Janjhavathi Reservoir Project is an ongoing Medium Irrigation project proposed across Janjhavathi , an interstate River near Rajyalakshmipuram (v), Komarada (M) of Vizianagaram District. This project is intended to irrigate an ayacut of 24,640 acres benefiting 75 Villages in 5 Mandals i.e., 1. Komarada, 2. Parvatipuram, 3. Garugubilli, 4. Seethanagaram and 5. Makkuva. The scheme was started in the year 1976 with an estimated cost of Rs. 15.51 Crores. Accordingly the works of main components of the project such as Earth dam, canal, Head Sluice, Spillway Regulator etc., have been taken up.

As per Interstate agreement between Chief Ministers of both states on 25-12-78, it was decided to utilize the total available yield of 8 TMc on 50:50 basis i.e., 4 TMC and it was resolved during interstate meeting conducted on 27-07-80 that pending joint survey about submergence area it was agreed that the Government of A.P. could go ahead with the work without closing the gap portion.

This scheme is also included in the prioritized projects and proposed to be completed in 2 years on fast track basis.

This scheme is also included in the prioritized projects, and proposed to be completed in 2 years on fast track basis.

T.A.C. Clearance : To be processed
Environmental Clearance : Not required
R & R Clearance : In Andhra Completed and in Orissa yet to be finalized
Forest Clearance : Not required
Investment Clearance : To be processed
Salient features
Estimated Cost : Rs. 12400.00 Lakhs
Catchment Area : 325 Sq Miles
Maximum Flood Discharge : 2,18,953 Cusecs
Gross Storage : 3.40 TMC
Live Storage : 2.774 TMC
No of fillings : 1.02 Nos
Length of Spill Way : 89.50 M
Length of NOF dam : 154 M (From (-)13.50M to (-)167.50M)
Length of Bund : 4.07 KM
No. of vents and size : 6 Nos ( 12M X 11M )
Type of gates : Radial
Crest Level : +135.20 M
Designed MFD : 2,06,593 Cusecs
F.R.L : +146.20 M
T.B.L : +149.20 M
Sill level : +134.80 M
No. of Sluices : 1 No on R/s.
Top width : 5.00 M
Canals : 2 Nos
Lifts : 1 No with 17M height
No of Pumps : 3 Nos with 650 HPs
Irrigation Potential

This project is intended to stablise the ayacut of 5,405 Acres apart irrigating new ayacut of 19,235 Acres totaling 24,640 Acres


The componets of the Project are

1. Head works i.e., Spillway Regulator, Non Over Flow dam, 3.15 km long R/s Earth bund, 0.84 km long L/s Earth bund, 0.08 km long Dyke, Head sluice with 3 vents of 1.20m x 2.00M for discharge of 450 Cusecs etc.,

2. Canals i.e., low level canal of a length 27.15 Km, 1R Distributary of length 27.50 km and link canal of 3.60 Kms.

Source of funding

Under State plan.

A) Head Works

i) Spillway Regulator upto El+137.20M was completed.

ii) NOF Dam was completed except river gap portion for a length of 60 M, where Rubber dam was installed

iii) Earth dam is completed except 80M length of Dyke portion on L/s and 60M gap near head sluice on R/s .

iv) Rubber dam of length 60 M was installed in the River gap portion on NOF dam and it was dedicated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister Dr Y.S.Raja Sekhara Reddy on 1-1-2006.

Balance works( Package – I) are entrusted to M/s Siddardha Constructions Pvt. Limited and Swapna constructions (J.V) under EPC turnkey system for an amount of Rs. 20,79,00,000(1.3649 % Excess) and the works are in progress.

B) Canals

i) Low level canal was completed upto 15.45 Km including CM&CD works .

ii) 1R Distributary from 0/0 to 6 Km was also taken up.

iii) Link canal (connecting NOF dam to Low Level canal) for a length of 3.60 km was completed and water was released to an extent of 9,000 acres on trial basis on 16-9-2005.

Balance works( Package II) are entrusted to M/s R.N.Shetty G.S.R (J.V) under EPC turnkey system for an amount of Rs.36,60,00,000 (2.1916% less) and the works are in progress.

The project is programmed to be completed by 02-03-2007

Land Acquisition

An extent of 295 acres land is acquired for canals against requirement of 1,011 acres. For head works, an extent of 1,070 acres was acquired in A.P. territory and 1,175 acres of land in Orissa territory is to be acquired . Further Land acquisition proposals are under progress.

Required area in acres Acquired area in acres Balance area in acres
Head Works In Andhra 1,070 1,070 Nil
In Orissa 1,175 Nil 1,175
Canals In Andhra 1053.63 1046.42 7.21
Budget provision for the year 2015-16 : 4.50 Crs
Cumulative Expenditure up to 5/2015 : 123.44 Crs