Construction of Sri Narasimharaya Sagar (Gorakallu Balancing Reservoir) with a live storage of 10.29 TMC (FRL +261 M) was taken up to feed and store Krishna flood waters. The reservoir is intended to supply water during Non-flood season. The cost of the project is Rs.528.00crores. The works were entrusted to M/s SABIR-SEW&PRASAD (JV), Hyderabad ion EPC system. The agreement value of the work is Rs.448.20 Crores. 92% of the work (Rs.412.30 Crs) is completed. The balance work is in progress from this reservoir the GNSS Flood Flow Canal again takes off with 20,000 c/s discharge to feed Gandikota Reservoir.

Present status of the work:

Adhoc Extension of Time was granted to the agency for the completion of the work by 9/2015. The balance works are in progress as per schedule. The Krishna flood waters will be stored in forthcoming season and water will be let out to GNSS Flood Flow Canal.

Salient Features
Gross storage @F.R.L : 12.44TMC
Live Storage Capacity : 10.29 TMC
Dead Storage Capacity : 2.15 TMC
T.B.L : +265.60 m
T.B.L.C Fault Zone : +265.60 m
T.B.L : +267.00 m
F.R.L : +261.00 m
M.D.D.L : +235.342 m
Catchment Area : 77.70 Sq. Km
Discharge From Self Catchment : 848 Cumecs
Deepest Bed Level : +220.00 m
Water spread Area @ F.R.L : 15.10 Sq.Km
Total length of the Dam : 3626 m
Comprising of non Overflow concrete/Colgrout : 1721 m
Earth Dam(Zonal Section) : 3626 m