Background and Preamble

The P.Chenchu Ramaiah Reservoir (Gandipalem Project) is a medium irrigation project and a big irrigation source in Udayagiri Assembly constituency in Sri Potti Sri Ramulu Nellore District. The P.C.R.Reservoir (Gandipalem Project) was constructed during period of 1975 to 9184 about 25 years back across Pillaperu river, which a tributary to Manneru river near Gandipalem village in Udayagiri Mandal. The Project is situated about 118 km from Nellore towards North-west of Nellore with a global coordinates of 790-18’ longitude East and latitude 140-59’ North.

An earthen bund was formed with a composite length of 388M, between two hillocks forming a big reservoir with an impounding capacity of 1.88 TMC (53.24 M.Cum). The Project mainly envisage providing irrigation facilities to an ayacut of 16,000 acres through 2 canals namely Right main canal and left main canal for 17 villages of Udayagiri and Varikuntapadu Mandals of Potti Sri Ramulu Nellore District which is said to be a drought prone area.

The estimate is divided into mainly 3 parts of work. 1. Dam and apurtment. 2. Left main canal 3. Right main canal.

Dam and Apurtment works:-

The earthen bund and the rock toe is damaged at various locations and also the apron & side walls are damaged in the D/s of the spillway. The approach roads to the dam were damaged. Both head sluices are damaged due to this heavy seepage losses are occurring. Hence the head sluices are proposed for reconstruction. Hence modernization of this project is proposed under JICA loan assistance.

In the Dam and Apurtment works, it is proposed to provide repairs to 4 No. radial gates and re construction of 2 head regulators, repairs to rock toe and apron of weir. Approach to regulators and CC road as per Morth on top of earthen bund, electrification etc. is also proposed. C.C lining for left main canal, right main canal and distributories with paver along with repairs / reconstructions of CD/CM structures are proposed.

Government have accorded permission to take up modernization with concurrence of JICA. Gandipalem Project is taken up for modernization with JICA Loan Assistance under APILIP. Government have accorded administrative approval for Rs.2808.00 lakhs and technical sanction is also accorded. Tenders finalized. Agreement concluded. Works started and under progress.

Salient Features
Location : This Project is constructed across the Pillaperu River. The Project area is located in Udayagiri and Varikuntapadu Mandals of Nellore district covering 17 Villages.
Basin : Manneru river basin
Longitude : 79° 18' 0" E
Latitude : 14° 59' 0" N
Distance From Nearest Town : The Project is 500Km from Hyderabad and 100Km from Nellore
Catchment area in Sqkm : 487 Sqkm
Reservoir Gross/Net Capacity : 53.24 M cum/ 49.41 M cum (1880.117 Mcft/ 1744.86 Mcft)
Ayacut :
Contemplated : 16000 Acres
Registered : 10260 Acres
Under Left Main Canal: 10.225Km : 11000 Acres
Vent Size & No’s : 2.0X2.0 M, 1No
Discharge in Cumecs : 137.16
Under Right Main Canal: 6.638Km : 5000 Acres
Vent Size & No's : 1.5x1.5 M, 1No
Discharge in Cumecs : 137.16
Maximum Flood Discharge : 1657 Cumecs
Spillway Details
Type, No's & Size : Ogee spillway with Radial gates, 4No's,12.19X7.92 M
TBL : +151.20 M
FRL/MWL : +147.83 M / +148.62 M
Crest Level : +140.21 M
Utilization : 2180 Mcft
Assembly Constituency : Udayagiri
Parliamentary Constituency : Ongole

Mandals Benefitted

Udayagiri and Varikuntapadu.

Source of Funding

Total Project cost : Rs 445.00 Lakhs
Funding arrangements : Proposed under NABARD

Present Status of Works

Gandipalem project is taken up for modernization with JICA loan assistance to bridge the gap ayacut. The work is in progress. C.C. lining for right main canal is under progress.

Budget & Expenditure(2011-12 upto 12/2011)

Budget Estimate: : Rs. 20.00 lakhs
Expenditure 3/2011 : Nil

Program for 2011-12

C.C. lining for left main canal will be started shortly.

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