The Vottigedda Project is a Medium Irrigation Project constructed across Votigedda River near Rawada Village, G.M.Valasa Mandal of Vizianagaram District. The location of the scheme corresponds to longitude 830-36’-15” E and latitude 180-50’-25” N. Water for irrigation comes from Vottigedda river which was tributaries to Nagavali River in Northern part of Andhra Pradesh, viz., Vizianagaram District rivers. Water is stored in the Vottigedda reservoir with a gross capacity of 27.13 MCM and a net capacity of 25.15 MCM.

The Project is contemplated for providing irrigation facilities to an extent of 16,670 acres covering 38 villages. The canal system consists of 2 main channels that is Right Main Canal covering 13,310 acres in between Vottigedda River and Nagavali River and Eastern Ghats in G.M.Valasa mandal and Kurupam mandal and Garubilli mandal. The left main canal covering an ayacut of 3,360 acres in between Vottigedda river and eastern ghats from Ravada to G.M.Valasa village.

Salient Features
Catchment area : 110 sq.miles.
Estimate maximum flood discharge : 1507.57 cumecs.
Water spread area : 1.70 sq.miles.
Yield in catchment : 107.06 MCM
Average annual rainfall : 1009.50 mm
Rain Garage Height : 120.9 MSL
Reservoir Standards
Full reservoir level : 121.62 M
Maximum water level : 121.62 M
Water spread area at FRL : 1.70 sq.miles.
Average Bed level of River : 99.97 M
Storage Capacity
Gross capacity at FRL : 27.13 Mcm
Live storage at FRL : 25.14 Mcm
Dead storage of the Reservoir : 1.98 Mcm
Earth Dam
Length of bund (left flank) : 1210 M
Length of bund (right flank) : 942 M
Saddle : 335 M
Maximum height : 27.50 M
Top width : 4.50 M
Top of bund level : + 124.66 m
SpillWay of Dam
Type of surplus weir : Ogee spillway
Length of spillway : 57.90 M
Average height above foundation level : 17.37 M
Average width of base : 26.37 M
Top level of spillway shutter : 121.60 M
Spillway Bucket Floor level : 102.11 M
Discharging length of crest : 48.77 M
Discharging capacity: 1507.57 Cumecs
Crest level: 115.52 M
No. of shutters : 4Nos
Size of each shutter : 12.20 X 6 M
No. of vents : 4Nos
Size of each vent : 12.20 M

Head Sluice and Canal

Right sluice Left sluice
Sill level 110.867 110.867
Vent way 1.80 M conduit 1.20 m dia conduit
Discharge Capacity 6.4 Cumecs 1.75 Cumecs
Length of main canal 9.859 km 8.047 km
Discharge @ head 6.4 cumecs 1.7 Cumecs
Canal Section @ starting 6.7 m X 1.37 m 4.00 m X 0.90 m
Ayacut 13310 acres 3360 acres
Chainages 655 m 1.692 km

Canals an Command Area

Name of the Channel Length in km Ayacut in Acres
Right Main Canal 9.80 13310
Left Main Canal 8.047 3360

Irrigation Potential

To provide irrigation facilities to an extent of 16,670 acres covering 38

villages. I.P Created : 11,500 Acres

Mandals Benefitted

G.M valasa, Gurugupalli and part of Kurapam mandals.


Earth Dam,Spillway regulator, Head Sluice, Main Canal (RMC, LMC)

Source of Funding

Normal State Plan

Present Status of Works

Emergency repairs works for gates1,2,3&4 of Spillway regulator are in progress in order to overcome the flood situations. Rectification to the gates hoists and overhauling for the drive units for the gates of spillway regulator

Land Aquisition


Budget & Expenditure(2010-11 upto 12/2011)

Budget for 2010-11: : 20.00 Lakhs
Expenditure 3/11 : 15.00 Lakhs

Program for 2011-12

Earth Dam,Spillway regulator, Head Sluice, Main Canal (RMC, LMC)

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