The Thatipudi Project is a Medium Irrigation Projects constructed across Gostani River in 1968. The location of the scheme corresponds to longitude 830-11’-40” E and latitude 180-10’-19.5” N. The yield available is 1683.77 Mcft. The gross storage capacity of the reservoir is 3325 Mcft.

The Project is contemplated for providing irrigation facilities to an extent of 15,365 acres covering 35 villages in 3 mandals viz., Gantyada, S.Kota and Jami. Mutha channel and P.S.Channel are connected to left side irrigation, head sluice constructed in the Reservoir. The left main channel is 24.20 kms and distributaries 73.99 kms. There are about 400 number of cross masonry and cross drainage system on the above channel system.

The maximum ayacut irrigated so far is 10,365 acres leaving a gap ayacut of 5,000 acres, which is due to non standardization of channel system.

Salient Features
Catchment area : 332.72 Sq.kms.
Estimate maximum flood discharge : 1274.256 cumecs.
Yield in catchment : 1683.77 Mcft
Average annual rainfall : 1220.00 mm
Maximum annual rainfall : 1647.40 mm
Minimum annual rainfall : 420.00 mm
Anicut Features
Full reservoir level : + 60.50 M
Crest level : + 57.00 M
Total length of anicut : 140.20 M
Discharge through sluice (each) : 8.50 cumecs
Thickness of pier : 2 M
Types of energy dissipation : Stilling Basin
Size of River sluice : 3.10 X 1.50 M
Size of sluice : 3.10 X 1.50 M
Storage Capacity
Gross capacity at FRL : 94.16 MCM
Effective storage : 89.91 MCM

Irrigation Potential

The Project is contemplated for providing irrigation facilities to an extent of 15,365 acres covering 35 villages.

Mandals Benefitted

Gantyada , S.kota and Jami mandals in Vizianagaram District. Besides this project also provides drinking water supply to Visakhapatanam Municipal Corporation @11 MGD (0.536 TMC)



Source of Funding


Present Status of Works

1. The Thatipudi Reservoir Project was constructed across Gostani river in the year 1968. The total length of main channel and distributaries is 98.23 kms. There are 400 nos of cross masonry and cross drainage structures on the above channel system. Almost all cross masonry and cross drainage structures are in dilapidated condition. At present no perfect regulatory system to the channels. There are no inspection paths along the channels. There is an urgent need to construct an anicut in place of damaged groyne across Gostani River near Vempally village for a length of 110 M to feed an ayacut of 1280.53 acres on Jagaram – Alugubilli channel.

2. Repairing and improvement of headworks consisting of approach channels, approach road, weirs, reservoir bund and shuttering for P.S and Muttah channels are required.

3. As there is no proper regulator system of the channels, the tail end ayacutdars could not get adequate water and thus gap ayacut is developed. In order to overcome the above hundles it is necessitated to take up modernization of channel system.

Land Aquisition


Budget & Expenditure(2010-11 upto 12/2011)

Budget for 2010-11: : 30.00 Lakhs
Expenditure 3/11 : 4.10 Lakhs

Program for 2011-12

Technical sanction accorded for Rs.2492.00Lakhs for modernization. The tender notice is in progress.

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