Raiwada Reservoir project was constructed across River Sarada near Devarapally village during the year 1981-82 to provide irrigation to an extent of 21,344 acres in Devarapally, Kotapadu and Choadavarm Mandals in visakhapatnam District and Vepada Mandal in Vizianagaram District. Besides, 50 cusecs of water is allocated for serving the needs of drinking water to Visakhapatnam city by suppressing 6000 acres of ayacut in Vepada, Kotapadu and Devarapalli Mandal. The existing system is not fully capable of serving the needs of contemplated ayacut, resulting in short supply of water to the ayacut. The ayacutdars are facing acute problem of irrigation water. To improve the system, modernization and improvements were taken up.

Salient Features
Longitude : 82° 59' 00'' E
Latitude : 13° 00' 30'' N
i) Standards :-
TBL : +117.00 m
FRL : +114.00 m
MWL : +114.00 m
Spill Way Crest Level : +110.00 m
MDDL : +99.00 m
Sill Level of LHS & RHS : 325 C/S and 240 C/S
Storage Capacity @ FRL : 3600 Mcft
Dead Storage : 325 Mcft
Live Storage : 3275 Mcft
Length of Earth Dam : 5.75 Km
ii) Spill Way :-
Type : Masonry Dam Gravity Type
Shape : Ogee
Length : 146.75 m
Number of Vents : 10 Vents of size 12.20X4.0m
Discharge Capacity : 67000 C/S
Length of Earth Dam : : 5.75 Km
iii) Canals :-
Total length of Canals (LMC, RMC and its Distributaries) : 68 Km
iv) Ayacut :-
Existing Stabilized Ayacut : 15344Acres
New Ayacut : 6000 Acres
Irrigation Potential
1. Devarapalli channel : 8500 Acres
2. Pydampeta Channel : 650 Acres
3. Jagannathapuran Channel : 700 Acres
4. Kaligotla Channel : 1104 Acres
5. Revallu Channel : 683 Acres
6. Lakkavaram Channel : 1331 Acres
7. Juttada Channel : 816 Acres
8. Gavaravaram Channel : 385 Acres
9. Chodavaram Channel : 1175 Acres
Total : 15,344 Acres
Manadals Benefited: Devarapally, Kotapadu and Chodavarm Mandals in Visakhapatnam District and Vepada Mandal in Vizianagaram District
Components: Earth Dam,Spill way Regulators ,Left Head Sluice, Right Head Sluice
Source of Funding:: State Plan
Present Status of Works:: Modernization of Canal system work was entrusted to M/s Ratna constructions Hyderabad. The Agency has completed 27% of work and stopped the work final notice is issued to contractor to resume the work. Revised estimate with balance quantities is under submission to Government for Revised Administration sanction.
Land Acquisition : Amount of Rs.60.00 Lakhs is included in Revised Estimate of Modernization as LS Provision.
Budget & Expenditure (2010-11 UPTO 12/2010)
Budget Estimate : Rs.1600.00 Lakhs.
Expenditure (up to 12/ 2010) : Rs.10.00 Lakhs.
Program for 2011-12: Modernization of Canal system is under Progress.

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The Modernization of Sri Varada Narayanamurthy Raiwada Reservoir Project was taken up which involves lining of canals in order to improve the carrying capacity of canals so as to supply Irrigation water uninterruptedly to the tail end ayacut. Sri Varada Narayanamurthy Raiwada Reservoir Project is taken up with an estimated cost of Rs.2142 Lakhs. 27% work is completed. Expenditure incurred is Rs.550Lakhs. Due to slow progress, the present agency was terminated. For balance works estimate was prepared for Rs.6006L and submitted to Chief Engineer, North Coast, Visakhapatnam for obtaining Administrative Approval. The revised estimate was returned with remarks and are being attended by the Executive Engineer, Visakhapatnam Division, Visakhapatnam.

I.P Contemplated - Modernization work (meant for stabilization of the existing work)
I.P Created - Modernization work
Estimate Amount - 21.14,Crores
Cumulative Expenditure - 550 LAKHS