<h3>Guidelines for Industrial Water Supply </h3>                       

Guidelines for Industrial Water Supply


Note on Industrial water supply

Andhra Pradesh is strategically located on the south-eastern coast of India and is a natural gateway to East and Southeast Asia. The state has a population of 4.93 crore. Andhra Pradesh has abundant natural resources, fertile land and river basins, water resources, extensive canal system and conducive agro-climatic conditions. The State has the second longest coastline in India and is also one of the largest producers of marine products. Current Industrial Infrastructure of the state includes 3 Industrial Hubs & 3 Industrial Corridors, 32 SEZs, 258 Industrial Parks, 4 Major Ports, 4 Active Airports, excellent Rail and Road Network and $1.5 billion investment on Infrastructure.


Government of Andhra Pradesh accords top priority to industrial state and committed to improve ease of doing business in the state. Industrial Development Policy (IDP) 2015-20 has been prepared to make Andhra Pradesh most preferred destination for investors by providing favorable business climate, excellent infrastructure, good law and order and peaceful industrial relations. Single Desk forms a key constituent of ease of doing business. The single Desk Policy aims to create a one stop shop to provide all necessary clearances for starting and operating an industry, within 21 working days.


Good quality water is a critical raw material for industry and Water, often in large volumes, is required in many industrial processes. Industrial water demand has been increasing with the pace of industrial development. The procedure for water allocation is presently cumbersome. Against this backdrop, Government hereby bring an exclusive Industrial Water Allotment Policy vide G.O.MS.No.202 Dated: 06-12-2014 for speedy and sustainable Industrial Development in the State as follows.


List of Documents to furnished by the Applicant :
  1. Requirement of Water to the proposed Industry in MLD/Cusec/TMC.
    1. Location of the Plant/Industry
    2. Location of the off-take point from where the Water is to be tapped / supplied.
  2. Drawing of
    1. Pump House / OFF-Take Regulator / Alignment of Pipe line or Canal.
    2. Summer Storage Reservoir Plans & Details.
S.no Name of the Firm District Mandal Name of the Source River / canal / Reservoir Quantity of Water Jurisdiction Circle Ref. of Government Permission i.e. G.O. No. Down load Link
Consumptive use Non-Consumptive Use
in Cum/ day (c/s) in TMC/ year in Cum/ day in TMC
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 M/s Samalkot Power Limited East Godavari Samalkot Godavari River additional 6.20 Cusecs SE,IC, Dowlaiswaram G.O.Rt.No.21 Dt.13-01-2015


2 M/s NCL Altek &Seccolor Limited Krishna G.Konduru Krishna River at Prakasam barrage 300 KLD 0.004 TMC SE,IC, Vijayawada G.o.Ms.No.13 Dt.10-02-2015


3 M/s Vennar ceramics Limited Krishna Mandavalli Polaraj canal 0.102 Cusecs 0.0032 TMC SE,IC, Vijayawada G.o.Ms.No.21 Dt.13-02-2015


4 M/s EID Parry India Limited (M/s GMR Technologies & Industries Limited (Old name)) Srikakulam Regidi Amudala valasa Nagavali River 1.7 MLD 22 Mcft SE,IC, Bobbili G.o.Ms.No.35 Dt.18-04-2015


5 M/s Veda Bio fuel Private Limited Vizianagaram Pusapatirega Champavathi River bed 960 KLD 8 hours SE,IC, Visakhapatnam G.o.Ms.No.35 Dt.18-04-2015


6 M/s Trimex Sands Private Limited (Expansion) Srikakulam Gara Vamshadhara River additional 0.07 TMC SE,IC, Bobbili G.o.Ms.No.41 Dt.29-04-2015


7 M/s Sree Bajrang Power and ISPAT Limited Vizianagaram S.Kota Gosthani River bed 1400 KLD SE,IC, Visakhapatnam G.o.Ms.No.43 Dt.02-5-2015


8 M/s Sree Rayalaseema Highstrength Hypo Limited Kurnool Kurnool Southern Bank of Thungabhadra River 1482 KLD SE,IC, Kurnool G.o.Ms.No.56 Dt.29-5-2015


9 M/s Sree Rayalaseema Alkalies & Allied Chemicals Limited Kurnool Kurnool Southern Bank of Thungabhadra River 3000 KLD SE,IC, Kurnool G.o.Ms.No.57 Dt.29-5-2015


10 M/s Sree Rayalaseema Alkalies & Allied Chemicals Limited Kurnool Kurnool Northern Bank of Thungabhadra River 8000 KLD SE,IC, Kurnool G.o.Ms.No.58 Dt.29-5-2015


11 M/s Kyori Power Private Limited Vizianagaram Pusapatirega Champavathi River 700 KLD SE, IC, Visakhapatnam G.O. Ms. No. 61 dt: 11-06-2015


12 M/s Godavari Mega Aqua Food Park Private Limited West Godavari Bhimavaram Thundurru Brach Channel 105 KLD SE, IC, Eluru G.O. Ms. No. 62 dt: 11-06-2015


13 M/s Sri Teja Bio Fuels Pvt. Ltd. West Godavari Tallapudi D/S of Tadipudi Major Lift Irrigation scheme from River Godavari 0.516 Cusecs / 1263 KLD SE, IC, Dowlaiswaram G. O. Ms. No. 76 dt: 10-07-2015


14 M/s Sentini Beverages Private Limited (Expansion) Krishna Kanchika-cherla Muniyeru River 0.16 Cusecs / 400 KLD 5 Mcft SE, IC, Vijayawada G. O. Ms. No. 84 dt: 07-08-2015


15 M/s. Trimex Sands Pvt. Ltd. Srikakulam Gara Vamsadhara River 0.14 TMC SE, IC, Bobbili G.O.MS.No. 103, Dd: 24-09-2015


16 M/s. Pinakine Power Projects Private Limited YSR Kadapa Mylavaram foreshore of Mylavaram Reservoir 1100 KLD 0.0142 TMC SE, TBPHLC Circle, Anantapur G.O.MS.No. 193 dt: 29-10-2015


17 Chennai Industrial Corridor Development Programme (VCICDP) Industrial Hub at Menakuru near Naidupet Nellore Naidupet Telugu Ganga Canal 0.27 TMC CE, NTR TGP, Tirupathi Govt. Memo. No. 94385/ Reforms/A2/2015-1 dt: 28-11-2015


18 M/s. Sentini Sanitarywares Private Limited West Godavari Bhimadole Eluru Canal 3000 KLD SE, IC, Eluru Lr. No. SE/IC/Elr/DW/AEE.3/F.RWS Vol.3/6956SE, dt: 26-12-2015


19 M/s. Greenply Industries Ltd chittoor Thottambedu 7th Branch Canal of SSG Canal 0.013 TMC CE, NTRTGP Circle, Tirupathi Lr. No. CE/NTR TGP/TPT/DW/SE/EE2/DEE2/AEE4/1175, dt: 07-11-2015


20 M/s. CPF (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED West Godavari Ganapavaram Venkayya Canal 200 KLD CE,GDS, Dowlaiswaram Lr. No. CE/NTR TGP/TPT/DW/SE/EE2/DEE2/AEE4/1175, dt: 07-11-2015