Background and Preamble

The Project is an Irrigation cum Flood modernization project to provide an irrigation facilities to an extent of 9169 acres in Krishna and West Godavari District.

The three main canals including the distributory system require immediate repairs, Restoration and reconstruction of certain structures for which the proposals are projected.

Under phase-II JBIC program. SID team M/S Gote Consultants is fixed to conduct DPR duly conducting the survey of the existing system. The Dam Safety team has inspected the project and suggested remedial measures to the Bubbling action noticed on the downstream of earth dam at Km 4.735 by way of loading berms and to install porous peizometers for observations. The team also suggested other measures like Gantry crane, Stop log Gates, maintenance to spillway gates, etc.

Salient Features
River /Source : Thammileru & Gonelavagu
Location (Village & Mandal) : Errampalli
Estimate / Total Cost : Est Rs. 1969
Year of Starting/Completion : 1969/1980
Reservoir Gross/ Net Capacity in Mcum : 76.6
Ayacut : 6031 Ha
Catchment area in Sq.Km. : 610.21
Max flood discharge in Cum. : 410
Spillway Details
Type, Size & Nos : 12.19x4.57 & 3Nos.
Crest Level : 103.63
FRL / MWL : 108.2/108.20
TBL : 111.25
Scour sluice Nos., Size & Sill Level : N.A.
Vent Size & No.s : 1.22x1.83 & 1No.
Sill Level : 99.06
Discahrge in Cumecs : 5.01
Length Km. : 7.08
Ayacut :
Vent Size & No.s : 0.91x1.52 M & 1No.
Sill Level : 98.6
Discahrge in Cumecs : 1.9
Length Km. : 6.51
Ayacut :
Funding Arrangements : State Funds