Backgrond and Preamble

The Torrigedda Pumping scheme is a Medium Irrigation Project constructed on Akhanda Godavari river in Godavari basin at Km 31.60 near Purushottapatnam village in Seetanagaram Mandal of East Godavari District. The location of the scheme corresponds to longitude 18o – 40’-30” E Latitude 17o– 16’-0” N. The river is a perennial river and assured water is available for the scheme. The water allocated and utilized is 2.50 TMCft.

The Project is contemplated for providing irrigation facilities to an extent of 13758 Acres Khariff wet (Paddy). The project serves 14 villages in Seetanagaram and Korukonda mandals of East Godavari District.

The project was taken up for execution during 1958-1959 and completed by 1964 at a cost of Rs.82.93 Lakhs.

The maximum ayacut irrigated so far is 11,480 acres leaving a gap ayacut of 2278 acres which is due to the long service and deteriorated condition of the canals and CM/CD works etc.,

Catchment area : 3,42,812 Sq. Km
Estimate maximum flood discharge : Does not arise as this is a pumping scheme.
Observed maximum flood discharge : N/A
Yield at 75% dependability : N/A. As there is SAC Barrage downstream, there is no scarcity of water.
Proposed water utilization : 2.50 TMCft
Meteorological Data
1. Mean annual rainfall in the watershed : 765 mm
2. Maximum annual rainfall in the watershed : 1218mm
3. Minimum annual rainfall in the watershed : ----
Head Works
1. Pumping head : 11.88 M (39 feet)
2. Pumps : 3 Vertical turbine pumps each 850 H.P (2 working +1stand by)
3. Motors : 6.60 KV InductionMotor
4. Discharge : 3.40 cumec (120 c/s)
5. Power required : 1.24 Mega Watts/ Hour
Canals and Command Area
Name of the Canal Length in km Ayacut (in acres)
Localised Average area irrigated from 1996-97 to 2006-07
Main Canal 3.25 659 9299 acres
Right side canal 17.715 8295
Left side canal 22.78 4804
Total 13,758
Channels Particulars
Particulars Main Canal Left Canal Right Canal
Ayacut 659 acres 4804 acres 8295 acres
Length of the canal 3.25 Km 22.78 Km 17.715 Km
Bed Width (at head) 6.40 m 2.74 m 5.45 m
F.S.D (at head) 1.52 m 1.22 m 1.22 m
Discharge required (at head) 5.10 cumec 1.73 cumec 2.95 cumec
Surface fall 1 in 10560 1 in 10000 1 in 10000
Rugosity Coefficient 0.0225 0.0225 0.0225

The following are the explanatory notes on Torrigedda Pumping scheme as desired by JBIC

Torrigedda Pumping scheme on river Godavari was constructed between 1958 and 1964 with head works at Km 31.60 near Purushottapatnam village in Seetanagaram Mandal of East Godavari district. The head works comprise of an intake well, three vertical turbine pumps of 850 HP capacity and 6.60 KV induction motors with a pumping head of 11.88 M and discharge capacity of 3.40 cumec. The power required for operating the pumps is 1.24 mega watts / hour. The pumped water is released into the main canal that runs for a length of 3.25 Km irrigating 659 acres and then bifurcates into right canal and left canal. The right canal runs a length of 17.725 Km and intends to irrigate 8295 acres and left canal runs a length of 22.78 Km and intends to irrigate 4804 acres. The canals are unlined.

The designed life of the project is 30 years and the project has outlived its life. The Pumping Machinery, Pump house etc were replaced during 2000-2003 with a cost of Rs 806 lakhs as the pumps have outlived the designed life. Therefore, head works do not require major repairs except for an approach road to the head works and pumping main and erection of 33KV tranformers. However, the canals though damaged badly at many places could not be repaired due to paucity of funds. Maintenance grants released so far were insufficient to take up complete rehabilitation.

The canals require lining in vulnerable reaches where seepage is observed and thus there is a gap ayacut.

Therefore, it is proposed to line the canals in vulnerable reaches and repair the structures at certain places. The CM & CD works in general are in working condition and do not require major repairs.

Two water users associations (WUA) and one Project Committee (PC) are established for the project. The farmers’ organizations have represented to construct new single lane / double lane bridges on the canals at certain locations to facilitate crossing of the canals for approach to their fields. Therefore, provision for new SLBs are made in modernization proposal.

Crop water requirement was studied in detail in the detailed project report and submitted to JICA. Water availability and water balance study may not be necessary for the project as this is a pumping scheme and there is no scarcity of water as the Godavari river is perennial.

The gap ayacut of about 2270 acres is due to deteriorated condition of the canals as they outlived their life due to inadequate maintenance of canals and distributory system. It is expected that after modernization, this gap ayacut will be reduced.

As per Participatory Irrigation Management act 11/1977 Two water users associations (WUA) and one Project Committee (PC) are established for the project. However, Active participation regarding the operation of the canals is absent among the farmers organizations due to lack of knowledge and motivation among WUA’s.

The project does not require any forest and environmental clearance. No land acquisition is involved and therefore R&R does not arise.

BC Ratio and IRR for the project are calculated and satisfied. The IRR works out to 13.18% and B.C. ratio is 1.89 for 100 years life of the project.

Source Of Funding : JICA
Present Status Of Works : Modernization of the project
Land Acquisition : Nil
Budget for 2011-12 : Rs.30.00Lakhs
Expenditure (up to 3/ 2011) : Nil
Program For 2011-12 : Modernization of the project
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