The Kanupur Canal System was started in 1959. Kanupur canal scheme is a medium irrigation projects. Which is designed to draw flood water from Pennar River through head sluice located in the right side of Sangam Anicut, to stabilize 17,000 acres of wet ayacut under 85 M.I tanks in stage I and to create an irrigation potential of 44,000 Acres of ID under stage II.Againest the ayacut contemplated under stage I.

Salient Feature
IP Created : 18,865 wet stabilization(Stage-I) 44,000 ID to be created (Stage-II)
Components of Project : 1. Head Sluice at Sangam Anicut across River Pennar 2. Kanupur Main Canal-Canal Feeds 13 Tanks. 3. Main Branch Channel-It has 3 Sub Branch Channels I. Kommalapudi Branch Channel II. Muddamudi Branch Channel III. Bandepalli Branch Channel 4. Distributary System (I) Thikkavarappadu Branch Channel (a) Bujabuja Nellore Branch Channel (b) Ambapuram Branch Channel (c) Kantepalli Link Canal (d) Gurivindapudi Branch Channel
Mandals Benefited : 1. Podalakur, 2. Nellore Rural, 3.Venkatachalam & 4. Manubolu
Water Allocation : 1.934 TMC for Ist phase 4.775 TMC for IInd phase
Cropping Pattern : Khariff (Wet), Rabi (ID)
Population Benefited : 32 Villages & 4 Mandals
Budget for the Year 2015-16 : Plan-3.0000 Crs.