Sri Gorle Sriramulu Naidu Madduvalasa Reservoir Project


Madduvalasa Reservoir Project is a Medium Irrigation Project for which envisages formation of Reservoir across Suvarnamukhi river a tributary of Nagavali River. The project is intended to serve an ayacut of 24,700 acres in 6 Mandals in Srikakulam District under Stage ( which was completed in the year 2002 and water is being supplied to the contemplated ayacut.

Salient Features
Name of the Project : Sri Gorle Sriramulu Naidu MadduvalasaReservoir Project
Location : Near Madduvalasa Village,Vangara Mandal,Srikakulam District
Longitude : 83° 37' 20'' E
Latitude : 18° 35' 30'' N
River : Suvarnamukhi
Basin : Nagavali
Catchment Area : 2536
Maximum Flood Discharge : 5590 cumec
Max Designed discharge of spillway : NA
Mean Annual Rain fall : 950 mm
Yield available : 123.34 M.cum (4.356 TMC)
Capacity of the Reservoir : 95.51 M.cum (3.372 TMC)
Water spread area : 26.73 Msq.m ( 6600 Acers)
Total Length of Dam : 2325.00 Meters
Top width of Earth Dam : 5.00 Meters
Full Reservoir Level : + 65.00 Meters
Crest Level of Spillway Ogee : + 57.37 Meters
Lowest Bed Level : + 52.30 Meters
Gross Storage : 95.51 M.cum (3.372 TMC)
Dead Storage up to MDDL : 1.83 M.cum ( 68M.cft)
Live Storage : 93.58 M.cum ( 3305 M.cft)
Gates : 11 Nos of Radial Gates of size 12.00Mt X 7.63 Mt
Sill Level of Gate : + 57.16 Meters
Top Level of Gates : + 65.096 Meters
Length of Spillway : 159.50 mt
Bucket invert Level : +46.00 Meters
Lip wall Level : +47.60 Meters
Surplus course Level : +52.31 Meters
Width of Road way : 4.25 mt
Canal Length : 1.672 km 50.704 km 5.000 km
Ayacut : 385 Ha(950 Ac) 9615Ha(23750Ac) 5058Ha.(12500Ac)
Discharge at Head : 0.712 cumec 16.80 cumec 3.89 cumec
Sluice No & Size of Vents : 1(0.60mt X1.00mt) 2(1.50mt X2.20 mt) ------
Sill Level : +58.050 mt +56.850 mt +48.145 mt
Bed Width : 1.50mt 12.20 mt 4.00 mt
F.S.Depth : 0.63mt 2.15 mt 1.30 mt
Bed Fall at Head : 1 in 4000 1 in 9000 1 in 4500 Head : +58.780 mt + 59.000 mt +49.445 mt
Velocity at Head : 0.376 m/sec 0.6406 m/sec 0.544 m/sec
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan - 5.0000 Crs.
Total I.P created in Acres : 24,700
1) Madduvalasa Reservoir Project Stage-II:-

Additional water requirement to Irrigate 12,500 Acres in stage II was calculated as per modified Penman method is 0.862 TMC and the total requirement is arrived as 4.730 TMC for entire ayacut will be within the limits of yield allocated by C.W.C. to Madduvalasa Project i.e. 4.960 T.M.C. It is proposed to create an additional ayacut of 12,500 acres duly extension of Right Main Canal for 5.00 KM distance and excavation of 2 distributories, benefiting 4 Mandals i.e. G.Sigadam(1395 Acres), Ponduru (4,933 Acres), Laveru(5010 Acres) and Etcherla(1075 Acres) total 12,500 Acres.

2. Offshore Reservoir Scheme on River Mahendratanaya:-

Mahendratanaya River is a tributary to the Vamsadhara River. The Mahendratanaya River takes its origin near Tuparasingi (V) in Orissa State. The river Mahendratanaya travels 27 km in the state of Andhra Pradesh and joins Vamsadhara River at about 4 km above the Gotta Barrage at Gulumuru village. Out of 27 km, the river flows 19 km in Andhra Pradesh and about 8 km as common boundary between Andhra Pradesh & Orissa.

The basin has a total drainage area of 1233 till its confluence with Vamsadhara River. The Catchment Area is mostly hilly. The basin receives abundant supply under the influence of both the South-West and North-East monsoons with an average annual rainfall being 1126 mm (47”). Rainfall in this Catchment is erratic and high peaks of discharge occur for a few days in the monsoon period accounting for substantial part of the yield during the sub peaks. For effective utilization of the water, it is proposed to divert the flows in to a diversion channel, taking off from the River near Chapara Village of Meliaputti Mandal in Srikakulam District.

The Mahendratanaya River flows through a very backward region in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh states. The development of irrigation under this river is very meager till its confluence with Vamsadhara River.

There are no Inter State Agreements on utilization of water in Mahendratanaya River and there are no restrictions to utilize the share of water in the Vamsadhara basin.

However, for beneficially utilizing the waters in Vamsadhara Basin, the States of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh have agreed in 1962 that the yield of the river at Gotta will be about 115 TMC and that these waters shall be shared on half and half basis (vide D.O. Lr. No. Nil, dated 03.10.1962 from Sri B. Patnaik, Honorable Chief Minister of Orissa addressed to Sri N. Sanjeeva Reddy, Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh).

Salient Features
Name of Work : Excavation of Flood Flow Canal taking off from Mahendratanaya River near Chapara Village of Meliyaputti Mandal in Srikakulam Dist. Formation of off-Shore Reservoir near Regulapadu Village and Formation of Canal net work from reservoir including Distributory network.
Administrative Approval : G.O.Ms No.1, Dt. 04.01.2007 for Rs. 127.00 Crores
Name of the Executing agency : M/s SVEC-INDU(JV), Hyderabad
Agreement No / Value : 46SE/2007-08,Dt.18.02.2008/Rs.123.25 Crores
Ayacut contemplated : 46SE/2007-08,Dt.18.02.2008/Rs.123.25 Crores
Components of the Scheme : 1) Excavation of Flood Flow Canal to develop an ayacut of 24600 Ac including construction of CM & CD works distributory System. 2) Construction of Head Regulator 3) Formation of Reservoir with Spillway etc. at Regulapadu and canal distributory system.
Length of the Flood Flow Canal : 13.60 km
Design Discharge of the F.F.C : 1200 Cusecs
No. of villages benefited : 108 villages in Nandigam, Meliaputti, Palasa & Tekkali Mandals
Regulapadu Reservoir
Length of the Earthen Bund : 2.485 Km
F.R.L. of the Reservoir : + 52.500 M
T.B.L. of the Reservoir : + 55.600 M
Capacity of the Reservoir : 1.860 TMC
Self Catchment of the Reservoir : 0.465 TMC
Water Utilization
Irrigation Requirements : 1.890 tmc
Drinking Water Supply : 0.108 tmc
Total : 2.000 tmc
Total Water Availability
75% Divertible Yield from Mahendratanaya River : 1.631 tmc
Self Catchment Yield of Regulapadu Reservoir : 0.465 tmc
Total : 2.096 tmc
Land Acquisition
Total Land required : 2500 Ac
Cumulative Expenditure up to 5/2015 : 53.93 Crs
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan - 6.0000 Crs.
Mandal-Wise Ayacut Particulars Of Offshore Reservoir Scheme On River Mahendratanaya
S.NO Name of the District Name of the Mandal Contemplated Ayacut in Acres
1 Srikakulam District Meliaputti 3890 Acres
2 Nandigama 12090 Acres
3 Tekkali 1820 Acres
4 Palasa 6800 Acres
Total 24600 Acres