Background and Preamble.

Swarnamukhi aniucut system is a medium irrigation project constructed during the years 1954-60 near Srikalahasti town in Chittoor District. This is a diversion scheme. The anicut has a main canal (Chembedu Canal) running for a length of 15.40 Km taking off from the right flank of the anicut and caters to irrigation needs of 10,200 acres duly feeding 46 system tanks in 25 villages of Thottambedu, Buchinaidu Kandriga mandals of Chittoor District and Pellakur Mandal of Nellore District.

Modernisation of Swarnamukhi Anicut system is taken up with JBIC loan assistance under Phase –I. Administrative Approval accorded for Rs 1932.00 lakhs by the Government vide proceedings No. COM/CAD/DEE.II/183/2008 dated 6-10-2008. The estimate was technically sanctioned for Rs 1932.00 lakhs vide sanction No. CE(I) no. 19/2008-09 dated 18-9-2008 with SSR 2008-09.

The ECV of the work is Rs. 18,15,66,000/-. Agreement for the work was concluded for an agreement value of Rs 18,90,47,079/- at 4.12% excess over ECV by the Superintending Engineer, Irrigation Circle, Chittoor vide Agreement No. 70 SE/2008-09 dated 27-2-2009 with M/s. Ratna Infrastructure Projects Pvt. Ltd., The period of completion is 30 months from the date of entering into agreement. The work is in progress. Restoration of system tanks, construction of surplus weirs, and construction of O.T.Sluices are in progress. The value of work done is Rs.3.00 Crores. Review meetings were conducted on slow progress of works and issued notices to the Firm to expedite the progress of work.

Salient Features
Location : The anicut is constructed across Swarnamukhi River at Srikalahasthi, Srikalahasthi Mandal , Chittoor District.
Basin : Swarnamukhi
Longitude : 13° 46' 30"N
Latitude : 8° 51' 40"E
Distance from Village/Town : Within the town, 600 Km from Hyderabad
Yield Available : 75% P.L is 6499.32 Mcft
Allocation : 30%, 6498.32x 30/100 =1949.49 Mcft or 55.19 Mcum
Anicut :
1) Catchment area at aniuct site : 1,616Km2
2) Design flood discharge : 3,1280 m3/sec
3) Ayacut : 4130 ha
4) Length of anicut : 229.40 m
5) Crest level : 57.90 m
6) Number and size of falling shutters : 10’x2’x73 Nos
) Top of falling shutters : 5’x2’ x1 Nos
Head Sluices
1) Sill level : 58.50 m
2) Number of size of vents : 56.25 m
Catchment area in Sq Km : 3284.44
Capacity : 184 Mcft at +71.000 FRL
Utilization : 510 Mcft
Ayacut : 10,200 acres.
Under Right Main Canal:15.40 Km (Single canal) : 10.200 acres
Vent Size & Nos: : 1.53 m x 1.22 m & 4
Sill level : 56.33 m
Discharge in cumecs : 86.8
Maximum Flood Discharge : 3,280 Cumecs/sec
Spillway Details
Type, Size &Nos : Gated-Vertical,3.05 m x 0.61 m & 73
Crest Level : 58.01 m
Mandals benefited : Mandals of Chittoor and Nellore Districts
Assembly Constituency : Srikalahasthi
Parliament Constituency : Tirupathi
Cost of the Project : The Cost of the project is Rs. 11.66 lakhs.
Farmers Organisations : 12 nos of Water Users Association and 1 no of Project Committee was formed.
Source of Funding : Funding assistance is provided by World Bank
Source of Funding for Modernisation : JICA Phase-I

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