The GaleruNagariSujalaSravanthi Project was conceived by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh in G.O.Ms.No.236, dtd:22-9-88 to take up GNSS. Project. The Project is envisaged to provide Irrigation facilities to an extent of 2,60,000Acres (1,55,000Acres in Kadapa Dist., 1,03,500Acres in Chittoor Dist. And 1,500Acres in Nellore Dist.) and also to provide drinking water facilities to 5,00,000 people. It also envisages drawal of 38TMC flood water of Krishna River from the foreshore of Srisailam Reservoir during the period from August to November.

Administrative approval was accorded for Rs.2189.26Crores by the Govt. of A.P. for Phase-II of GNSS. Vide G.O.Ms.No.185, I&CAD. (Major.IRR.VI) Dept., Dtd:15-10-2005. Revised Administrative approval was accorded for Rs.2525.91Crores vide G.O.Ms.No.50, I&CAD.(MajlIRR.VI) Dept., Dtd:25-03-2008.

In view of the large magnitude of the project and to derive early benefits, the project was taken up in two phases.

The works are entrusted in 14 Packages under G.N.S.S. Phase-II. Among 14 Packages, 7 Package works, i.e., from Package No.8/06 to 14/06 were entrusted to TGP & GNSS. Circle, Srikalahasti. One Package work, i.e., Package No.8/06, comes under Kadapa District and 6 Packages i.e., Package No.9/06 to Package No.14/06 works come under Chittoor District.

Salient Features

GNSS. Main Canal - 94Kms. i.e., from Km.240.000 to Km.334.000, Which includes Balaji Tunnel-I for a length of 11.300Kms. i.e., from Km.243.000 to Km.254.300 and Balaji Tunnel-II for a length of 9.436Kms.i.e., from Km.266.206 to Km.275.642 and 7 Nos. of enroute off-line reservoirs.

(1)Sri BalajiReservoir , 2)Mallimadugu Reservoir (3)Padma Sagar Reservoir (4)SrinivasaSagar Reservoir (5)VenugopoalaSagar Reservoir (6) Vepagunta Reservoir (7)AdaviKothuru Reservoir

Components Of Project

1) Main Canal from Km.240.000 to 334.000 (Part of Tunnel and part of open channels) and


I. Sri Balaji Reservoir (3 TMC, 1TMC for Drinking water to Tirupathi& 2 TMC for Irrgn. To Mallimadugu Reservoir) & its distributories.

II. Mallimadugu Reservoir (2.650TMC, 55,000Acres Ayacut) & its distributories.

III. Padma Sagar Reservoir (0.450TMC, 5000Acres Ayacut) & its distributories.

IV. SrinivasaSagar Reservoir (0.448TMC, 4200Acres Ayacut) & its distributories.

V. VenugopoalaSagar Reservoir (2.683TMC, 258000Acres Ayacut) & its distributories.

VI. Vepagunta Reservoir (0.533TMC, 5000Acres Ayacut) & its distributories.

VII. AdaviKothuru Reservoir (1.000TMC, 10000Acres Ayacut). & its distributories.

Mandals Benifited : (1)Tirupati, (2)Renigunta,(3) Yerpedu, (4)Srikalahasthi (5) KVB.Puram (6)Pitchatur (7)Nagalapuram (8)Nindra (9)Vijayapuram (10)Vadamalpet (11) R.C.Puram (12)Puttur(13) Narayanavanam (14) Nagiri
Cropping Pattern : I.D. crops such as Ground nut,Sunflower, Sajja etc.,
Population Benifited : 500000
(FOR Projects in progress)
I.P.Contemplated : 1,05,000 Acres
I.P.Created : Nil
Cumulative Expenditure : Rs.157.698 Crores
Bottlenecks(for Projects contemplated) : Forest clearance and L A.
Sailent Features Of Existing /Under Construction Reservoirs Of Gnss Phase-II Under GNSS Division, Tirupati
Sl No.Name of the Project GNSS Phase-II Works - Excavation and lining of the balance length of Galeru Nagari Sujala Stravanthi Canal from Km .33.170 to km 338.721 and the Distributory system, Excavation and lining of Kailasagiri Canal from km.0.000 to km 61.000 including formation of B Nos. Reservoirs to provide Irrigation fecilities to 2.25 lakh Ac.And drinking water to a population of 5 lakhs and
2Name of the ReservoirPackage No.12/06 Padma Sagar ReservoirPackage No.12/06 Srinivasa Sagar Reservoir Package No.13/06 Venugopala Sagar Reservoir Package No.14/06 Vepagunta Reservoir Package No.14/06 Adavikottur Reservoir
3LocationLatitude 13, 33' 0"Latitude 13'33'05Latitude 13'29'08Latitude 13'22'05"Latitude 13"20"30
Longitude 79'25'10"Longitude 79'26'07"Longitude 79'33'52"Longitude 79'33'30"Longitude 79'33'00"
4Catchment area 2.60 Sq.miles4.37 Sq.Miles Self catchment i.e., 55.25 Sq.Km. entire yield from self catchment is let out for LRR4.123Sq.Km4.930 Sq.Km
5Water spread area at FRL2214332M22123441 M28235642 M21139650 M21475980 M2
6Gross Storage capacity0.450 TMC0.448 TMC2.683 TMC1.533 TMC1.000 TMC
7Live storage capacity0.445 TMC0.419 TMC2.503 TMC0.513 TMC0.990 TMC
8Maximum flood Discharge 70 Cumecs103 Cumecs340 Cumecs48.20 Cumacs55.00 Cumacs
9F.R.L+163.000 M+165.000 M + 172.500 M +170.000 M +171.500 M
10M.W.L+163.900 M+165.900 M +172.500 M +170.900 M +172.100 M
11T.B.L+166.000 M+168.000 M +175.500 M +173.000 M +174.000 M
12Length of the earthen bund 4.80 Km-0.030=4.770 Km4.30 -0.065=4.235 Km6.59 Km-0.036=6.560 Km2.29 Km 0.946 Km
13Maximum Height of earth bund 14.725 M17.110 M27.453 M27.114 M33.076 M
14Length of the spill way --
15Ayacut in Acress 4,8005,20025.85,00010,000
16No.of gates with sizes Ungated surplus weir Ungated surplus weir 3+1 (Emergency) 7.5x4Ungated surplus weirUngated surplus weir
17Sill Level of the O.T.Sluice -- -- + 157.850m for Left and Right Main canals + 149.800n + 140.575 m for Irrigation and '+140.650m for drinking water supply to Nagari