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The Dam Safety Report (DSR) is a proforma for periodical inspection of large dams. This Dam Safety Report for all the dams in the State of Andhra Pradesh is submitted by the respective inspection officer yearly to the Central Designs Organisation (CDO).The CDO can check the given data and generate the reports for further necessary action based on the requirement with admin login. The DSR is divided into four parts such as
(1) General Information of the Dam (2) Annexure-I (3) Annexure-II and (4) Annexure-III
The contents in the each part are briefly listed below in table.

General Information of the Dam Annexure-I Annexure-II Annexure-III
The general information about the location of the dam, important controlling levels, important salient features and details of information officers are presented The detailed general information, Details of earth/rock fill dams, concrete/masonry dams, operation and maintenance are presented. Inspection of dam section, seepage measurements, junction of earth dam and masonry concrete dam sections and outlets, function of relief walls, Breaching section (if provided) for masonary/concrete dam, U/S and D/S faces, seepage from foundation, seepage from body wall and from gates, spillway bridge, hoist bridge, energy dissipation arrangements, instruments installed and observations, emergency preparedress, access roads, communication facilities are presented. Details of observed distress, any SDSIT recommendations, gate maintenance and general assessments of condition of the dam by the inspection officer are presented