Background and Preamble.

Shiva Bhashyam Sagar (Varadaraja Swami Gudi) Project is a Medium Irrigation Project constructed across Munimadugula Vagu, Atmakur Mandal of Kurnool District in the year 2000. The original contemplated ayacut under this project is13, 220 acres. Out of which an ayacut of 2922 acres comes under stabilization of 8 M.I. Tanks and remaining 10,290 acres comes under direct ayacut benefiting 9 villages of Atmakur Mandal and Kottapalli Mandal. On actual verification on ground the stabilization ayacut is coming to 2,949 acres while the direct ayacut of 9,143 acres totaling to 12,092 acres.

During the last year some works were executed at a cost of Rs. 50 lakhs to improve the system. This result in increasing of ayacut from 5,000 to 7,000 acres. It is proposed to form WUAS duly notifying the ayacut. The Government in Memo. No.2484/Med. Irr.III (2)/2005, dt. 27-10-2009 instructed the Collector to conduct elections for formation of WUAS for this project. Necessary action has to be taken by the Collector for localization of the ayacut and delineation of WUAS as per APFMIS Act of 97.

Salient Features
Location : 20 km from Rajampet and 450km from Hyderabad
Longitude : 78° 38' 50"
Latitude : 15° 58'00"
Capacity : 11.02 Mcum
Ayacut : 13220 acres
Under Left Main Canal : 665 acres
Length of the Canal : 1.15 km
Vent Size & Nos: : 1no, 1mx1m
Sill level : +308.60 m
Discharge in cumecs : 0.708 cumecs
Under Right Main Canal : 12555 acres
Length of the Canal : 5.26 km
Vent Size & Nos: : 1no, 1.50mx1.10m
Sill level : +308.00 m
Discharge in cumecs : 4.956 cumecs
Catchment Area : 188.66
Maximum Flood Discharge : 1026 cumecs
Spillway Details:
Type, Size &Nos : Ogee spillway with Radial Crest gates, 12.20mx6.10m, 4nos
Crest Level : +363.90m
TBL : +370.00m
FRL / MWL : +370.00m / +370.00m
Utilization : NA
Mandals benefited : 9 villages of Atmakur Mandal and Kottapalli Mandal
Spillway :
Head Regulators :
Main Canals : LMC, RMC
Present Status of Works : Nil
Land Aquisistion : Nil
Budget and Expenditure
Budget for 2011-12 : Rs.49.00 Lakhs.
Expenditure : (up to 3/ 2011) : Rs. 0.34 Lakhs
Program for 2011-2012 : Nil

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