The K.C. Canal System is a 130 years old system constructed during 1863 to 1870. Improvements were carried-out to K.C. Canal during 1953-65 to serve an ayacut of 1.845 lakhs acres in Kurnool District and 0.935 lakhs acres in Cuddapah District.

Due to erratic rain fall in the catchments area and due to inconsistency in water supply from Tungabhadra Dam, storage of Water supply is felt more essential especially when there is continuous dry spell. The supplies in the K.C. Canal dwindle in the Rabi Season and at times during the Khariff Seasons also due to meager inflows in Tungabhadra River at Sunkesula anicut with the result the ayacut situated at tail end especially in Cuddapah District is suffering a lot.

At present since there are no Balancing Reservoirs along the K.C.Canal to store water, it was felt desirable to have a balancing reservoir where there is a possibility of storing the available Water during the rainy season and for augmentation of the flows during lean period for crops of K.C. Canal ayacut. After detailed investigation, it is proposed to construct a balancing reservoir near Alaganur (village) in Kurnool District with a storage capacity of 2.965 TMC Ft. to overcome the above difficulties in water management and stabilization of K.C. Canal ayacut below Rajoli Anicut.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh in G.O.Ms.No.327 I & CAD Dt. 25-11-1985 accorded part administrative approval for Rs.3.06 crores for commencing the works of Alaganur Balancing Reservoir.

Land Acquisition :

Land acquired for Alaganur Balancing Reservoir is 3585 acres and for inlet channel is 462 acres.

Components of the Scheme:

a) Earthen Bund for a length of 7.50 KM ie., from Km 0/16 to 7/50 of Alaganur Balancing Reservoir.

b) Surplus regulator cum Head sluice at KM 2.44 of Alaganur Balancing Reservoir Bund.

c) Diversion road from Rollapadu ( village) to Gadivemula village ie., from KM 0/0 to 8/745.

d) Inlet channel from 119.65 km to Balancing Reservoir.

The Alaganur balancing Reservoir was constructed under KCC Modernization Project with an estimated cost of Rs 5390 Lakhs with JBIC assistance under ICB-04 Package and completed in the year 2004. The component works like formation earthen bund, construction of surplus weir, construction of river sluice including erection of gates are completed and water is also started storing of since 2005. It consists of 10 No's of surplus vertical gates with sill level of +263.00m and two numbers of sluices. The Inlet channel was constructed under KCC Modernization Project with an estimated cost of Rs 1589 Lakhs with JBIC assistance under ICB-03 Package and completed in the year 2002. The salient features of reservoir are as follows.

1. Catchment Area : 65.94 SQKM
2. MFD : 442 Cumecs
3. FRL/MFL : +265.00 M
4. Live storage : 2.965 TMC
5. TBL : +269.00 M
6. Length of the bund : 7500 M
7. Maximum height of Bund : 22.00 M
8. Top width of bund : 6.00 M
9. Side slopes : 2½ :1 :2 :1 on U/s & D/s
10. Fore shore submersion : 3358 Acres
11. Global Coordinates: :
Latitude : 15°41'54"
Longitude : 78°31'45"
1. Structure : Concrete and masonry
2. MFD : 442 Cum or 15600 C/s
3. Type & No of gates : Vertical lift 10 No's
4. Crest level : +263.00 M
1. Discharge : 11.32 Cumecs (400C/s)
2. Type & No of gates : Vertical 1 No
3. Size of Vent : 2.5 x 2.0 M
4. Sill level : 248.50 M
5. FSD : 2.00 M
1. Discharge : 0.142 Cumecs
2. No of Vents & Size : 1 No 1.00 x 1.20 M
3. Sill level of sluice : 259.10 M
Stabilization of existing K.C.Canal Aycut below Rajoli ayacut : Khariff : 73409 Acres Rabi : 17089 Acres D.W : 3380 Acres

The major source of feeding this reservoir is K.C.C through an exclusive channel (inlet channel) excavated from Right bank of K.C. Canal at its KM 119.50 for a length of 19.14 KM. The K.C. Canal water which is taken at KM 0/0 of K.C.C i.e. Sunkesula Barrage (from Tungabhadra River) When ever found excess due to rains in command area or less demands for the ayacut can be diverted to this Reservoir. The water so stored in the reservoir will have to be used for the K.C. Canal ayacut situated below Rajoli Anicut i.e. .beyond KM 234.56 of KCC i.e. in Kadapa District during peak times.

Salient Features
Location : This project has been constructed near Alaganur village Midthur mandal of Kurnool District.
Source : This reservoir is fed with KC Canal water during rainy season through Inlet channel taking of at km 119.650 of KC Canal.
Ayacut : Stabilises ayacut in Cuddapah District under KC Canal.
MDDL : 248.50 ft.
Gross Storage : 2.965 TMC
FRL : 869.42 ft.
Maximum Flood Discharge : 442 cumecs (1560 c/s)
Present Stage : Completed