Background and Preamble.

Pennar Kumudavathi anicut is a diversion scheme constructed across River Pennar 0.80 kms below the confluence of Kumudavathi river with Pennar during 1952. The scheme is mainly meant to augment supply to existing 7 tanks in Hindupur and Parigi Mandals. There are two main canals from the project viz; one is right side to feed the kotnur tank kollaunta tank and Utakur tank. The another canal on left side to feed Kodaginahalli tank, Subbarayuni palli tank, Sasana kota tank and finally joins in Jayalangai River from where the canal takes off and flows into Parigi tank.

The Project was constructed to provide Irrigation facility to an extent of 6,126 acres of Ayacut, benefiting 18 Villages in four Mandals of Amateur District Viz.,Pargi and Hindupur

The left canal contemplates to irrigate an ayacut of 3215 acres with a discharge capacity of 814 Cusecs and the right canal contemplates to irrigate an ayacut of 2805 acres with a discharge capacity of 367 Cusecs.

The project was posed for modernization under JICA phase-II with a cost of Rs 10.00 Crores and the estimates were prepared and submitted to the JICA for according approval. However due to distress in JAPAN, JICA expressed its inability for assistance.

Salient Features
Location : The project is constructed across Pennar river near Hindupur (V), Hindupur (M), Ananthapur District.
Basin : pennar
Longitude : 77° 28' 14"
Latitude : 13° 49' 46"
Distance from Village/Town : 3 Kms in South of Hindupur Town,410 Km from Hyderabad
Catchment area in Sq Km : 1120
Capacity : 1304 Mcft
Utilization : 1304 Mcft
Ayacut : 6126 acres
Under Left Main Canal:8.35 Km : 3203 Acres
Vent Size & Nos: : 1.83 m x 1.52 m & 6
Sill level : +618.44 m
Discharge in cumecs : 814
Under Right Main Canal: 10.05 Km : 2923 acres
Vent Size & Nos: : 1.45 m x 1.83 m & 3
Sill level : +618.44 m
Discharge in cumecs : 367
Maximum Flood Discharge : 1,20,000 cusecs
Spillway Details:
Crest Level : +377.505M +620 m
TBL : +623.16 m
Mandals benefited : Pargi & Hindupur
Assembly Constituency : Kalyandurg
Parliament Constituency : Anathapur
Cost of the Project : The Cost of the project is Rs. 0.20 Crores.
Budget Estimate 2010-11 : Rs.30.00 Lakhs

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