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1 15/07/2016 Lr.No.RC/ENC(AW)/ADA/AEE/24686/Vol.X/2016 Dt:07.10.2016 BOCEs-3rd meeting held at Vijayawada on 05.10.2016-Minutes of meeting communicated-Reg
2 05/07/2016 RC/ENC(AW)/ADA/AE/24686/Vol.X/2016 Dt. 20.06.2016 BOCEs - 2nd Meeting of Board of Chief Engineers during the Year 2016 on 28.05.2016 - Minutes of the meeting communicated.
3 06/04/2016 RC/ENC(AW)/ADA/AEE/24686/Vol.X/2016 Dt.06.04.2016 Minutes of 1st Board of Chief Engineers meeting held on 01.03.2016