Veligallu Project is constructed across Papagni river near Veligallu (V) in Galiveedu (M) of Kadapa District. The contemplated ayacut under the Project is 24,000 acres (2,000 acres in Rabi and 24,000 acres in khariff ) in Galiveedu, Lakkireddi palli and Ramapuram Mandals. The project is also contemplated to provide drinking water facility to Rayachoty town by sparing 0.30 TMC. The full capacity of the project is 4.64 TMC. The Administrative sanction accorded for the project is Rs. 208.72 crores, vide G.o.Ms. No.75, dated 29.9.2006.

Originally, the preliminaries of the project were taken up during 1995 But the main works were taken up during 2003 with meager funds from 2004 onwards sufficient funds were made available and project was taken up under Jalayagnam programme on priority basis with normal state plan funds. During 2006, the project was projected under AIBP (Prime ministers Package ) with 90% central assistance and 10% state share. The expenditure incurred under state plan funds upto 3/2006 is Rs.120.106 crores and in AIBP from 4/06 to 3/2012 is cumulative expenditure so far is Rs. 186.06 crores.

The project was completed and inaugurated by the then Hon'™ble Chief Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh on 22.12.2008.and water was released to the canal.

The main components of works under this project are

Head Works:( Lumpsum Contract works)

a) Formation of Earth Bund: Formation of earth bund was taken up during 2003 with an estimated cost of Rs. 1749.00 lakhs and the work is completed in all respects. The total expenditure incurred on this item of work is Rs. 1622.39 lakhs.

b) Construction of Spillway: Construction of spillway excluding erection of radial gates was taken up during 2004 with an estimated cost of Rs. 4745.00 lakhs and the work is completed in all respects. The total expenditure incurred for this item of work is Rs. 4706.81 lakhs.


(a) Canals package work (EPC System):: Excavation of left canal with a length of 6.00km to feed an ayacut of 600 acres and right canal with a length of 55.10 km to feed an ayacut of 23,700 acres, Construction of CM&CD works, distributaries, field channels and fabrication and erection of spillway radial gates were taken up during 2005 on E.P.C. system and the works are completed. The estimated cost for this EPC package work is Rs. 8031.00 lakhs vide C.E.I No.442, dated 3.3.2006.

(b) Extension of Right Main Canal to feed two Tanks (L.S. Contract) Government has accorded administrative approval for Rs. 309.00 lakhs vide G.O.Ms. No.80 dated 6.10.2006. The work is intended to feed Dinnepadu and kalpanayuni cheruvu in Ramapuram Mandal. Which are located at the tail end of right main canal. The ayacut under these two tanks are 70 acres and 130 acres respectively. The work is completed.

Rehabilitation & resettlement package:

Due to construction of this project, one Village i.e., Veligallu with 5 hamlets namely (1) Krishnapuram Chinna Thanda (2) Pasalavandla palli (3) Veligallu Harijanawada (4) Indukurivandla palli and (5) Krishnapuram Pedda Thanda will be submerged.

The effected hamlets are proposed to be rehabilitated in two R&R centers. Government had accorded administrative approval for R & R Package for Rs. 1478.00 lakhs vide G.O. Ms.No. 151, dated. 14.12.2005. Since two Schedule Tribe hamlets are affected, necessary clearance from Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India was obtained for the R&R plan in letter R. No. 20011/17/ 2005 CP& P (NGO) dated 13.7.2006.

R&R centre No.1 is located at the border of Anantapur District with an extent of 81.14 acres. And R&R center No.2 is located near the diversion road joining Veligallu- Thumu Kunta road with an extent of 9.28 acres. Total plots allotted in the two R&R centers for displaced families are 559, and almost all the houses were constructed by the beneficiaries themselves with financial support under R & R policy. The infrastructure facilities such as internal roads, Community hall, Grama Panchayat building, school building, drinking water facilities including construction of O.H.T. providing electrification etc., are completed.

Salient Features
Location : Site of the reservoir is across river Papagni near Veligallu village in Galiveedu mandal of Kadapa district in Andhra Pradesh
Longitude : 78° 28' 41" E
Latitude : 14° 01' 50" N
Proposed ayacut : 9713 ha (khariff) and 810 ha (rabi) = 10523 ha
Mandals benefited : Galiveedu, L.R.Palli and Ramapuram
Estimated cost : Rs.208.72 cr
Benefit Cost Ratio : 1.55
Cost per hectare : Rs.1.83 lakh
Catchment area : Gross catchment area: 3427.67 sq.mile / 8874.68 Intercepted catchment area: 1871.76 sq.mile / 4846.00
75% dependable net yield at the site of reservoir : 162.440 M.cum./5.740 TMC
Irrigation (as per crop water requirement) : 56.205 M.cum.(1.980 TMC)
Water supply to 18 villages enroute canal alignment : 2.555 M.cum.(0.090 TMC)
Evaporation losses : 17.000 M.cum.(0.601 TMC)
Total : 75.575 M.cum.(2.671 TMC)
Probable maximum flood discharge : 4273 cumec(151000 cusec)
Standards of reservoir
FRL : + 420.000 m(4.64 TMC)
MWL : + 421.000m
MDDL : + 408.750 m (1.2139TMC)
Sill of Head Regulators : + 407.000 m (0.93717TMC)
Gross storage capacity : 131.470 M.cum.(4.560 TMC)
Live storage capacity above MDDL : 95.100 M.cum. (3.360 TMC)
storage capacity below MDDL : 12.240 M.cum. (0.347 TMC)
Crest level of Spillway : + 409.00 m
Water spread area at FRL : 2690 acre
Spillway :
Length of spillway in between the abutments including thickness of piers : 72.00 m(209.5 to 281.5)
Type of spillway profiles : Ogee
Crest level : + 409.00 m
MWL : + 421.00 m
Gates / Ungated : Radial gated
No. and size of gates in the ultimate stage : 5 Nos. of 12.00 m x 11.00 m
No. of piers and thickness of each of pier : 4 Nos. of 3.00 m. each
Probable maximum flood discharge : 151000 cusec
Deep bed level at spillway site : + 382.00 m
Deepest foundation level : + 381.00 m
Max. height of spillway over the deepest foundation level : 28.00 m
Non-Over Flow : The junction between the spillway and earth dam on either flank is connected by means of core wall taken down to rock level
Earth Dam
Length : 716.50 m
Left Flank : 209.50 m(0.00 to 209.5)
Right Flank : 507.00 m (281.5 to 788.5)
TBL : + 424.500 m
Free board : 4.50 m
Top width : 9.00 m
Head Regulators
Right side head regulator
Location : Located in the foreshore of reservoir at about 2 km from right side earth dam
Sill level : + 407.000 m
No. and size of vents : One vent of size 2.00 m x 1.50 m
Discharge : 0.172 cumec
Right Canal
Ayacut : 23400 acre (khariff) and 2000 acre (rabi)
Crop : ID khariff Groundnut and Chillies
Length : 57.15 km
Head discharge : 7.00 cumec
Left Canal
Ayacut : 600 acre (khariff)
Crop : ID khariff Groundnut and Chillies
Length : 6.00 km
Head discharge : 0.172 cumec
Villages benefited under the ultimate period of operation
Galiveedu,Payarampalli,Garugupalli, Gundlacheruvu,Pandillapali,Pandillapali,Kurnoorthala Maddievula,Ananthapuram,Nallaguttapalli,Chitloor,Tumukunta,L.R.Palli,B.Yerragudi,Dinnepadu Pulikunta,Suddamalla,Korlakunta
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan 0.4700 Crs.