The Somasila Swarnamukhi Link Canal takes off At Km 12.520 of Somasila Kandaleru Flood Flow Canal which is component of Telugu Ganga Project and runs for a length of 100.425kms, with a carrying capacity of 2500 c/s at head and with starting F.S.L. of +93.580M.

This canal is intended to provide irrigation facilities to the high level layout situated on Right Side of K.P. Canal. There are 316 M.I. Tanks in Nellore and Chittoor Districts with contemplated ayacut of 1.10Lakh Acres which is not commendable by K.P. Canal. Somasila Swarnmukhi Link Canal is intended to stabilize 1.10Lakh Acres under 316 MI tanks and also providing drinking water facility to 2.50Lakh population in en-routing Mandals (0.20 TMC) by diverting 4.45TMC of Pennar Flood Waters.

Benefits of the project:

The inletted water is proposed to be utilized for the drinking water needs of Tirupathi city and Renugunta, Yerpadu and Srikalahasti towns and en-routed villages by storing this water in proposed 1.018TMC balancing reservoir near Althurpadu village and also in Thondamanadu and Uranduru MI tanks by the increasing the capacities by another 600Mcft and 300Mcft respectively.

Salient Features

To provide irrigation benefit to an Ayacut of about 97,000 Ac under Somasila Swarnmukhi Link Canal and drinking water facilities to 2.5 Lakh Population of 0.20 TMC.

Mandals to be benefited : Srikalahasti, Yerpadu and Thottambedu (74 no.of MI tanks)
Population Benefited(For drinking purpose) : 2.5 Lakh people
Water allocation : 0.20 T.M.C
I.P. Contemplated : 18240 acres in Chittoor District
I.P. Created : Nil, Project is under execution stage.