Latitude : 15°48'00"
Longitude : 78°34'30"
Basin : pennar Basin
Sub-basin : Kundu basin
Catchment area : 218.40
Flood discharge of Galeru : 1231.80 Cum/sec
Length of dam : 11.64 km
Max. height of dam : 28.00 M
Top width of dam : 6.00M
F.R.L. : +264.700
M.W.L. : +264.700
a) Max.draw down level : +264.700
b) TBL : +268.000
Storage capacity at FRL/MWL : 16.95 TMC
Storage capacity at crest level of spillway (+259.700) : 9.531 TMc
Live storage at FRL : 16.323 TMC
Dead storage at sill level (+244.00) : 0.046 TMC
Free board : 3.30 M
Submersible area in forest : 3156.00 Hec
Submersible area in Patta : 47.35 Hec.
MANDALS BENEFITTED : Velugodu, Bandi Atmakur, Mahanandi, Sirivella, Rudravaram, Allagadda, Chagalamarri.
Components & Status
Additional Approach Channel And Additional Head Regulator at Pothireddypadus: - As the carrying capacity of SRMC is not sufficient to meet the requirements of T.G.P., S.R.B.C. G.N.S.S. and K.C.Canal an additional regulator, additional approach channel and widening of S.R.M.C. are proposed to meet additional requirement of water for above projects.
Canal from Pothireddypadu to Banakacherla Cross Regulator [SRMC]: A canal of 16.805 Km. length from Pothireddypadu regulator to Banakacherla cross regulator is excavated cutting across Mittakandala ridge between Krishna and Pennar basins. To accommodate the additional discharge required for Telugu Ganga Project, G.N.S.S., SRBC and K.C.Canal, this canal was proposed to be widened and the widening work is in progress.
Escape Channel :--The Escape channel of 3.5 Km. length consists of three reaches and one structure (SLB at Km. 1.15), is completed.
Link Canal :--This canal from Banakacherla cross regulator to Velugodu Balancing Reservoir is of a length of about 7.83 Km. with a discharge of 11,500 Cusecs and the excavation of canal is completed.
Velugodu Balacing Reservoir :--The formation of earth bund is almost completed upto the T.B.L. i.e. 268.000 M. The spillway is completed upto the crest level i.e. 259.70M. The gates to the spillway are erected.
T.G.P. Main Canal From V.B.R. to 96.130 Km :-- The Telugu Ganga Project Main canal takes off from the left flank of Velugodu Balancing Reservoir skirting the Nallamala hill ranges and enters Kadapa district at Km. 98.26 and falls into Subsidiary Reservoir-I, at Km. 108.569. The total length of Main canal 96.130 Km. is completed.
Irrigation canals Under V.B.R. :--
This consists of distributory system under T.G.P. Main canal to create an irrigation potential of 1,14,500 acres in Kurnool district.The ayacut contemplated in this circle is 1.145 lakh acres.