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Reservoir Storage Monitoring System is the software application developed as website for monitoring water storages in major and medium reservoirs of Andhra Pradesh. Water Resources Department has the overall responsibility of storing and maintaining such information of the status of Reservoirs. Mobile technology is integrated into the software enabling faster communication from the field engineer to the data base of website. SMS update from the field engineer is once in a day during normal situation. During alarming situations, the field engineer will be asked to send SMS and update the database even on hourly basis. Most of the regular activities such as sending faxes to offices of the Ministers concerned, Secretaries and Heads of the department are automated. Controlling office (CADA) receives the automated fax at a predefined time in the morning. After verifying the updates in fax message, responsible person from CADA approves the fax by sending an SMS, which again automatically sends fax to the intended receivers. In addition to the fax messages, SMS is sent to the mobile numbers of all the important and relevant authorities every day at a specified time.