Chittoor District is situated in South Eastern part of Andhra Pradesh in Rayalaseema Region. The District is located in Geographic coordinates of 12° 37' to 14° 08' of North latitude and 78° 33' to 79° 55' of the Eastern Longitude. The population of the District is 41,70,468 (2011 census).The District is surrounded by Nellore, Kadapa, Ananthapur Districts and bordered by Tamilnadu and Karnataka States. There are 8 main River basins in the District Viz: Swarnamukhi, Kalangi, Arani, Kushastali, Palar (including Koundinya, Bheema, chittoor&Ponniar), Cheyyeru, Papagni and Upputeru (Major basin Pennar). The Diatrict principally depends upon Agriculture. The principal crops are Paddy, Sugarcane and Ground nut.

The District headquarter is connected by Broad-Gauge Railway line from Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Bangalore. The famous temple of Lord Sri VenkateswaraSwamy of Tirumala and the temple city Tirupati lies in the District. The Tirupati city is connected all over the country by Railways, Airways and Roadways. The area of the District is covered under Major Irrigation, Medium Irrigation and Minor Irrigation Sources. The Major Irrigation projects are NTR-Telugu Ganga Project (NTR-TGP), Handri Neeva Sujala Sravanthi (H.N.S.S) and Galeru Nagari Sujala Sravanthi (G.N.S.S).

There are 3 No. of completed Medium Irrigation Projects in the District Viz: Swarnamukhi Anicut System, Araniar and Krishnapuram with total ayacut of 21,875 Acres. There are 668Nos of Minor Irrigation Sources (more than 100 acres )with an ayacut of 1,69,218 Acres, including 5 Nos of Medium projects transferred as Minor Projects as their ayacut is less than 5000 Acres. In addition there are 7395Nos ofMinor Irrigation Sources (less than 100 acres) with an ayacut of 1,36,618Acres.

S.No Name of the Basin % of the total Geographical area of District
1 Swarnamukhi River Basin 15.31
2 Kalangi River Basin 6.29
3 Araniar River Basin 6.15
4 Kushastali River Basin 6.02
5 Palar River Basin 32.85
6 Papagni River Basin 9.80
7 Cheyyeru River Basin 23.03
8 Upputeru (Major Basin: Pennar) 0.55
Total 100.00

The Structure of Irrigation Circle, Chittoor is as follows. There are Five Irrigation divisions, 24 No. of Sub-Divisions, having the jurisdiction of 66 mandals of Chittoor district and 2 mandals of Nellore District (in which 7 system tanks of Medium Irrigation source namely SwarnamukhiAnicut) are under control of Irrigation Circle, Chittoor. The details of Irrigation divisions are 1) Irrigation Division, Srikalahasti 2) Irrigation Division, Tirupati3) Irrigation Division, Chittoor 4) Irrigation Division, Palamaner and 5) Irrigation Division, Madanapalle.

Sociological features such as population, literacy rate etc.

Population - 4170468 No's - 100 %

Literacy - 2711432 No's - 72.36%

Geographical Area Area ( in acres) in % with total area
Total geographical area 37,43,565 100
Forest area 11,25,990 30.08
Cultivable area 4,08,797 10.92
Barren and un culturable land 4,15,904 11.11
Land put to Non Agricultural use 3,61,777 9.66
Sown area 9,97,726 26.65
Irrigated area 4,33,507 11.58
Normal Average Rainfall 934 mm
Details Of Irrigation Projects
S.No Projects Nos Ayacut in acres
A Completed Projects
I Major Irrigation Projects Nil Nil
II Medium Irrigation Projects 3
a) Swarnamukhi Anicut 1 10,200
b) Araniar Project 1 5500
c) Krishnapuram Reservoir 1 6125
III Minor Irrigation Projects/Schemes
1 Minor Projects transferred from Medium
a) Kalangi Reservoir 1 4650
b) Mallimadugu Reservoir 1 3951
c) Bahuda Reservoir 1 2884
d) Pedderu Reservoir 1 4300
e) Siddalagandi Reservoir 1 225
2 M.I. Tanks (>100Ac) 668 169218
3 M.I. Tanks (<100Ac) 7,395 136609
B Ongoing Projects
I Major Irrigation
a) NTR Telugu Ganga Project 1 54,326(Contempalted) and 22,826(Created)
b) Galeru Nagari Sujala Sravanthi Project 1 1,03,500
c) Handri Neeva Sujala Savanthi Scheme 1 1,81,400
II Medium Irrigation Projects
a) Krishnapuram Project near Krishnapuram (v) 1 6125(Contemplated)
b) Araniar project near Pitchatur(v) 1 5500(Contemplated) and 3200(Created)
c) SwarnamukhiAnicut System 1 10200(Contemplated) and 8646(Created)
III Minor Irrigation Projects
a) M.I. Tanks (>100Ac) 668 169218
b) M.I. Tanks (<100Ac) 7,395 136609
1. Telugu Ganga Project

SatyaSai Ganga Canal ( K.P.Canal ) runs for a length of 151.887 Kms from Kandaleru Reservoir upto Andhra Pradesh / Tamilnadu border to irrigate 3,00,000 Acres in Nellore and Chittoor Districts in addition to supply of 15 TMC of drinking water to Chennai city. The canal takes off from the Right side of Kandaleru Reservoir with sill level at +60.000 M and with a head discharge of 113.27 cumecs (4000 Cusecs). The ayacut of 3,00,000 Acres under SatyaSai Ganga Canal is distributed through 1 to 9 Branch Canals in Nellore and Chittoor Districts. The T.G.P & GNSS. Circle, Srikalahasti is entrusted the C.C. lining works in the balance reaches of S.S.G.Canal from Km.0.000 to Km.151.887 and also execution of 6th to 9th Branch Canals & their distributory systems to provide irrigation facilities to a contemplated Ayacut of 1,45,000 (Nellore :90674 Acres, Chittor:54326 Acres)

Salient Features

Excavation of the entire length of SatyaSai Ganga Canal (the then K.P.Canal) was completed, including construction of structures.C.C. Lining for Canal Bed and Sides was done at most vulnerable reaches by the Department and by Sri SatyaSai Charitable Trust.

Before Jalayagnam, against the contemplated Ayacut of 17,352 Acres under the distributariesof 7th Branch Canal (except 13L, 14R, 15L majors), 7A, 7B, 8A-1R Branch Canals, Ayacut to an extent of 17,664Acs is identified and 16,003Acs of Ayacut was developed. Action is being initiated to develop balance Ayacut of 1349 Acres.

During Jalayagnam balance lining works of S.S.G.Canal between Km 0.000 to Km 151.887 to a length of Km 73.350 and balance contemplated Ayacut 0f 76,776 Acres was taken up under E.P.C. turnkey System in two No's of packages, viz., T.G.P. packages No. 10 & 11.

Components of Package-10 work:

a) Lining of Canal: 51.345 Kms

b) Excavation of Branch Canals ie., 6 Branch Canal, 13-L Major, 14-R Major & 15-L Major of 7 Branch Canal and their distributory systems

c) To create an irrigation potential of 69,548Acres.

Components of Package-11 work:

a) Lining of Canal: 21.995 Kms

b) Excavation of Branch Canals 8-"A", 8-"B", 9, 9-"A" and Mambattu(9-B).

c) To create an irrigation potential of 28,139 Acres.

Mandals Benifited : 1)Thottambedu, 2) Varadaiahpalem, 3)B.N.Kandriga
Cropping Pattern : -I.D. Crops such as Groundnut, Sajja, Mirchi etc.,
Population Benifited (for Projects in progress) : 25 Lakhs
Contemplated : 54326
Deleted due to formation of SEZ and on the representations of Rythos etc., : 23297
Ayacut identified : 31030
I.P. created : 22826
The balance to be created : 8204
Stabilization proposed under M.I.Tanks : 20584(179 Nos)
Proposed utilization of water
Drinking water supply to Tamil Nadu : 15 TMC (Krishna River water from the Share of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra States)
Irrigation : 30 TMC (Flood waters of River Pennar) for the contemplated Ayacut of 3,00,000 Acres under Nellore & Chittoor districts under SSLC & SB Circle, Nellore and TGP & GNSS Circle, Tirupati.
Status of Main Canal
Total length of MainCanal : Km.151.887
Length completed along with CM & CD works : Km.151.887 (during 1983 - 1996)
Length of cement concrete lining : Km.144.02
Branch Canals & Distributaries:6th, 7th, 8A, 8B, 9th and Mambattu branch canals taken up under Jalayagnam under 10 & 11 packages.
Total length in Chittor District : 222.00
Length completed Kms : 134.00
Balance to be completed : 88.00
Length of canals in forest lands : 8.00
Length of canals in non forest lands : 81.20
Total No. of CM & CD works
a) Completed : 478
b) Balance : 267
Balance Land Acquisition : 233.951 Acres
Forest Lands : 6.67 Ha
a) Expenditure incurred so far : Rs.209.37 Crores under Jalayagnam.
b) Bills pending up to 10/2014 : 0
c) Amount required for completion Up to 10/2014 : Rs.64.036 Crores
a) Forest : Stage II clearance is awaited from Govt. of India.
b) Payments : Rs. 64.036 Crores required for Completion.
c) Land Acquisition : Pending due to DKT lands, assigned Lands and Court cases.
2. Galeru Nagari Sujala Sravanthi Project:

The Galeru Nagari Sujala Sravanthi Project was conceived by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh in G.O.Ms.No.236, dt:22-9-88 to take up GNSS. Project. The Project is envisaged to provide Irrigation facilities to an extent of 2,60,000Acres (1,55,000Acres in Kadapa Dist., 1,03,500Acres in Chittoor Dist. And 1,500Acres in Nellore Dist.) and also to provide drinking water facilities to 5,00,000 people. It also envisages drawal of 38TMC flood water of Krishna River from the foreshore of Srisailam Reservoir during the period from August to November.

Administrative approval was accorded for Rs.2189.26Crores by the Govt. of A.P. for Phase-II of GNSS. Vide G.O.Ms.No.185, I&CAD. (Major.IRR.VI) Dept., Dtd:15-10-2005. Revised Administrative approval was accorded for Rs.2525.91Crores vide G.O.Ms.No.50, I&CAD.(Major.IRR.VI) Dept., Dtd:25-03-2008.

In view of the large magnitude of the project and to derive early benefits, the project was taken up in two phases.

The works are entrusted in 14 Packages under G.N.S.S. Phase-II. Among 14 Packages, 7 Package works, i.e., from Package No.8/06 to 14/06 were entrusted to TGP & GNSS. Circle, Srikalahasti. One Package work, i.e., Package No.8/06, comes under Kadapa District and 6 Packages i.e., Package No.9/06 to Package No.14/06 works come under Chittoor District.

Salient Features

GNSS. Main Canal - 94Kms. i.e., from Km.240.000 to Km.334.000, Which includes Balaji Tunnel-I for a length of 11.300Kms. i.e., from Km.243.000 to Km.254.300 and Balaji Tunnel-II for a length of 9.436Kms.i.e., from Km.266.206 to Km.275.642 and 7 Nos. of enroute off-line reservoirs.

(1)Sri BalajiReservoir , 2)Mallimadugu Reservoir (3)Padma Sagar Reservoir (4)SrinivasaSagar Reservoir

(5)Venu gopala Sagar Reservoir (6) Vepagunta Reservoir (7)AdaviKothuru Reservoir

Components Of Project

 1) Main Canal from Km.240.000 to 334.000 (Part of Tunnel and part of open channels) and

2) I. Sri Balaji Reservoir (3 TMC, 1TMC for Drinking water to Tirupathi& 2 TMC for Irrgn. To     Mallimadugu Reservoir) & its distributories.

II. Mallimadugu Reservoir (2.650TMC, 55,000Acres Ayacut) & its distributories.

III. Padma Sagar Reservoir (0.450TMC, 5000Acres Ayacut) & its distributories.

IV. SrinivasaSagar Reservoir (0.448TMC, 4200Acres Ayacut) & its distributories.

V. VenugopoalaSagar Reservoir (2.683TMC, 258000Acres Ayacut) & its distributories.

VI. Vepagunta Reservoir (0.533TMC, 5000Acres Ayacut) & its distributories.

VII. AdaviKothuru Reservoir (1.000TMC, 10000Acres Ayacut). & its distributories.

Mandals Benifited : (1)Tirupati, (2)Renigunta,(3) Yerpedu, (4)Srikalahasthi (5) KVB.Puram (6)Pitchatur (7)Nagalapuram (8)Nindra (9)Vijayapuram (10)Vadamalpet (11) R.C.Puram (12)Puttur(13) Narayanavanam (14) Nagiri
Cropping Pattern : I.D. crops such as Ground nut,Sunflower, Sajja etc.,
Population Benifited : 500000
(FOR Projects in progress)
I.P.Contemplated : 1,05,000 Acres
I.P.Created : Nil
Cumulative Expenditure : Rs.157.698 Crores
Bottlenecks(for Projects contemplated) : Forest clearance and L A.
Sailent Features Of Existing /Under Construction Reservoirs Of GNSS Phase-II Under GNSS Division, Tirupati
Sl No.Name of the Project GNSS Phase-II Works - Excavation and lining of the balance length of Galeru Nagari Sujala Stravanthi Canal from Km .33.170 to km 338.721 and the Distributory system, Excavation and lining of Kailasagiri Canal from km.0.000 to km 61.000 including formation of B Nos. Reservoirs to provide Irrigation fecilities to 2.25 lakh Ac.And drinking water to a population of 5 lakhs and
2Name of the ReservoirPackage No.12/06 Padma Sagar ReservoirPackage No.12/06 Srinivasa Sagar Reservoir Package No.13/06 Venugopala Sagar Reservoir Package No.14/06 Vepagunta Reservoir Package No.14/06 Adavikottur Reservoir
3LocationLatitude 13° 33' 0"Latitude 13°33'05"Latitude 13°29'08Latitude 13°22'05"Latitude 13°20"30
Longitude 79°25'10"Longitude 79°26'07"Longitude 79°33'52"Longitude 79°33'30"Longitude 79°33'00"
4Catchment area 2.60 Sq.miles4.37 Sq.Miles Self catchment i.e., 55.25 Sq.Km. entire yield from self catchment is let out for LRR4.123Sq.Km4.930 Sq.Km
5Water spread area at FRL2214332M22123441 M28235642 M21139650 M21475980 M2
6Gross Storage capacity0.450 TMC0.448 TMC2.683 TMC1.533 TMC1.000 TMC
7Live storage capacity0.445 TMC0.419 TMC2.503 TMC0.513 TMC0.990 TMC
8Maximum flood Discharge 70 Cumecs103 Cumecs340 Cumecs48.20 Cumacs55.00 Cumacs
9F.R.L+163.000 M+165.000 M + 172.500 M +170.000 M +171.500 M
10M.W.L+163.900 M+165.900 M +172.500 M +170.900 M +172.100 M
11T.B.L+166.000 M+168.000 M +175.500 M +173.000 M +174.000 M
12Length of the earthen bund 4.80 Km-0.030=4.770 Km4.30 -0.065=4.235 Km6.59 Km-0.036=6.560 Km2.29 Km 0.946 Km
13Maximum Height of earth bund 14.725 M17.110 M27.453 M27.114 M33.076 M
14Length of the spill way --
15Ayacut in Acres 4,8005,20025.85,00010,000
16No.of gates with sizes Ungated surplus weir Ungated surplus weir 3+1 (Emergency) 7.5x4Ungated surplus weirUngated surplus weir
17Sill Level of the O.T.Sluice -- -- + 157.850m for Left and Right Main canals + 149.800n + 140.575 m for Irrigation and '+140.650m for drinking water supply to Nagari
3. HNSS Project

The Handri Neeva Sujala Sravanthi Project proposes to utilize 40.0 TMC of Krishna river water by lifting at 12 suitable locations enroute the main canal for providing irrigation benefits to an Ayacut of about 6,02,500 acres (2.438 Lakhs hectares) Khariff I.D and drinking water facilities enroute in the up land and drought prone areas of Kurnool, Anantapur, Kadapa and Chittoor Districts to 33 Lakhs people (both HNSS Phase I & Phase II).

HNSS Project, Phase II consists of Main Canal, Seven Branch Canals and three reservoirs

Salient Features

To provide irrigation benefit to an Ayacut of about 3,98,300 acres in HNSS Project, Phase II out of which 1,81,400 acres Khariff I.D and drinking water facilities to 10 Lakh Population in Chittoor District.

I.P. created : As the Project is under execution stage, I.P. created may be taken as
Components of Project : In Chittoor District
Sl. No Name of the Branch Canal Length in KMs Ayacut in acres
1 Main Canal 50.07 1200
2 Thambalapalli Branch Canal 29.43 15,000
3 Punganur Branch Canal (GudamPalli Village @ Km 75.800 Package 27) 138.12 37,300
4 Vayalpadu Branch Canal 23.50 17,200
5 Neeva Branch Canal 132.10 57,500
6 Chintaparti Distributory 44.20 22,400
7 Ellutla Distributory 25.17 15,400
8 Sodum Distributory 50.00 5,400
9 Electro Mechanical Package (28 Lifts) 10000
Total 493.00 181400
SNo Name of the Reservoir Location Capacity in TMC
1 Adavipalli Reservoir At Km. 554.000 Main Canal near Titavaguntapalli (V), K.V.Palle (M)(Tail End) 1.418
2 Kalicherla Reservoir At Km. 5.075 on Thamballapalle Branch Canal , Kalicherala (V), Gurramkonda (m) 0.125
3 1 TMC reservoir At Km. 13.900 on Chinthaparthy Distributory , Near Eguvathotlavaripalli (V), Gurramkonda (M) 0.702
Total 2.245 TMC

Summer Storage Tanks

SNo Name of the Tank Location Capacity in TMC
1 Chippili SS Tank At Km 156.950 on Punganur Branch canal near Chippili (V), Madanapale (M) 0.079
2 Guntivaripalli SS Tank At Km 167.25 of Punganur Branch canal, Guntivaripalle (V), Madanapalle (M). 0.131
3(a) Pedda Thippa Samudranm Tank (Supplement) At km 2.075 of Feeder Channel to Vyasasamudram Tank, Near P.T.M (V & M) 0.25
3(b) Vyasasamudram Tank (Supplement) At km 15.55 of Feeder Channel to Vyasasamudram Tank, Near Kandurkur (V), P.T.M (M). 0.25
Total 0.71
R & R:
No. of Villages : 3(Adavipalle, Kataruvandlapalle & Nayanivaripalle)
No of families displaced : 129
N.H. Crossings : 9 Nos - completed.
Railway Crossings : 4 Nos - completed
Forest Land : 91.13Ha - Stage-2 clearance obtained on 25-05-2015.
Mandals to be benefited : Proposed Ayacut in 28 Mandals (Statement-I) enclosed.
Water allocation for ayacut : 9.8 TMC
Cropping Pattern : The Water flow period is proposed for 120 days in Khariff season. So Khariff cropping pattern in adopted.
Population Benefited (for Drinking purpose) : 10 Lakh people.
I.P. Contemplated : 1,81,400 acres in Chittoor District
I.P. Created : Nil, Project is under execution stage.
Budget allocation 2015-16 : 212.00 Crores
Cumulative Expenditure UPTO 03/2015 : 1314.68 Crores in Chittoor District.
Bottlenecks : Balance Land Acquisition 2,806.599 acres to be acquired which is looked after by two Special Deputy Collectors of Madanapalle & Piler.

HNSS Project - Phase II

Adavipalli Reservoir is located near Adavipalli Village of K.V.Palle Mandal in Chittoor District with the coordinates Latitude :13047'30'' N and Longitude :78052'20'' E and at the tail end of HNSS Main Canal @ Km.554.175.

The Balancing Reservoir is proposed to provide an ayacut of 80,000 Acres and drinking water to drought prone 13 mandals in Chittoor District i.e., K.V.Palle, Piler, Sodum, Pulicherla, Rompicherla, Pakala, Irala, Puthalapattu, Tavanampalle , Bangarupalem, Chittoor, Gudipala and Penumur through twoBranch canals,

1. Neeva Branch Canal - 114.677 Km (62,800 Acres),

2. Vayalpadu Branch Canal - 23.000 Km (17,200 Acres).

Salient Features
F.R.L : +492.000 M
M.W.L : +492.900 M
M.D.D.L : +480.000 M
T.B.L : +495.000 M
M.F.D = 14 Cumecs(from Cacthment area)+ 16cumecs (from Canal) : 30.00 cumecs
Gross Storage Capacity : 1.418 T.M.C
Live Storage : 1.089 T.M.C
Dead Storage : 0.329 T.M.C
Area of Submergence : 877 Acres
Length of Left Earth Bund : 633.0M
Max Height of Left Earth Bund : 37.20M
Length of Right Earth Bund : 585.0 M
Max Height of Right Earth Bund : 18.68 M

HNSS Project -Phase II

P 22-Main Canal

HNSS Main Canal from Km 523.000 to 546.000 Hydraulic Particulars
Canal Discharge starting : +21.15 Cumecs
Canal Discharge ending : +21.15 Cumecs
C.B.L starting : +475.500 M
F.S.L starting : +460.00 M
Bed Width : 6.75 M
F.S.D : 2.5 M
Surface fall : 1 in 8900
Side slopes : 1.5: 1
Velocity : 0.83M/sec
4. Somasila Swarnmukhi Link Canal

The Somasila Swarnamukhi Link Canal takes off At Km 12.520 of Somasila Kandaleru Flood Flow Canal which is component of Telugu Ganga Project and runs for a length of 100.425kms, with a carrying capacity of 2500 c/s at head and with starting F.S.L. of +93.580M.

This canal is intended to provide irrigation facilities to the high level layout situated on Right Side of K.P. Canal. There are 316 M.I. Tanks in Nellore and Chittoor Districts with contemplated ayacut of 1.10Lakh Acres which is not commendable by K.P. Canal. Somasila Swarnmukhi Link Canal is intended to stabilize 1.10Lakh Acres under 316 MI tanks and also providing drinking water facility to 2.50Lakh population in en-routing Mandals (0.20 TMC) by diverting 4.45TMC of Pennar Flood Waters.

Benefits of the project:

The inletted water is proposed to be utilized for the drinking water needs of Tirupathi city and Renugunta, Yerpadu and Srikalahasti towns and en-routed villages by storing this water in proposed 1.018TMC balancing reservoir near Althurpadu village and also in Thondamanadu and Uranduru MI tanks by the increasing the capacities by another 600Mcft and 300Mcft respectively.

Salient Features

To provide irrigation benefit to an Ayacut of about 97,000 Ac under Somasila Swarnmukhi Link Canal and drinking water facilities to 2.5 Lakh Population of 0.20 TMC.

Mandals to be benefited : Srikalahasti, Yerpadu and Thottambedu (74 no.of MI tanks)
Population Benefited(For drinking purpose) : 2.5 Lakh people
Water allocation : 0.20 T.M.C
I.P. Contemplated : 18240 acres in Chittoor District
I.P. Created : Nil, Project is under execution stage.

(A) Ayacut both Stabilization of Tanks & Direct Ayacut :

Package No. Stabilization of Tank Ayacut in Acres Direct Ayacut in Acres Total ayacut in Acres
15 0 0 0
16 12,775 14,000 26,775
17 84,225 0 84,225
Total 97,000 14,000 1,10,000

(B) Drinking Water Facility

Population : 2.50 Lakhs
Quantum of Water : 0.20 TMC

Land Acquisition In Non Forest Lands

Out of total length of 100.425kms, the canal traverses in non-forest lands for a length of about 58.958 kms. The total requirement of Non forest lands are as follows.

Length of Canal in Kms Extent of Land Required in Acres Extent of Land handed over Balance Extent in Acres
58.958 4879 1994 2885
1. Swarnamukhi Project in SrikalahasthiMandal of Chittoor District

Swarnamukhi originates from Nallamalai ghats in Chandragiri (M) and runs through Chandragiri, tirupathi, Renigunta, Yerpedu and Srikalahasthi in Chittoor District. Swarnamukhi anicut system was constructed in the year 1956 at a cost of Rs 1932.00 lakhs.

The anicut has a main canal (Chembedu canal from head regulator) for a length of 15.4 km, covering 8.40km in Srikalahasthi and Thottambedu mandals and 7.00km in Nellore District. There is no left canal to this anicut. The project was constructed for providing irrigation facilities to an extent of 10,200 Acres duly feeding 46 tanks in 25villages of Buchinaidu kandriga, Thottambedu of Chittoor District and Pellakur mandal of Nellore district.

Salient Features
Cost of Construction : 1932.00 lakhs
Location : Srikalahasthi Town and Mandal in Chittoor dist.
Latitude : 13° 45' 36''
Longitude : 79° 47' 02''
I.P.Created : 10,200 Ac
I.P.Utilized during 2014-15 : 10,000 Ac
Khariff : Nill
Rabi : 8,647 Ac
Components of Project : Main canal side walls, bed lining ,system tanks restoration, CM & CD works in main canal,Restoration of Sluice & Surplus weir works for System of tanks.
Mandal Benefited : Thottambedu, B.N.Kandriga. Pell
Water utilization : 56.000 TMC
Cropping Pattern : Paddy, Ground nut
Population Benefited : 8000
2. Araniar Project

The Araniar Project was constructed across Araniar river in the year 1958.The Project is feeding to an ayacut of 5500 acres in Kharif and 3600 acres in Rabi season .The ayacut is classified as (a) Direct ayacut of 3400 acres (b) supplementation of 2100 acres under 10 system tanks.Thisayacut is spreading in Pichatur and Nagalapuram mandals of Sathyavedu constituency. The capacity of the reservoir is 1853 Mcft.

Salient Features

The capacity of the reservoir is 1853 Mcft at F.R.L of 281 feet.The total length of tank bund is 3.60 KM .The reservoir has three head sluices with different sill levels for delivering the discharge to the ayacut. The M.F.D of 30500 cusecs will be discharged through the newly constructed spill way with four vents of size 10.0 m X 5.50 m and through a natural bye wash located on extreme left flank of the reservoir.This spill way is intended to discharge the flood water.All the Radial gates are operable both with power and generator.A diesel generator with 50 kva capacity is also installed. Sufficient lighting arrangements are made at the site of new spill way for operation during night time.

Cost of Construction : Rs.126.43 lakhs
Year of Completion : 1958
Location : Pichatur (V) & (M) in Chittoor dist
Latitude : 13° 35' 00''
Longitude : 79° 25' 02''
Ayacut : 5500
Reservoir capacity : 1853 Mcft
FRL : 281 feet
The total length of tank bund : 3.60 KM
spill way with four vents of size : 10.0 MX 5.50 M
M.F.D : 30500 cusecs.
I.P. Created : 1st crop 5500 acres & 2nd crop 3600 acres
I.P .Utilized during 2011-12
Khariff : Khariff - 3200 Acres
Rabi : Rabi-1200 Acres
Components of Project : 1) Earthen bund, 2) Right side sluice 3) Middle sluice 4) Old regulator 5) Left side sluice 6)New spill way.
Mandal Benefited : 1) Pichatur 2) Nagalapuram
Water utilization : Irrigation purpose
Cropping Pattern : Paddy, Groundnut.
3. Krishnapuram Project

The Krishnapuram Project was Constructed across LAVA River near Krishnapuram Village in Karvetinagaram Mandal of Chittoor District in 1981 to provide Irrigation facilities to the ayacut to an extent of 6125 Acres.

Two Irrigation Canals i.e., left main canal of 7.00 KM in length and right side canal of length 3.23 KM were excavated and lined for providing irrigation facilities to the ayacut through the system tanks and also through the channels in direct pertaining to the villages both in Karvetinagar & S.R. Puram mandals of Chittoor District.

The total length of distributaries under left side and right side is 9.50 Kms and 6.90 Kms respectively, all the distributaries were lined except Chillamakulapalle distributary. Total length of field channels under Krishnapuram Reservoir Project: 65.50 KMs.Length executed to the end of 03/1990: 65.50 KMs. Total Ayacut Contemplated under Krishnapuram Project: 6125 Acres. There are 16 Nos of system tanks under Krishnapuram Project. Out of which 10 tanks were situated on right side and 6 tanks are situated on left side. The total ayacut served under tanks is 498 Acres Wet.

Modernisation Proposals

It is very much essential to Modernize entire canal system duly providing cc side walls with bed lining to the canals and carrying restoration works to the CM & CD Works under this project. Proposals (Estimates) costing about Rs. 275.00 Lakhs for modernization of project and canal system were submitted and works of Worth Rs. 70 Lakhs are executed with estimate rates of 2006-07 SSR. As funds are not released regularly, the works have been stopped midway in incomplete state.

At Present an ayacut of 1500 Acres is only irrigated by the waters of Krishnapuram Reservoir as against the 6125 Acres because the Canal distribution is in dilapidated state. By reinstating the canal and distributory system including system tanks.

The intended ayacut under the Krishnapuram Reservoir will be improved.The weaker section,SC&ST Ayacutdars/ Farmers of the villages K.P.Agraharam, Thungamitta Eguva and Diguva Kunchevari palli, Lakshmipuram, Sekuvaripalli, Eguva and DiguvaMudikuppam, Chokkamadugu ,Battuvaripalli and Katherapalli have irrigated land and Irrigation potential can be improved if the grants released with external funding bodies like JICA or ABIP. This proposal may cost upto 36 Crores with SSR 2014-15 rates.

Salient Features
Cost of Construction : Rs.437 lakhs
Year of Completion : 1982
Location : Andhra Pradesh, Chittoor District, Krishnapuram Village, Karvetinagaram
Latitude : 13° 22' 16''
Longitude : 79° 21' 22''
Average Rain fall : 100.50 CM ( 1005 MM)
Gross Storage : 0.203 TMC
FRL : 213M
Dead Storage : 0.0166 TMC
MDDL : 203.6 M
M.F.D : 30500 cusecs.
Ayacut : 6125 Acres
Khariff : Nil
Rabi : Nil
Components of Project : Earth Dam, Spillway, canals
Mandal Benefited : Karvetinagaram, S.R.Puram
Water utilization : 200 Mcft
Cropping Pattern : Paddy, Groundnut,Sugarcane.
Population Benefited : 4500
I.P.Contemplated : 6125 Acres
I.P.Created : 1500 Acres
Bottlenecks : Getting water for one filling only
Present Stage : Completed
1. Kalangi Reservoir

Kalangi Reservoir is constructed a/c Kalangi River located one and half KM South of Adaram (v) in K.V.B.Puram Mandal. The Global Coordinates of the Project one Longitude 79° - 48' and Latitude 13° 36' and is accessible by road from Srikalahasti. The reservoir is formed abutting the existing hill range on right side and joining the Ponnagunta and Panacheruvu tank bunds of Kandluru (v) on left side.

Salient Features
Location : : Kalangi Reservoir is Constructed across Kalangi River near Kalangi Village in K.V.B.PuramMandal
Longitude : 79° 48' 00''
Latitude : 13° 36' 00''
: This Reservoir is having a left channel of 7.10 KMS in length and Right Channel of 12.20 KMS in length to feed an ayacut of 4650 Acres in 3 Mandals namely K.V.B.Puram, Thottambedu and B.N.Kandriga.
Ayacut : 4650 Acres
Mandals Benifited : K.V.B.Puram, Thottambedu, B.N.Kandriga
Estimated Cost : Rs. 32.80 Lakhs
Catchment Area : 194 Sq.Kms( or) 75 Sq.Miles
Dependable Net Yield : 7388 Mcft.
Utilisation : 4763 Mcft.
Canal Length
Right Canal : 12.20 Kms
Left Canal : 7.10 Kms
Feeding : Irrigation
Cropping Pattern : paddy, Sugarcane, Groundnut.
Designed Flood Discharge : 4900 Cubics
Villages Benefitted : R/S- Kalluru, Kalangi, Hanumaiahkandriga, Bonupalle, Thummalagunta.
L/S:- Katuru, Venugopalapuram, Vedalasreenivasapuram,Vijayagopalapuram, Racheruvu, B.N.Kandriga, Peddapalavedu, Chinnapalavedu, Karavanambedu, Neerupakakota, Kampalem, Guttapelluru.
2. Bahuda Reservoir Project

Bahuda reservoir project is constructed across river Bahuda. The catchment area upto dam site is 435.46Sq miles.The Bahuda reservoir poject is 1Km west of Mustoor (V) and 5 Km from Thamballapalle (M) of Chittoor dist.

The project was originally takenup for construction in 1946 with an estimated cost of Rs 27.59 lakhs to benefit an ayacut of 1166 Ha.The project was completed during 1974 at a cost of Rs 63.32 Lakhs. The live capacity of reservoir is 398 Mcft.The water conveyance system comprises of two head sluices for teo main canals, 01 branch canal to left main canal, 03 main anicuts and 06 pickup anicuts across the river and 29 spring channels taking of from the river course 09 tanks are fed through supply channels taking of from this anicut.

Salient Features
Location : This project was constructed across Bahuda river a Tributary of Chayyeru near Valasapalle(v) in Nimmanapalle (M) of Chittoor district This project is having 7.60 KM of L/s canal and 1.00 KM R/s canal to feed seies of pick up anicuts for feeding chain of tanks and spring channel for an ayacut of 2884 Acres.
Longitude : 78° 38'05''
Latitude : 13° 32' 10''
Ayacut : 2884 Acres
Mandals Benifited : Nimmanapalle and Valmikipuram
Estimated Cost : Rs. 70.83Lakhs.
Catchment Area : 168.00 Sq miles
Dependable Net Yield : 398 Mcft.
Utilisation : 378 Mcft.
Canal Length : 7.60 Km on left side, 1.00 on right side
Feeding : 13 Nos of tanks, 9 Nos of anicuts, 20 Nos of Supply channels and direct ayacut under 10 villages
Cropping Pattern : Paddy
Designed Flood Discharge : 30000 Cusecs (or) 863.67 Cumecs.
Villages Benefitted : (1)Mushtur (2) Nimanapalli (3) Agraharam (4) Mugalamarri (5) Manchenu (6) Sakirellapalli (7) Medikonthy 8)Tateguntapalli (9) Sakirellapalli
3. Siddalagandi Project

The siddalagandi Project is a Medium Irrigation Tank constructed long back across talakona Eru near Kotakadapalli in Y V Palem (M) in Chittoor District. The tank was Situated towards East of Kotakada palli (V) and 7.00Km towards Narth of Bodevandlapalli in Y V Palem (M) of Chittoor district.

Salient Features
Location : This Project was constructed across TalakonaEru Which is tributary to Gajuleru. The site is located at about 7 Km North of Bodevandlapalle (V) in Yerravaripalem (M)
Longitude : 13° 50' 0''
Latitude : 79° 08' 56''
The project envisages providing Irrigation facilities to an extent of 224 Acres.
Ayacut : 224 Acres
Mandals Benifited : Y.V Palem
Estimated Cost : Rs. 5.875 Lakhs.
Dependable Net Yield : 35.52 Mcft.
Utilisation : 70.64 Mcft.
Canal Length : 3.40 Kms
Feeding : Feeding an ayacut of 224 Acres under Project only
Cropping Pattern : Paddy
Designed Flood Discharge : 2352 Cusecs (or) 66.60 Cumecs.
Villages Benefitted : 1) Kondakadapalli
4. Pedderu Reservoir Project

Pedderu Reservoir is constructed across river pedderu,a tributary to river Papagni in Pennar basin.Most of the beneficiaries under the project are tribal families. Under stage I,Pedderu reservoir had been constructed to irrigate 4300 acres in Rabi season only.

Salient Features
Location : This Project was constructed across Pedderu River, a tributary to river Papagni near Kottala (V) in Thamballapalli (M) of Chittoor District
Longitude : 78° 22' 11''
Latitude : 13° 52' 38''
This Project is having a left canal of 17.49 KM to Irrigate new ayacut of 2416 acres and stabilization of 84 Acres, total put together 2500 M. This project is also having right side canal of 17.67 Km with new ayacut of 1483 acres and stabilization of 401 acres and the ayacut total put together under right side channel is 1800 acres.
Ayacut : 4300 Acres
Mandals Benifited : Thamballapalle and Peddamandyam
Estimated Cost : Rs. 792.00 Lakhs.
Catchment Area : 548.74 Sq miles
Dependable Net Yield : 792.70 Mcft.
Utilisation : 529.11 Mcft.
Canal Length : 17.49Km on left side and 17.67Km on right side
Feeding : 9 System tanks on Right Side channel and 6 system tanks under Left side channel
Cropping Pattern : Paddy
Designed Flood Discharge : 112000 Cusecs (or) 8411 Cumecs.
Villages Benefitted : 1) Danduvaripalli (2) Jingurupenta (3) Kottala (4) Yeddulavarikota(5)Gollapalli (6)Mandalavaripalli (7)R.N.Tanda (8)ShukenaikTanda (9)Mange NaikTanda (10) AvikeNayakTanda (11) Eluguvaripalli (12) JerripataDinne (13) Diguvapalli (14) Boyapalli (15) Gollapalli (16) Bandroru (17) Kothapalli (18) Chedureandlapalli (19) Kothareddivaripalli (20) Beruvhipalli (21) Irrullapalli (22) DeninanTanda.
5. NTR Jalasayam

NTR Jalasayam (Kalvakunta Barriage) is located about 10km North to Chittoor town. The scheme is intended for utilizing a yield of 180 Mcft of water for drinking purpose to Chittoor town. The work was commenced during January 2002 and completed by March 2005.Capacity of the reservoir 109.17 Mcft.

Salient Features
Location : This Project was constructed across Ponnai River and near Kalavagunta (V) Penumur(M) of Chittoor District
Longitude : 79° 08' 04''
Latitude : 13° 17' 04''
The scheme is intended for utilizing an yield of 180Mcft of water for Drinking purpose to Chittoor Town.
Estimated Cost : Rs. 66.536 Crores
Catchment Area : 1389.56Sqkms
Dependable Net Yield : 307 Mcft
Utilisation : 180.00 Mcft.
Date Of Completion : March/2005.
6.Sadasivakona Reservoir

The Sadasivakona Reservoir was formed across Sadadivakona vagu near Chellur (V) in Yerpedu (M) of Chittoor district.The reservoir is situated about 4Km towards South-East of Chellur (V) which is at a distance of 30Km from Tirupathi town.

The catchment area of the reservoir id 16.00Sq.miles and the total yield available is 312.43Mcft. The maximum flood discharge is 6350 Cusecs.Capacity of the reservoir is 152.38 MCft.

Salient Features
Location : This Project was constructed across Sadasivakonavagu near Chellur (V) in yerpedu (M) of Chittoor District .
Longitude : 79° 36' 56''
Latitude : 13° 55' 34''
The reservoir was intended to stabilize the wet ayacut of 793.00 acres under 07 system tanks, 206.00 acres under Konakalva and also for feeding direct wet ayacut of 1126.00 acres in YerpeduMandal of Srikalahasthi town.
Ayacut : 1506 Acres
Capacity Of Reservoir : 152.38 Mcft
Yield Available : 312.43 Mcft
Estimated Cost : Rs.484.00 Lakhs.
Catchment Area : 16Sq miles
Benifited Mandal : Yerpedu
Designed flood Discharge : 6350 Cusecs.
Date Of Completion : 1979
7.Kalyani Dam

The Kalyani Dam was constructed across the River Kalyani near Rangampeta village in Chandragiri mandal. A main source of water supply for Tirupati and Tirumala, this dam is located around 23 kilometres from Tirupati.

The scheme is intended for supplying water to Tirupathimunicipality and TTD of Chittoor District.

The maintenance cost of both Irrigation and Public Health portion are to be borne by the T.T.D and tirupatiMuncipality in 1:2 ratio.Ever since completion, the project is being maintained by the Irrigation Department with the financial assistance from both the organizations.

Salient Features
Location : This Project was constructed across kalyani river near Rangampeta (V) in Chandragiri (M) of Chittoor District.
Longitude : 79° 16' 20''
Latitude : 13° 39' 15''
Estimated Cost : Rs. 555.00Lakhs
Catchment Area : 9.73 SqKms
Maximum Yield : 2387 Mcft.
Average yield : 796 M.Cft.
Max. flood discharge : 21,200 cusecs
Full reservoir elevation : RL+900.00
Emergency M.W.L : RL+898.15
T.B.L. : RL+904.00
Gross storage capacity of Reservoir FRL +900.00 : 910.00 M.Cft
Live storage or reservoir Above lowest Inlet pipe Level RL+834.00 : 876.00 M.Cft
Submersible forest land area : 625.00 Acres
Period of construction : 1972-1977
Water User Associations (WUAs)
SNo Name of the Project Number of WUAs
1 Medium Irrigation 17
2 Minor Irrigation 568
Total 585
Abstract of Minor Irrigation Tanks under Control of Irrigation Circle, Chittoor District, A.P. (Mandal wise)
S.No.Name of the Mandal Ayacut Less than 40 Hect./100 Acres Ayacut more than 40 Hect./100 AcresTotal
No.of TanksAyacut in Acres.No.of TanksAyacut in Acres.No.of TanksAyacut in Acres.
2Chinna Gottigallu1953541.443651.461984192.90
5Tirupathi (Rural)19778.395799.47241577.86
66Tirupati (Urban)00.002269.742269.74
Total Of Chittoor District7395136609.53668169218.098063305827.62