The Penna river canal system consists of the Nellore Anicut system and the Nellore tank, together with the Sangam anicut system. The oldest reservoir under the Penna is the Nellore tank which originally received its water by a channal taken off from the river in the neighbourhood of Mulumudi and which also acted as a catch channal to receive the water of the Ludums which raise near Aiyagaripalli, Podalakur etc., In 1854-55 the Madras Governement constructed the anicut at Nellore across the river to secure certain supply of water for all the tanks in the Southern delta and also sanctioned improvements to the Nellore tank. After few failures the present structure was designed by the famous Engineer Sir Arthur Cotton and was completed in 1862-63 and has stood admirably. The crest of the anicut is 9.61 feet above the bed of the river and 42.55 feet above the sea level and its length is 2,040 feet. In place of it the new structure is proposed and the salient features of the proposed structrure are as follows.

Salient Feature:
Name of river : Penna
Location : Nellore town, Nellore district
Catchment area : 51,800 sq.kms
Length of barrage in between abutments : 610 meters
Reservoir Capacity : 263.60 TMC
M.W.L. for 30865 cumecs (designed) : +21.700 M. for 10.90 lakh cusecs
Crest level of spillway : +11.300 M
Crest level of scour sluices : +10.000 M
Pond level (F.R.L.) : +14. 300 M
Spillway gates : 43nos. of size 10.00 x 3.00 meters
Scour vents : 8nos. of size 10.00 x 4.30 meters
Floor levels: U/S barrage bay / U/S scour bay : +11.300 M./ +10.000 M
apron levels: D/S barrage bay / D/S scour bay : +5.200 M./ +3.900 M
Head Regulator on R/S : one on R/S
Road level : +22.000 M
Width of carriage way : 7.50 meters
Sill level : +10.550 M
Discharge : 77.40 cumecs
No. and size of vents : 6 nos. of 3.00x2.37meters
Canal section : 22.90x3.00 meters
Irrigation potential : :
No. of villages benefited : 72 villages
Ayacut : 97,000 acres