.71
916Ura tankRemalliBapulapaduGannavaram39.54
917Raavi tankRemalliBapulapaduGannavaram29.65
918Totla tankRemalliBapulapaduGannavaram39.54
919Tummala TankRemalliBapulapaduGannavaram39.54
920Singannacodu check damRemalliBapulapaduGannavaram29.65
921Panta cheruvuBandarugudemBapulapaduGannavaram24.71
922Subbamma tankBandarugudemBapulapaduGannavaram24.71
923Kondapavuluru tankBillanapalliBapulapaduGannavaram21.23
924Jaganmohana tankBillanapalliBapulapaduGannavaram14.88
Gannavaram Assembly Constituency3250.42
PR TOTAL26366.42
1. Ayacut Irrigated Particulars of Paddy crop in Khariff 2014
2. Ayacut Irrigated Particulars of Paddy crop in Rabi 2014
3. Statement Showing the List of DC/WUA's Under Krishna Eastern Delta