The Tunga Bhadra Project Low Level Canal (TBP LLC) system is an integral part of Tunga Bhadra Project constructed during 1953-57 with its head works located in Karnataka State. This project is to serve an ayacut of 1.51 lakh acres in Kurnool district. The TBP LLC from km 250 to 324 and Kurnool branch canal of 48 km in length are under the control of the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Salient Features
Location : The TBPLLC takes off from TB Dam on right side.
Ayacut : 1,51,134 Acres (43,519 acres in Khariff & 1,07,615 acres in Rabi).
Mandals Benefitted : Halaharvi, Holagunda, Adoni, Kowthalam, Kosigi, Manthralayam, Peddakadubur, Yemmiganur, Nandavaram, Gonegandla, Krishnagiri, C-Belagal, Kodumur, Gudur, Kallur, Kurnool.
Dependable Net Yield : 24.00 TMC
Water Allocation : 24.000 TMC as per Prorata entitlement for total abstraction of 212.000 TMC of TB Dam
Length : 74 km. (250Km length in Karnataka and 74 Km in A.P)
Discharge : 724 c/s at AP Border (1778 Cusecs at the starting point)
Ayacut In Acres : 1,51,134 Acres ( 43,519 acres in Khariff & 1,07,615 acres in Rabi).
Cropping Pattern : Khariff: Paddy, ID.
Rabi: ID
Villages Benefited : 194 Villages
Present Stage : Completed
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan - 5.0300 Crs. Non-Plan -€“ 0.1015 Crs.
Hydraulic Particulars of TBPLLC
Sl.NoChainageBed widthFSDVelocity M/secBed fall Discharge in CusecsRemarks
1Km. 0.000 to Km. 131.00021.952.590.841 in 105601178Karnataka State
2Km. 131.000 to Km. 250.58017.012.290.751 in 105601117Inter stateTBP Sub-Division No-1, Adoni.
3Km. 250.580 to Km. 272.35014.321.980.681 in 10560725Km. 250.580 A.P Cradle site
4Km. 272.350 to Km.292.200 9.851.860.681 in 10560477TBP Sub-Division No-2, Adoni.
5Km. 292.200 to Km. 324.0009.751.860.681 in 10560439TBP Sub-Division No-3,Yemmiganur.
6Km. 0.000 KBC to Km.48.000 KBC3.361.370.371 in 4000230TBP Sub-Division No-4,Kodumur.
Tungabhadra Low Level Canal
Mandals benefited 16 mandals
Village benefited 194 villages
Discharge designed at ap border ( km 250.580) 725 cusecs
Financial status
Modernization works total cost Rs 179 cr
Amount spent up to 5/2015 Rs 116.00 cr
Balance amount required Rs 63.00 cr