Mylavaram Reservoir is constructed across Pennar River with a gross storage capacity of 9.960 TMC near Mylavaram Village in Kadapa District for providing irrigation potential to an extent of 75,000 acres. The construction of the project and formation of canals were completed by the end of 1981-82 and the distributary system was completed by 1985-86. The reservoir consists of two main canals viz. MR South Canal & MR North Canal having an extent of 25,000 acres & 50,000 acres of ayacut respectively.The actual ayacut created is 70,590 Acres.

Salient Features of Mylavaram Reservoir
Name of the Project : Mylavaram Project
Name of the Reservoir : Mylavaram Reservoir (existing)
Location : Mylavaram
Latitude : 14° 0' 15"
Longitude : 78° 20' 40"
Catchment area : 19197 Sq miles
Water spread area at FRL : 41 Sq. miles
Gross Storage capacity : 9.985 TMC
Live Storage capacity : 8.97 TMC
Maximum flood discharge : 8180 Cumecs
FRL : +202.65 M
MWL : +202.65 M
TBL : +205.750
Length of earthen bund : 2484.1 M
Maximum height of earthen bund : 24 M
Length of spill way : 195.10 M
No. of gates with sizes : 13 Nos 12.20 M x 8.65 M
Ayacut under left canal and length of left canal : North canal 33.310 KM Ayacut 50,000 acres
Ayacut under right canal and length of right canal : South canal 44.44 KM Ayacut 25,000 acres


The Mylavaram Reservoir which is a part and parcel of TBP HLC system with gross storage capacity of 9.96 TMC, provide irrigation facilities to an extent of 75,000 acres (under Rabi I.D) spread over in 9 mandals viz; Mylavaram, Peddamudium, Jammalamadugu, Rajupalem, Proddatur, Yerraguntla and Kamalapuram Mandals of YSR District and Sanjamula and Chaglmarri Mandals of Kurnool district. In order to ensure equitable and uniform water distribution to the total command area, modernization of main canals and distributory system has been taken up with an estimated cost of Rs.151.00 Crores. The Works are taken up under 2 Packages viz; Packages 90, 91.

Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan - 6.0000 Crs. Non Plan - 1.5650 Crs.
Cumulative Expenditure upto 5/2015 : 153.3700 Crs