Background and Preamble

The project is constructed in 1964 across Pampa river in Annavaram (v) Shankavaram (M) East Godavari district.The ayacut proposed to be irrigated by this project is 12,005 acres benefiting 14 villages in Tuni, Sankhavaram and Thondangi mandals. Administrative approval accorded G.O.MS No. 2166 PW Dt:13.10.1964 for Rs.46.44 Lakhs.

Excavation of Flood Flow Canal which was taken up to irrigate an additional ayacut of 3838 acres through 59 nos of M.I Tanks in 11 villages in Tuni (M) is proposed to be handed over to ISP unit as the ayacut is covered under P.L.I.S and the contracts of FFC reaches are closed. Revised Estimate for the work of APERP SIFT Modernization of Pampa Main Canal including lining KM 0.00 to Km 2.80 (Package 1) amounting to Rs. 1,44,36,000 submitted by the ENC Irrigation IW to the Government for approval on 4.04.2007. The Government sought clarification vide Memo No: 12014 dated 15.12.2008. “How this work is taken up without Revised Administrative approval when the excess is +90%.”M/S Prasada Rao, Vemulpalli & Associates and Advocates of the above work agency M/S Rama Krishna Reddy have given notice on18.07.08 projecting a claim of Rs. 8.50 Lakhs (approximately) pending finalization of the account. Revised Administrative approval to the RE submitted for Rs. 1,44,36,000 as recommended by Committee of Chief Engineers may please be accorded to settle the pending Payments.

Salient Features
Location : The project is constructed in 1964 across Pampa river in Annavaram (v) Shankavaram (M) East Godavari district.
Basin : Pampa
Latitude : 17° 33' 0" N
Longitude : 82° 19' 0" E
Distance from Village/Town : 2 km from Annavaram (V), 8 Km from Shankavaram Mandal, 55 Km from East Godavari District, 416 Km from Hyderabad
Catchment area in Sq.Km : ----
Capacity : 564 Mcft
Utilization : 1500 Mcft
Maximum Flood Discharge : 49.400 Cusecs (1371 cumecs).
FRL : +32.00 m
Ayacut : 12005 acres
Under Main Canal:12.7 Km : 12005 acres
Spillway Details
Type, Size &Nos : Gated-vertical,12.2 m x 5.33 & 5
Crest Level : -
TBL : 34.44
Mandals benefited : Thondangi Mandal, Shankavaram Tuni
Assembly Constituency : Kakinada
Parliament Constituency : The Project is under State Plan.
Source of Funding : Normal state plan
Present Status of Work :
Land Acquisition : Nil
Budget & Expenditure (2010-11 UPTO 12/2010)
Budget for 2010-11 : 50.00 Lakhs
Expenditure 3/11 : Nil
Program For 2011-12 : Revised Administrative Approval proposals for the work of Modernization of Pampa Project from km.0.00 to km.2.80 of main canal. The Government called for certain remarks. But the report is awaited from SE/IC/Dowlaiswaram
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