Andhra Pradesh is a riverine state with 40 major, medium and minor rivers. Godavari, Krishna, Vamsadhara, Nagavali and Pennar are major interstate rivers.

Evaluation of Irrigation Potential Created

The total Irrigation Potential created in 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh is given below.

Description Irrigation Potential Created (in Acres)
Andhra Region Rayalaseema Region Total
Irrigation Potential Created before 1956
Major & Medium 2701447 271274 2972721
Irrigated area 3.45 7.31
Irrigation Potential Created 1956 to 02/2015
Major & Medium 2913010 1022679 3935689
Irrigation Potential Created Since Inception up to 02/2015
Minor Irrigation 1930169 630275 2560444
APSIDC 611681 91746 703426
Grand Total 8156306 2015973 10172280

The total irrigation potential created under major and medium projects before 1956 was 29.73 Lakh Acres, and from 1956 to 02/2015 is 39.35 Lakh Acres. The Irrigation potential created under Minor irrigation and APSIDC since inception up to 02/2015 is 32.63 Lakh Acres. Thus, the total new irrigation potential created under Major, Medium & Minor irrigation and APSIDC in the state is 101.72 Lakh Acres.

The main objective of irrigation Department in Andhra Pradesh is to create irrigation potential in the draught prone areas, upland areas and upkeep of the existing projects to enhance the agriculture productivity per unit of water.

The irrigation projects are classified based on the irrigated ayacut under the projects.

Major Irrigation Projects : Ayacut above 25000 Ac (10,000 ha.)
Medium Irrigation Projects : Ayacut above 5000 Ac up to 25000 Acres(10000ha.)
Minor Irrigation Projects : Ayacut up to 5000 Acres (2000 ha)