Background and Preamble.

Araniar Project is a Medium Irrigation Project commissioned in the year 1958 to serve 5500 acres khariff and 3600 acres Rabi ayacut benefitting 12 villages in Pichatur (M) in Chittoor District. Due to the max. flood during 12/2005 all tanks located in the catchment were got surplused, suddenly heavy inflows flooded into the reservoir. Due to breakage of gear wheel shaft the gates could not be opened. The bund was cut opened for 15 m on the extreme left flank near the Natural “By-wash” in order to save the lives and properties. As remedial measures Modernisation of entire Araniar Project including construction of a new spillway regulator was taken up.

Government have accorded administrative approval for Rs.22.96 crores G.O.Ms.No.20, dt.03.04.2006 for “Modernization of Araniar project” with SSR 2006-07

Head Works are completed. The RE for Head works was accorded for Rs.17.03 Crores vide CE (I) No.18/10-11. Technical sanction was accorded for Modernization of Right Main Canal for Rs.115.75 Lakhs vide CE (I) No.26/2010-11, dt.13.12.2010. Technical sanction was accorded for Modernization of Left Mai Canal for Rs.370.00 Lakhs vide CE (I) No.27/2010-11, dt.13.12.2010.Technical sanction was accorded for Construction of Diversion Weir across Araniar river near Ramagiri (V) for Rs.262.35 Lakhs vide CE (I) No.30/2010-11, dt.08.03.2010. Tenders are under process.

The project was posed for modernization under JICA phase-II with an estimate cost of Rs 15.00 Crores. The estimate was administratively approved by the Government for Rs.1500.00 Lakhs vide Commissioner CADA Proceedings,Dt.17.02.2011. The Technical sanction for the estimate was accorded by the Engineer-in-Chief, Medium Irrigation proceedings dated 2-5-2011 and tenders are invited.

Salient Features
Location : The project is constructed across araniar river near Pichatur (V) , Pichatur (M), Chittoor District.
Basin : Araniar
Longitude : 79° 25' 00"E
Latitude : 13° 35' 00"N
Distance from Village/Town : 750 Km from Hyd.
Catchment area in Sq Km : 488.07
Capacity : 1853 Mcft at + 85.71 FRL
Utilization : 2740 Mcft
Ayacut : 5500 acres
Under Left Main Canal:4.725 Km : 3500 Acres
Vent Size & Nos: : 0.91 m x 0.91 m & 1
Sill level : 79.27 m
Discharge in cumecs : 2.02
Under Right Main Canal(4.1 Km) : 2000 acres
Vent Size & Nos : 0.91 m x 0.91 m & 1
Sill level : 80.49 m
Discharge in cumecs : 1.12
Maximum Flood Discharge : 30,500 cusecs
Spillway Details:
Type, Size &Nos : Gated-Vertical,9.15 m x 3.20 m & 3
Crest Level : 76.22 m
TBL : 88.39 m
Mandals benefited : Mandals of Chittoor and Nellore Districts.
Assembly Constituency : Satyavegu
Parliament Constituency : Tirupathi
Budget Estimate 2010-11 : Rs. 400.00 Lakhs

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