Backgrond and Preamble

Maddigedda Reservoir project is a Medium Irrigation project constructed across Maddigedda River near Addateegala (V&M) to create an ayacut of 4,225 acres. The project was taken up during 1976. Head works and main canal upto Km 2.80 were completed by 1981 with an expenditure of Rs.370.00 Lakhs.An ayacut of 2,742 acres is created under the project prior to AIBP.The improvements works and excavation of balance length of canals and distributaries including CM & CD works are taken up with AIBP assistance of Rs.720.00 Lakhs. Forest clearance is received in 12/07 for excavation of Main canal from Km 13.410 to Km 15.700.Excavation of Main canal upto km.13.410 and from Km 14.00 to 18.55 was completed.

The balance works of excavation of canal from Km 13.41 to Km 14.00 are to be completed and the agency M/s G. Subbaraju Contractor has requested for escalation of rates to carry out the work since the existing Agreement is with SSR of 2002-03. The Government has rejected the proposal. Instructions were issued to the Superintending Engineer to revise the estimate with current SSR rates and call for fresh tenders and complete the work in all respects. Accordingly tender work is in process.

Salient Features
River /Source :
Location (Village & Mandal) : Addateegala & Addateegala
Estimate / Total Cost : 469 Lakhs
Year of Starting/Completion : 1976 -1981
Reservoir Gross/ Net Capacity in Mcum : 12.27
Ayacut : 1619 Ha ( 4000 acres )
Catchment area in Sq.Km. : 125.30
Max flood discharge in Cum. : 968.88 cumecs (34000 c/s)
Spillway Details
Type, Size & Nos : 12.0m x 4.5m & 4 no.s
Crest Level : + 183.5 m
FRL / MWL : + 188m / + 188 m
TBL : +191 m
Scour sluice Nos., Size & Sill Level : N.A.
Vent Size & No.s : 1.20 m x 1.20 m
Sill Level : + 177.3 m
Discahrge in Cumecs : 2.66
Length Km. : 18.814
Ayacut :
Vent Size & No.s : N.A.
Sill Level : N.A.
Discahrge in Cumecs : N.A.
Length Km. : N.A.
Ayacut : N.A.

Cumulative expenditure incurred on the project is Rs. 920.50 Lakhs.

The Balance I.P. of 1483 Ac can be created after excavation of the balance reach of main canal 13.41 to Km 14.00 including distributary system.

Funding Arrangements : A.I.B.P
Mandals Benefitted : Addateegala and Yeleswaram Mandals
Assembly Constituency : Rampachodavaram
Parliament Constituency : Araku
Source of funding : Funding assistance provided by AIBP
Budget : Budget Estimate for 2011-12 is Rs 70.00 Lakhs
Land acquisition : Land acquisition problem involved
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