Constructed across River Champavathi near Saripallii village, Nellimarla Mandal, Vizianagaram District .

Since the ayacut of this project is included in the ayacut of Tarakarama Thirthasagaram project which is under execution, Denkada Anicut becomes a part and parcel of TTP and hence this needs to be transferred to CE, North Coast.

Salient Features
Name of Barrage/Weir/Anicut : Denkada Anicut
Name of Project : Denkada Anicut System in Denkada (M)
Latitude of Barrage/Anicut/Weir : 18° 20' 00''
Longitude of Barrage/Anicut/Weir : 83° 06' 00''
Name of the River : Champavathi River
State/Basin : Champavathi River
Purpose (Irrigation,Hydro power,Multipurpose,drinking water, flood control) : Irrigation
Area of Catchment : 456 SqKm
Mean annual rainfall in Catchment : 1000 MM
Total Annual yield in the Catchment : 10450 Mcft
Designed flood discharge : 160000C/s
Year of Commencement : 1959
Year of Completion : 1968
Width of River : 200M
Length of Barrage/Weir/Anicut : 183
Number Barrage/weir/Bays : --
Thickness of intermediate pier(M) : --
Gates for under sluice and spillway (type,size,number) : 1.20X1.20M
Crest level : +21.85M
Storage capacity upto crest : --
Pond Level : --
Storage capacity at pond(Mcm) : --
Weir height: 2.34 M
Sedment excluding device: --
Means of dissipating energy: Solid apron with deflection blocks and C.C.blocks
Pier height(M) : --
h.F.L. (M): +24.90 M
Length of raft: --
Length of U/s divide wall (M) : 240 M
Number of under sluice bays : 1 No
Size of under sluice bays : 6.0 M
Total submergence area (Ha & forest land effected) : Nil
Total Villages effects : Nil
Total Families effects : Nil

Canal Head Regulators

Width of head regulator : Head sluice with 4 Nos of vents with size 1.20M X1.50 M
Number of bays and their width : 1No(6.70M)
Thickness of Pier : --
Orientation with respect to Barrage/Weir/axis : Right Bank
Location of head regulator from barrage/weir/axis : Distance from Anicut 10 M
Maximum discharge in Canal : 170C/s
Means of dissipating of energy below head regulator : --

Mandals Benefitted

Pasupatirega, Bhogapuram and Denkada of Vizianagaram District.


Earth Dam, Spillway Regulators, Main Canals (LMC, RMC)

Source of Funding

State Plan

Present Status of Works

Completed Project

Land Aquisition


Budget & Expenditure(2010-11 upto 12/2011)

Budget Estimate: : Rs 20.00 Lakhs
Expenditure 12/2010 : Nil

Program for 2011-12


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