The Phase-I of Stage-II of Vamsadhara Project is intended to create an Irrigation potential of 62,280 Acres under Right Main Canal. The project components are (1) Construction of head regulator on Right Bank of Vamsadhara River @ 750m U/s of Gotta Barrage (2) Excavation of Right Main Canal for a length of 52.973 Km with distributory net work from1R to 37TE to command the ayacut.

Salient Features
F.S.L of Canal of head reach : + 38.484M
Bed level of canal at Head reach : + 36.074M
Starting section of canal : 20.25 x 2.41M
Length of Canal : 52.973Km
Designed discharge : 1867 Cusecs up to 2.67 Km & 865 Cusecs in D/S
Estimated Cost : Rs. 123.936 crores
Revised Estimated Cost : Rs. 209.00 Crores
Mandals benefited : Sarubujjili, Amadalavalasa, Gara,Srikakulam and Burja, L.N.Peta,Hiramandalam
Village benefited : 165 Nos
Cropping pattern: : Paddy: 32,280 Acres
Chillies:30,000 Acres
Total:62,280 Acres
Irrigation Potential

The project is intended to create irrigation potential to an extent of about 62,280 Acres in 7 mandals of about 165 villages in Pathapatnam, Amadalavalasa & Srikakulam Constituencies of Srikakulam District utilizing 7.353 TMC of water.


The project comprised of construction Head Regulator, etc., construction Right Main Canal for a length of 52.973Km with 1R, 37TE distributories and field channels.


The Right Main Canal was completed upto 15.466 duly linking, Yeragam, Purushothapuram and Bhyri Open Head Channels through 11L Distributory restoring lower riparian rights for 20,000 Acres under NABARD RIDF-II .The works from Km 15.466 to 52.973 including all distributories were taken up under A.I.B.P and Normal State Plan Funds. An expenditure of Rs. 145.906 Cores was incurred under the Project. An irrigation potential of 62,280 acres was created by Khariff 2012.

Administrative approval was accorded to Project revised estimate by the Government of an amount Rs. 209.00 Crores vide G.O. Rt. No. 734, dated 27.12.2011 and the new / additional imperative works like CC lining of Canal at vulnerable reaches, protection walls etc. are under progress.

The ayacut under the Right Main Canal of 62,280 acres is being irrigated every year. Further the 20,000 acres proposed under Sugarcane in Vamsadhara Project Phase-II of Stage-II is developed for Paddy crop supplemented with the waters diverted from Gotta Barrage.

B.R.R. Vamsadhara Project - phase-I of stage-II Right Main Canal (Excluding The Open Head Channels Registered Ayacut) Assembly Constituency-Wise - Mandal-Wise Ayacut Utilized Under Khariff 2014-15
S.NO Name of Assembly Constituency Name of Mandal No. of Villages Ayacut in Acres Constituency-wise Total ayacut in Acres
1 Pathapatnam Hiramandalam 4 746.51 6325.6
LN Peta 26 5579.09
2 Amadalavalasa Sarubujjili 43 8452.51 16637.07
Burja 13 2073.96
Amadalavalasa 30 6110.6
3 Srikakulam Srikakulam 22 12104.89 27716.33
Gara 27 15611.44
Total 165 50679

The Reconcilation of above irrigation potential created and localization of the above ayacut under Right Main Canal is under progress by the Project authorities in co-ordination with Revenue & Agricultural Departments.

Mandal-Wise Ayacut Particulars Under R/S Open Head Channels (linked by right main canal of B.R.R. Vamsadhara Project phase-I of stage-II)
S.NO Name of Assembly Constituency Name of Mandal No. of Villages Open Head Channel Registered Ayacut in Acres
1 Pathapatnam LN Peta 2 415.27
2 Amadalavalasa Sarubujjili 16 5053.70
Amadalavalasa 3 394.94
3 Srikakulam Srikakulam 7 3495.63
Gara 20 10640.00
Total 48 19999.54

Water Uses Associations were already formed for the above ayacut in the year 2000