Vengalarayasagaram Project is a Medium Irrigation Project formed across Suvarnamukhi River near Lakshmipuram of Salur Mandal of Vizianagaram District to provide water supply to an extent of 24,700 acres. Government have accorded administrative approval for creation of additional ayacut of 5000 acres under Vengalarayasagaram Right Main Canal vide GO MS No 19, dated 02-02-2007 for Rs. 494.00 Lakhs. Tenders were called for and the work was awarded to M/s UANR Infrastructure Limited. Due to delay in Land acquisition process the agency was backed out. Total land required for execution of additional ayacut of 5000 acres is about 35 Acres of Patta land apart from 7 acres of Government land. Now the Land acquisition process is completed and fresh proposals were submitted to Government to accord revised administrative approval for Rs.12.69 Crores to create an additional ayacut of 5000 acres. Administrative approval for the above proposal was accorded by the Government vide G.O.Ms.No.2 I&CAD, Department Dt 18.1.2011 for an amount of Rs 1269.00 Lakhs

Salient Features
River /Source : Suvarnamukhi & Gomukhi
Location (Village & Mandal) : Lakhmipuram(V) saluru (M)
Estimate / Total Cost : Rs. 5690 Lakhs
Year of Starting/Completion : 1976/1998
Reservoir Gross/ Net Capacity in Mcum : 40.51(1430 M.Cft)/39.78 (1405 M.Cft)
Ayacut : 10000 Ha 24700 Acres)
Catchment area in Sq.Km : 490.42
Max flood discharge in Cum. : 2076
Spillway Details :
Type, Size & Nos : 12M X 6M / 6No.s
Crest Level : 155.00 M
FRL / MWL : 161.00M/161.00M
TBL : 164.00 M
Scour sluice Nos., Size & Sill Level: :- N.A
Left Main Canal :
Vent Size & No.s : 2.0 M X 1.5M 1No.s
Sill Level : 151.00 M
Discharge in Cumecs : 1.18
Length Km. : 0.20
Ayacut : 3640 Ha. (8550 Acres )
Right Main Canal :
Vent Size & No.s : 1.5 x 3/ 3
Sill Level : 151.00M
Discharge in Cumecs : -
Length Km. : 18.7
Ayacut : 6540 Ha. (16150 Acres)
Irrigation Potential: To provide water supply to an extent of 24,700 acres.
Manadals Benefited: Makkuva, Seetanagaram and Bobbili Mandals in Vizianagaram District.
Components: Earth Dam,Spillway Regulators,Main Canals (LMC, RMC)
Source of Funding:: State Plan
Present Status Of Works:: Modernization of the VRS was proposed to taken up under Normal State Plan. The estimate is prepared based on SSR 2010-11 and sent to Government for Administrative approval.
Land Acquisition:: Nil
Budget & Expenditure (2010-11 UPTO 12/2010)
Budget Estimate: : Rs.955.00 Lakhs.
Expenditure (up to 12/ 2010) : Rs. 6.34 Lakhs.
Program FOR 2011-12: Modernization of Canal system is under Progress.

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