An Anicut was constructed during year 1973 to divert water into Pulivendula Brach Canal system and PBC system is an integral part of TBP HLC system and prorate entitlement of water is 4.40 TMC at TB Dam and 2.00TMC from self catchment. The PBC system receives water from Km 72.00 of Mid Pennar south Canal and runs Km from Tumpera Deep Cut, then after it runs 10.00 Km length in Hosuramma Vanka to reach Chitravathi River and then 11.00Km in Chitravathi River to reach Anicut near Goddumarri Village of Yellanur Mandal of Ananthapur District. Due to scarcity rain fall and depending up of release of water from TBP HLC system is not fully satisfactory. Hence the Chitravathi Balancing Reservoir is constructed across Chitravathi River near Parnapalli village of LIngala Mandal of YSR Kadapa District with a storage capacity of 10.00TMC and completed the Reservoir during the 2009.

Salient features
Location :The Pulivendula Brach Canal system starts from Goddumarri Village of Yellanur Mandal of Ananthapur District to a length of 68.00Kms with various Branch Canals and Distributories to feed an ayacut of 55,580 acres.
Total Ayacut : 55,580 Acres (50,780 Acres in YSR Kadapa District and 4800 Acres in Ananthapur District.)
Mandals Benefitted : 8 Mandals (7 Mandals in YSR Kadapa District i.e., Kondapuram, Simhadripuram, Thondur, Lingala, Pulivendula, Vemula and Vempalli. 1 Mandal in Anantapuram District i..e, Yellanur)
Water allocation : The allocation of water to P.B.C.System from TBP HLC system in 4.40 TMC & 2.00 TMC from self Catchment.
Length of Canal : 68.000 Kms
Distributory Systems : 6 Nos (1. Kallur, 2. Thondur, 3. Gurijala, 4. Balapanur, 5. Ramapuram and 6. Kothapalli)
Tank Feeding : 2 Nos (1. Kamasamudram and 2. Nakkalapalli S.S. Tank) and Branch Canals to feed direct ayacut.
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan 6.0000 Crs. Non-Plan 0.2190 Crs.


Pulivendula Branch Canal receives water from South Canal of Mid Pennar Dam through Thumpera deep cut. The canal takes off from pickup anicut constructed across Chitravathi River near Goddumarri Village with carrying capacity of 580 Cusecs. 4.40 TMC of water is allocated to PBC on prorate basis from TBP HLC System.

The existing ayacut under the system is 55,580 acres covered in 8 Mandals.

In order to restore the designed capacity of canal and obtain maximum benefits from the scheme so as to supply water to tail end ayacut, in addition to creation of new ayacut to an extent of 36,900 acres through lift schemes, the existing canals are proposed for modernization with an estimated cost of Rs.245 Crores. The Works are taken up under 5 Packages viz; Packages 92, 93, 93(B), 92(A), & 93(A).