Renovation of existing Venkatanagaram Pumping Scheme located near Venkatanagaram village of Rajahmundry Rural Mandal in East Godavari District is intended to supply water to the existing ayacut of 4250 Acres (stabilization) and a new ayacut of 29,750 Acres by lifting water from River Godavari with three lifts.

Salient Features
Location : At Venkatanagaram village near Rajahmundry
No. of Lifts : 3Nos
River : Godavari
Nearest Town : Rajahmundry
Villages benefited : 20
Mandals Benefited : 4
Water Requirement : 3.62 TMC
Power Requirement : 11 MW
Project components:
Stage I : Lifting of water from River Godavari at KM 12.34 of Akhanda Godavari Left Bank from +12.00 to +19.00. Ayacut benefitted 2,000 Acres existing ayacut.(Stabilization)
Stage II(A) : Lifting of water from +18.50 to +26.50 M. Ayacut benefitted 2,250 Acres existing ayacut.(Stabilization)
Stage II(B) : Lifting of water from + 18.50 to +88.20m.Ayacut benefitted 23,750 Acres new ayacut
Stage III(From stage II main canal) : Lifting of water from +85.00 to +110.80m Ayacut benefitted 6,000 Acres
Status Of Work : It is ongoing project and present work is under progress.
Head Works : Pump Houses at Stage- I, II, & III are completed.
Canals : Main canal of length 6.650 KM is completed except at two gaps due to court cases. Out of 4 nos., of distributories, 2 nos., are under progress and 2 nos., could not be taken up due to objections from ryots and works are in progress.
1.Contemplated Ayacut: 34,000 Acres
2.I.P. Created:4,250 Acres
3.I.P. Utilized:4,250 Acres
4.I.P. Targeted:10,250 Acres
5.Budget provision for the year 2015-16: 20.0000 Crs
6.Cumulative Expenditure up to 5/2015: 87.77 Crs