The Pennar river Canal system was established during the British Regime. The Pennar Delta system comprises of two systems viz., SangamAnicut system and Nellore Anicut system. Trough the two systems are distinctly separated by the River Pennar, the entire system is to be reconed as one, since the supplies to the both the systems are from Pennar River only. The network of Pennar River canal system are compact and studded with subsidiary tanks. Prior to the construction of the two Anicut, these tanks were filled through open channels from the river during the floods. Principal storage reservoirs are Kanigiri Reservoir and Nellore tank in Sangam Anicut system and Survepalli Reservoir in Nellore Anicut system. Besides these reservoirs, there are several tanks in both the systems. The total ayacut contemplated under Pennar Delta is 1,75,000 Acres and the extent of ayacut developed is 2,47,000 Acres. The modernization of Pennar Delta system was taken up under "Jalayagnam Programme" by theGovernment of Andhra Pradesh and the same is in progress.

Salient Feature
IP Created : 2,47,000 Acres
Components of Project : 1. Sangam Anicut and its Canal System 2. Nellore Anicut and its Canal System 3. Kanigiri Reservoir 4. Survepalli Reservoir
Mandals Benefitted : pennar delta
I. Sangam Delta : 1. Sangam, 2. Buchi, 3. Dagadarthi, 4.Kodavalur, 5. Vidavalu, 6. Kovur, 7. Allur and 8. Bogole
II. Nellore Delta : 1. Indukurpet, 2. T.P. Gudur, 3. Muthukur, 4. Venkatachalam, 5. Nellore Rural.
Water Allocation : Pennar Delta
Khariff : 19.785 TMC (From Somasila Reservoir)
Rabi : 16.330 TMC (From Somasila Reservoir)
Cropping Pattern : Khariff Wet (Paddy)
Rabi Wet (Paddy)
Population Benefited : 161 Villages & 13 Mandals
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan – 11.0000 Crs.