Upper Sagileru anicut was constructed across Sagileru river near Ramapuram village in Kalasapadu mandal in the year 1896. It is a medium irrigation project and was maintained by the irrigation section, Porumamilla for Irrigation sub-division, Badvel under irrigation division, Kadapa. Later the anicut along with its 10 feeder tanks and 5 Nos of water users associations was transferred from Medium irrigation department to NTR.TGP.Division, Porumamilla for NTR.TGP Circle, Kadapa under the control of the Chief Engineer (Projects), Irrigation, Kadapa as per the Govt. Memo.No.18955/Maj.Irrgn.V/2010, dt.7.3.2011.

The Upper Sagileru anicut have one regulator with 6 Nos of vents and escape / scouring regulator with 3 Nos of vents. The regulator gates are intact and requires minor repairs and painting.

The anicut body wall, abutments, wings, returns and solid apron are in good condition. Major portion of tanks on the D/s of apron was washed away and retrogression took place on the D/s side of apron. This damaged portion has to be rectified immediately to safeguard against further damage.

The Upper Sagileru project anicut was intended to feed 10 Nos of tanks with its feeder channel in PTS channel upto Porumamilla tank namely,

1) Kalasapadu tank
2) Pendlimarri tank
3) Pidugupalli tank
4) Akkasiddupalli tank
5) Chinthalapalli tank
6) Porumamilla tank
7) Markapuram tank
8) Rangasamudram tank
9) Reddikathera tank and
10) Katheragandla tank and the total ayacut under these 10 tanks is about 5335 Acres.

The total ayacut under Upper Sagileru project was divided into 5 Nos of water users associations under USP Committee done. These 5 Nos of water users associations are located in the villages of Kalasapadu and Porumamilla.

The maintenance of USP system is now brought under the control of Telugu Ganga Project and it is proposed to take up improvements to this system of tanks at a cost of Rs.3.22 Crores.

Tanks under Upper Sagileru Project Details of Ayacut

SNo Constituency Mandal Village Name of the Tank Ayacut(Acres)
1 Badvel Kalsapadu Kalsapadu Kalsapadu Tank 254.61
2 Badvel Kalsapadu Pendlimarri Pendlimarri Tank 129
3 Badvel Kalsapadu Sankavaram Pidugupalli Tank 156.28
4 Badvel Kalsapadu Sankavaram Akkisiddu Palli Tank 134.34
5 Badvel Kalsapadu Sankavaram Chintalapalli Tank 214.3
6 Badvel Porumamilla Porumamilla Porumamilla Tank 3864.67
7 Badvel Porumamilla Porumamilla Markapuram Tank 52.95
8 Badvel Porumamilla Rangasamudram Rangasamudram Tank 242.27
9 Badvel SAKN Katteragandla Reddikatava Tank 136.07
10 Badvel SAKN Katteragandla Katteragandla Tank 150.51
Total 5335