The Bhupathipalem Reservoir Project is a medium irrigation project constructed on Seethapalli Vagu, which is a hill stream and tributary to river Godavari near Bhupathipalem (V), Rampachodavaram (M) in East Godavari District. Total water utilization of the project is 1,151Mc.ft. The project is intended to provide irrigation facilities to an extent of 11,526 Acres of tribal ayacut covered in 32 villages of Rampachoadavaram & Gangavaram Mandals of East Godavari Districts and to provide drinking water to a enrouted 32 Villages population of 56,600. The Government have accorded Administrative Approval for Rs.187.91Crs vide G.O.Ms.No. 218, Dt.7-11-2007 and 185; Dt.31-10-2008. The project was completed in all respects. Necessary localization proposals was submitted to the District Collector,East Godavari District, Kakinada for Approval.

Salient Features:
FRL : 204.00 Mts
Gross Capacity : 645 Mcft
MDDL : 194.75 Mts
Dead Storage : 240 Mcft
Crest Level : 196.50 Mts
Sill Level of Head Sluice : 196.60 Mts
  • To utilize 1.151TMC of Godavari River flood water.
  • To provide reservoir with a storage capacity of 0.64TMC.
  • Drinking water facility to a population of 56,600 persons living in 32 villages.
  • 1. Contemplated Ayacut:11,526 Acres

    2. I.P. Created :11,526 Acres

    3. I.P. Targeted for irrigation for the year 2015-16:11,526 Acres

    4. Budget provision for the year 2015-16:9.0000 Crs

    5. Cumulative Expenditure up to 5/2015:161.45 Crs

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