Owk Reservoir:

Three earth dams comprising of Paleru, Gollaleru and Thimmaraju form the Owk Reservoir complex, a balancing reservoir in SRBC & GNSS systems. Previously the Paleru and Thimmaraju earth dams are the tanks feeding water to Owk village ayacut of approximately 600 acres and 2000 acres respectively


Stage I of Owk reservoir was taken up as part of the SRBC Scheme under APIII World Bank aided programme to raise the bund level to +224.00 M and to impound water to a level of 220.00 M with a capacity of 1.91 TMC to feed water to SRBC ayacut from Blocks 12 to 21 for an ayacut of around 80,000 acres. The work was taken up and completed.


Stage II programme was taken up as part of GNSS system raising the level of the Owk Reservoir complex to +231.00 M to impound water up to +227.00 M level with a capacity of 4.148 TMC and the work completed.

Forest Clearance:

Proposals for forest clearance under stage-II for 72.54 Ha were submitted to Govt.of India vide Lr No.8907/Forest-I/2008 dated 28.9.2008. But again Lr. was received from DFO, Kurnool to resubmit the proposals as the previously submitted proposals were missing. The proposals were again resubmitted to DFO, Kurnool vide T.O. Lr.No.EE/SRBC/Owk/122M dated 19.4.2012. Due to Non Acquisition of Forest Land, water cannot be impounded upto FRL 227.00.

The present water level in the reservoir is +216.300 and stored of water is 0.975 TMC.

The ayacut contemplated under Owk Reservoir Complex is 76,867 Acres. Out of this 47,608 Acres of ayacut was created. Works are in progress to create an ayacut of 29,265 Acres under 3 EPC packages.

Salient Features
Location at Designed discharge Cusecs Section (B.WX FSD Mts) Bed Fall Side slopes CBL Mts FSL Mts TBL Mts
Banakacharla Regulator 5000 6.10X 11.89 1/15000 1/2:1 253.900 267.790
Gorakallu reservoir 5000 6.10X 11.89 1/15000 1/2:1 249.292 261.180 263.182
Owk Tunnel 1500 5.50 mt dia 1/1700 -- 223.606 228.165
At KM 141.0 1000 7.60X 3.00 1/12000 11/2:1 213.019 216.00 218.019
The Storage Capacities Of The Reservoirs:
Reservoir F.R.L./T.B.L Mts. Gross Storage In Tmc Live Storage In Tmc Status
Gorakallu + 261.000 / + 265.000 12.44 10.29 Under Progress
Owk Stage-I + 220.000 / + 224.000 1.859 0.842 Completed
Owk Stage-II + 227.000 / 231.000 4.148 3.131 Completed
Irrigation potential:
Total Ayacut proposed under this Scheme is : 1, 84,838 acres
Ayacut created so far : 1, 53,936 acres
Ayacut Benefitted In Kurnool District : 1, 53,936 acres
Ayacut under progress in Kurnool district : 1703 acres
Present Stage : Ongoing