The project is proposed across Champavathi river to irrigate an extent of 24,710 acres of ayacut including stabilization of 8172 acres of existing wet ayacut under Kumili channel system. The work was entrusted to M/s CR 18G-BSCPL (JV) vide agt. No.1 SE/2005-06, dt:24-5-2007 for Rs.181.50 Crores. The project will benefit for 49 villages of 3 Mandals i.e. Poosapatirega, Denkada and Bhogapuram of Vizianagaram District. Besides this, the scheme provides drinking water facility to the enroute villages of the canals with 0.162 TMC of water and provides drinking water facility to the Vizianagaram municipality with 0.48 TMC of water from dead storage of reservoir and proposed separate link canal in Right Main Canal at suitable location to provide water supply to the existing ayacut of 5,203 acres under Denkada Anicut System.

As per the Government instructions issued vide its Memo No 1303/M&MI CA-1(2)/2013 dated 30-05-2013, a portion of work costing Rs. 51.30 Crores i.e. from 2.200 to KM 5.749 of main earth dam and Dyke-1 from KM 0.00 to KM 0.890 with its allied works deleted from the original agency with mutual consent and supplemental agreement was concluded by the SE, TTPR Circle, Vizianagaram vide supplemental agreement No. 1SE dated 03-06-2013 for Rs.130.20 Cr. As per the instructions of higher authorities, for the deleted portion of work, tenders were called for and the work was entrusted to M/s SCL Infratech Ltd., Hyderabad under package-21A of EPC turnkey system vide Agreement No.1SE Dt.18-10-2013 for Rs.172.23 Crores with an agreement period of 18 Months i.e., up to 17-04-2015. Proposals has been sent to Government for Revised Administrative Approval for Rs.475.00 Cr.

Salient Features
Name of the Projecttaraka rama thirtha sagaram reservoir
Location of the ProjectKotagandredu Village,
Gurla Mandal,
Vizianagaram District
Name of the RiverChampavathi
Longitude83° 26' 32'' E
Latitude18° 13' 44'' N
Water Availability5.80 TMC
Catchment area1,028.23 Sq. KM
Maximum Flood Discharge2034 Cumecs
FRL+42.50 M
MWL+43.50 M
Crest Level+39.00 M
Length of the Barrage184.00 M
No. of Vents12
No. Scour Vents1
Head Regulator
Discharge34.12 Cumecs
No. of Vents3
Sill Level+41.00 M
Angle with Barrage90°
Afflux Bunds
TBL+45.50 M
Left0.71 KM
Right0.76 KM
Diversion Canal (Including Tunnel and Transitions from KM 9.438 to KM 10.910)
Length (Including Tunnel)13.428 KM
Bed Level (at Head)+39.80 M
FSL+42.20 M
TBL+42.95 M
Bed Width18.40 M/ 17.60 M
Surface Fall1 in 10,000/ 1 in 9,000
Side Slopes1.5 : 1 / 2 : 1
FSD2.40 M
Discharge34.15 Cumecs
Length of Tunnel1.025 KM
CM & CD Works28 Nos
Diameter6.00 M ( Horse shoe type)
Entrance Length412 M ( Cut & Cover- 381M + Transition -31 M)
Exit Length35 M ( Transition)
Kumili Reservoir
FRL+38.00 M
TBL+42.50 M
MDDL+31.00 M
Top Width6.00 M
Maxim mum Bund Height21.50 M
Capacity (Net)2.700 TMC
No. of Sluices2
Sill LevelRight :+31.00 M
Left : +31.20 M
Length of Earth Bund including 3 Dykes9.243 KM
a. Earth Dam5.749 KM
b. Dyke-10.890 KM
c. Dyke-21.104 KM
d. Dyke-31.500 KM
Ayacut24,710 Acres or 10,000 Hectares
Surplus Weir
MFD493 Cumecs
Length of the Weir157.00 M
Crest Level+38.00 M
Right Main Canal
Length19.275 KM
Sill Level+31.00 M
FSL+32.20 M
Bed Width5.10 M
Discharge3.55 Cumecs
Ayacut14,786 Acres
CM & CD Works45 (Tentative)
Left Main Canal
Length6.100 KM
Sill Level+31.20 M
FSL+32.20 M
Bed Width4.10 M
Discharge2.77 Cumecs
CM & CD Works16 (Tentitive)